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A reliable contraceptive and an accurate pregnancy test are a woman’s essentials. Pregnancy test generally comes as a last-minute rescue. The market has a whole wide variety of types and brands of pregnancy tests. It is very crucial that you don’t err while making the right choice. Answer pregnancy test kit is one of the leading brands.

So here is a reliable review of the Answer Pregnancy Test.

About Answer Pregnancy Test Kit

The Answer Pregnancy Test is one of the most advanced pregnancy tests. Doctors trust Answer Pregnancy Test and use it for immediate pregnancy tests. It comes in two variants either a Dip strip or midstream pregnancy test.

Answer Pregnancy Test Accuracy

  • The Answer Pregnancy Test is able to detect hCG levels around 20 – 25 mIU/ml in a pregnant female’s urine.
  • The accuracy percentage five days before missed period is only around 70%.
  • As the due date comes closer the accuracy rate rises up to 98%.
  • After period’s date crosses Answer Pregnancy Test claims over 99% accuracy.

How does the Answer Pregnancy Test work?

The Answer Pregnancy Test works like any another pregnancy tests. The hCG strip of the Answer Pregnancy Test has hCG antibodies. They attach to hCG particles in the urine. When this happens a colored line appears. This is the basis for differentiating a positive and negative result.

The hormone hCG comes in your urine only after you have conceived. A higher level indicates a long-term sustainable pregnancy.

But there are medical conditions other than pregnancy that raise hCG levels. Some of them are taking anti-epileptic drugs, ovarian cysts or chemical pregnancies (when the fertilized egg implants at a place other than womb). These conditions give a false positive pregnancy test with Answer Pregnancy Test.

Answer Pregnancy Test Review

Answer pregnancy test is a decent pregnancy test but we won’t recommend it highly as it’s accuracy level is not as high as the best home pregnancy test kits. Better pregnancy test kits are available.

“Answer pregnancy is Decent but better kits are available”

Answer Pregnancy Test
Answer Pregnancy Test

Pros of Answer Pregnancy Test

  • Accurate results five days earlier before missed periods.
  • Affordable
  • Occurrence of false results is negligible
  • Answer Lab Strips Pregnancy Test comes with a cup for collecting urine sample
  • Accuracy and sensitivity levels are up to laboratory standards
  • Comes as a set of five in Answer Lab Strips Pregnancy Test and two in Answer One Step Pregnancy Test

Cons of Answer Pregnancy Test

  • Answer One Step Pregnancy Test has a single slot for results’ display 

Symptoms and signs or risk factors for taking the Answer Pregnancy Test

Thinking about how soon can you take the Answer Pregnancy Test?

Here is a list of the visible symptoms and signs given by your body once you have conceived. Remember this that premenstrual syndrome PMS and early pregnancy is very similar. PMS make you more hyperactive and irritable while early pregnancy feels like a sickness.

  • If you happen to have an unprotected intercourse
  • Fatigue, restlessness, anxiety and perspiration
  • Getting irritated and mood swings which get worse than ever
  • Breast tenderness and enlargement
  • Vagina and surrounding area becomes more prominent and tender. The cervix gets wider and softening of the pubic region
  • Vomiting and nausea or simply feeling giddy at a particular time of day more often for more than three days
  • Missing due periods by more than three days

Components inside the Answer Pregnancy Test pack

  • The Answer Lab Strips Pregnancy Test has five strips and a sample cup in the packing.
  • Answer One Step Pregnancy Test Pack has two Midstream Pregnancy Test cases inside.

Things you need while using Answer Pregnancy Test

If you are using Answer Lab Strips Pregnancy Test

  • Answer Lab Strips Pregnancy Test Pack
  • Timer
  • Non-absorbent mat
  • Any eye gear that you need for a clear vision like your spectacles

If you are using Answer One Step Pregnancy Test

  • Answer One Step Pregnancy Test Pack
  • Timer

How to use the Answer Pregnancy Test?

If you have the Answer Lab Strips Pregnancy Test Pack then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Set an early morning reminder for taking your pregnancy test using the Answer Lab Strips Pregnancy Test.
  2. Open the pack and take out the cup and collect your sample of early morning urine in it.
  3. Now take out a strip and with arrows pointing towards the cup dip the strip in the collected sample.
  4. Keep the strip in the urine sample for exactly ten seconds.
  5. Now take out the strip and keep it on a non-absorbent surface and allow the results to develop.
  6. Read the results after five minutes.

While those of you who have the Answer One Step Pregnancy Test need to follow this:

  • Get up early and take your pregnancy test using the Answer Lab One Step Pregnancy Test.
  • When you are ready, take the test carefully take out the Answer One Step Pregnancy Test.
  • Remove the cap from the hCG strip of the Answer One Step Pregnancy Test.
  • Bring this hCG strip tip inside the stream of your urine. Make sure you don’t go beyond the maximum mark.
  • Keep it for ten seconds or for as long as prescribed in the instruction manual.
  • Once you have done this keep the Answer One Step Pregnancy Test on a clean surface.
  • Read the results within the allotted time. Discard the kit or strip because pregnancy test isn’t reusable.

Precautions while using Answer Pregnancy Test

  • Always use your early morning urine sample for taking the test. It is a concentrated sample and has a higher level of hCG hormone. Don’t allow the sample to stand, complete the test in continuation.
  • Keep the Answer Pregnancy Test Strips facing upwards while the results are developing.
  • Read the results within the allotted time. Beyond the prescribed time slot the results are invalid and false.
  • Never drop the sample or dip the strip beyond the allowed level by the Answer Pregnancy Test. These are the commonly done mistakes. Also, these are the main reason reasons for obtaining a false result.

Colors Codes & Interpretation the Answer Pregnancy Test Results

Color CodeInterpretation
A single pink lineIt means that the kit is working and there is a negative result. You are not pregnant.
You cannot rely on a negative test which you took too early.
Your body takes time to produce a considerable level of hCG.
Repeat the test after one or two days.
Two pink lines, first control followed by the test lineThe result of the Answer Pregnancy Test is positive.
You are pregnant.
No lines or lines of other colorsThe result is invalid and the kit or the procedure or both were defective.
This result does not indicate anything about pregnancy.
Colorless linesInvalid result. These are Evaporation lines formed due to the urine sample.They are generally formed once you cross the allotted time for reading results.

    Most important caution while using Answer Pregnancy Test

    Answer Pregnancy Test can detect a pregnancy five days before you miss your periods. Yet it is a fact that we all are different. You cannot expect your body to behave in a fixed manner.

    Negative tests by Answer Pregnancy Test are cross-checked by repeating every alternate day till you get your menses.

    No matter how reliable a pregnancy test is you should consult a doctor. This is the most important thing to keep in mind while using Answer Pregnancy Test.


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