Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

Thinking of which pregnancy test is good at Walmart? You must have seen the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test on the shelves.

For starters, Accu Clear Pregnancy Test is a strip pregnancy test. It comes as a set of two pregnancy tests. It is a basic non-digital pregnancy test.

Here we have enlisted all possible things you need to know about Accu Clear Pregnancy Test.

About Accu Clear Pregnancy Tests

Accu Clear Pregnancy Test is a popular & reliable home pregnancy test (HPT) kit.

It has an hCG strip in it and a body of synthetics. The result window is present in the body of the Accu Clear Test.

You can take the dip strip test or midstream pregnancy test using the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test.

It is the best pregnancy test for duplicating your results and getting doubly sure.

Accuracy of Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

The Accu Clear Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate and can be relied entirely on once your day of expected periods passes.

It has a lower accuracy when you take the test too early.

The level of accuracy increases as hCG increases. The hCG hormone doubles after every 48 hours.

The Accu Clear Pregnancy Test is sensitive to hCG levels around 25 mIU/ml.

How does the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test work?

The Accu Clear Pregnancy Test works on the same principle as other home pregnancy tests (HPT). When pregnant, a woman produces a hormone called hCG.

An HPT detects the presence of hCG to determine if the woman is pregnant or not. The Accu Clear kit pregnancy test has an hCG strip inside a plastic body.

The hCG strip has hCG antibodies which are small particles that can detect hCG hormone. They bind to the hCG hormone in your urine and give color.

It is a test line, and in the absence of hCG hormone, they don’t form.

Pros of Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

  • Blue color used to display the results
  • Symbolic display of results
  • Sensitive and accurate pregnancy test
  • Cheap and comes as a set of two
  • Allows you two ways of testing pregnancy

Cons of Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

  • The test achieves an accuracy of over 99% only after the day of your missed periods.

Accu Clear Pregnancy Test Review

The Accu Clear Pregnancy Test has a decent level of accuracy and sensitivity. It can be used for duplicating the pregnancy tests. It comes as a pair and hence is easy on the pocket.

“decent level of accuracy and sensitivity”

Accu Clear Pregnancy Test
Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

Symptoms and signs that should be considered for taking the Accu Clear Pregnancy Tests 

  • After having unprotected sex
  • Dense cervical mucus or change in consistency and color, color shifts towards brown
  • Softening of vaginal regions and widening of the passage
  • Abdominal cramps (implantation cramping) and pain in the region around ovaries
  • Mood swings and a loss of interest in sexual activities, feeling irritable all the time
  • Feeling nausea and vomiting with a lot of white fluid
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Feeling sleepy more often
  • An abnormally increased or decreased appetite
  • Lethargy and unable to focus on work

Components inside the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test pack

  • Inside the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test, you get a pair of pregnancy test kits.
  • An instruction manual comes along the Accu Clear Pregnancy Tests.

Things you need while using Accu Clear Pregnancy Tests

  • For taking the dip strip pregnancy test using Accu Clear Pregnancy Test kit, you might need a cup.
  • Otherwise for midstream pregnancy testing the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test is sufficient alone by itself.

How to use Accu Clear Pregnancy Test?

Stepwise procedure for taking the Accu Clear Pregnancy Pregnancy Test 

  1. Take a clean disposable cup, ideally a fresh one and collect the first-morning sample (urine).
  2. Clean your hands and pat dry and carefully remove the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test out of the foil.
  3. Dip it in the urine till the mark that has to be immersed or hold it from the handle and take the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test in the urine stream. 
  4. Keep the strip inside the cup or in the urine stream briefly.
  5. Now place the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test on a counter and wait for three minutes.
  6. Read the results within 10 minutes from the start of the test.
  7. Discard the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test after ten minutes are up. After that, the result no matter what is invalid.

Precautions to be taken while using Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

  • Keep the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test facing upwards.
  • Be very vigilant of the timing slots.
  • Don’t drink any fluids before taking the test.
  • Take the first sample of morning urine.
  • Don’t cross the maximum mark when you are dipping the hCG strip.
  • Keep the strip side up and ideally place it on a flat surface.
  • Take a clean cup to collect the morning urine sample.

Color codes & Interpretation of Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

Color CodeInterpretation
Single blue line in control windowTest is working properly.
This has to be there in any case
whether you are pregnant or not.
Single horizontal line (-) in test windowNegative test results. Minus sign.
You are not pregnant
A blue Plus (+) signPositive results.
A horizontal and vertical line in the test window
forming a plus sign.
Positive test results means you are pregnant
Line of other colorsInvalid
Colorless linesEvaporation lines
Accu Clear Pregnancy Test Faint resultsNo matter how faint a test line is it shows the specific result.
Faint results are obtained because
of low levels of hCG hormone present in your urine.
This is a physiological issue.
Generally, the level of hCG hormone doubles every 48 hours and
hence faint test will become the big fat positive (BFP) as days pass after implantation. 


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