Walmart Pregnancy Test Reviews

Before we dive into our Walmart Pregnancy Test reviews, let’s make one thing clear. Walmart Pregnancy Test is a misleading term. It should be pregnancy test bought from Walmart.

Walmart is a leading multinational shopping site. So indeed amongst their plethora of products they do sell pregnancy tests.

The pregnancy test kits available at Walmart are the most diverse range. There are over 25 kinds of pregnancy test available at Walmart.

We have discussed all the best pregnancy tests briefly at Walmart. You can read the review to find out everything about Walmart Pregnancy Test.

Is Walmart Pregnancy test good? Walmart sells cheap but decent prodUCTS. Are the pregnancy tests any different? Read our Walmart Pregnancy Test reviews.

How much does a Walmart Pregnancy Test cost?

Well, the Walmart Pregnancy Tests can be anywhere between $3-$20. It depends on the brand you select.

There are seasonal and festive sales which might get you discounted prices. They are not seconds products, and hence there is no particular offer price.

The original branded pregnancy tests at regular chemists might come for their printed price. At Walmart, there is a possibility that you might get it at less than that. So yes you save by buying Walmart pregnancy tests.

There are endless reviews on 88 cents Pregnancy Test Walmart. That is just a discounted rate of the cheaper pregnancy tests available at Walmart.

The First Signal One-Step Pregnancy Test is for $0.88. The 88 cents Walmart Pregnancy Test is the cheapest home pregnancy test.

Walmart 88 cent pregnancy test’s sensitivity is just at par with other pregnancy tests in Walmart. Getting a cheap pregnancy test at Walmart is a good way of saving some money. Walmart pregnancy test price keeps changing.

Digital pregnancy tests Walmart are slightly expensive. Pregnancy test cost at Walmart varies when you get a digital pregnancy test Walmart.

The most significant advantage of Walmart Pregnancy Test vs. other pregnancy test is that they come as sets of two and three and hence are incredibly cheap.

You get the same quality at a very low price. And this also will help you to duplicate your pregnancy test.

Walmart Pregnancy Test Reviews
Walmart Pregnancy Test Reviews

Best Pregnancy Tests at Walmart

  1. The First Response Pregnancy Test is the best pregnancy test at Walmart in terms of quality and value for money. The First Response Pregnancy Test can detect pregnancy six days earlier than your missed periods.
    • There are around 5 different kinds of pregnancy test by First Response. They include First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test, First Response Pregnancy PRO Test, and First Response Rapid Pregnancy Test.
    • They are highly recommended for use by either category of women who want to conceive or who want to avoid getting pregnant. 
  2. Popular Pregnancy Test from Walmart also has the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown. Walmart clear blue digital pregnancy test is the only pregnancy test that confirms whether you are pregnant and also tells you for how long have you been pregnant.
  3. The 88 cents Walmart Pregnancy Test is the most debated pregnancy test. Some women love it to the moon and back, and others can’t stop criticizing it. We would however only present an unbiased review of the 88 cents Walmart pregnancy test. The First Signal One-Step Pregnancy Test is the cheapest pregnancy test. The price 88 cents has nothing to do with the pregnancy test’s efficiency. The test gives a big fat positive even at 10 mIU/ml hCG concentration.

Do you have to be eighteen plus to buy a Walmart pregnancy test?

No. Walmart is just a shopping site and not a legal institution. You can need a pregnancy test before you are eighteen and that is nothing wrong.

There may be endless reasons for that. However, if you have financial limitations, we would suggest that you wait until your day of missed periods and then take up a test.

In another case, you’d get a negative result due to testing early, and it will be a false negative. There are many health organizations which provide free pregnancy tests and will help you through your bad times.

However, Walmart pregnancy tests will save you the efforts to find a place that will keep your details confidential.

