Superdrug Pregnancy Test

Superdrug is a UK based retailer of health and wellness products. Many brands are available there. However, Superdrug itself markets its pregnancy tests. There are two kinds of pregnancy test by Superdrug. The first one is a pregnancy test kit, and the other one is Superdrug Pregnancy Test Strips. 

Description of Superdrug Pregnancy Test

The Superdrug Pregnancy Test Strips are a cheap pregnancy test. They are reliable and have a design that prevents the contamination from fingerprints.

The Superdrug Pregnancy Test Cassette is a set of two and has a standard pregnancy test.

Superdrug Pregnancy Test
Superdrug Pregnancy Test

Symptoms and signs for taking the Pregnancy Test

  1. Having had unprotected coitus near ovulation day
  2. Thick white discharge produced in larger quantity
  3. Breasts feel tender and fuller, and surrounding nipple region become darker
  4. Slight pain in legs and feeling the loosening of joints
  5. Lethargy, headaches and fatigue, inability to work normally
  6. Vomiting and feeling giddy at a particular time
  7. Abdominal cramps and spotting
  8. Missed periods
  9. Increased or reduced appetite, craving for an unusual taste
  10. Softening of the cervical region and vagina contracts

Components of the Pregnancy Test

The test Strips come as a pack of two test strips. The Superdrug Pregnancy Test Cassette is a set of two pregnancy tests.

Things you need 

You need the test and a cup for collecting the sample. A timer or stopwatch is a must.

How to use?

  1. Take the pregnancy test of your choice from Superdrug store.
  2. Set a reminder the night before to take the test next morning.
  3. Take the Superdrug Pregnancy Test Strip in the urine stream and keep it for the prescribed time. For the Superdrug Pregnancy Test kit, you have to collect the urine sample in a cup and dip the strip.
  4. Then place the test on a clean flat counter and allow the results to develop for the allotted time.
  5. Read the results within ten minutes, after that the test is invalid.


  1. Do not touch the hCG strip by hand.
  2. Remove the test cap only when you are ready to take the test.
  3. Adhere to time slots and do not cross the result reading time.
  4. Make sure that the test is not expired.
  5. Be careful that you don’t fold the hCG strip.

Color codes of Superdrug Pregnancy Test

  1. For the Superdrug Pregnancy Test Strips
    • A single pink line – negative results
    • Double pink lines – positive results
  2. For Superdrug Pregnancy Test Kit
    • A single pink line in the oval window for control
    • No test line in the triangular window for negative
    • Pink test line in the triangular window for positive


  • Can test pregnancy four days earlier
  • Affordable
  • Over 99% accurate results
  • Most sensitive Pregnancy Test


  • It is not available at general chemist’s shops

Interpreting the results 

For the Superdrug Pregnancy Test Strips

Color Code Result Interpretation
Single Pink Line Negative. You are not pregnant. Only 1 pink line (Control Line)
Double pink linesPositive. You are Pregnant.

For Superdrug Pregnancy Test Kit

Color Code Result Interpretation
Single Pink Line in oval window The test is in working order
No test line in the triangular windowNegative. You are not Pregnant.
Pink test line in the triangular windowPositive. You are Pregnant

Most important caution 

Any over the counter pregnancy test cannot be 100% accurate. Nowhere will you find a pregnancy test that claims to be 100% accurate.

Hence taking a medical examination is extremely important.

How does the Superdrug Test work?

The test has an hCG strip which has a patch of hCG antibodies (detector particles).
The hCG antibodies can recognize hCG particles in urine.

hCG is a pregnancy hormone that comes in pregnant woman’s urine. So once the antibodies attach to the pregnancy hormone, they develop a color. The test dye reacts with hCG to give color.

Positive results are clear. When they are not present, you see no color. This is the negative result.

Superdrug Pregnancy Test Accuracy

It is the most sensitive pregnancy test. It can detect hCG levels of 10 mIU/ml.

Any other brand in the market cannot detect such a low level of hCG.  Superdrug Pregnancy accuracy of detecting pregnancy starts from a week before missed period.

Superdrug Test sensitivity for hCG is the highest recorded. So the Superdrug brand is the most sensitive pregnancy test available on the market.

Superdrug Pregnancy Test reviews

The Superdrug Pregnancy Test has a special guideline. It is for keeping the test Strips free of any contamination.

The brand is unbeatable when it comes to the hCG sensitivity. The hCG level in the body is ten mIU/ml within few days after implantation.

Superdrug test’s hCG levels of 10 mIU/mL can help detect pregnancy a week before missed period.

Hence Superdrug pregnancy test brand is the earliest pregnancy test available.


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