How To Prevent Infertility In Female?

As soon as a woman starts thinking of starting a family, she starts having doubts about her fertility. If you’re reading this article, it means you’re also wondering how to prevent infertility in female?

Many times, our lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking create infertility problems. ????

Good thing is that we can address these with a little thought and planning. 

Here are the precautions to take for avoiding infertility in women:

How to prevent infertility in female?
How to prevent infertility in female?
  1. Maintain hygiene during menstruation: It is essential to keep yourself clean all the time. However, during your periods, you are even more prone to infections. So change your pads often and keep the area clean. Otherwise, it will be a house of bacteria and chlamydia.
  2. Wear tampons and never insert hard things in vagina: In usual days wear tampons and keep the vaginal area dry. Also never insert a hard thing inside your vagina as you might tear the tissues. Don’t get inspired by movies to try weird love games.
  3. Consume alcohol in allowed doses: The Department of Health allows women to have around 12 units or a bottle of wine in an entire week. And for a pregnant woman, it is only 1-2 units a week. Give a break to your liver in between by not drinking on an alternative day. You owe it your body.
  4. Cut down smoking: Women cannot metabolize nicotine very rapidly and hence should not smoke more than 2-3 cigarettes a day. It is, however, ideal that you completely stop smoking once you’ve decided to bear a baby. Smoking adversely affects the baby’s mental development and growth.
  5. Keep stress out: Any stress can change the menstrual cycle pattern and hence is detrimental to reproductive health. It can even cause infertility in women if goes beyond the threshold.
  6. Have a balanced diet: Eating the right thing is necessary for every health aspect. Eat foods that are rich in good cholesterol and have the entire set of vitamins and minerals. One should limit the intake of caffeinated products and other junk food.
  7. Stay away from Drugs: Drugs like LSD are very damaging to the body and hence for the menstrual cycle too. They can affect ovulation patterns in quality and quantity. Thus stay away from drugs.
  8. Don’t indulge in coitus interruptus or use sex toys: Coitus interruptus not a good practice. Avoid the urge of giving in the desire of trying it. Once you insert something in there and if by chance it tears your tissue there is no coming back after that. Inappropriate sex toys might loosen your vaginal tissues. You also risk infections. All of this can make you sexually weak.
  9. Manage your weight for more than just looks: Don’t allow your weight to fluctuate abnormally from East to the west. Maintain a range and a healthy one and stick to it. Obesity affects menstrual cycle badly so stay in shape.
  10. Have protected sex: Using condoms isn’t a much general practice amongst women. Women tend to rely on contraceptive pills. They are hormonal shots which affect the normal gland secretions. This is the reason for the acne outbreak, intense cramps, vomiting, hair growth and other side effects. And the dangerous emergency contraceptives shoot hormones to a sky scrapping level. Under normal conditions, that level is never touched. So be careful about who do you make out with and find out a suitable contraceptive for you. Infertility in women due to sexual diseases is a double pain in the neck.

Following these simple steps, you will never have to regret later sitting in an infertility clinic.


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