Equate Pregnancy Test

Equate Pregnancy Test is the cheaper version of First Response Pregnancy Test and EPT Pregnancy Test.

The test come as a value pack and as a set. The Equate Pregnancy Test is a cheap pregnancy test. These are reliable, accurate and undeniably sensitive.

Symptoms and signs for taking the Equate Pregnancy Test

  1. Having had unprotected sex
  2. Change in cervical mucus consistency and amount and the color gets towards brown
  3. Softening of vagina and widening the cervical path
  4. Abdominal cramps and pain in ovaries, Upper abdomen
  5. Mood swings which are getting worse
  6. Feeling of giddiness and a heavy head
  7. You might even get spotting
  8. Missed periods
Equate pregnancy test
Equate pregnancy test

Components inside the Equate Pregnancy Test Pack

The Equate PT comes as a set of pregnancy tests. Inside a pregnancy test kit you get only the test.

Things you need while using Equate Pregnancy Test

  1. Cup for taking the dip strip test
  2. Timer
  3. Equate Test kit

How to use Equate Pregnancy Test?

Stepwise procedure for using Equate Test

  1. Get up early in the morning and take a clean disposable cup and collect sample (urine) and place it on a clean surface.
  2. Clean your hands and carefully remove the Equate PT from a box.
  3. Hold it by the handle and dip it in the urine till the mark immerses in urine.


If you want to take the midstream pregnancy test, then bring the Equate test strip in the stream of urine till the prescribed time.

  1. Keep it straight inside the cup contents for few seconds briefly, don’t shake it.
  2. Now place the Equate Pregnancy Test on a nonabsorbent mat and wait for three minutes.
  3. Read the results within 10 minutes from beginning the test.
  4. Discard the Equate test as the test results will vanish and become invalid.

Precautions while using Equate Pregnancy Test

  1. Your urine sample is best concentrated. Do not drink caffeine products or excessive water.
  2. Get up in the morning and straight away head for taking the Equate Test.
  3. If you do any mistake while testing like dropping the Equate Test kit, discard it.
  4. Keep the tip the straight and hold it from the handle and facing downwards.
  5. Don’t leave it touching the wall of the cup.
  6. The surface on which you will allow the strip to form the results should be dry and non-absorbing.
  7. The Equate Test hCG strip should be as untouched as possible.
  8. Always place the test facing upwards.

Color codes of Equate Pregnancy Test

The color code of Equate PT may change. It is not relative to the original manufacturer’s specifications:

Color Code Result Interpretation
Single blue line in control windowApparatus is in perfect condition
Single blue line in the Test windowMinus sign, Negative Result
Crossed lines in the Test windowPlus sign, Positive result

Pros of Equate Pregnancy Test

  • A cheap alternative with attributes of high-quality pregnancy tests
  • Accurate results
  • Can detect early pregnancy
  • Come as a set of two or more Tests

Cons of Equate Pregnancy Test

  • They are other cheaper versions of famous brands

Interpreting the results of Equate Pregnancy Test

For interpreting the results of Equate one step Pregnancy Test one needs to refer the instructions manual. It comes along with the Equate one step pregnancy test.

  1. A single blue line in the Control panel: It only validates the working conditions of kit
  2. Equate Pregnancy Test Negative: A single horizontal blue line in test panel, i.e., a Minus sign (-) indicates a Negative result, and you’re not pregnant.
  3. Equate Pregnancy Test Positive: Two crossed blue lines in the test panel, i.e., a Plus sign (+) indicates the results are Positive. It means you’re pregnant.
  4. If there are lines of other colors or any colorless lines, then the result is invalid. It is an Equate Pregnancy Test false positive.

Most important caution while using Equate Pregnancy Test

Though Equate Tests are copies of high-end brands like EPT and First Response, they are not exact copies. One has to be very particular about the instructions.

Also, in the end, the Equate Pregnancy Test is an over-the-counter pregnancy test, so you need to get it cross-checked with a professional medical expert.

How does the Equate Pregnancy Test work?

The Test a patch of antibodies attached to it. These are small detector particles that can attach to the hormone hCG present in your urine.This hormone comes in your urine only when you have conceived.

When these antibodies attach to the hCG particles, a chemical reaction takes place which leads to color development.

For the control line, it doesn’t need hCG to show the color; it simply reacts with your urine contents to give the color.

