Bleach Pregnancy Test

A home pregnancy test with bleach is one of the most popular homemade pregnancy tests. One can read dozens of bleach pregnancy test reviews everywhere on the Web.

We sometimes wonder how the person discovered that such a pregnancy bleach test did exist!

A homemade pregnancy test with bleach is an easy way to detect early pregnancy. A woman can detect pregnancy without spending dollars for an over the counter pregnancy test.

Bleach and urine pregnancy test is possible because of the highly reactive nature of bleach.

How does bleach pregnancy test work?

Once you are pregnant, your placenta starts producing a pregnancy hormone called hCG. This hormone after crossing a threshold concentration starts coming along your urine.

Pregnancy test kits use this mechanism of the body to detect pregnancy. Bleach and urine pregnancy test is also a primitive way of qualitatively estimating hCG in urine.

When urine comes in contact with hCG, it reacts and gives out a lot of fumes. These are poisonous gases, and they cause the urine to froth and foam. This visible reaction is useful for determining whether a woman is pregnant.

If there is no hCG in your urine, then there will be no froth. It is a negative result of the pregnancy test with pee and bleach.

Bleach Pregnancy Test
Bleach Pregnancy Test

Which bleach to use for pregnancy test with Bleach?

A pregnancy test with bleach doesn’t require any expensive industrial bleach. The bleach used for cleaning your clothes or toilet seat is good enough for this test.

Bleach has corrosive components that react with the pregnancy hormone in your urine and give a foaming reaction.

These days we get scented and colored bleach powders. They have aromatic substances added to make the cleaning effect pleasant and overpower the obnoxious odor. 

However, these dyes and interfere with the pregnancy test with bleach and pee. If you do not use normal bleach, then you might get false results of the pregnancy test with bleach.

Using liquid bleach for the pregnancy test with bleach can be a reason for false results. Bleach pregnancy test works best with bleach powder.

Does the bleach pregnancy test work?

Bleach pregnancy test works for many women. Thousands of testimonials mentioned all over the Web prove it. Bleach and urine pregnancy test is a reliable and cost-effective early homemade pregnancy test.

Some women love it for its accuracy. Also one doesn’t need to do much for taking the bleach PT. All you need is bleach and pee.

Bleach is a very reactive chemical that can clean the toughest stains. It is not mild at all, and there are least chances of failing. This test will (supposedly) work in all cases provided you follow all the instructions.

Also, the timing of bleach test is critical. One has to see visible changes in texture and consistency of bleach and urine mix.

If the change doesn’t occur within few seconds, it will be a sign that you are not pregnant. Bleach pregnancy test has a time limit. One needs to be fast while taking the pregnancy test with bleach.

How accurate is bleach pregnancy test?

The pregnancy test with bleach and urine is a homemade pregnancy test. One cannot expect it to be of the quality of a hospital pregnancy test or even an hCG pregnancy test kit.

A doctor’s pregnancy testing will be superior. When compared with the other homemade pregnancy tests, bleach pregnancy test is the best. It is because of two reasons.

Performing the bleach and urine pregnancy test is convenient. The results of the pregnancy test with bleach are reliable.

According to its proponents, if you take the urine and bleach PT after the day of a missed period, you will get a reasonably accurate result.

The science field has made tremendous progress. Bleach pregnancy test is a rudimentary pregnancy test. No statistical data is available.

Rarely do people rely entirely on the accuracy of this pregnancy test. Mostly the ones taking the urine and bleach pregnancy test will take another over the counter pregnancy test.

If you wish to take the bleach and urine pregnancy test, do take it. Bleach and urine pregnancy test is simple enough for being worth a trial.

Many readers have suggested that as days pass after the due date of the period the bleach and pee pregnancy test becomes more reliable.

The accuracy of the pregnancy test also depends on other things like quality of the sample of urine.

If you drink a lot of water before taking the pregnancy test using bleach, you may get a false negative pregnancy test because the urine sample becomes dilute and has a lower content of hCG.

Taking certain medications also interferes with bleach and urine pregnancy test. They might color your urine or make it unsuitable for urine and bleach pregnancy test.

How to do the bleach pregnancy test?

Many women who are taking the bleach home pregnancy test for the first time don’t know this. ‘How to take a bleach pregnancy test‘ is the most frequently asked question about this procedure.

