Rexall Pregnancy Test

Rexall is a well-known brand for its reproductive health products such as lubricant jellies, ovulation tests, and pregnancy tests. Rexall Pregnancy Test is one of their famous products.

One of the first things you need after you decide to bring a baby is a pregnancy test. The Rexall One Step Pregnancy Test is being manufactured since 1903. So it is one of the most reliable pregnancy tests.

And the most important criterion to compare different pregnancy tests is the accuracy.

So how accurate is the Rexall Pregnancy Test?

We have answers to this and every other query about the pregnancy test. We have got the first-hand reviews by the experts.

Description of Rexall Pregnancy Test

The Rexall Pregnancy Test (PT) is a cassette pregnancy test. This means that the strip which detects the pregnancy hormone is inside a plastic case. An uncovered pregnancy test strip is prone to contamination from our fingerprints and other dust and dirt.

The Rexall PT is one the fastest and user-friendly pregnancy test.

You don’t have to remember anything; every result reading key is in the kit. You get multiple options like doing the midstream pregnancy test or the dip strip pregnancy test.

Also, it is one of the few pregnancy tests that can detect early pregnancy. The only drawback with this test brand is that it has a lot of incidents of faint results.

However, a faint positive result is not a defect of the pregnancy test.

The working of our bodies is different. Some women might make the pregnancy hormone at a slower pace and thus take longer to have enough of it.

Any pregnancy test that can detect early pregnancy will show a gradation of the color of the test lines.

Rexall pregnancy test
Rexall pregnancy test

Components of the Rexall Pregnancy Test Pack

The Rexall Pregnancy Test comes as a single pregnancy test in a pack.

Symptoms and signs which show that you need to take the Rexall Pregnancy Test

How soon can I take the Rexall Pregnancy Test? This doubt might have led you here.

This brand can detect pregnancy five days before your due periods. The absence of periods is the first sign that women rely on for confirming that they might be pregnant.

This test helps both of the women those who are dreading an unwanted pregnancy or who want a baby.

Check these signs to decide whether you need a pregnancy test

  1. Having unprotected sex near your ovulation day
  2. Spotting and abdominal cramps
  3. Mood swings and feeling depressed or anxious
  4. Vagina and cervix become tender and feel numb
  5. Cervical mucus becomes dense and releases in an excessive amount
  6. Vomiting and nausea
  7. Headaches and feeling sleepy
  8. Increased or reduced the urge for eating

Things you need while using Rexall Pregnancy Test

Rexall Pregnancy Test is a dip strip or midstream pregnancy test. So if you plan to take the midstream pregnancy test, then you need nothing except the kit and a timer.

However, if you plan to do the dip strip pregnancy test, then you need:

  1. Cup
  2. Rexall Pregnancy Test
  3. Timer

How to use Rexall Pregnancy Test?

Rexall Pregnancy Test is a very fast pregnancy test. You have to read the instructions manual before you start the test. Else you’ll not have enough time to get back to the manual.

You might want to see what the Rexall pharmaceutical company says about it, click here

Step by step instructions for taking the Rexall Pregnancy Test

  1. Get up early in the morning and have a reminder scheduled for taking the test.
  2. Don’t drink water hoping to increase the amount of urine produced; this will dilute the urine and instead be a drawback.
  3. When you are ready to open the kit and bring the strip of the pregnancy test-inside the stream of your urine. Or if you want to take the dip strip pregnancy test using Rexall Pregnancy Test, then collect your urine sample in a cup.
  4. Dip the strip for precisely the time given in the user manual of the Rexall Pregnancy Test.
  5. Keep the test kit on a clean counter and leave it untouched. Make sure the strip doesn’t touch the surface and is in the air.
  6. The test takes only two minutes to form the results so read the results soon after two minutes.
  7. Discard the kit after use. Once the time for reading the results is over, the pregnancy test is junk. It is not reusable.

Precautions for Rexall Pregnancy Test

  1. Read the entire instructions manual leaflet that comes with the Pregnancy Test Kit.
  2. Don’t dip the strip for a time beyond the allowed slot and don’t take it out before the time gets up. Make it a single step dip.
  3. Read the results within the prescribed time slot.
  4. Use a clean cup for collecting the urine sample.
  5. Take the test early morning. The pregnancy hormone hCG produced by the body is in very minimal in the early pregnancy. So overnight urine gets concentrated with the hormone hCG. It is the best time for testing.
  6. Don’t allow the kit to stand on a dirty surface that has portions which might touch the hCG strip.

