Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Toothpaste Pregnancy test is one of the easiest homemade pregnancy tests. It is a reliable way of finding out whether you are expecting. Toothpaste PT doesn’t require elaborate procedures.

It works well with almost any toothpaste available at your home. It is better if you use plain white toothpaste. Dyed toothpaste has additional components that might interfere with the toothpaste pregnancy test.

A pregnancy test with toothpaste is a quick homemade pregnancy test. Many women who hesitate in going to the chemist shop to get pregnancy kit use toothpaste to find if they are pregnant.

Maybe someone might want to take a preliminary homemade pregnancy test before using a home pregnancy test kit. 

Natural ways of taking the pregnancy test have been prevalent since long. Toothpaste is a new addition to the list of DIY homemade pregnancy tests. Other old homemade pregnancy tests like onion pregnancy test and the mustard pregnant test lag behind.

Toothpaste pregnancy test has never been a scientific recommendation. However, women who have to keep within their budget find it hard to get an over the counter pregnancy tests.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test
Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

When to take toothpaste pregnancy test?

If you see symptoms of early pregnancy, then you can take the pregnancy test with toothpaste.

Symptoms of early pregnancy are

  1. Nausea and headache
  2. Cramps and spotting
  3. Missed period
  4. Bloating and constipation
  5. Swollen vaginal area

Once you have had unprotected sex then a pregnancy test is a must. One should not skip a pregnancy test if period does not arrive for more than a week after due date.

In cases where you cannot get a pregnancy test kit, you can take the DIY toothpaste test for pregnancy.

How to do Toothpaste Pregnancy test?

Taking a pregnancy test with tooth paste isn’t much of a task. Most people ask with alarm one of the most sensible question ‘How to do a pregnancy test with toothpaste?’ All you need is toothpaste! You could use white or colored toothpaste. Colored toothpaste is also usable.

Things needed for toothpaste Pregnancy test

  1. Toothpaste
  2. Cup
  3. Early morning urine sample

Toothpaste Pregnancy test instructions

Steps for taking the Pregnancy test with Toothpaste 

  1. Take a cup and collect your early morning urine sample
  2. In another cup take out a small pellet of toothpaste
  3. To this toothpaste add a small amount of urine
  4. Wait for 2-3 minutes and look for any observable changes
  5. If you see any changes, then you are pregnant. It’s a positive pregnancy test result.
  6. If the color and texture of toothpaste don’t change then you’re not pregnant. It’s a negative toothpaste pregnancy test result. You discard the mix

Toothpaste Pregnancy test accuracy

People say that pregnancy test with toothpaste is fairly accurate. The accuracy is not as good as that of a pregnancy test kit. When compared with other homemade pregnancy tests, toothpaste is most accurate.

The accuracy of toothpaste homemade pregnancy test is highest after the day of missed period. As days pass, the accuracy of toothpaste pregnancy test increases.

Is toothpaste DIY pregnancy test reliable?

Toothpaste DIY pregnancy test is reliable only as a preliminary pregnancy test. Some women aren’t able to hold their excitement for even a day after having sex.

They may take the toothpaste pregnancy test to curb the anxiety. But taking the toothpaste pregnancy test as the final verdict is a dangerous idea. One must consult a doctor even after conducting a pregnancy test using a kit.

Testing with toothpaste is best when homemade pregnancy test and ease of taking the pregnancy test are the criteria.

Does the Toothpaste Pregnancy test work?

Many women who have used this test, swear by its accuracy! Toothpaste pregnancy test does certainly work.

It is quick and gives the result with 2-3 minutes. The results appear as a change in color and texture both. The color change means you are pregnant.

However, if the pregnancy test isn’t positive then there are very rare chances that you might be pregnant.

How does the Toothpaste Pregnancy test work?

Toothpaste pregnancy test has a simple working principle. Toothpaste has many chemicals and fluorine which can react with the pregnancy hormone hCG and give a colored reaction.

When you add a concentrated urine sample to toothpaste, it reacts with the hCG present in it.

hCG hormone starts coming in your urine after you conceive. Once the embryo implants in the uterus the placenta initiates hCG production. This hormone after a point of time starts coming in your urine.

During early pregnancy stage, hCG is not present in enough amount. It is thus advisable to take the toothpaste pregnancy test with your early morning urine sample. Overnight the hCG hormone gets collected resulting in higher concentration. Using this for toothpaste pregnancy test ensures reliable results of toothpaste pregnancy test.

DIY pregnancy test toothpaste is abbreviation for Do It Yourself pregnancy test toothpaste. That is why it is a popular homemade pregnancy test.

One doesn’t need to go to the doctor and can get her pregnancy test done. It is also useful in case you want to take a homemade pregnancy test while traveling.

When you cannot get a pregnancy test kit soon, one can take the toothpaste pregnancy test. It keeps your identity confidential.

A homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste is the easiest homemade pregnancy test. Toothpaste is something you rarely run off. It is available at every place and is cheap. This pregnancy test also the most affordable homemade pregnancy test.

Toothpaste Pregnancy test results

  1. Positive toothpaste Pregnancy test is the change in color and texture of toothpaste upon adding urine sample. If the color change comes within 2 minutes then you are pregnant. It should ideally be that you may be pregnant. A homemade pregnancy test never confirms a pregnancy. Also it never tells one about the condition and course of pregnancy. A chemical pregnancy won’t be detectable by a homemade pregnancy test.
  2. Negative result tooth paste pregnancy test is when you see no color or texture change. An important thing to remember is that the change might appear due to other reactions. It is very important to time tooth paste pregnancy test correctly. If you leave the urine and toothpaste pregnancy test mix for long it will change but not because you are pregnant.
  3. False results tooth paste pregnancy test: A tooth paste pregnancy test if taken too early might give false results. This is because toothpaste pregnancy test hCG sensitivity is not very high. Taking the test too early will give false results.

One can repeat the toothpaste pregnancy test next morning if she doubts a false result of toothpaste pregnancy test.

Pros of toothpaste pregnancy test

  • Cheap
  • Easy to perform and allows repeating many times
  • Saves time
  • Has a color change reaction easy to distinguish

Cons of toothpaste pregnancy test

  • Decent accuracy achieved ONLY after few days from missed period

Homemade pregnancy test with sugar and toothpaste are the most popular. Yet women argue and support the higher rate of accuracy of the pregnancy test with toothpaste.


  1. I havent had my mense in 5 days now and I have had unprotected sex… I’m kind of scared if I may b pregnant. I have had the tooth paste test and I was negative. I’m a bit confused ?. Thanks


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