Digital Pregnancy Test

We live in the era where toothbrushes also run on batteries. Taking a stick pregnancy test might seem too outdated to some of us. So for early adaptors is the digital pregnancy test.

The R&D of big pregnancy test brands is no old school and they have a digital test that uses even Bluetooth.

Pregnancy tests might not be popular latest inventions to be the cover stories of newspapers. However, pregnancy tests’ revolutionary designs and working can make anybody wonder.

Clearblue digital pregnancy tests can even figure out the duration of pregnancy. EPT Digital pregnancy tests have made the technology cheaper. 

Now anyone new to pregnancy test might want to ask whether digital tests are more accurate. Answering this is a little difficult.

If a digital PT is not used carefully, it can be worse than any stick pregnancy test. The accuracy of a pregnancy test depends more on the user and time of taking the test than the test kit.

Digital pregnancy test
Digital pregnancy test

First response digital pregnancy test connects to your mobile phone using Bluetooth. It tracks the entire course of pregnancy and displays it on your mobile.

Digital PT by First Response is one the most accurate digital tests. Rapid response pregnancy test by First response can detect pregnancy within few seconds.

How does digital pregnancy test work?

Digital PT work on the same principle as any other home pregnancy test.

Once a woman has unprotected sex her egg may fertilize by sperm. The zygote starts multiplying and after few divisions forms the embryo.

This embryo needs to implant in the wall of the uterus for development of the baby. After this, the embryo travels down the tubes and attaches to the uterus.

This process called implantation precedes implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding is the first decisive symptom of early pregnancy.

After implantation, the placenta quickly forms a bag like structure for protection of your baby. The placenta is a temporary endocrine gland that secretes hCG.

This pregnancy hormone starts coming in your urine. It is the only apparent external change that happens exclusively during pregnancy. All other symptoms of early pregnancy overlap with PMS.

Digital pregnancy tests can detect this hormone in your urine. After detection of hCG in your urine, the test shows a digital response.

Stick pregnancy tests have colored dyes that show a pink line as positive pregnancy test result.

Digital pregnancy test results

Digital pregnancy test results vanish within some time. This is because they have limited life.

Thus it is very important to quickly read a pregnancy test. They have symbolic results. Some pregnancy tests might show written phrases as pregnancy test results.

Digital pregnancy test positive result

Digital pregnancy test positive is generally a Plus sign (+). Some pregnancy tests like Clearblue digital tests show ‘Pregnant’ written.

When pregnancy test positive result occurs it shows a Plus sign or ‘Pregnant’ phrase.

Digital PT positive results can appear within one minute depending on pregnancy test brand.

Digital pregnancy test negative result

A negative digital pregnancy test is a Negative sign (-).

Unlike stick HPT where either you get a line or nothing at all, digital pregnancy tests show a negative result.

Digital pregnancy test negative is rarely false. First Response test and confirm has two pregnancy tests. The second one is a digital test because it is more decisive.

Digital Pregnancy Test False Results

Digital pregnancy test false results come only due to two reasons. One is you took the pregnancy test too early and second could be that you erred.

Digital tests have the least chance of giving a false pregnancy test because they are precise.

We don’t need to discuss faint results or big fat positive!

Digital pregnancy test accuracy

The accuracy of digital pregnancy tests varies depending on the brand.

Some digital tests are very accurate before six days from missed period. Others may take a little time.

These pregnancy tests detect hCG levels around 25 mIU/mL. Once the urine hCG levels cross this threshold value then a woman is pregnant.

If your urine hCG levels are lower than this then you are not considered pregnant.

Are Digital pregnancy tests more accurate?

Digital pregnancy tests are more accurate when it is early to take the pregnancy test. After a week of implantation, most pregnancy tests irrespective whether digital or standard have 99% accuracy.

These are accurate because they avoid misinterpretation of pregnancy test results. They don’t have faint pregnancy tests or evaporation lines. This makes them accurate.

But digital tests need an even careful hand to take the test.

Accuracy level of digital pregnancy tests is around 97–98% from 4 days before missed period. On the day of the missed period, this accuracy level comes up to 99%.

Digital pregnancy’s accuracy goes on increasing with time.

Is Digital pregnancy test more sensitive?

The sensitivity of pregnancy test depends on the lowest level of hCG detected by it. A pregnancy test that detects hCG level of 25 mIU/mL is more sensitive than the one which detects 50 mIU/mL.

Digital pregnancy tests don’t have a significantly high sensitivity but are more accurate.

False positive digital pregnancy test

False positive pregnancy tests may happen if you are on any fertility drugs. Any urine disease may also give false positive pregnancy test.

It is very rare that digital PT gives false positive pregnancy test. Reasons like mishandling can give a false positive pregnancy test.

How to fake a digital pregnancy test?

It is difficult to fake a digital pregnancy test. One may fake pregnancy test by breaking the device so that it doesn’t work. You can also fake a pregnancy test by using water in place of urine! 

Digital pregnancy tests reviews

The market has a wide variety of digital pregnancy tests.

Clear blue digital pregnancy test reviews

The most sensitive digital pregnancy test is the Clearblue advanced digital pregnancy test. It has a week countdown result display.

Based on the amount of hCG present in your urine Clearblue advanced pregnancy test can tell the time lapsed from the day of conception.

EPT Digital pregnancy test

EPT digital pregnancy tests are the cheaper alternative to expensive digital tests. They are a sort of low priced version of the high-end brand’s digital PT.

Digital pregnancy test price ranges from 10$ to 20 $. Women who want to take early pregnancy test prefer them.

It may seem a bigger investment at first sight compared to a dollar pregnancy test. But instead of taking multiple standard pregnancy tests; a digital pregnancy test is a single test required.

Women might not want to take the digital pregnancy test if they have to keep repeating the test. 


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