Color codes of Rexall Pregnancy Test

The pregnancy test uses blue color for displaying the results.

  1. Single blue control line
  2. A horizontal blue line for the negative result
  3. A vertical blue line with a horizontal blue line for a positive result

Pros of Rexall Pregnancy Test

  • It is over 99% accurate
  • The test can detect pregnancy five days earlier
  • It has result key written on the pregnancy test
  • It takes only two minutes to give the results
  • Allows one to take the midstream or dip strip test

Cons of Rexall Pregnancy Test

  • There are many cases of faint positive results
  • It comes as a single test in a pack

Interpreting the results of Rexall Pregnancy Test

How to read the results of Rexall Pregnancy Test?

  1. A control line in the control window:  A vertical blue line in control window means the test is working correctly. You are heading in the right direction.
  2. A horizontal line in test window: A horizontal line of blue color (Minus sign) means a negative result. You are ‘not pregnant.’
  3. A second vertical line after the horizontal line: Plus sign (+) means a positive result. It indicates you are pregnant.

Other frequently asked questions about Rexall Pregnancy Test

  1. Faint results: Thin lines by pregnancy test put many women in a pandemonium. But you can trust us when we tell you that a pregnancy test giving you thin lines is an advantage. An entire result window turned pink is more of an alarming shock. The better the details, the more accurate is a pregnancy test.
  2. No matter how thin a line is whatever it says is correct. In fact, thin lines are better as they don’t spread to corrupt the pregnancy test results.
  3. Faint negative results: Very thin line to show a negative test might not be satisfactory for many. You can repeat the test after a day or two to assure yourself. Faint negative lines shouldn’t worry you about the credibility of the result. In fact, the faint negative results are just thin lines which are very clearly visible.
  4. Positive result after 10 minutes: As already mentioned, a pregnancy test no matter how reputed be the brand is useless after the time for reading the results passes by. So a positive result by Rexall Pregnancy Test after 10 minutes is nothing but an illusion. The urine evaporates to leave a mark and that seems to form a plus sign with the negative test line. Follow the instructions to avoid such confusions.
  5. Horizontal lines in Rexall Pregnancy Test: The horizontal line is an indent line of the hCG antibodies. Indent lines are not visible on a pregnancy test. However, even if due to some reason they appear the alignment is opposite to a test line.

Most important caution while using Rexall Pregnancy Test

The Rexall Pregnancy Test has many testimonials for giving a faint positive. One must keep in mind that no matter how faint a plus mark is, it is a positive result. Rexall PT reviews mention about faint positive.

Another caution is that no matter how reliable a pregnancy test is, it cannot surpass a medical examination. So always get a suitable appointment with a doctor after taking an over the counter pregnancy test.

How does the Rexall Pregnancy Test work?

The Rexall Pregnancy Test has an hCG strip. The hCG strip is a kind of paper in layman’s language that has hCG antibodies. Antibodies are small particles that can attach to hCG particles.

Once a woman conceives, her placenta starts forming. It produces a hormone called hCG. This starts coming in urine. It is the earliest physiological indicator of pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Test can detect the hCG in urine and hence it can test whether a woman is pregnant or not.

Accuracy of Rexall Pregnancy Test

Rexall Pregnancy Test has an accuracy of over 99%. It can detect pregnancy on the day of your missed periods with an accuracy of 99%.

If taken earlier than the missed period day, the accuracy of the results might not be that precise. But you can take the Rexall Test five days earlier than your missed periods.

The sensitivity of the Rexall is around 20 – 25 mIU/ml of hCG level. The sensitivity of pregnancy test depends on the fact that what is the minimum amount of hCG detectable by a pregnancy test.

Hence the Rexall Pregnancy Test hCG level is more sensitive compared to many brands.


    • Yes the control line in Rexall Pregnancy Test comes in a separate window. It is vertical. In case of results it is either a horizontal sign, minus or a plus sign for positive result.

  1. I took a test during the day, which it may also be to early to test. Anyways, I assumed the test came back negative but my control line was such a brighter blue than my test line. Why?

    • Control lines are always more clear and darker. That is because the darkness of test line depends on the hCG levels. Unlike test line the control line gets a color instantly when dipped in urine.

