Wondfo Pregnancy Test

Wondfo is amongst the leading brands manufacturing pregnancy test kits. With a wide range of the designs of different Wondfo Pregnancy Test, this brand is a single stop for an uncomplicated pregnancy test.

Wondfo has a record of over 6000 results recorded out of which only 1.4% were erroneous (invalid). It means that the Wondfo PT has an approximate average accuracy of 98.6%.

Average accuracy percentage is not a mathematical term here. It encompasses all the possibilities like testing before the right time or not following the instructions carefully. So with a basic level of skill, one can get results nearly accurate as given by a medical expert.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test
Wondfo Pregnancy Test


Wondfo Pregnancy Test comes in four different kinds:

  1. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips
  2. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassettes
  3. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream
  4. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Mini Midstream

We have an individual description of each of them below. 

Signs and Symptoms (Risk factors) 

Look for these signs given by your body to take a pregnancy test. This list is also an answer for those of you who want to know how soon they can take a pregnancy test.

  1. Having had sex without contraception
  2. Thickening of cervical mucus, excessive discharge
  3. Worsening Pre-Menstrual Syndrome like mood swings, hot flushes
  4. Your vagina feels soft, and you feel a slight contraction there in the upper passage
  5. Nausea, headaches severe than the usual work or stress related
  6. Feeling a slight swelling in the abdomen internally
  7. Cramps and pain in ovaries and the surrounding region
  8. A highly self-aware woman will be able to notice signs like the extra glow on the skin, skin tone gets a shade fairer, and hair also are shiny and voluminous
  9. Missing your due period cycle date by a week is the most critical symptom

Minimum level of hCG detected by Wondfo Pregnancy Test

The minimum hCG level detected by this pregnancy test has numerous citations. 

While most scientific literature accounts for minimum value to be 25 mIU/ml, there are some which mention a low level of 10 mIU/ml.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test accuracy and sensitivity depends on hCG levels detected. 

Ideal time for using Wondfo Pregnancy Test

Just like any other pregnancy kit the ideal time to test your pregnancy status is early morning.

The kidneys reabsorb water and concentrate the urine overnight. Early morning urine, for this reason, has a pungent smell and a darker color.

As the urine concentrates, the amount of hCG per unit volume of urine increases. More the concentration of the test hormone betters the detection of pregnancy.

Also, it has the highest accuracy for giving the exact results after the 11th-day post ovulation.

It means that if your due date is around three days from the day you decide to take the test, chances you will get a 99% correct test.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips (pack of 25)

Components inside 

They come as a pack of 25 in a box. Unlike the other brands, Wondfo has priced them very cheaply for only around 11$ (refer to your particular shopping site).

You get neatly stacked 25 test strips in a pink color box. The manufacturers claim that this is the only graphic design they use. Make sure you get the right one.

Things you need while using Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strip

  1. A clean cup preferably disposable
  2. Pregnancy Test Strip
  3. A non-absorbing mat or a clean counter
  4. Timer or stopwatch
  5. Magnifying glass or spectacles

Important: Keep everything handy as the this is one of the fastest pregnancy tests.

How to use the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strip?

  1. Get up in the morning and collect the sample (urine) in a clean cup.
  2. Clean your hands and dry them.
  3. Now carefully take out a single strip from the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips (pack of 25) box.
  4. After placing the cup on a stationary surface, dip the strip holding it straight.
  5. Don’t allow it to touch the sides of the glass and neither the bottom of it.
  6. Remove in three seconds.
  7. Place the strip on a non-absorbing surface and time the stopwatch for 5 minutes.
  8. Read the results as soon as possible after 5 minutes and do not read the results after 10 minutes from the beginning of the test session.

Precautions while using Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

  1. The cup should be wide to prevent the test strip from touching its surface.
  2. Hold the test strip straight and do not dip beyond the maximum level marked.
  3. Remove the test strip after 3 seconds instantly.
  4. Read the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strip results within five minutes after they develop.

Color codes of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips provide you with a great benefit. They have a gradient color code. It means that as your pregnancy progresses the color intensity of the test increases. It helps you estimate your pregnancy progression too.

  • Pink for Control Line irrespective of the medical conditions
  • For Test Line: Light Pink – early pregnancy, Slightly darker to darkest pinks – late pregnancy and Single line in the test region or colors other than pink – invalid

Pros of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

  • Affordable allows you to test continuously for one menstrual month (lunar month 29.5 days average).
  • Packed separately in sachets inside a box
  • Accurate results from the day of missed periods
  • Has a gradient color code

Cons of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

  • Being a strip pregnancy test it is tricky and also takes longer time for the results to develop
  • You have to get a cup for yourself
  • Single space for both control line and test line

Interpreting the results of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips (pack of 25)

  1. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strip negative: A single pink line means a negative result. Negative results show that you are not pregnant.
  2. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strip positive: Two pink lines in sequential order means a positive result. Positive results show that you are pregnant.
  3. If you get a test line, but no control line or you get another color line, the test is not reliable.
  4. If you get a colorless line, it is an evaporation line which forms due to absorption of your urine components on the strip. You cannot say anything about your pregnancy based on these results.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette is a plastic apparatus that has an hCG strip inside it. There is a well for dropping the sample drop-wise in it. Though a convenient and accurate pregnancy test, it is not much popular.

Components inside the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette

  1. Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette – It comprises the body of apparatus and also holds the strip for doing the pregnancy test.
  2. Dropper – For dropping the urine sample in the well (depression for the placing of the sample)

Parts of the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette

  1. Dropping Well – The place meant for placing the sample.
  2. Reading Zone – This is for reading the test and shows colored lines depending on the medical condition.
  3. hCG strip – The paper sheet inside the cassette for detecting the hormone hCG. It has particles (monoclonal antibodies) which are highly sensitive for binding the hCG particles.