Equate Early Result Pregnancy Test

The Equate Early Result Pregnancy Test works like the Equate One-Step Pregnancy Test. Above mentioned description is of Equate One-Step Pregnancy Test.

The Equate Early Result Pregnancy Test is a hCG strip inside the plastic kit. It has two windows and shows a single vertical line in test panel for the positive result.

Equate Pregnancy Test Accuracy

The Equate Pregnancy Test is over 99% accurate. The hCG level detected by a pregnancy test determines its sensitivity. The Equate Tests have a decent level of sensitivity. The Equate PT can detect an hCG level of 25 mIU/ml in urine.

The test sensitivity surpasses most cheap pregnancy tests. The concentrated the urine the more precise will be the results of a pregnancy test.

As you will come closer to the day of missed periods, the accuracy of Equate Test will shoot exponentially.

Equate Pregnancy Test Reviews

If you are planning to hoard Equate Pregnancy Test from the Walmart sale, go ahead. All you have to keep in mind is that you need to keep the Equate PT in a dry and moisture-free place.

Do not refrigerate the Equate Test kits. Keep the kit away from sunlight and magnetic field such as mobile phones.

Make sure that they have a sufficient life before getting expired when you are stocking the Tests.

The Equate early Pregnancy Test is a reliable and accurate pregnancy test. 

For those of you who don’t have much to spare for pregnancy tests Equate Pregnancy Test is good for you. It is sensitive and accurate.


  1. My test show on horizontal blue line on the right and a horizontal blue line on left. Very faint may be two close together but no plus. No where near a plus. Is this a negative.

    • From what you have mentioned, it seems like you are using the Equate Early Result Pregnancy Test. In that case it is not negative and instead Equate Pregnancy Test positive.

  2. I took a first one and it’s negative so I took the next one just for fun and the pregnancy line is very faint. I would say they are about 7 hours apart. But the first one shows no faint line at all. Could I still be pregnant? I’m like 2 days late for my period

    • 7 hours apart pregnancy test is not really a significant gap. Try repeating a test early morning. A faint line which is if proper color is positive. If the line is colorless, then it can be evaporation line. Repeat test suggested.

  3. I took the equate brand of first response the test that just had one line if it’s postive … took it with first morning urine dipped it for about 20 seconds and got a line but it’s vertical instead of horizontal.

    • Equate and First Response are two different brands of pregnancy test. A horizontal line might mean minus or negative. If that is the code of the PT you used then it is negative. Insufficient information provided.

    • I got the same result my line was vertical on the equate advanced early pregnancy test and the test results says that if it’s negative there will be nothing in the first window

  4. OK, I have taken 3 Equate Early Response test. Each one has shown a very faint positive. I have taken First response as well. That was a negative. So, which is it? This is period week. I should have started today. I want know how accurate your test are and how common false positives are.

    • Period week is early to take a pregnancy test. The levels of hCG come to the actual range around a week or two after missed period. Take a pregnancy test a week after your due date to confirm your result. Also make sure that you are following the procedure correctly. Each kit varies slightly in its steps to follow.

    • You can take a pregnancy test whenever you want. It is all about how accurate and sensitive the kit is. Some women take longer to reach the hCG levels of pregnancy test others may get it earlier. Generally speaking 5 days before period pregnancy test has a higher rate of false negative. The hCG levels take ideally 2-3 weeks to come within the sensitivity range.

  5. I took a test this morning. The Equate test I had only does vertical lines. The first window came up dark blue the second a faded light blue. Its only been 4 days since my missed period. Should I wait and take another in a couple of days? Or am I reading too much into this and it could be a evap line? 🙁 wish I could post a picture. I’m so anxious to know.

    • If the Equate Pregnancy Test you’re using only has vertical lines then it is a positive test. The window for positive result has a faint line. It is most likely because you took the test too early. Four days after missed period is quite early. You’re absolutely on the right track thinking about repeating the test.

  6. Hello, i took a test 1 day before my expected period and got 1 negative and thr other a faint positive? What are my chances that wasnt a e evap line?

    • The chances are high that it was an evap line. One day before expected period is too early to take a test. If you got a negative and then faint positive then it could be evap line. But if the line had color then it is possible that it is positive pregnancy test.

  7. Hello! I took an equate test that said two vertical lines mean positive and one vertical line means negative. The result I got was a faint HORIZONTAL line and a strong vertical line. This wasn’t an option on the box. Please help! Lol

  8. I took the equate one step test and the horizontal line was partially solid but then outlined in blue with a white center. Could this be a invalid test?

