Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

Read many articles on Dollar Store Pregnancy Test? Still, couldn’t see any picture of it? Not even available on leading online and offline shops?

Ladies here is some trivia for those of you who don’t know already; Dollar Store Pregnancy Test is not a pregnancy test brand. Instead, they are the pregnancy test kits available at the famous Dollar online store.

These come for a single Dollar and are unsurpassable when affordability is the parameter.

Description of Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test is affordable and yet gives you a 99% accurate result from the day of missed periods.

The brands sold by Dollar Store may change, the New Choice Pregnancy Test was once the most popular Dollar Store Pregnancy Test. Other brands that are currently stocked online are U-Check, Sure Aid one step and Sure Aid Pregnancy Test.

This might change by the time you read this article. But that won’t make a difference because even then whichever is in stock will be only for 1$ or maybe discounted to even less.

They are sensitive and reliable to a considerable extent. These are the best pregnancy test for those of you who want to take tests and confirm results multiple times.

You can test ten times, and yet it will cost you less than any other pregnancy test.

Dollar store pregnancy test
Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Review

Symptoms and signs for taking the Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

How soon can one take a Dollar Store Pregnancy Test after coitus? As Dollar Store Pregnancy Test is only for a dollar, you can carry out a pregnancy test without giving too much thought about whether or not you need it. 

  1. Had sex and forgot to take appropriate contraception or the contraceptive failed
  2. Headaches and nausea
  3. Lower abdominal cramps and pain in the ovaries. It is not necessary that both sides will pain, even if you feel abnormal pain on one side you must check
  4. Breast tenderness and enlargement
  5. Excessive cervical mucus
  6. Mood swings getting worse and inability to focus on work
  7. Loss of erotic feelings and feeling more irritable and stressed
  8. Missed due periods is the most obvious sign for you to take the Dollar Store Pregnancy Test
  9. There is a very fine line between the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and the signs of early pregnancy. Make sure you can make out the changes from the monthly PMS!

How soon can you take Dollar Store Pregnancy Test?

Now you’ve read about Dollar Store Pregnancy Test accuracy changing with approaching period date. Naturally you wanna know the earliest you can test using dollar store kit and yet be sure of accurate answer.
While choosing from the many different options, you can read their individual details. There will be a byline or a caution telling about the specific sensitivity of that test.

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Sensitivity

What is this sensitivity? Is it the empathy a test has, for you, staring at it for an answer?
Dollar Store tests have a range of hCG hormone that they can detect. The lower limit is the minimum hCG they need to function. Below that value, the test will behave as if no hCG is present.
Most dollar store pregnancy kits sensitivity ranges from 25-40 mIU/mL.
The hCG level, during the fourth week of pregnancy is around 25 mIU/mL. Staring from the previous period to this period that you’re about to miss, you are four weeks pregnant medically. If at all you’re pregnant!
The tests that are sensitive for lower values are early tests. And they can detect pregnancy earlier than tests with higher values of sensitivity. Thus a 40 mIU/mL sensitivity test will detect pregnancy later than a test with sensitivity 25 mIU/mL.
You can take the pregnancy test after two weeks from ovulation. When you start seeing the symptoms, you can take a test. After all it’s just a Dollar ?. 

Contents of the Pregnancy Test in A Dollar Store

One of the problems with Dollar Store Pregnancy Test is that it is tiny. However being a cassette pregnancy test, it is easy to use without much struggle.

  1. Pregnancy Test Cassette – It is the plastic body that has the hCG strip in it. It has a result reading slot.
  2. Sample Well – It is an opening in the cassette body. It is the place for loading the sample of urine.

Things you need while using Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

  1. Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Kit
  2. A disposable cup
  3. Timer or watch
  4. Magnifying glass

How to use Dollar Store Pregnancy Test?

The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test is as easy to use as easy it is on the pocket. Obviously, you’ll have to follow the specific instructions given with each kit you buy from the Dollar Store.

As a general rule of thumb, it is going to be the application of your urine on an hCG strip.