Things you need while using Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette

  1. Disposable cup or container that is clean
  2. Wondfo PT Cassette which is perfectly sealed
  3. Timer or Stopwatch
  4. Magnifying glass if you have a weak vision

How to use Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette?

  1. Get up early in the morning and collect your sample of urine in a clean cup or glass.
  2. Wash your hands and pat them dry
  3. Carefully open the pregnancy test Cassette packet and place the contents on a clean counter.
  4. Pick the dropper from the bulb and don’t let the tip touch anything.
  5. Press the bulb and take it inside the cup and gradually release the pressure. The sample will rise in the pipe of the dropper.
  6. Put this sample drop by drop maximum up to 4 drops in the sample well.
  7. Allow the test results to develop till the time prescribed by the kit instructions.
  8. Read the results within the time slot.
  9. Discard the kit after use.

Precautions while using Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette

These are the errors that lead to a wrong result while using this pregnancy test(PT).

  1. The cup used for collecting sample must be completely clean.
  2. Apply the urine sample gradually dropwise.
  3. Do not touch the test reading zone by anything.
  4. Place the kit away from all kinds of sources of moisture.
  5. Hold the dropper from the bulb only.
  6. Once opened the pregnancy test Cassette use it at that time. Discard an open pregnancy test otherwise.
  7. The timing for everything is crucial. Keep a check on time span for allowing the results to develop and time slot for reading results.
  8. Some medical conditions like ketouresis interfere and give invalid pregnancy test results. Ketouresis is the diseased condition of releasing ketones body in urine.

Color codes of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette

  • Control line – Pink
  • Test line – Range of pink shades
  • Colorless or any vague Colors – invalid results or evaporation lines or indent lines

Evaporation lines form due to urine contents remaining attached to the strip. While the indent lines are the antibodies patch. They are the particles responsible for detecting hCG. hCG is the pregnancy test hormone.

Pros of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette

  • Easy to handle
  • Accurate results
  • Gives quick results
  • Able to detect low levels of hCG and can detect pregnancy at an earlier stage

Cons of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette

  • It is slightly more expensive.
  • It is a little complicated to use than the dip strip.

Interpreting the results of Wondfo Pregnancy Test Cassette

The PT has the following result display.

  1. Wondfo Pregnancy Test negative: A single pink line means a negative result. Wondfo Pregnancy Test negative results show that you are not pregnant.
  2. Wondfo Pregnancy Test positive: Two pink lines developing in sequence indicates a positive result. Wondfo Pregnancy Test positive results show that you are pregnant. Big fat positive Wondfo Pregnancy Test results confirm pregnancy. Wondfo Pregnancy Test faint positive also means you are pregnant. Very faint Wondfo Test shows that you took the test too early.
  3. Lines of another color, only a single test line: Invalid. You cannot say anything about your pregnancy from this result. Wondfo Pregnancy Test false positive is unheard of because it is rare.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream is an apparatus made of plastic. It has a gripping mark for holding the pregnancy test in urine.

Components of the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream

A single capped plastic apparatus of the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream.

Things you need while using Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream

Only the pregnancy test.

How to use Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream?

The procedure of using the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream is a cakewalk. Remove the cap covering the strip and place the PT in the stream of urine.

Allow the results to develop in the prescribed time. Read the tests within the time span.

Precautions while using Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream

These are the errors or incidents that are the reasons for wrong results produced by Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream.

  1. Keep the cap of the pregnancy test on till you want to take the test.
  2. Take the kit inside the stream only to the permissible level.
  3. Do not read the results before or after the prescribed time.
  4. Hold the kit from the end that has grip markings and do not touch the strip by hands or any other thing.
  5. When the results are developing, keep the Wondfo Pregnancy Midstream Kit horizontal, and the tip must not touch anything.
  6. Always place the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Midstream facing upwards.

Though this pregnancy test is not very popular, it is one of most clear and accurate pregnancy test. Also, it is an excellent pregnancy test kit for use on the go. It is also available in the market. For further information click http://wondfousa.com/test/pregnancy-tests/

The Wondfo Pregnancy Test Mini Midstream is the best pregnancy test for while traveling. By doing so, you won’t have to bother about getting home for doing the home pregnancy test.

Most important caution while using Wondfo Pregnancy Test

Any kind of home pregnancy test is not hundred percent reliable. No matter how sure you are, always consult about it with your doctor.

How does the Wondfo Pregnancy Test work?

All pregnancy tests allow urine uniformly spread through them. They have a spot of hCG antibodies that can attach to the hCG particles in your urine. This leads to a chemical reaction that gives color to the test line.

The control line doesn’t need hCG to develop color. hCG is the hormone that is responsible for guiding the early pregnancy events.

This hormone starts coming in your urine in appreciable concentration after your baby’s cells implant in your womb. And the level rises up until it reaches the maximum and declines after it and reduces to a very minimal level after around twenty weeks of pregnancy.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Accuracy

The test kit has a considerable accuracy rate after the due date of the period. Only 1.4% of the recorded results were false negatives out of more than 6000 results.

They were of different women with different physiological conditions.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test accuracy is up to the expected standard level.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test reviews

It is the most affordable pregnancy test kit.

Also if you need to reassure yourself, then the Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips (25 strips) are going to be the best deal.

Never keep an opened pregnancy test for later use. It is reasonably good in terms of accuracy and is easy to use.

The best feature being the affordability of the Wondfo PT Strips pack of 25.


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