Most Accurate Pregnancy Test

Who doesn’t want to get the right answer to ‘Am I pregnant?’ quickly and with 100% certainty? There are so many pregnancy tests available on the market that it is difficult to decide which is the most accurate pregnancy test.

But the fact that accuracy of a pregnancy test also depends on the user who takes it correctly. It is the user that will decide how accurate the pregnancy test results will be because no matter how expensive a pregnancy test is if the user doesn’t know how to take it, then it’s pointless.

Also, most accurate pregnancy test depends on the fact whether you want to test early or test many times.

There are many questions we need to ask you before we can answer.

Alas! We can only tell you about possibilities.

The most accurate pregnancy test is a title shared by two pregnancy tests. They are Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test and First Response Pregnancy Test.

So, let’s find out how picked our winners!

How accurate are home pregnancy tests?

Most home pregnancy tests claim that they are 99% accurate. It means that upon taking ten tests, there is a chance that only one woman out of them will get a false result. 

Nonetheless it is important to know that no pregnancy test achieves this accuracy before the day of missed period. 

All pregnancy test mention that the pregnancy test is 99% accurate from the day of missed period.

Until the day of the missed period, a pregnancy test has lower accuracy. 

To unfold this enigma, you need to understand how does a pregnancy test work

The pregnancy test detects a hormone present in your urine stream. When a woman gets pregnant her body starts producing a hormone called hCG. 

This is the pregnancy hormone produced by the placenta during the early 10 weeks of pregnancy. 

The hCG hormone levels increase in blood serum and urine. Pregnancy tests have hCG strip that can detect hCG urine levels. 

Generally a woman with hCG levels above 25 mIU/mL are in the pregnant category. However, the hormone doesn’t rise in blood by magic. 

It is gradually increasing by doubling after every 48-72 hours. After implantation, it may take about a week for hCG levels to rise to the sensitivity of pregnancy test.

Some women might take longer. A test is 99% accurate means that if the test is positive, there are 99% chances that you actually have the condition. 

The other 1% is a false positive pregnancy test. So you can simply consider that the pregnancy test can detect pregnancy with an accuracy rate of 99%. 

This requires hCG levels around the sensitivity of pregnancy test. Even the most accurate pregnancy tests have sensitivity around 20-25 mIU/mL. 

So it will be only after the day of missed period when hCG levels are enough that you have sufficient chances to get a positive pregnancy test.

Most accurate pregnancy test?
Most accurate pregnancy test: Clear Blue vs. First response?

What is the most accurate pregnancy test?

The most accurate pregnancy test is the one that has least chances of giving a false negative or positive pregnancy test. 

Now false positive pregnancy test is in itself a rare occurrence. This is because without the hormone there is rarely anything to color the test line. 

False negative pregnancy tests are common. This is because some women might test early. 

The most accurate pregnancy test is the one that doesn’t allow formation of evaporation lines. These are the marks of urine left after evaporation. 

If you leave the test for more than required time, then there may be an evaporation line that looks like a positive pregnancy test.

A positive pregnancy test after 10 minutes is not something that you can rely on.

It is a false positive pregnancy test or invalid pregnancy test. This means that you are actually not pregnant but the pregnancy test gives a positive result.

An accurate pregnancy test also minimizes the chances of human error. This is the reason why digital pregnancy tests are more accurate than standard ones.

The lower the sensitivity the better and accurate is a pregnancy test. This sounds ironical but has logic. 

If a pregnancy test can detect lower levels of hCG then it is more sensitive. 

Compare this to a pregnancy test that detects higher levels of hCG. It will require you to wait for another week so that your body attains the higher hCG levels. 

Sensitivity of pregnancy test decides the accuracy.

Which pregnancy test is most accurate?

1) Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test

The Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test is the most accurate pregnancy test. It has an accuracy of 60% before 4 days from missed period. 

This means that while other tests have only 54% chance of detecting pregnancy at that time, Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test can detect it with 60% accuracy. 

It has a weeks countdown which can tell the duration of pregnancy. You will see results with pregnant phrase and weeks mentioned. The weeks are of category 1-2, 2-3, and 3+. 

