Are Cheap Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

The market has a wide range of pregnancy tests. There are some super expensive ones as well as some cheaper versions. No wonder, many of our readers ask us, ‘ Are cheap pregnancy tests accurate?’

Why are some tests cheaper than the rest? 

Cheap pregnancy tests are cheap by cutting on some features.

For example, a digital pregnancy is expensive because it does the interpretation of pregnancy test results.

Cheap digital pregnancy tests display results as symbols, and in contrast, expensive digital pregnancy tests have a week calculator!

A strip pregnancy test is cheaper because it only shows results as colored lines. It has a plain plastic kit.

Expensive pregnancy tests have grooved handles for a better grip. A standard pregnancy test has merely a strip in case, but accessories that come with a pregnancy test make it expensive.

Also, the top brands have their own set of financial parameters that make them price the pregnancy test higher than ordinary cheap alternative ones.

Are Cheap Pregnancy Tests Accurate?
Are Cheap Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

Which are the cheap pregnancy tests at Walmart?

Equate Pregnancy Test and even some strip pregnancy tests which come in packs of 25 (for a month) can be a cheap deal.

But even after being cheap they don’t compromise on any of the essential features for detecting pregnancy.

Equate Pregnancy Test 

The Equate Pregnancy Tests are sort of cheaper alternative to the branded pregnancy tests. They have all the basic features and accuracy.

They come as a pack with a pair of pregnancy tests or as a set of three.

You can read the complete review of Equate Pregnancy test.

U-Check Pregnancy Test Strips

These are also cheap pregnancy test strips. You can take multiple pregnancy tests at a very lost cost using those strips. 

Walmart .88 pregnancy test

This is the cheapest pregnancy test. It is an accurate, cheap pregnancy test.

You can save a lot of money using Walmart .88 pregnancy test. It detects pregnancy after the day of missed period with 98% accuracy.

Cheap pregnancy tests at Dollar Store

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

The pregnancy tests sold at the online store of Dollar Tree chain are just for one Dollar. There are three brands of home pregnancy tests available at a Dollar store. There may be more by the time you read this!

Dollar store pregnancy tests are cheap because they are only for 1$ compared to other pregnancy test costing 20$.

Are cheap pregnancy tests accurate?

Cheap pregnancy tests are accurate but not as much as a doctor. Cheap pregnancy tests at Walmart have a decent level of accuracy after the day of missed period.

Cheap pregnancy tests may be slightly risky. This is because they require careful handling. However, this doesn’t mean that they are unreliable.

And even the top brand’s pregnancy test can deceive you.

Cheap pregnancy tests are lighter on your pocket without compromising on accuracy. You have to put effort to take the pregnancy test to compensate that!

Cheap pregnancy tests require all your attention and a skilled hand. They won’t compensate for the slightest error you make.

What are the pros of using cheap pregnancy tests?

  • Cheap pregnancy tests are worth it because they don’t make your preliminary pregnancy tests expensive. In any case, you have to visit the doctor if you feel something changed. Hence initial pregnancy test shouldn’t tax you so much that you end up spending more on it.
  • Cheap pregnancy test makes retesting and duplicating the pregnancy test more pocket-friendly. This is another advantage of cheap pregnancy tests.
  • Duplicating a pregnancy test means repeating the pregnancy test after some time with the same kit and same procedure. If you use a cheap pregnancy test you can repeat a pregnancy test many times without worrying about dwindling your budget.
  • Also, cheap pregnancy tests allow you to take the test for early pregnancy as you can go on taking the test.
  • Cheap pregnancy tests curtail the chance of getting a false pregnancy test as you can repeat the test with another set of a cheap pregnancy test. 

What are the cons of a cheap pregnancy test?

  • The cons of cheap pregnancy tests are that you need to put in some extra effort to read the pregnancy test.
  • And yes sometimes you may get a false pregnancy test result. One cannot attribute it entirely to the cheap pregnancy test as sometimes there are other reasons for getting a false pregnancy test.

Is a cheap pregnancy test sensitive?

Yes, any cheap pregnancy test is as sensitive as a standard pregnancy test. It will detect an hCG level of 25 mIU/ml.

However, they are not as sensitive as a rapid response pregnancy test which can detect even lower levels of hCG.

Do cheap pregnancy tests work?

Yes, cheap pregnancy tests are worth your reliance. You can rely on cheap pregnancy tests if you take the test correctly.

Cheap pregnancy tests work as good as their expensive counterparts. All you need is patience and skill of taking a home pregnancy test.

If you follow the instructions given in the instruction booklet of a pregnancy test, there are very low chances of making an error.

How soon can a cheap pregnancy test work?

Cheap pregnancy tests can work as early as 3 days before missed period. Cheap pregnancy tests can detect early pregnancy.

The best cheap pregnancy test will work when you have enough hCG in your urine. Pregnant woman’s urine has 25 mIU/mL hCG levels around 11 days after implantation.

Cheap pregnancy tests can detect this concentration of hCG. Cheap pregnancy tests at Walmart can detect hCG sooner.

Walmart’s cheap pregnancy tests can detect low hCG levels up to 20 mIU/mL. But only after your hCG concentration goes above 25 mIU/mL, you are pregnant.

Can a cheap pregnancy test be wrong?

Any pregnancy test can be wrong let alone cheap pregnancy test. There are more than many reasons for a pregnancy test for being wrong.

The chances of getting a wrong pregnancy test with a single use of a cheap pregnancy test are slightly more.

A single test with a more expensive home pregnancy test is more accurate. But as you repeat the pregnancy test with the cheap pregnancy tests, it reduces chances of being wrong.

They soon overshadow the expensive pregnancy test’s accuracy. Cheap pregnancy tests are ideal for that matter. Especially if you don’t know the right time for taking the pregnancy test, then cheap pregnancy test saves a lot of money.

Are cheap pregnancy tests reliable?

The conclusion being that cheap pregnancy tests are an excellent choice for those who want to take more than one tests before going to the doctor.

Cheap pregnancy tests have many pros. You can take an inexpensive pregnancy test for preliminary testing.


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