Symptoms and signs for taking the Walmart Pregnancy Test

      1. If you had unprotected intercourse near your ovulation day
      2. Fatigue, anxiety, and lethargy
      3. Getting irritated without any reason and mood swings worse than regular PMS
      4. Breast tenderness and enlargement and darkening of the region around nipples
      5. Vagina and surrounding area feeling tender and looking more prominent
      6. Cervix gets wider and softening of the pubic region
      7. Vomiting and nausea or feeling giddy at a particular time of day
      8. Missing due periods by more than three days
      9. Spotting or abdominal cramps
      10. After an IVF treatment

Description of Walmart Pregnancy Tests

First Response Early Pregnancy Test

The First Response Early Pregnancy Test is the standard stick pregnancy test by the brand. It’s basic and easy to use.

The results are accurate, and it detects pregnancy six days earlier. The First Response Early Pregnancy Test is over 99%, and at Walmart, you get it for much less price.

It can detect low hCG levels even less than 20 mIU/ml.

Equate Pregnancy Test Stick

The Equate Pregnancy Test stick is like a generic pregnancy test. You get the branded pregnancy test features at a price of the non-branded one.

They have features of different brands and come with tags like Equate Pregnancy Test compared to First Response.

The Equate Pregnancy Test is easy to use and has a dual result window for easy interpretation of the pregnancy test results.

Equate Early Results Pregnancy Test

The Equate Early Results Pregnancy Test gives you your pregnancy test results earlier than other variants by Equate.

The Equate Early Results Pregnancy Test can detect lower levels of hCG up to 10 mIU/ml and that too faster within 3 minutes.

The negative results, however, have no symbols and hence that serves as a limitation of the pregnancy test. 

Easy@ Home Pregnancy Test Strips, 20 Strips

The Easy@ Home Pregnancy Test Strips is a box of 20 hCG strips. You can almost test for a month after buying a single box.

You can even get a combo pack of Easy@ Home Pregnancy Test Strips and Easy@ Home Ovulation Test Strips. This saves a lot of money and time in getting a new pregnancy test every time.

They have a long shelf life so you can keep them for months. Nothing goes waste. They are easy to use and give accurate results.

The sensitivity level of Easy @ Home Pregnancy Test Strips is 25 mIU/ml of hCG which is at par with the sensitivity of another pregnancy test by high-end brands.

The Easy @ Home Pregnancy Test Strips give results within few minutes. It is a recommended pregnancy test for every woman who is trying to get pregnant.

EPT Early Pregnancy Test

EPT Pregnancy Test is the most popular pregnancy test. The brand claims to be most accurate and up-to-date.

The EPT Pregnancy Test can detect pregnancy five days earlier making it one of the earliest pregnancy tests. One can take the test after a day when they got horizontal.

First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test

The First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test works on a different principle compared to all the rest home pregnancy tests.

It detects hormones other than hCG too making it the fastest and earliest pregnancy test. It gives the results within 45 seconds.

The results are accurate and the accuracy increases as the day of your due periods come closer. It is sensitive to extremely low levels of hCG.

The First Response Rapid Result Pregnancy Test is the only pregnancy test that detects pregnancy hormones other than hCG.

Equate one Step Pregnancy Test

The Equate Pregnancy Test as mentioned earlier is a sister pregnancy test of other brands. Equate one Step Pregnancy Test is the midstream Equate Pregnancy Test.

Midstream pregnancy test means that you can directly pee on the pregnancy test and test your pregnancy.

This makes the process very easy and you get accurate results as chances of contamination reduce.

First Response Test and Confirm Pregnancy Test

The First Response Test and Confirm Pregnancy Test is a combo pack. It has both a standard pregnancy test and a digital pregnancy test.

You can duplicate your test after taking the standard pregnancy test using a more advanced digital pregnancy test. It will make you double sure of the result you’ve got.

First Response PRO Digital Pregnancy Test

The First Response PRO Digital Pregnancy Test is the most advanced pregnancy test. It connects to your phone by Bluetooth, and the First Response app helps you throughout your pregnancy.

