Positive Pregnancy Test

A positive pregnancy test result is something that most aspiring moms look forward to.

I know… I was overjoyed when I saw the positive result for the first. Getting the test line took me through the first step of motherhood.

A home pregnancy test is a simple-to-use device provided we follow the instructions. There are different kinds of home tests available. The principle and working remain almost the same in all of them.  

Today, we explore every aspect of a positive pregnancy test and also what should you do after getting one. Because this is when your pregnancy plans get into action! 


Positive Pregnancy Test
Positive Pregnancy Test

What does a positive pregnancy test mean?

If you are new to pregnancy tests, you may wonder what are Positive and Negative results. Digital pregnancy tests show plus and minus signs.

A positive test result means that you are pregnant. Most pregnancy tests have this mentioned in their instructions. In case you don’t understand the plus (+) and minus (-) you can refer to the manual along pregnancy test.

A positive result typically means that you have a bun in your oven. It is a green signal for all your plans for your baby.

What to do after A positive pregnancy test?

After getting a positive pregnancy test first thing to do is to get a doctor’s appointment. No home pregnancy test is as reliable as a blood pregnancy test. This is the reason why you must get a hospital pregnancy test after getting a positive home pregnancy test.

Your doctor will discuss various aspects of your health and tell you the necessary steps for your pregnancy. The first trimester of pregnancy is very critical as most miscarriages happen during this time.

If you get a positive result, you need to stop taking birth control pills immediately.

Dealing with depression while pregnant is another thing that needs your doctor’s attention at this time. If you are taking any anti-depressants, then you must not discontinue without consulting with your doctor.

Positive pregnancy test: Now what?

After getting a positive pregnancy test, you will have many thoughts in your mind that you would feel directionless.

You must get to know what to do and what not when you are pregnant. Precautions while pregnant are must during the first trimester.

Some women might feel that no harm can happen at such an early stage as the baby is just a small egg.

Ironically this is the time when most miscarriages occur. Any birth defects and chromosomal abnormalities will induce a miscarriage at this time.

You need to tell your Obgyn about positive pregnancy test as soon as possible. Delaying your doctor’s appointment can worsen health problems if any.

If you have the risk of Gestational Diabetes or low blood pressure during pregnancy then your doctor will be able to handle it well. Women having thyroid dysfunction need to be very cautious during pregnancy. This is because thyroid greatly affects reproductive health.

In case you have is a tubal pregnancy then doctors will be able to perform surgery. Ectopic pregnancy doesn’t grow like a normal pregnancy. They can burst your tubes and cause life-threatening complications.

It is even harmful to your fertility. You need to inform your doctor about your positive result. 

Later on, you can plan other things like your diet chart and baby’s name!

Faint positive pregnancy test

A faint positive pregnancy test is a thin line in the test window. Digital pregnancy test solves the problem of a faint positive pregnancy test by displaying a clear positive result in the digital pregnancy test.

No matter how faint a pregnancy test is, if positive it means that you are pregnant. There is very rare chance of getting a false positive pregnancy test if you are normally trying to get pregnant. Women who are getting IVF treatment may get a false positive result.

Very faint positive pregnancy test

A very faint positive pregnancy test is when you take the pregnancy test too early. This is because your body is yet to produce enough hCG.

This can also be because the pregnancy test is not new and is close to its expiry date. An expired pregnancy doesn’t work and if it is near expiry can give a very faint positive pregnancy test. But, even a very faint positive result means that you are pregnant.

Positive pregnancy test after period

Ovulation occurs on the 14th day of the cycle. One week after ovulation, implantation may occur. Implantation is the process of attachment of the embryo to the uterus.

After this, the placenta formation begins, and hCG production starts. A pregnancy test detects this hormone that comes in the urine of a pregnant woman.

Positive pregnancy test after period day is a good sign. That is the time when pregnancy tests have maximum accuracy.

Pregnancy tests can detect a range of hCG levels. If you get positive test result then you have hCG levels around the sensitivity range of the pregnancy test. Pregnancy test positive after missed period confirms pregnancy.

Positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks

Three weeks is the final limit for getting pregnancy test positive. This is because after three weeks hCG levels reach 25 mIU/mL in most cases.

Every pregnancy test can detect this hCG level. A positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks is normal.

After ovulation, it takes one week for implantation and another week after that for hCG production. There can be a delay in these steps, and that can be a week more.

After three weeks if you see symptoms of pregnancy but do not get positive pregnancy test then consult a doctor.

If you don’t see any early pregnancy signs, then you may not be pregnant. If you are looking for unwanted pregnancy, then you can take a pregnancy blood test to confirm.

Positive pregnancy test results

A false positive pregnancy test is another big issue. However, false positive is very rare. Women who are taking fertility drugs can get a false positive home pregnancy test.

This is because the ovulation drugs elevate the hCG levels in blood and that can come in urine. After a miscarriage, the body needs time for hCG levels to leave your body. Pregnancy test after a miscarriage can also be a false positive pregnancy test.

Positive pregnancy test then negative is another problem some women face. But this is because the second test is incorrect in most cases. Positive pregnancy test now bleeding can be a chemical pregnancy.

How to make a pregnancy test positive?

Making a pregnancy test positive is only by corrupting it. You can either draw a line using a red pen or dip the pregnancy test in colored water.

One can ask her pregnant friend to give a urine sample for making a pregnancy test positive. An expired pregnancy test may give false positive. You can even buy a positive pregnancy test from Craigslist.



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