EPT Test Review

Many TTC ladies asked us for the EPT pregnancy test review. So here is it!

Early Pregnancy Test is commonly known as the EPT Test. The EPT pregnancy test lives up to its name. So if you are looking for the right pregnancy test to decide whether you need a doctor’s appointment, EPT is the one you can rely upon.

EPT Test is best known for its accuracy; it can detect pregnancy accurately five days earlier than other brands. It is sensitive for the slightest rise in hCG production.

Read our comprehensive review of EPT test…

Description of EPT Test

EPT is easy to use and gives the most accurate results. The EPT Pregnancy Test has everything a woman needs for shaking off all her doubts about being pregnant or not. 

The results of a pregnancy test can either make you the happiest or shock you, but a false result goes only one way – and that is inviting havoc. 

So every woman needs a precise and accurate pregnancy test that is easy to use. 

But another thing we all have in common is that we need a lot of choices to decide from and a lot of discussions before doing that. 

So you can relax and read this review to get all information about the Early Pregnancy Test.

EPT Test Review
EPT Test Review

Symptoms and signs for taking the EPT Pregnancy Test

  1. Once you have had unprotected intercourse (without contraception), you are vulnerable
  2. Vaginal discharge becomes thick, and you feel the cervix widening
  3. Tenderness of breasts and enlargement to some extent
  4. Skin tone becoming pale and hair shinier (effects of pregnancy hormone)
  5. Feeling giddy and unable to focus on work
  6. Vomiting and nausea
  7. Pain in the abdomen and spotting
  8. Missing your menses by a week

Components of the EPT Test

We did mention options earlier, so you get two kinds of EPT Pregnancy Test.

First is the digital EPT Pregnancy Test which shows results like ‘Pregnant’ and ‘Not Pregnant.’ 

The second one is the conventional Early Pregnancy Test (EPT) with the hCG strip and the plus or minus symbolic result display.

Things you need while using EPT Pregnancy Test

If you use the digital EPT Test, then you just need the Digital Early Pregnancy Test kit.

While for the EPT Test Cassette you need

  1. A cup if you want to do the dip strip
  2. Timer
  3. EPT Test Pack

You get two kinds of packaging of EPT Pregnancy Test Cassette either as a set of three tests or two tests.

How to use EPT Pregnancy Test?

Whether you are using the digital EPT or the cassette Early Pregnancy Test you’ve to follow the same procedure. They only differ in their result display.

However, we cannot guarantee that the time slots for reading the results will be standard. They keep developing better pregnancy test tools, and so the specifications might change.

The basic procedure for using the EPT Pregnancy Test is

  1. Get up in the morning and have your reminder set for taking the Pregnancy Test.
  2. Take the Early Pregnancy Test kit along with the other essentials you’ll need.
  3. If you want to do the midstream test, then bring the hCG strip (paper hanging out of the tip) in your urine stream up to the marked level. For those who want to do the dip strip test collect the urine sample in a cup and dip the strip.
  4. Make sure you dip it precisely for the time mentioned in the instructions manual inside the EPT.
  5. Take out the EPT and place it facing upwards on a clean surface.
  6. Allow the EPT Test to develop the results and read them within the time slot allotted.

Color codes of EPT Pregnancy Test

The Digital EPT Pregnancy Test displays the results like

  • ‘Pregnant’ for the Positive Result
  • ‘Not Pregnant’ for the Negative Result

While the EPT Pregnancy Test Cassette has a little more detailed description

  • A single blue vertical line in the small result window is the control line
  • A plus or minus sign of blue color display in the separate window for showcasing the final test results

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Pros of EPT Pregnancy Test

  • Over 99% accurate from the day of your missed menses
  • Detects pregnancy five days earlier
  • Least rate of false tests
  • Accurate results
  • Comes with two options digital or standard
  • The handle and cap both have grip markings and are broad enough for easy maneuvering
  • There is a cap to cover the hCG Strip even in the standard EPT 

Cons of EPT Pregnancy Test

  • The EPT Pregnancy takes a slightly longer time to show the results

How to read an EPT Pregnancy Test?

EPT Pregnancy Test Results

For the Digital EPT kit, you don’t need to interpret the results. The results read the conclusions of the test. Pregnant or Not Pregnant is the phrase that comes up as a result of the EPT digital pregnancy test.

For the Standard EPT Pregnancy Test

  1. A single blue vertical line in the small result window: This is the control line. It means that your Early Pregnancy Test kit is in ideal conditions.
  2. A blue horizontal line in the bigger circular result window: This is the minus sign. It says that the result of the test is negative. You are not pregnant. It is the EPT negative pregnancy test.
  3. A second vertical blue line and a crossing horizontal blue line in the bigger circular window. This is the plus sign. It says that your pregnancy test has positive results. You are pregnant.

Faint positive pregnancy test EPT is still a positive result. Very faint positive pregnancy test EPT is because you took the test too early.

Precautions while using the EPT Pregnancy Test

  • If you are doing the midstream pregnancy test with the Early Pregnancy Test, then be careful about not crossing the maximum mark.
  • For the dip strip test with EPT Test, take a fresh disposable cup.
  • Read the results within the allowed time.
  • Even if you get a faint positive plus sign, it is positive.
  • Keep the Early Pregnancy Test facing upwards.
  • Do not dip the strip for longer hoping to get better results.

Most important caution while using EPT Pregnancy Test

Timing and handling of the EPT Test kit are crucial. If you place it upside down or drop it, it will hamper the credibility of the pregnancy test results.

Also, one thing important to mention here is, all these over the counter home pregnancy tests are preliminary.

They cannot surpass a medical professional and expert. Always take a second opinion from a doctor if you suspect something.

How does the EPT Pregnancy Test work?

This Test is also like any other pregnancy test. It has an hCG strip with hCG antibodies. These are small particles that can bind to hCG and give color to show its presence in the urine.

The hCG hormone is the pregnancy master hormone. It comes in your urine once you are pregnant.

Ideally, it should double every 48-72 hours, but this may vary from person to person.

EPT Pregnancy Test accuracy

Early Pregnancy Test(EPT) can detect pregnancy five days before missed periods. So it is a very sensitive pregnancy test.

Regarding accuracy, the test five days before periods is 50% accurate. This is not the EPT defect; rather it depends on your body’s rate of hCG production.

So as you come closer to the day of your expected periods the accuracy of the test increases and goes beyond 99% once you cross the date of the due period.

EPT early pregnancy test doesn’t affect the EPT test sensitivity.

EPT Pregnancy Test reviews

The EPT Pregnancy Test is a relatively accurate and sensitive test. The best feature being the cap and handle dimensions and grip markings which make it very easy to use.

Also, it is affordable and gives you two choices depending on your comfort level. The results are clear, and the separate result windows make it even better.

The EPT Test is a recommended product.


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