Your doctor will usually tell you two weeks more than what Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test tells you. This is because doctors time pregnancy from the day of conception and we tend to calculate from the day of missed period.

Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test has the accuracy of 99% on the day of missed period. It actually does achieve this high level for many women. 

But all women are different, and may have a false negative pregnancy test even after that. There is nothing to worry until you get a positive pregnancy test after two weeks.

2) First Response Pregnancy Test

The First Response Pregnancy Test is another most accurate pregnancy test. 

The First Response Pregnancy Test achieves an accuracy of 52-54% six days before missed period. 

This is the earliest you can use a home pregnancy test to detect pregnancy. 

The First Response Pregnancy Test has rarely any case of false negative pregnancy test. 

Women love First Response Pregnancy Test all over the world. 

The cases of getting evaporation lines in First Response Pregnancy Test are negligible.

First Response Gold digital pregnancy test and First Response test and confirm pregnancy tests are the most accurate pregnancy tests. 

The First Response Pregnancy Test has an accuracy of over 99% on the day of missed period. After the day of missed period passes you can detect pregnancy using First response with the accuracy of a blood pregnancy test. 

First Response Pregnancy Test cannot tell you the duration of pregnancy while blood pregnancy test can.

When is pregnancy test most accurate?

Most pregnancy tests are most accurate after the day of missed period. 

Your body needs time to produce enough hCG to come along urine. After ovulation, it takes another six days at least for implantation and formation of the placenta. 

Only after the placenta formation starts hCG production begins. It takes about a week after implantation for hCG levels to come in the range of pregnancy tests which coincides with the due period. 

A period also occurs about two weeks after ovulation and so does a pregnancy test achieve highest accuracy. It’s a coincidence by nature!

Another fact about when is pregnancy test most accurate is the time of taking the test. 

If you want to take an early pregnancy test then you must test early morning. 

Taking a pregnancy test early morning ensures that your hCG levels are high enough at that time. 

Overnight your kidneys concentrate the urine by reabsorbing the water. Even during early pregnancy, your morning urine has a hCG level that is detectable. 

Later during the day the levels may fall because you drink water and pee often.

You may have caffeinated products that affect pregnancy test. 

When you are taking a pregnancy test after three weeks from implantation then it is accurate all along the day. 

Pregnancy test is most accurate when hCG urine levels are high. You can even store early morning urine for about a day to take the test. Even in that case pregnancy test will be accurate.

How to get the most accurate pregnancy test?

A careful woman can make a cheap pregnancy test most accurate. Following the instructions of pregnancy test is all you need to get the most accurate pregnancy test. 

Pregnancy tests are different and so are there instructions of use. 

If you want to get most accurate pregnancy test the make sure you read the instructions carefully before using it. 

As pregnancy tests have different sensitivity they need the exposure of urine for different times. They take different time spans for forming results. 

The pregnancy test becomes accurate by taking the pregnancy test during early morning hours.

Most accurate Homemade Pregnancy Test

Homemade pregnancy tests are do it yourself kind of pregnancy tests. You can use ingredients available in your home to take a pregnancy test. 

The accuracy of a pregnancy test strip surpasses any homemade pregnancy test. But a homemade pregnancy test saves money and is confidential. 

If you don’t want anyone to know about your pregnancy test before getting a hint you can take a homemade pregnancy test. 

The bleach and urine pregnancy test is said to be one of the most accurate homemade pregnancy tests. But the problem with it is the production of poisonous fumes during testing. 

The toothpaste pregnancy test thus becomes the safest homemade pregnancy test which is supposedly accurate by many respondents.

It is early to use and doesn’t require any elaborate preparations.

We don’t endorse homemade pregnancy tests.

Most accurate early pregnancy test

Asking for both accuracy and early pregnancy testing might be asking too much. But with the increasing competition, most brands have their early accurate pregnancy tests too. 

They detect pregnancy five days before missed period with a higher accuracy.

The most accurate early pregnancy test is the Rapid Response pregnancy test by First Response. It can detect pregnancy early and within few seconds. This is because it not considers hCG but also uses other hormone for pregnancy detection.


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