Here is a simplified step by step guide for taking Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

  1. Get up in the morning and head straight to start the test. Gain your senses back, before doing so.
  2. Collect your early morning urine in a cup. And place the cup on a clean surface away from the tap. A drop of water can change the concentration to the undetectable range.
  3. Clean your hands and pat them dry.
  4. Carefully unpack the Dollar Store Pregnancy Test kit.
  5. Take the dropper by holding it from the opposite end from where you have to load the sample (urine).
  6. Gently press the bulb and take it inside the cup and release the pressure to allow the urine to rise in it.
  7. Now carefully apply the sample from a minimal distance in the sample well space.
  8. Allow the test apparatus to stand for 3 minutes to get your results.
  9. Discard the used kit after reading your results.

How to take the Sure Aid One Step Pregnancy Test?

It is a Midstream Pregnancy Test. Get up in the morning and take the Sure Aid One Step Pregnancy Test along.

  1. Open the kit and when you are ready then remove its cap.
  2. Now bring the strip of the Sure Aid One Step Pregnancy Test in the stream of your urine. Make sure you bring it in the channel only till the maximum mark.
  3. Remove within the recommended time.
  4. Read the results within the permissible time slot and then discard the kit.

Which Dollar store pregnancy test is best?

Dollar store offers a bulk supply of Assured pregnancy test. The easy to use Assured pregnancy test comes with a dropper in a set of 6 units.

The accuracy of Assured pregnancy test like its competitors is over 99%. You need to collect your early morning urine and add it to the test using a dropper.

The results come within 3 minutes as two pink lines if positive. Assured pregnancy test negative is a single pink line.

Other Dollar store pregnancy tests are New Choice pregnancy test and Veriquick pregnancy test.

Precautions while using Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

These are the actions that will surely give you a false result if you don’t avoid them. The same are the reasons for false negative or positive results by a pregnancy test.

  1. Keep the kit untouched till you are ready with your sample. The kit has hCG strip which should be ultra clean else it will give false positive or false negative lines.
  2. Load the sample drop-wise from a minimum height. If you pour a lot of urine sample at once and rapidly, the strip might tear. 
  3. If you pee on a non-midstream pregnancy kit, it will splash due to their small size. And it will be a dreadful mess. 
  4. Keep the kit facing upward. Load the sample only up to four drops. Don’t shake the kit if you get a negative result hoping that it will change. These are the general precautions while using a pregnancy test kit.
  5. The most common error done by women while taking a pregnancy test is that they don’t keep a check on time. You can’t take it lightly. Time is the main factor that differentiates a false result from the real result.

Other precautions particular for the brand you select will come written in the instructions manual.

Color codes of Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

We won’t misguide you. The color codes of pregnancy test depend on the brand you are going to select.

  1. U-Select Pregnancy Test uses pink lines for negative and positive results.
  2. Sure Aid Pregnancy Midstream Test uses red color for pregnancy test results. It has a different alignment of lines for different results. Vertical and horizontal for positive and negative results respectively.
  3. Sure Aid Pregnancy Test Case uses red lines for negative and positive results.
  4. New Choice Pregnancy Test also uses pink lines single for negative and double for positive results.

Pros of Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

  • Very affordable
  • Ideal for repeating pregnancy tests multiple times
  • Accurate and timely
  • Easy to buy

Cons of Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

  • Small in size
  • Results can be wholly relied upon only once you have crossed the 13th day after ovulation
  • Sensitivity of the pregnancy Test is good only after one week of missed periods

Interpreting the results of Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test results have instructions for use which are different for every brand. All pregnancy tests don’t have a similar working.

However, the fundamental underlying principle might be same. But the processing and handling are different even if for a single step. And the timings for applying the sample and for reading the test result are highly variable.

You just cannot risk the credibility of your results by being careless of the time slots.

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Accuracy

How accurate are results of Dollar Store Pregnancy Test? Are the Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests sensitive enough to detect early pregnancy?

Dollar Store has no hands in the accuracy and sensitivity of the pregnancy test. Dollar Store doesn’t sell defective pieces. Women love Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests for their price, accuracy, and sensitivity.

The pregnancy tests sold in Dollars stores are reasonably accurate from the day of your missed periods.

They claim to be 99% accurate based on laboratory findings. Most women like Dollar Store Pregnancy Test and have mentioned that they got a positive result on the tenth day of ovulation itself.

The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test can detect hCG level as low as 20mIU/ml.

