Clearblue Pregnancy Test Instructions

The Clearblue pregnancy test can detect pregnancy five days before the expected period. The only requirement for accurate results is that you follow instructions carefully. If you follow step by step test Clearblue Pregnancy Test Instructions, then you will get accurate results.

It is essential to maintain the sterility of the Clearblue pregnancy test hCG strip. The caution given on box of Clearblue pregnancy test is about not opening the foil cover. This is to ensure that the test doesn’t come in contact with moisture.

Another point is the timing of Clearblue pregnancy test. It is important to soak the pregnancy test only for five seconds in the urine stream.

You can also take the dip strip test with Clearblue pregnancy test. In that case, you need to dip the hCG strip for 20 seconds. For the color, changing tip Clearblue pregnancy test the hCG strip has to dip until it gets a pinkish tinge.

There are different kinds of Clearblue pregnancy test

  1. Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test with color changing tip
  2. Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Test with color changing tip
  3. Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test
  4. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with weeks indicator
  5. Clearblue Double Check and Date Pregnancy Test

Clearblue pregnancy test

The Clearblue pregnancy test detects urine hCG levels. Albeit it is an early pregnancy test, it detects hCG levels around 20 mIU/mL. There is a benchmark hCG level for declaring a woman pregnant.

The medical council has set a limit of urine hCG levels for pregnancy. Blood hCG levels are different from urine levels. The serum level of hCG is higher than urine hCG level. It detects pregnancy hormone.

The placenta produces the hCG hormone. This hormone comes in the urine of a pregnant woman exclusively. Once the embryo attaches to the uterus implantation occurs. After this step, the placenta starts hCG production.

Clearblue pregnancy test instructions
Clearblue pregnancy test instructions

When do you need to take a Clearblue pregnancy test?

You must take a Clearblue pregnancy test when you see symptoms of early pregnancy in you. One can ask how soon can I take a pregnancy test?

Signs for taking a pregnancy test:

  1. Having had unprotected sex
  2. Change in cervical mucus consistency and amount
  3. Softening of the vagina and widening the cervical path
  4. Abdominal cramps and pain in ovaries
  5. Mood swings which are getting worse
  6. Feeling of giddiness and having a heavy head
  7. You might even get spotting
  8. Missed periods
  9. Brown discharge
  10. Frequent urge to pee
  11. Appetite fluctuations
  12. A heightened sense of smell and aversion for certain scents.

How to use the Clearblue pregnancy test?

Step by step Clearblue pregnancy test instructions:

Performing the pregnancy test is very easy if you follow the instructions.

  1. Remove the pregnancy test from the cover.
  2. Collect early morning urine sample because it has a higher concentration of hCG. For early pregnancy test by Clearblue pregnancy test, you need to take the pregnancy test early morning. The hCG levels during early pregnancy are very low. As urine concentrates overnight, the hCG levels are enough for Clearblue pregnancy test sensitivity.
  3. If you want to take the dip strip Clearblue pregnancy test, then collect urine in a clean cup. Now dip the hCG strip for 20 seconds. Keep a timer along.
  4. For midstream, Clearblue pregnancy test soak the hCG strip of Clearblue pregnancy test for 5 seconds in the urine.
  5. Wait for three minutes to allow Clearblue pregnancy test results to develop. Reading results earlier than that can give false negative Clearblue pregnancy test.

Note: False positive Clearblue pregnancy test hardly occurs. No matter how faint the positive line is it means that you are pregnant. It is always accurate when it says ‘pregnant”.

Clearblue pregnancy test results

When you take the Clearblue pregnancy, test one line immediately turns blue. It is the control line, and it only shows that your pregnancy test is working correctly.

The Clearblue digital pregnancy test shows an hourglass until results appear. The rotating hourglass in the Clearblue, digital pregnancy test, is a sign that the pregnancy test is in working condition.

  • Clearblue pregnancy test positive: Clearblue pregnancy test shows a positive pregnancy test in many ways. Even if you ever took Clearblue pregnancy test, you need to read instructions. It is because the Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test and standard test are very different. The Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test writes the weeks along with pregnant. The Clearblue early pregnancy test shows a plus sign which means you are pregnant. You must check with your doctor.
  • Clearblue pregnancy test negative: Negative Clearblue pregnancy test is the result when you are not pregnant. The Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test will show ‘not pregnant.’
  • Clearblue pregnancy test false negative: If you take the Clearblue pregnancy test too early, then you may get a false negative result. There is nothing to worry about. It merely shows that you took the test too soon. You can repeat the test a little later after a day or two.

Faint line in pregnancy test is a sign that you are pregnant. No matter how faint positive Clearblue pregnancy test it means you are pregnant.

There is no ground for disregarding the positive result. You must get a doctor’s consultation soon. It will be your first prenatal test!

How to read a Clearblue pregnancy test?

How to read the Clearblue digital pregnancy test? Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test itself displays the results. You don’t have to interpret the results. All you need to do is look for what it reads.

If you are pregnant, it will show the word Pregnant with weeks past pregnancy.

In other cases, you will get the words ‘not pregnant.’

Clearblue digital pregnancy test instructions might vary a bit, but they are easy.

Clearblue early pregnancy test shows a plus sign for a positive pregnancy test. If you see a plus sign (+), it means you are pregnant.

For negative Clearblue pregnancy test, you’ll see a minus sign (-).

Reading the Clearblue pregnancy is easy as the key for symbols is given insider the instructions pamphlet.

Clearblue pregnancy test instructions are available on their website. There are both textual and video instructions for taking the Clearblue pregnancy test.

Here are the links for the same:

  1. Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test

Click: Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test

Video instructions: Clearblue videos

  1. Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test

Video instructions:

You can download the Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test instructions manual. Click:

  1. Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test with color changing tip

Video instructions:

You can download the instructions.

  1. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with weeks indicator

Video instructions:


A Clearblue pregnancy test is a reliable method for detecting pregnancy.

If you are looking for a single test before seeing your doctor, then you must get a Clearblue pregnancy test.


  1. Hi there, I have a question. I tested my urine this morning and the window side didn’t show anything even after 2 mins so I tried to pee a little bit on it (not much, coz I peed it all out in the first round) if I’m correct, I looked at the window sign show & then I saw a faint line showing positive after 2-4 mins. I read sometimes leaving the pregnancy test out for too long would show a faint line. But would it happen with Clearblue as well?

    Please kindly let me know. I’m feeling all kinds of feelings and I can’t figure out what to do.

    Thank you!

    • Avoid the holding back urine and peeing on test twice. Instead collect the urine and dip just once. In this case, unless your region has a very hot weather the test was actually positive. If at all you feel that it may have dried up and thus gave the line then take a new test. With Clear blue such cases are not common. Maybe you had to wait and by that time you decided to pee again. So your test was just the result of earlier wetting.


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