11 Best Pregnancy Test Reviews (Category Wise)

When you are planning to make a new addition to your family, you have a plethora of things going in your mind. One of the first things you need after a suitable partner in crime is the best pregnancy test.

The market gives endless choices and all claim to be better than the previous.

How to select a Home pregnancy tests (HPT) for yourself?

Well, an HPT is like a preliminary medical examination of your gynecological condition!

One cannot be casual about HPT.

Therefore, we have done the necessary homework for you to find the best Home pregnancy tests for you.

Things to keep in mind while selecting a PT

  • How would you like to take the test by peeing on the kit or using a cup to dip the hCG strip?
  • Budget for the test
  • Is that particular brand available at a regular chemist shop?
  • Accurate results
  • Sensitivity of the test
  • How soon can you take the test after having sex?

If you are in urgent need and are looking for a PT kit to detect an unwanted pregnancy the last three factors are crucial.

Here we have categorized the tests in the market according to the factors considered while buying a PT:

Best Pregnancy Test
Best Pregnancy Test

Best Pregnancy Test – Editor’s Choice

An unbiased mention for the First Response is unavoidable.

The most reliable brand with a wide variety of HPTs, First Response, tops the list.

Nevertheless, it has its drawbacks. But the accuracy, sensitivity and advanced features surpass the few shortcomings.

The First Response comes as a digital or standard PT.

It has a rapid response test and a combo pack. The results recorded and reviews from women around the world are a testimony to its excellence.

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Most Reliable hCG Pregnancy Test

Rite Aid is the most reliable HPT. We are not saying this because it detects the lowest hCG level.

Rite Aid is the most reliable because of three reasons:

  • It uses a blue color to display the results. The blue color is better than pink color due to its stark contrast against a white background.
  • It comes as a set of two test strips. And this is not for a considerable sum instead for a minimal amount. This makes it more reliable.
  • It has a result for negative test results too. It shows a line for a negative result. For other brands where you’ve to wait until the end to confirm the negative test result.
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Cheapest Pregnancy Test

Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests undoubtedly are the winners when affordability is desirable.

The Dollar Store has a lot of HPT stocked up according to the demand.

Currently, they have U Check and few other brands. They are well within their lifetime and are as accurate as their siblings sold by regular chemists.

Earliest Pregnancy Test

EPT is the acronym for the earliest hCG pregnancy test.

And it does live up to its name. It can detect pregnancy a week earlier than your missed periods.

This is just a few days after conception. EPT are easy to use and very cheap.

The hCG level sensitivity of the EPT is very high and can detect the smallest rise in hCG levels.

You can get these from early result test strips from any chemist shop.

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Most sensitive HPT

Superdrug can detect a rise of 1.5 mIU/ml of hCG. This increase is the first day’s increase.

There is a high probability that you will get a positive test using the Superdrug PT Strips next day after fertilization.

It is the most sensitive HPT available in the market. You can get it only from the Superdrug online store UK.

Most Accurate PT

Wondfo has almost no incidents of false negative results or evaporation lines. This HPT is the most scientifically designed test.

This brand is another leading high-end competitor in the market. The accuracy, sensitivity and up-to-date test by Wondfo remain unmatched.

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Best HPT

U-Check are the most user-friendly home test. Just collect your early morning urine and dip the U-Check Strip in the cup.

Get your results as a single or two pink color lines. It is very economically priced.

It is an apt choice before scheduling an appointment with your doctor.

Best Digital Home Pregnancy Test

Gold Digital Pregnancy Test by First Response is the best digital HPT.

It has the spelled display of results and accuracy matching a professional medical test. It is easy to use and tests rapidly.

Clearblue Digital Test with smart countdown is the biggest competitor. There is a tie between the two. It also tells your progression of pregnancy. 

It states the course of pregnancy as weeks after implantation. This is, in fact, one of the most advanced HPT.

Best Travel HPT

Wondfo mini midstream is the smallest HPT.

It’s small in size, but that doesn’t affect its performance.

Most Advanced Pregnancy Test

Clearblue digital PT with the smart countdown is the most advanced PT with a week’s indicator.

It tells you whether you conceived 1-2 or 2-3 or 3+ weeks earlier.

Another breakthrough in the kit’s technology is the First Response Pregnancy PRO Test. This Test uses Bluetooth to connect to your mobile. It displays the test results on your mobile screen.

You have to download the First Response Pregnancy App that will help you in either case as a guide for menstrual cycle or course of pregnancy.

Read more about First Response Pregnancy PRO Test and the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with smart countdown. There is a complete review of each product by the brands

Fastest HPT

Rapid Response by First Response gives your test results within 45 seconds. This is the fastest HPT.

There may be others who claim to do the same, but none have done it. And also they give you a positive result in a little more time and cannot do the same for the negative results.

Rapid Response detects other pregnancy hormones to give you the most accurate results.



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