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TTC couples start off as beginners and have a lot to learn. Pregnancy tests are probably the most confusing things you will come across. Leaving all women puzzled with vertical, horizontal, faint lines and artwork, hCG kits are real science. We help you understand these kits better, introducing the basics and the latest alike.

Types of pregnancy tests, DIY homemade pregnancy tests, reviews and frequently asked questions have separate sections. For every women is different so are the pregnancy tests results. When should you take pregnancy test? One of the FAQs, the answer to this is most important for getting accurate results.

With advancing technologies, early pregnancy tests are now available. Early pregnancy factor and blood hCG tests are getting precise in detecting pregnancy at earlier stages.

Read through the pages, search your query or ask a question in the pregnancy test forum!

Best Early Detection Pregnancy Test

Best Early Detection Pregnancy Test

The title of the Best Early Detection Pregnancy Test is a quest that every brand claims to be the winner of. Every woman who wants to know if she is pregnant or not wants...
What does a negative pregnancy test mean?

What Does A Negative Pregnancy Test Result Mean?

Getting negative pregnancy test can be a sigh of relief or a hurting revelation. But do women know that the negative pregnancy test result is more than simply not pregnant?It can tell you about...
What To Do With A Faint Positive Pregnancy Test?

What To Do With A Faint Positive Pregnancy Test?

After taking a pregnancy test, a woman wants an answer to all her doubts. But what to do with a faint positive pregnancy test?A faint positive pregnancy test instead of sorting the confusion creates...
Top 20 reasons for A Negative Pregnancy Test

Top 20 Reasons For A Negative Pregnancy Test

A home pregnancy test is the first thing a woman does after missing her periods. There are many things one needs to know about pregnancy test before taking it as true. A negative pregnancy...
Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Vinegar Pregnancy Test

Vinegar pregnancy test is one of the oldest homemade pregnancy tests trusted by women for years. Plain vinegar can be found in most homes and is super cheap. Read on to know how to...
Pregnancy Test Lines

Pregnancy Test Lines

What Are Pregnancy Test Lines?A home pregnancy test is all about lines. Various alignments of lines display the results of a pregnancy test. There are different kinds of symbols used in a pregnancy test....
Top 23 DIY Homemade pregnancy tests

Top 23 Homemade Pregnancy Tests – DIY Pregnancy Test List

Some of us only know about home pregnancy tests as the hCG strips or stick pregnancy tests and haven't ever heard of a homemade pregnancy test.Egyptian and Greek philosophers discovered the first homemade pregnancy...
Qualitative and Quantitative Pregnancy Test

What Are Qualitative and Quantitative Pregnancy Tests

What is a qualitative pregnancy test?A qualitative pregnancy test only detects hCG hormone and shows that you are pregnant based on its presence or absence.A qualitative pregnancy test is popularly known as a home...
20 Best Pregnancy Test Tips20 Best Pregnancy Test Tips

20 Best Pregnancy Test Tips

Got naughty and forgot to take the pill? Missed your periods? Vomiting? Seeing symptoms of early pregnancy in you? Whether this was intentional or not there are high chances that now you are pregnant....
Pregnancy test instructions

Pregnancy Test Instructions

Taking a pregnancy test for the first time can be so worrisome that you end up doing things that only complicate your state of doubt. It is very important that you follow the pregnancy...

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