Step by step instructions for bleach pregnancy test

  1. Take a clean cup and collect your early morning urine sample. Use a transparent and clean cup.
  2. Add around 8 ounces of bleach powder in another cup.
  3. To this add your urine sample gradually.
  4. Note the changes in consistency of the urine and bleach mix.

Do not pee in bleach pregnancy test. It will splatter and splash all over. If you pee in the test, it will froth due to the force of urine falling. It will confuse you and give false results.

Bleach pregnancy test results

Bleach pregnancy test results need your patience for interpretation. You have to observe it as the reaction lasts for a few seconds. As soon as you add urine in bleach, it will froth if you are pregnant.

  1. Positive result Bleach pregnancy test: The solution fizzes a little, and this is the positive pregnancy test with urine and bleach. If the mixture foamed within few seconds, the chances are high that you are pregnant. 

    False positive bleach pregnancy test: However, it is important to note that the reaction happens within a few seconds. A false positive pregnancy test is when you are not pregnant, but the pregnancy test shows positive. False positive is a common error in bleach pregnancy test. It is not because of some problem with the urine and bleach pregnancy test. If you leave the mix for too long, it will froth due to other reasons. It will be considered a false positive pregnancy result with bleach pregnancy test.
  2. Negative result bleach pregnancy test: If the mix doesn’t show any effervescence or frothing then you are likely not to be pregnant. As your urine doesn’t contain hCG, it doesn’t react with bleach. Thus a reactionless bleach pregnancy test shows that you are not pregnant. 

    A false negative pregnancy test with bleach and urine pregnancy test is uncommon. A false negative pregnancy test is when you are pregnant, and the pregnancy test gives a negative result. Taking bleach pregnancy test before missed period can show a false negative result. A false negative result with bleach and pee pregnancy test is because your body doesn’t have enough hCG. So the frothing might be unnoticeable.

Bleach pregnancy test tips and precautions

Some of the readers might want to know ‘Is bleach pregnancy test safe?’

  • It is essential to take precautions while taking the bleach pregnancy test. Bleach has sodium hypochlorite, and urine has urea. When these two react, they form gases called chloramines.
  • Bleach mixture fumes may cause nausea, watery eyes, chest pain, and suffocation. The fumes from the bleach PT can be toxic to your baby if you inhale them. 
  • Bleach is a corrosive agent and can cause severe damage. If you come in contact with bleach, you might get burns or suffocate. The fumes released during the reaction of bleach and urine are toxic. One should never inhale them.

Here are few precautions to take while doing bleach pregnancy test:

  1. Make sure that the room has proper ventilation. Never inhale the gases evolving from the pregnancy test with bleach. They can suffocate you. They are toxic and can cause oxygen deficiency to your body. If you are in a closed room, there is no chance you will escape inhaling some of these fumes.
  2. Never allow the bleach to come in contact with your skin. It can cause burns. The burns are like acid burns. You will experience irritation and stinging if you allow active bleach to come in contact with your skin.
  3. Have a protective eye cover especially if you have spectacles. The fumes can even blur your vision.
  4. Do not shake the mix of bleach and urine. The frothing seen after shaking will not be indicative of pregnancy. The stirring action will make this pregnancy test foam.

Bleach pregnancy test reviews

By speaking with scores of pregnant women, we have received a mixed reaction to the bleach pregnancy test. While many women swear by this test, quite a few of the respondents didn’t find it satisfactory.

We advise you to not rely entirely on this homemade test and back it up with home pregnancy kits and a visit to a doctor. 

Bleach pregnancy test myths

Bleach and pee pregnancy test is not something doctors will advise you to take. A lot of myths revolve around the bleach pregnancy test.

Myths like it can predict gender are baseless. Doctors discourage people from taking such homemade pregnancy tests because sich homemade tests are not always correct.

Mishaps can occur due to ignorance about the primitive nature of this pregnancy test. One should disregard such myths. 

Alternative methods are useful but not confirmative. If a pregnancy test doesn’t quantify the amount and source of hCG, then nothing is reliable about it. 

It is better to pool up some money and miss out that shopping spree and get a home pregnancy test kit. A doctor’s consultation is a must for the safety of your growing baby.


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