Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

Rite Aid pregnancy test is a well-known home pregnancy test brand. Let’s dive in quickly to find it’s features, usage, and accuracy!

Home pregnancy test kits (HPT) are nifty inventions which save women from the anxiety of guessing if they are pregnant or not.

With most of them being over the counter test kits, there is a tough competition in the market. As you are already confused about your health, checking different reviews can be mind-boggling.

Here we assure you of the most accurate review of the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test.

Description of Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

The Rite Aid Pregnancy Test is a cassette pregnancy test and has an hCG strip in it.

The symbolic representations make it the most reliable pregnancy test. Women love the comfort of merely looking at the plus or minus signs instead of looking for lines and playing the detective.

The device can detect pregnancy five days before your due periods.

This makes it highly recommended for those who want to decide whether they need to take abortive pills or see the doctor.

Earlier an unwanted pregnancy terminated better it is for the mother’s health and baby.

Rite Aid Pregnancy Test
Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

Symptoms and signs for taking the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

  1. Having unprotected sex frequently or even once
  2. Premenstrual syndrome aggravating beyond normal making you irritable
  3. Nausea and vomiting
  4. Feeling giddy all the time and not very energetic
  5. Cervical mucus is thick and changes color to the brown hues
  6. Your vagina will feel a little softer and be higher and wider than normal. The passage will feel a little constricted and later the tissues will soften
  7. There is breast tenderness. You see all the effects you see before menses like glowing skin and lightening skin tone. It happens due to rising progesterone levels.

Progesterone is the pregnancy hormone, it maintains pregnancy. So if you have the glow and breast tenderness which are the effect of this hormone then you might be pregnant. While when you get your menses, the level of this hormone dips and all the fertile periodic changes return to normal. Read more about Pregnancy Hormones

Components inside the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test Packing

You get two kits in a pack of Rite Aid Pregnancy Test. It comes for an unbelievable cheap price, only $9 which might vary depending on your retailer.

Things you need while taking the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

You just need the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test Pack. Take the pack and a watch with you. The test doesn’t require juggling different things and messing it up like a science lab.

If you want to do the dip strip test, then you might need a cup to collect the sample.

How to use the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test kit?

There is much flexibility in the usage directions for Rite Aid Pregnancy Test kit.

You can do the dip strip or the midstream test:

For the dip strip test: How to do the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test?

  1. Take a cup and collect a sample of your early morning urine and place it on a clean surface.
  2. Clean your hands and wipe away all of the dirt and moisture.
  3. Now take out the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test Cassette from the packing.
  4. Holding it from the handling area and dip only the marked part in the sample collected in the cup.
  5. Allow it to be inside without touching any sides or edges, for the time mentioned in the direction for use. (We can’t tell you the time because the medical parameters keep changing. The research and development R&D department of a company revise it. It depends on their new designs and some testing reagents.)
  6. Take the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test Strip out and place it on a clean surface.
  7. Allow the results to develop and read them within the time frame.
  8. Discard the used kit and store the second one very hygienically.
For the Rite Aid Pregnancy Midstream Test: 
  1. Get up generally in the morning and without taking your bed tea go for doing your test.
  2. Take out the test kit and set the timer.
  3. Hold the kit from the handling region.
  4. Now take the strip of the pregnancy test kit midstream of urine.
  5. Remove as soon as the time gets over for exposing the strip to the sample (urine).
  6. Place the strip aside on a clean surface while you dress up or do other business.
  7. Read the results within the given time frame.
  8. Discard the used products.

Precautions while using Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

These mistakes if committed even unintentionally which of course will be the case; will risk your results.

It is a matter of 10 minutes, leave everything and be very careful. A wrong result can be either a panic attack or a moment of bubble happiness. In either situation not welcomed.

