Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test

When you have a missed period negative pregnancy test, you cannot decide what to do next.

Neither can you be sure that you need to pop the birth control pill nor about a doctor’s appointment.

You feel uneasy that what if you go to the doctor and find out that you are not pregnant.

At the same time, you find it hard to wait for the period. Waiting for period gets difficult as days pass.

You keep checking your panties because you feel that your period started. Also, the PMS gets worse, and the pain is unbearable.

You can’t keep taking pregnancy tests because your urine is only useful in the morning.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that first try figuring out the actual date of the due period.

Period a week late, and a negative pregnancy test is not a very big problem. When your missed period is for too long, then you need to worry.

Fluctuation in the menstrual cycle is regular.

Missed period negative pregnancy test?
Missed period negative pregnancy test?

Causes of Missed period negative pregnancy test

1) Testing at the wrong time of day

When you are at an early stage of pregnancy, your body doesn’t have enough hCG. During the night your urine gets concentrated and so early morning urine has a higher level of hCG.

Missed period but negative pregnancy test due to testing randomly is common. Most women want to take a test after getting it from a pharmacy immediately.

But this is not possible as you will get a false negative pregnancy test.

2) Pregnancy test taken too early

If you are just a few days late after ovulation, then your baby might still be in tubes. It is inappropriate to call a bunch of cells a baby.

The fertilized egg may be in the process of implantation. It is the process of attachment of the embryo to the uterus lining.

A missed period negative pregnancy test may be because implantation did not occur. You can buy an early pregnancy test to detect pregnancy.

Even after that, you need to wait for some days from ovulation.

3) Low pregnancy test sensitivity

A pregnancy test that is not sensitive enough will detect pregnancy in later stages. Missed period and negative pregnancy test is a result of a less sensitive pregnancy test.

A pregnancy test can detect a minimum level of hCG. This hCG level decides the sensitivity of the pregnancy test and the time when it can detect pregnancy.

4) Not following instructions

Missed period but negative pregnancy test is not necessarily a fault of the kit. It could be that you are not following the instructions correctly.

Even if you miss a single step while taking a pregnancy test, you will get a false negative pregnancy test.

Every pregnancy test is different and thus requires you to follow specific pregnancy test guidelines.

Missed period white discharge negative pregnancy test

White discharge before period is either due to ovulation or pregnancy. The white discharge is for forming a plug for protection of the baby.

A missed period negative home pregnancy test is a sign that your pregnancy has just conceived. White discharge is due to a change in cervical mucus during and after ovulation.

Missed period and negative pregnancy test white discharge is a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases.

Most infections like thrush cause a cheesy discharge. Bacterial vaginosis causes a smelly white discharge.

They don’t affect pregnancy or a home pregnancy test.

Missed period but negative pregnancy test for a long duration needs medical advice. We can only enlist the possibilities during such a case.

The individual level diagnosis of the problem can be only after a medical checkup. If you have a chemical pregnancy, then you are at risk of bleeding.

Ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy needs treatment and care. You need to tell your doctor if you continue getting a negative pregnancy test but missed period.

Pregnancy test says negative but missed period

It is not necessary that just because you did not get your period you are pregnant. 

It is not a good idea to call a doctor just because you are one week late for period.

Fluctuations happen throughout a woman’s life. You must wait for at least a week for your period to come or pregnancy test to become positive.

Missed period negative pregnancy test cramping white discharge

Cramping again is not necessarily due to pregnancy or period. Cramping can be because of dehydration.

Ovarian cysts or ovary torsion can cause cramping.

Missed period negative pregnancy test cramping white discharge is a sign that you may be pregnant. But it is not a confirmatory sign.

The same set of symptoms exists for ten different conditions. There is nothing to worry unless the pain is unbearable.

It could be that your ovary twisted or you have an infection. In that case, the blood supply will cut off, and you’ll need immediate medical treatment.

Depending on the severity of pain you need to decide whether you have to go to a doctor. If other symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, pus and bleeding occur then you need immediate treatment.

Negative pregnancy test after a missed period is not something to worry at an early stage. If this continues for long, then you must tell your doctor.

This is a sign for many other diseases of ovaries which could cause infertility.

Missed period causes women to worry about whether or not they want a pregnancy. A period also makes us cry. Stressing about period makes the PMS unbearable.

There is so much going inside a woman’s body, and people think it is easy being a woman!


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