The First Response PRO Digital Pregnancy Test displays your pregnancy test results on your mobile screen. It is an extremely sensitive pregnancy test.

First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test

The First Response Gold Digital Pregnancy Test is the digital pregnancy test by First Response. It is the best digital pregnancy test according to many experts. First Response Gold is the only digital test that can tell you about your pregnancy six days before your missed periods. It detects the slightest elevation in hCG levels and detects pregnancy.

Fact Plus Select One Step Pregnancy Test

The Fact Plus Select One Step Pregnancy Test is another Walmart Pregnancy Test. This pregnancy test tells you whether you are pregnant five days earlier than your missed periods.

It is 99% accurate. The time taken for taking the test is five seconds and results are shown before ten minutes from the start of the test.

You can click on this link to download the instructions for taking the Fact Plus One Step Pregnancy Test

The Fact Plus One Step pregnancy test can detect pregnancy at any time of the day after your due date of periods.

Good sense Pregnancy Test

Good sense Pregnancy Test is for those who crave expensive things. It is one of the most costly pregnancy tests on Walmart display.

It takes two minutes to display the result. The kit of Good Sense Pregnancy Test is of plastic and has a thumb grip.

The result of Walmart Pregnancy Test displays soon after you dip the hCG strip in urine. It is an accurate and sensitive pregnancy test.

However Good Sense pregnancy test is a pocket buster. But the catch here is that the Good Sense pregnancy test has a shelf life of a year.

So Good Sense Pregnancy Test is for women dealing with infertility problems. It will enable you to get a single pack for the entire year.

Digital EPT Pregnancy Test

EPT Early pregnancy test also has a digital counterpart pregnancy test. This one is not only an early pregnancy test but also an accurate pregnancy test.

No, we have not said that the standard EPT Pregnancy Test is not accurate. The only thing is that the EPT digital pregnancy test cuts down the possibilities of human error.

It is not very expensive, and at Walmart, you get it as a set of two or three. Read complete review here

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test is the basic digital test by Clearblue. It is accurate and sensitive to low hCG levels of 20 mIU/ml.

You can use it as a midstream or a dip strip test. The results of this Walmart Pregnancy Test display completely in spellings and symbols.

The instructions are on the Clearblue website in both textual and video formats.

Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with smart countdown

The Clearblue digital pregnancy test is the advanced digital test by Clearblue. It is highly accurate and sensitive to low hCG levels less than 20 mIU/ml.

It is the only pregnancy test in the market that tells you about the weeks after pregnancy you’ve reached.

You can use this Walmart Pregnancy Test as a midstream or a dip strip test. The Walmart Pregnancy Test results appear as spellings and weeks along with it.

The instructions for use are on the Clearblue website in both textual and video formats.

Clearblue Early Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Early Pregnancy Test is the standard cassette pregnancy kit by Clearblue. It has an hCG strip that turns pink when the time passes for dipping it in urine.

The color changing tip helps you to know when you have to remove the strip from the sample. The result window has sections to help you read the results quickly.

The Clearblue Early Pregnancy Test can detect hCG levels around 25 mIU/ml.

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips

Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips are best strip pregnancy tests. FDA has approved it.

They come in a pack of 25 strips. You can test for an entire month after you get a single Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips box.

They are obviously only dipping strips. You cannot take midstream test with them. They have a maximum mark to prevent extra dipping.

Concentrated urine is required for testing before the right time.

Read more: Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strip Review

One Step Pregnancy Test

One Step Pregnancy Test as the name suggests is a midstream pregnancy test. The test is simple to use and gives fairly accurate results.

There may be incidents of getting evaporation lines. You can avoid it if you carefully follow the instructions and do everything within time.

The One Step Pregnancy Test at Walmart is for a very affordable price and comes as a pair or more. So it is a good Walmart Pregnancy Test.

Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

Accu Clear Pregnancy Test is a simple standard pregnancy test. Walmart has almost every variant of the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test.

