Pregnancy Test Instructions

Taking a pregnancy test for the first time can be so worrisome that you end up doing things that only complicate your state of doubt. It is very important that you follow the pregnancy test instructions properly to get the right results.

A single miss can cause a false pregnancy test. A false pregnancy test will make you take the wrong steps following it, and this will be a hazard for your baby.

What are pregnancy test instructions?

  • Instructions for a Pregnancy test are the set of protocols given in the instruction leaflet that is inside a pregnancy test. They are the steps for taking a pregnancy test.
  • It is extremely important that you read them before taking a pregnancy test.
  • Every brand and even every variant of a pregnancy test have a different set of pregnancy test instructions.

What are the important pregnancy test instructions?

The most important instructions of a pregnancy test are about:

  1. The time for which you have to keep the hCG strip dipped in urine: It is crucial  to dip the hCG strip of a pregnancy test for exact recommended time. An excess sample will cause the hCG strip to tear off. On the other hand, an insufficient amount of urine will prevent it from reaching the pregnancy test result window.
  2. The result reading time slot: This is even more important than the previous pregnancy test instruction. The result reading time slot is the only guaranteed time for display of reliable pregnancy test results. Once the time passes then the pregnancy test results are not reliable.
  3. The PT instructions for reading results: Every pregnancy test has a way of presenting the pregnancy test results. Hence it is critical to take the pregnancy test correctly and also read the results correctly. You need to read about what symbols or phrases are going to appear and what will they indicate about your pregnancy.
Pregnancy test instructions
Pregnancy test instructions

Where can I read the pregnancy test instructions?

  • You can read a general set of instructions for a pregnancy test on the Web.
  • However specific PT instructions are inside the pregnancy test box.
  • Other than that you can find pregnancy test instructions in pregnancy test reviews.
  • You can even search the phrase ‘how to take a pregnancy test?‘ to learn pregnancy test instructions.

What if I did not follow pregnancy test instructions?

  • Not following instructions will give wrong or unreliable pregnancy test result.
  • Do assume any other reason for getting that particular pregnancy test result. It is only because you did not follow the pregnancy test instructions properly.
  • Repeat the pregnancy test next morning with a new pregnancy test kit. Next time read the instructions before proceeding with the pregnancy test.

How to follow pregnancy test kit instructions?

  • It is not very difficult to follow pregnancy test instructions. All you need to do is follow the pregnancy test instructions booklet.
  • Do not try to make any modifications in it and do as instructed in the pregnancy test.
  • Don’t mix match steps like you follow the half procedure of a dip strip pregnancy test and another half of a midstream pregnancy test.
  • Follow a single sequence of pregnancy test instructions.
  • Also read the instructions every time you get a pregnancy test no matter how many times you’ve taken the same pregnancy test before. You never know when they make a slight change in pregnancy test instructions. One may get a false pregnancy test due to following old pregnancy test instructions.

What are the basic instructions?

 Step by step basic pregnancy test instructions are:

  1. Exposing the hCG strip of pregnancy test to urine either by dipping it in urine or bringing it in the urine stream
  2. Allowing the pregnancy test the time to develops the pregnancy test results
  3. Reading the pregnancy test results within the prescribed result reading time slot

You can read specific pregnancy test instructions from our reviews of different pregnancy tests.

We highly recommend you to read every line of the instructions in a pregnancy test box for getting the right results. This will help one attain an appreciable pregnancy test accuracy.



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