  2. I tested about 4 days before my period is suppose to start and I tested earlier which was of course during the day but why is my control line a such brighter blue than the test window? Btw it showed negative but the negative line isn’t as bright as the control line. I can email pics because no one understand what I mean.

    • Negative or positive test lines are rarely darker than control line. The antibodies or detector particles have a lifespan which starts from manufacture date.

      • So I took a test this morning wasn’t my first morning pre it was about an hour after I woke up but 2 minutes after I peed I could see a faint blue line to make the plus sign. Not sure if it was a false positive or an evap line.

    • Evaporation lines are light. If you followed the steps properly and repeated the tests then it is a positive pregnancy test.

  3. Hi. I took a test this morning. Is the horizontal line suppose to be faint in color compared to the control line? Is the control line darker to indicate the test is working? Thank you!!

    • Please mention the pregnancy test brand name or send a picture for more accurate answer. Test line in case of positive pregnancy test may be light because hCG levels aren’t high enough yet. Control lines appear darker because they are standardised to react with urine irrespective of hCG levels.

  4. I’ve brought to Rexall Test and the negative sign was already on the test clear as day too it and the line just got darker pulled the test apart the blue line was built in already does this mean I have a defective test just took the test

  5. Hi I took a rexall one step with the plus sign n stuff the contorl pnel is dark but where the plus sign is to be is very very faint it’s almost hard to see any lines could this mean I’m pregnant? Please help I wanna be but I’m having trouble reading this one

  6. Hi I bought a rexall pregnancy test twice and both of them showed me a faint line after the time frame, is that an evaporation line or does that mean pregnant?

  7. I have bought several of these and I’ve also gotten several defective ones. probably won’t ever buy one again, so frustrated because today is the first day of missed period so I know it should be accurate but sadly I can’t get one that works.

  8. I took a pregnancy test and it showed a negative in the positive and then no lines in the second is this a false positive?

    • It’s a defective kit, not even a false positive. When the kit doesn’t work like mentioned in the instructions on the cover or booklet, it is a defect of kit.

  9. I took the rexall one step pregnancy test and when I read my results, the control line was very bright blue but the test like isn’t blue at all. It looks white. I dipped it in my urine for the 20 seconds but it seems defective. Any suggestions or opinions?

    • There has to be a mild color. Make sure you’re not under fan or heat source. Anything that dries off urine doesn’t give it time to develop color. In that case if the weather is hot or it is drying fast then it could be evaporation line. Time passed after taking it out of urine cup should not exceed 5 minutes or as mentioned on test. Don’t blow air to dry off quickly.

    • Two lines in control window appear because of the test kit being old. One vertical line is more likely to be negative. You’ll have to check the key that has come along with the test on the pack or inside.

    • Positive or evap? Positive line can be darker than control if your hCG is high. Evap line is colorless because its urine. It maybe a light yellow color or color of your urine. Being blue is not quite possible for an evap.

  10. Hi,
    I’m a little worried. I’m having a mass amount of symptoms and I bought two of these tests and took them a day apart. I took them, and made sure they weren’t expired.
    But neither time did the control line show up. The first said it was negative, the second there was a faint positive line.
    But neither time did the control line show in its window.

    What could that mean?

  11. Well I feel the test is not right with me .i had spotting on the fist day of April and the second of April.i ain’t seen nun else since I been have symptoms of pregnancy and stuff .i take the test but I had peed on the stick .it says negative that can’t be true

    • In rare cases it is indeed possible that you don’t get a positive test for long after being pregnant. Whether that’s because of low hCG secretion in urine or some other cause, it’s possible. Thus uou must get a blood test or ultrasound if you don’t get a positive test pregnancy symptoms.

  12. so u took two test this morning cause I thought I seen an really faint line like had to hold it up to the light, but im still unsure 1 day late on cycle maybe im juss to early to tell im confused

    • Yes, you could be taking a test too early for your body. Period can be late for multiple reasons. Try taking a test next week after due date.

  13. I took 2 test yesterday they were bold positive. I took a third test that case in the same bundling (might have been a distribution error) this morning and the control line was very faint but the test now read minus. Also the grip of the test became very hot. Does this mean the test was defective?

  14. Took a test last night and it showed negative. Looked at it again this morning and it had a fainted positive blue. Can it be evap or a true positive? I read evap isn’t blue.


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