Most Sensitive Pregnancy Test


A sensitive pregnancy test is like a little laboratory. You can get accurate pregnancy test results at home. Most Sensitive pregnancy is not something that remains constant in the market. It is constantly changing. The pregnancy test brands keep finding new ways to make pregnancy test more sensitive.

The most sensitive pregnancy test for now is the Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test. It has a weeks calculator that can actually tell you at home how far your pregnancy reached. It is important that you follow all the steps for taking pregnancy test otherwise it will be useless. A sensitive pregnancy test can detect traces of hCG and gives you accurate results. Most pregnancy tests have a sensitivity of hCG levels around 25 mIU/mL. This is the hCG level in the body of woman, pregnant for two weeks.

How does pregnancy test sensitivity work?

A pregnancy test has hCG antibodies. They are little watchmen that can detect any trespassing of their opponents. Antibodies and antigens are opposite ends of a magnet. As soon as they come in vicinity they bind to each other. Antibodies of hCG can detect urine hCG and thus give a color. They have a pregnancy test dye that shows up only when the pregnancy test detects hCG.

There is gradation of color in sensitive pregnancy tests as they show faint positive pregnancy test. This means that a lower level of hCG will induce a light color. A big fat positive will be the result when the hCG levels are high enough. Most sensitive pregnancy test will show very faint positive even when hCG levels are only 1 mIU/mL extra than the basal level.

A woman with hCG levels around 25 mIU/mL is pregnant for sure. The viability of pregnancy depends on how rapidly these hCG levels pick up. It is important that you understand that a pregnancy test that detects 6 mIU/mL is more sensitive than the one that detects 25 mIU/mL. The cheap pregnancy tests or Superdrug pregnancy tests can detect such low levels of hCG.

Most Sensitive Pregnancy Test
Most Sensitive Pregnancy Test

How does most sensitive pregnancy test work?

Whether be the most sensitive pregnancy test or least they all have same principle of working. It is simply antigen antibody reaction that gives a colored result. In the case of digital pregnancy test this result will appear as a phrase or symbol.

When a woman gets pregnant the fertilized egg travels down the tubes and implants in the uterus. The placenta formation starts after that and eventually hCG levels rise up. It starts from a basal concentration that goes on doubling after every 48-72 hours.

Once the concentration of hCG is enough for sensitive pregnancy test then it can detect it in urine.

Which is the most sensitive pregnancy test?

According to our experts, the most sensitive pregnancy test is the First Response Gold digital pregnancy test. Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test is another most sensitive pregnancy test. Even if it is a fact that only one thing can be the most of something, there are many best pregnancy tests. They are so close in sensitivities that it is hard to decide which one is better.

How does First Response Pregnancy Test work? Some women might want to know how the First Response Pregnancy Test works to analyze its sensitivity. The First Response Pregnancy Test also has the same way of detecting pregnancy. It also detects the urine hCG.

The digital First Response Pregnancy Test displays the results digitally instead of lines. The sensitivity of most sensitive pregnancy test is around 6.5 mIU/mL. A blood pregnancy test at hospital may detect lower level of hCG. But a woman with lower levels of hCG does not come in the category of pregnancy. Implantation is necessary for a sensitive pregnancy test to detect pregnancy. This is because only after implantation bleeding the placenta forms hCG.

When does pregnancy hormone appear?

The pregnancy hormone generally takes a week after implantation to rise up to detectable concentration. Before that hCG isn’t enough in blood for detection. Urine hCG levels are lower than those in the serum. In some cases the woman’s body may take even longer for production of hCG.

After implantation the protective placenta forms to cover the baby and it releases hCG. The pregnancy hormone takes over the function for guiding other hormones. The pregnancy hormones take two week after conception to appear in blood stream in enough concentration. There are some factors that a fertilized egg releases immediately for a shorter span. They are not detectable by most sensitive pregnancy test. Only a professional medical examination can detect such low levels of hCG.

What is the most sensitive pregnancy test?

The most sensitive pregnancy test is the one that can detect lowest levels of hCG. A pregnancy test for early pregnancy detection is most sensitive pregnancy test. The most sensitive pregnancy test can detect traces of hCG present in urine. Unlike sensitive pregnancy test others require the hCG levels to rise up high for detection by them.

Most sensitive pregnancy tests reviews

  1. First Response Pregnancy Test

Most sensitive digital pregnancy test is the Gold digital pregnancy test of First Response. It is able to detect pregnancy test six days earlier than missed period. This makes it the most sensitive pregnancy test. First Response Pregnancy Test allows the user the comfort of mid stream testing. You just need to expose the hCG strip of most sensitive pregnancy test in urine stream. After about a minute or more you can see the results appear. First Response early pregnancy test is most sensitive pregnancy test. It has a cap along to cover the hCG strip during developing of test results.

  1. Clearblue pregnancy test

Clearblue pregnancy test is the most sensitive early pregnancy test. It can detect pregnancy as early as five days before missed period. This means that it a very sensitive for the slightest rise in hCG levels.

  1. New choice pregnancy test

New choice pregnancy test can detect pregnancy early. They are cheap and sensitive pregnancy test. Which pregnancy test is most sensitive? The answer to this may not generally be New Choice Pregnancy Test. But when you consider duplicating pregnancy tests they are more accurate. Repeating the pregnancy test makes it more accurate due to less error percentage.

  1. EPT pregnancy test

If you want a sensitive pregnancy test that is cheap then you can get an EPT pregnancy test. EPT pregnancy tests are like low priced version of expensive pregnancy tests.

  1. Wondfo pregnancy test

Wondfo pregnancy test strips are one of the most sensitive pregnancy test strips. You can take the dip strip pregnancy test using Wondfo pregnancy test.

A sensitive pregnancy test also depends upon how well you use it. The sensitivity of pregnancy test greatly affects by contamination.


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