The basic Accu Clear Pregnancy Test comes as a set of two pregnancy tests. It is 99% accurate after the day of missed periods.

All you have to do is to take the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test inside the stream of your urine, and it will display the results after few minutes.

The Walmart Pregnancy Test results display symbols as ‘plus’ for pregnant and ‘minus” for not pregnant.

Premier Value Early Pregnancy Test

Another pregnancy test at Walmart is Premier Value Early Pregnancy Test. This test comes for only $ 9.

It comes as a set of two or a single pregnancy test kit. It is a stick pregnancy test and has a synthetic body. The test is simple to take. You can use it for preliminary testing of pregnancy.

The test has an hCG strip which can detect pregnancy hormone in your urine. It is affordable and yet gives accurate results.

Sunmark Pregnancy Test

Sunmark Pregnancy Test is the last in the Walmart pregnancy test list. However, it is a much-underrated pregnancy test.

It is a simple stick pregnancy test. You can use it very easily. Instructions insert comes along with the pregnancy test.

It is very easy to follow and you get accurate results in no time.

The Sunmark Pregnancy Test is very easy on the pocket and yet reliable for its sensitivity.

Things you need while taking Walmart Pregnancy Test

You need the Walmart Pregnancy Test, a cup of dip strip test and a timer. If you take a pregnancy test that requires some unique things, then read the instructions manual.

Simply check the manual for the instructions.

How to choose the right Walmart Pregnancy Test?

For choosing the right Walmart Pregnancy Test you should consider factors like:

  1. Budget: How much can you spare for the pregnancy test and how many tests can you buy. If you can purchase many Walmart Pregnancy Tests, then a less accurate one can work. But if you can only get a single one, then it should be the best.
  2. The method of taking the test: Whether you want a dip strip test or midstream, will be the second deciding factor.
  3. Digital or Standard: If you want to test using a basic pregnancy test or want to get some advanced home pregnancy tests.
  4. Discounts and sets of pregnancy test
  5. Availability and delivery time

How to take the Walmart Pregnancy Test?

      • It will be precisely dependent on the brand you select.
      • But any pregnancy test involves exposing the hCG strip to your urine sample for a brief time.
      • Then you have to wait for the results to develop and read the results within the allotted time frame.

Precautions while using Walmart Pregnancy Test

Some of you might be here to know the reasons for getting a false positive or false negative result Walmart Pregnancy Test. Here is a list of things to avoid while taking the Walmart Pregnancy Test:

      1. Don’t take Walmart Pregnancy Test with dilute urine. Don’t drink water before taking the Walmart Pregnancy Test. Do not drink caffeine products.
      2. The Walmart pregnancy test strip should be as untouched as possible.
      3. If while testing, you make any mistake, discard the Walmart Pregnancy Test and get a new one.
      4. Keep the kit the straight and facing upwards.
      5. The mat or counter on which you place the Walmart Pregnancy Test to form the results should be clean and non-absorbing.
      6. Do everything following highest standards of hygiene.

Color codes of Walmart Pregnancy Test

They vary depending on the brand. The standard pregnancy test is of two kinds, the blue, and pink. The digital pregnancy tests don’t have a colored display.

Pros of Walmart Pregnancy Test

      • Affordable
      • Delivered to your doorstep
      • A wide range of pregnancy tests is on display
      • You get sets of pregnancy tests
      • You get original products

Cons of Walmart Pregnancy Test

  • Some brands might not be available at Walmart.

Interpreting the results of Walmart Pregnancy Test

For interpreting Walmart Pregnancy Test results never follow a general guideline given anywhere.

Every pregnancy test is unique, and hence you need to read the particular instructions manual that comes along.

Walmart Pregnancy Test results

Positive Walmart Pregnancy Test is the result that tells that you are pregnant. Different pregnancy tests at Walmart have different results. Pregnancy tests at Walmart have the same way of testing pregnancy.

