Is A Cheap Pregnancy Test Worth It?

Pregnancy invites a lot of stress and happiness at the same time. If you are lucky, you might not have to take many prenatal tests. But if you fall into the trap of chain pregnancy tests, then it can shake your budget for months together. Cheap pregnancy tests at least make the first step a little easy on your pocket. Some women might ask is a cheap pregnancy test worth it. But cheap pregnancy tests don’t compromise on reliability or accuracy.

Cheap pregnancy tests are equally good and in a way, better than expensive tests.

Are cheap pregnancy tests worth it?

You’ll get many suggestions saying that you must make a onetime investment. But pregnancy test isn’t a single time affair. 

You need to duplicate your pregnancy test. Let’s say even if you don’t do that you’ll still have to get a hospital pregnancy test. 

The home pregnancy test is just for self-awareness. Buying a cheap pregnancy test is a smart choice. 

Cheap pregnancy test doesn’t make you spend much! There is no point in paying a huge sum for a single test because pregnancy is assured only after repeating the test.

Cheap pregnancy test
Cheap pregnancy test

How does cheap pregnancy test work?

All pregnancy tests have the same basic working. They may differ in procedure and display. But it, in the end, all pregnancy tests detect hCG present in your urine. hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) hormone is a product of placenta.

When a woman has unprotected sex, the egg and sperm fertilize in her Fallopian tubes. The zygote divides rapidly and then becomes an embryo. 

An embryo is a cluster of your baby’s cells. The embryo moves down the tube gradually and implants in the uterus.

The placenta is the layer that nourishes the baby. It is the direct connection between mother and her baby. 

The placental layer produces hCG hormone. The concentration of hCG doubles in every 48 – 72 hours. 

The pregnancy hormone starts coming in urine. This is the basis of a pregnancy test.

A pregnancy test has hCG strips with hCG antibodies. These are like sensor particles that can detect hCG levels in urine.

If you are pregnant and your urine hCG levels are above 25 mIU/mL then the pregnancy test dye shows. You see it as a colored line. It may be pink or blue. This is the pregnancy test positive.

If you are not pregnant, then there won’t be any test line.

How much hCG can cheap pregnancy test detect?

Cheap pregnancy tests are rarely early pregnancy tests. They attain a decent level of accuracy after your day of missed period crosses. 

It also depends on the brand of cheap pregnancy test which you select. If a pregnancy test can detect a low level of hCG, then it is more sensitive. 

Generally cheap pregnancy tests detect an hCG level of 25 mIU/mL and above. 

The hCG hormone goes on doubling and increasing up till first ten weeks of pregnancy. Then the levels of hCG start declining and continue until completion of pregnancy. 

Cheap pregnancy tests can detect low hCG levels when you use early morning urine sample. 

Early morning urine has a higher concentration of hCG due to accumulation.

Do cheap pregnancy tests really work?

Cheap pregnancy test only has the epithet cheap. In the end, they are pregnancy tests and do work. 

Cheap pregnancy tests work like any other pregnancy test. They can detect hCG hormone and give a colored line. 

Cheap pregnancy tests detect early pregnancy if you follow the instructions carefully. 

You need to be patient and avoid making any mistakes while taking the pregnancy test.

Pregnancy tests work after you reach a particular stage of pregnancy. This stage is implantation. It is not appropriate to take the pregnancy test before missed period and blame false negative on the cheap pregnancy test.

Are cheap pregnancy tests good for early pregnancy detection?

Cheap pregnancy tests can detect a certain level of hCG. If your body is producing hCG rapidly then, cheap pregnancy test might be able to detect pregnancy earlier. 

Cheap pregnancy tests are useful for early pregnancy detection. The main reason is that you won’t regret spending for false negative results. 

When you are at an early stage of pregnancy, your body doesn’t have enough hCG. If you take an expensive pregnancy test, you’ll waste it for a false negative result. 

Cheap pregnancy tests are cost-effective for repeating pregnancy tests many times. You get to test 10-20 times using check pregnancy test in the price you pay for one expensive one. 

Also, cheap pregnancy tests save money on the plastic and other accessories of the pregnancy test. The hCG strip remains the same in cheap pregnancy tests too.

Different types of cheap pregnancy test

There are many kinds of cheap pregnancy tests:

  1. Digital cheap pregnancy tests: You can get cheap digital pregnancy tests from Walmart. Walmart cheap pregnancy tests are worth your time. Cheap digital pregnancy tests will undoubtedly be costly than traditional pregnancy tests.
  2. Dip strip or midstream: Cheap pregnancy tests can be of two formats. The dip strip cheap pregnancy test needs you to dip it in urine collected in a cup. Midstream tests are straightway soaked in urine stream.

How to get a cheap pregnancy test?

You can get a cheap pregnancy test at the Dollar store. Dollar pregnancy test is only for 1$ and is as accurate as any other pregnancy test. 

Walmart cheap pregnancy tests also serve the purpose. Clearblue easy pregnancy test is the low price alternative of the best pregnancy test. 

The best cheap pregnancy test is the EPT pregnancy test. EPT pregnancy tests are cheap pregnancy tests with all qualities of the expensive ones. 

Cheap pregnancy tests are available at government hospitals and NHS walk-in centers.

Dollar pregnancy test, Do they work?

Dollar pregnancy test and 0.88 cents Walmart pregnancy test are the cheapest accurate pregnancy tests. Their price tag can make you doubt, but once you use them, you’ll know why they are the best. 

Dollar pregnancy tests do work as good as the most expensive pregnancy tests. 

Nonetheless, cheap pregnancy tests can never beat pregnancy blood test accuracy.

 Blood has a higher level of hCG. Pregnancy blood test is more accurate and can detect pregnancy 2-3 days after implantation. This is far more than any home pregnancy test.

Can cheap pregnancy test negative be wrong?

A negative pregnancy test can be wrong even in case of expensive pregnancy tests.

 Cheap pregnancy test false negative is common because slight errors can cause it. If you use a very dilute sample of urine or you use the pregnancy test too early, you’ll get a false negative.

There are many reasons for a false negative pregnancy test, and none of them is the price of a pregnancy test. 

Cheap pregnancy tests are efficient. It is the user that needs to be a little cautious and follow pregnancy test tips.

Is a cheap pregnancy test right for you?

A cheap pregnancy test is undoubtedly right for everyone. If you are looking for saving some money on your early steps to pregnancy, then get an affordable pregnancy test. 

A lower priced pregnancy test is the best way to repeat pregnancy tests. You should always get a cheap pregnancy test if you are testing early out of anxiety. Later

It is preferable that you use inexpensive pregnancy test for early pregnancy detection. 

Cheap pregnancy tests will not disappoint you. Their accuracy is as much as any other one step pregnancy test.


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