  9. I took the Equate test last night and it only showed one line, the next morning there was another line but kind of faint. My period isn’t due until the end of the month, could I be pregnant?

    • Your period isn’t due so you must consider taking the test after it. Faint kind next morning is technically of no value because the reading time of pregnancy test is up within 10 minutes.

  10. I took an equate pregnancy test since my period is 4 days late. Is it accurate on it being negative since it turned really quickly?

    • Turning quickly won’t count as much as remaining like that for the reading period. If the test was negative and the positive symbol did not show then it is negative. Always duplicate your tests.

  11. I did the Equate Test today. I have the one where it has the two vertical lines for pregnant and one vertical line if not pregnant. I got two vertical lines. I’ve read reviews that this brand is known for false positives. I did IVF and I’m 6 days post FET. Could this mean I’m not pregnant?

    • No, it doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant. We don’t deny the possibility of it being a false positive. After frozen embryo transfer ideally 2 weeks wait until pregnancy test is advisable. But then it is only a false positive, the levels of hCG mimicking substance will fall soon. Actual hCG rise will be present hopefully after 8 days from now. Keep your uterus calm! Its important for implantation and other processes going on inside your body.

  12. I tool a one step pregnancy test and it was immediately positive. After about 10 minutes it was negative. What does this mean?

    • After 10 minutes pregnancy test results are not reliable. Read it within the mentioned time frame. In your case the positive test is the actual one.

  13. I took equate one step pregnancy test in the morning 6:00am, after my two months of missing periods. The rest shows a dark blue line in first test panel forming a positive sign but a light colour vertical blue line in the second control panel. Is this mean I am pregnant?

    • Probably you held the kit wrong side. The single line is control line. And the plus sign means you are pregnant. Get a pregnancy blood test to confirm the results.

  14. I’m 3 days late on my period and I took equate compare to first reponse test on Monday afternoon and it was positive and I took one today in the morning and it was also positive I had lots of water that same day and went to a clinic and they made a test and came out negative but my urine was very diluted and it was sitting there for more than 30 min before tested, what should I believe?

    • Your urine was diluted and so the volume of hormone in it was comparatively not enough. Go for a hospital pregnancy test appointment earliest possible in the morning.

  15. I’m 2 days after my missed period and took the vertical line test. Waited 2-3 min and nothing showed just the 1 line but walked by it in the trash later and it had a this blue thick smudged line where there was originally no line. Evaporation line?

    • Evaporation lines generally don’t have color. Blue evaporation line can be sign that the test is defective. Take another test. Pregnancy test reading time can more than 2-3mins.

  16. I used a one step plus minus pregnancy test and almost immediately I had a very thin blue line, that made a plus same width as a evap line its still there and still blue does that mean positive or a defective test.

    • Send us a pictures of your home pregnancy tests for better analysis. A plus sign within time frame means it was positive. Evap line forms only vertically and quite late.

  17. I have taken 3 tests where it should be a plus. I got a very faint plus on all before 10 mins but the blue gets darker as it sits with the vertical line . And now it’s really dark skinny line to the left with still the faint beside it on the vertical . Am I pregnant?

  18. I have recently taken about four test with the vertical lines, I keep getting thick yet very faint positives within the 10 minute time frame. So faint that you can only see the results when holding up the test in the light. The line has a little color but not totally distinct… Is this a false + or false – ?

    • Whether the test is light or faint, if multiple tests give the same result it means you’re getting positive. False positive is when you get a positive test without being pregnant. If you think you are not pregnant then it is false + pregnancy test. False negative is the opposite, when you are pregnant but test doesn’t get a line.

  19. I took the equate early response test last night at 10 p.m. I didn’t wait to see the results within the 10 minute time frame. I woke up this morning at 550 and saw a very faint vertical blue line in the test window. I have no idea when I am supposed to have my period because I stopped the depo shot in early September after only receiving one shot in June. So I have not had an actual period since the beginning of August. What does this mean?