Walmart brand pregnancy test is a technically wrong way of referring to pregnancy tests in Walmart.

  1. Faint positive Walmart Pregnancy Test: No matter how light or thin a line is if it appears it is an indication that you are pregnant. Without any delay and second thoughts get an appointment with your doctor. Faint positive results Walmart Pregnancy Test are due to testing early. Walmart Pregnancy Test faint positive results are reliable.
  2. False negative Walmart Pregnancy Test: Walmart Pregnancy Test false negative again happens because you might have taken the test too early. Your body needs time to form the placenta and then the hormone hCG starts coming in your urine. So if you test very early then you won’t get a positive response.
  3. False positive Walmart Pregnancy Test: Walmart Pregnancy Test false positive happens in rare cases. False positive results can be just because you read the results after evaporation line of urine formed. You might be taking drugs that impart color to urine. To avoid a false positive you ,need to be very vigilant of the timing of the test.
  4. Evaporation lines Walmart Pregnancy Test: Evaporation lines in Walmart Pregnancy Test again are not the fault of the test. Walmart Pregnancy Test evaporation lines form when the urine evaporates completely. This can be because you took too long to get back to read the results. We recommend that you avoid leaving the Walmart Pregnancy Test unattended.

Most important caution while using Walmart Pregnancy Test

Walmart Pregnancy Test or any pregnancy test for that matter is not as accurate as a hosiptal test. Over the counter pregnancy test has a strip of hCG detector particles. It cannot study other things and hence the test is not a complete test.

So once you’ve taken the Walmart Pregnancy Test, get the results verified by a medical expert.

How does the Walmart Pregnancy Test work?

      1. The Walmart Pregnancy Test has a patch of antibodies attached to the hCG strip.
      2. These are small particles that can attach to the hormone hCG present in your urine.
      3. This pregnancy hormone comes in your urine in large quantities after conception and increases as days pass.
      4. When hCG antibodies attach to the hCG particles a ch,emical reaction takes place which leads to color development.
      5. For the control line, it doesn’t need hCG to show the color, it simply reacts with your urine contents to give the color.

Accuracy of Walmart Pregnancy Test

The Walmart Pregnancy Tests are over 99% accurate once the day of your missed periods is over.

Some advanced ones might be over 99% accurate even before few days from expected periods.

Walmart Pregnancy Test accuracy depends on whether it can detect early pregnancy accurately. Walmart Pregnancy Test hCG levels sensitivity is just like any other brand around 20 mIU/mL.

Sensitivity of Walmart Pregnancy Test

The Walmart Pregnancy Test can detect hCG levels from 20 mIU/ml – 25 mIU/ml. This is a fairly good level of sensitivity. Walmart Pregnancy Tests sensitivity is equivalent to any other pregnancy test in the market.

Walmart Pregnancy Test price is less than other pregnancy tests. But Walmart Pregnancy Test accuracy is nearly equal to the most expensive pregnancy test.

Sensitivity depends on the fact that what is the minimum hCG concentration that can be detected by the pregnancy test.

Stocking Walmart Pregnancy Test – Yes or No

Walmart Pregnancy Tests come as a set and pairs. Make sure they are well within their shelf life and have a long time before expiry date arrives.Keep the Walmart Pregnancy Test away from sunlight and moisture. Do not keep them in your fridge.

Stocking pregnancy test is a good idea only when you have just decided to get pregnant. Otherwise, it won’t be a very sensible act.

Walmart Pregnancy Test reviews

Is the Walmart Pregnancy Test accurate?

Walmart Pregnancy Tests are accurate and sensitive. The accuracy varies with the brands. Walmart Pregnancy Test sensitivity is around 25 mIU/mL. They come as sets and are affordable.

Walmart Pregnancy Test comes at your doorstep. Walmart Pregnancy Test price is less than the market rate. They are easy to use. There are endless options for you to select the right Walmart pregnancy test for you.

One must definitely get them if one can.


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