  • Collect the sample early morning and don’t drink a lot of water to get the extra amount. In the end, the strip dips only up to few centimeters.
  • Dip the strip only up till the marked level.
  • While the results are developing, do not shake the kit. Keep calm and don’t rush.
  • For the Rite Aid Pregnancy Midstream Test be careful that you place the kit aside and then dress up. Shaking, rubbing, agitating the kit while results are developing will multiply the chances of getting a false result.
  • Always keep the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test facing upwards with the result zones visible.

Color codes of Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

  1. Blue line in control zone – apparatus is working
  2. Blue line in test zone – negative
  3. Double blue lines in the test zone forming a cross – positive

Pros of Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

  • The symbolic representation of results is the best feature
  • The color that shows in the strips is blue. Unlike pink blue is easily visible.
  • There is a negative symbol for the negative test too, whereas other pregnancy test kits leave it unsaid when it comes to a negative test.
  • It is very affordable.
  • The flexibility of use whether as a dip strip or a Midstream device makes it suitable for every choice of performing the test.

Cons of Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

  • It comes only in a set of two which don’t have caps.

Interpreting the results of Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

It has two zones which are separate for the test and control. This makes it even better than other pregnancy tests. 

Other home pregnancy tests have a single slot which makes distinguishing evaporation and indent lines difficult.

The second line in test zone comes vertically; this further minimizes the chances of getting an error because indent lines or evaporation lines are always parallel to the direction of urine flow. 

So the vertical test lines make Rite Aid Pregnancy Test the most reliable pregnancy test.

  1. A single line in the control zone: This is compulsorily the first step. If a single line comes up, it means that the test kit is working properly. 
  2. Rite Aid Pregnancy Test negative results: A single line in test zone (minus sign) comes in case of a negative result. It has to be the horizontal line. It means you are not pregnant. It is Rite Aid Pregnancy Test negative. The most significant advantage of pregnancy test is that it even shows a response for a negative test. It doesn’t leave anything up to you for judging.
  3. Rite Aid Pregnancy Test positive results: A vertical and a horizontal line in the test zone (plus sign) mean positive Rite Aid pregnancy test result. The plus sign is the confirmation that you are pregnant. No matter how light the plus sign is, own the fact now that you are pregnant. Rite Aid Pregnancy Test faint positive also confirms pregnancy. It is best to get big fat positive Rite Aid Pregnancy Test. A very faint pregnancy test also is a sign that you pregnant. It may be that you took the test too early.

Most important caution while using Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

The pregnancy test isn’t a medical expert. You have to see the doctor in either case for getting a hundred percent genuine report about your pregnancy. 

Especially if you are not planning a baby now, do see the doctor when your due dates cross by over a week.

How does the Rite Aid Pregnancy Test work?

  • The test strips have a small area where hCG antibodies are present. This region has the dye.
  • The other part of the strip is of such a material that it can allow the urine to absorb forming a layer over these antibodies.
  • The pregnancy hormone hCG from placenta starts coming in urine in higher concentrations once you have conceived. This concentration doubles every 48 hours or 72 hours on an average.
  • The hCG antibodies attach to hCG particles and give a colored reaction.
  • This is what you read as pregnancy test result.

The accuracy of Rite Aid Pregnancy Test

The Rite Aid Pregnancy Test sensitivity is very high. This means it can detect concentrations of hCG around 10 mIU/ml.

The symbolic representations rule out the chances of evaporation lines corrupting the result.

The kit can detect pregnancy five days before due menses. It means that you will get your pregnancy test 8-9 after ovulation.

It is amongst the highest levels of sensitivity observed in the home pregnancy test kits. Thus Rite Aid Pregnancy Test accuracy is the highest accuracy in home pregnancy tests.

Rite Aid Pregnancy Test reviews

The Rite Aid Pregnancy Test is the most sensitive and reliable pregnancy test. It has a symbolic representation and a response to negative tests too.

It can detect pregnancy five days earlier making it one of the quickest pregnancy test kits.

The pregnancy test is for the females who want to avoid getting an unwanted pregnancy. And the confirmation with a plus sign assures the ones who want to conceive.


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