  20. I took two vertical lines equate tests from Walmart. First one i peed on stick it was a dark positive after 30 seconds and the positive line got lighter after 24 hours and disappeared compltely. I took another one the next morning after first one with first pee it was positive dark lines and it did the same as the last one its starting tp disappear. Im getting another test done tueaday and blood one Wednesday are these accurate i read bad reviews on them

    • Don’t look at tests after 24 hours. All of them will vanish. The digital ones, even though more expensive will do the same. After 5-10 minutes the test results aren’t even valid. Once you see the positive line the work of the test ends. Discard it after taking a picture if you want to preserve the results you got.

  21. I took the Equate early response with two vertical lines I’m 4 days late…..the control line took forever to turn blue…..does that mean it is defective?

    • Was the test supposed to show you blue control line? If yes and it took longer than 30 seconds to 1 minute then the test is defective.

  22. Hi,

    It took the Equate Early Result Pregnancy Test, today and I am very confused with the results.

    I purchased the test that willl either show two lines (vertically) for positive and only one vertical line for negative.

    I took it and there was a horizontal line in the first window. Which does not make any sense. Could have it been just dye spreading from the control line or positive result or just defective?

    • Are you sure of the symbols? A horizontal line in the first window could be control line too. And if you’re sure of the vertical lines being the only option then the kit is defective.

  23. I just need clarification, I read the above comments, but an admin telling me is my for sure confirmation to schedule Dr. Appt!
    I bought the 2 pack Equate Test from Walmart, (the positive result shows a vertical line). I dipped the test strip in my urine and counted the 20 seconds. I laid the test flat for 2 minutes, and I seen the test form the positive vertical line. Within 3 or 4 minutes, the results completed faded away. So, I dipped the 2nd test to see what it would say, it did the exact same thing! (First morning urine was used). That night I bought a Rexall from Dollar General (not realizing it’s not the “early” results type, and it gave me a negative that night and first morning pre today. Should I purchase another early result type??? Am I pregnant with baby #2?

    • Tests can go away. That doesn’t rule out their accuracy. If you got positive and then it disappeared then repeat with the same brand. Changing the kit will increase the variables.

  24. I used an Equate early home pregnancy test. The kind where one vertical line is the control line, and if it’s positive it would be a plus sign.. when I opened the test this morning, fmu, it already had a distinct grey line straight across the test area. Basically the test wasn’t “blank” when i opened it. Not sure if that’s normal or a defective test. I don’t want to open the other test until tomorrow but is this normal to already have a grey line in the test area, horizontal grey line.

    • At times the test line detectors start showing. It can be because of a defect or an indent line. You can take the test. After all you have to duplicate the test to cross check.

  25. I took one first thing this morning (I’m 13 days late) and within 10 min after taking it, it didn’t show a line in the circle window, just the oval but then I pick it up 30 min later and there’s a blue line in the circle window it’s faint but still blue and very visible, is this an evaporation line ?

    • After 30mins it’s mostly evap. That’s because in any weather condition urine does evaporate in half an hour.

  26. I took a test an no lines showed up at all did the test rite I peed on the stick an it didn’t read at all idk why or what’s going on here never seen this before with pregnancy test

  27. I took 2 of these tests within the 2 minute it showed me a + later like the 5 minute mark it turned into a | line where the test circle is that I’m 12 dpo used morning urine! Could I be pregnant? or the test didn’t work?

  28. I took the equate early response pregnancy test. I was 5 days late on my period. I got 6 positives, went to the hospital from bleeding, and here I’m not pregnant, and I take every pregnancy test as directed i throw away after 10 minutes ect. I had a clean specimen cup, and e everything. I’m so frustrated with the equate brand. Its awful.

  29. Hello I’ve taken 5 of the 5 days earlier equate tests . & all have faint lines . Some darker than others . I’ve taken them over the course of 4 days . I know they say blue dye isn’t the best to do but they all have lines on them .

  30. Okay, I know I am probably sounding like a broken record because this has already been asked. Basically, I took the equate ept with the verticle line results. The control line was good and solid, before the 10 minute window was up, a very very faint line appeared in the results window. The question here is, what are the chances of an evaporation line. I have unfortunately experienced more than my fair share of evaporation lines in my ttc journey, some I could spot, others were more tricky. At this point I would rather not get my hopes up. I will of course be taking my second test in a few more days. Just as a confirmation. But I would like to know the chances of evaporation before the 10 minute window passes. Sorry for the book.

  31. Test was positive yesterday this morning one of the lines is very faint on one test. And completely gone on the other.

    • Taking consecutive tests on same day will certainly show lighter results. Take a test once and then wait for a couple of days before next.


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