We receive a lot of emails from our readers about Dollar Store Pregnancy Test, so we have decided to put FAQs section.

FAQs about Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests

What is a false positive result in Dollar Store Pregnancy Test?

Answer: False and positive! Confused? False positive means that the pregnancy test shows a positive result, but you are not pregnant. So you get a test line that says positive, but you are not pregnant.

A false positive result by Dollar Pregnancy Test occurs due to the following reasons:

  1. PCOD: About 10 – 20% of women who are in the fertile period of their lives have this disease as a syndrome. It is a syndrome because there are multiple abnormalities associated with it. Excessive chest, pubic, and facial hair is characteristic of PCOD. Abnormal menses or amenorrhea (absence of periods) or dysmenorrhoea (painful periods) is the consequence of PCOD. Obesity and ovarian cysts are other symptoms of PCOD. Ovarian cysts might produce hCG. It gives a false positive result when using a pregnancy test.
  2. Chemical Pregnancies give false positive results: There is a possibility that your egg fertilizes by the coming sperm, but it doesn’t implant in the womb. It may implant in the fallopian tube, the passage from ovaries to the womb as in ectopic pregnancy. They are chemical pregnancies and lead to spontaneous abortion commonly called ‘miscarriage.’ In this case, the pregnancy test will give a false positive result. Chemical pregnancy tests are unpredictable as they can give both false positive and false negative results.
  3. IVF or other fertility assisting therapies: Such therapies for bearing a baby involve a lot of hormonal ups and downs. Shots of pregnancy hormones can elevate hCG level in your body which will come out with your urine. Again, in this case, you get a false positive result.
  4. Prescriptions: Some drugs that act on the nervous system or the reproductive system can give a spurt to basal hCG level. A prescription that promotes frequent urination can give false positive pregnancy test results. Antidepressants, antihistamines, and narcotics are examples of it. Rifampin for Tuberculosis, sulfasalazine, and Pyridium given for UTI give urine a red-orange color. Anti-inflammatory drugs also have similar effects.
  5. Urine defects: Urine gets a color upon consumption of saffron or beetroots, blackberries, rhubarb. In this case, again you will get false positive results. This time the evaporation lines will seem more than real. Evaporation line is a line left as an impression of the urine components.
  6. Defective Pregnancy Test kits or improper execution: What is a worse incident than a defect in the pregnancy test kit itself or the execution of the test? It is very much possible for you to get a false positive if you read the test after the allotted time for reading has passed.
  7. Urine Disorders: Urine defects and urine disorders are two different things! Kidney disease like stones or urinary tract infection makes the evaporation lines look real. They may seem like a positive result, but they are not. That is again a false positive pregnancy test result by Dollar Pregnancy Test.

What is a false negative result in Dollar Store Pregnancy Test?

Answer: According to a general analysis, false negative is a more common error than a false positive test during a pregnancy test. A false negative pregnancy test means that you are pregnant, but the kit shows you that you are not. It is extremely dangerous for those who want to avoid getting pregnant at that particular time. In later stages of pregnancy medical complications arise for termination of pregnancy.

Reasons for the false negative result by Dollar Store Test:

  1. Low hCG: At an early stage of pregnancy body doesn’t immediately shoot hCG production. If you take the Dollar Store Pregnancy Test at an early stage will give negative results. I can also be a physiological problem as not all of us are the same. There will always be exceptions to the rule. So it can happen that your body doesn’t double the amount of hCG in your urine within 48 hours and instead takes longer.
  2. Not following the instructions properly: If you read the results after the reading time span has passed, the results may alter. While this is generally for the case of false positive but the results can even vanish.
  3. Chemical Pregnancy: Chemical Pregnancy as explained in the case of false positive is the condition where the pregnancy is not long term. So you may get a false negative by the Dollar Store Test even when you are chemically pregnant. It is essential to detect a chemical pregnancy for avoiding the possible consequences.
  4. Defective Dollar Store Test can give a false negative result: The positive Dollar tree Pregnancy test comes within less than 60 seconds. It is for asserting the negative result that one has to wait for the upper limit of result time. But as soon as the clock or timer ticks a second outside the time slot, throw the kit in the dustbin.

If you continue to get false negative which only a woman with sixth sense can figure out, you need to seek a doctor’s advice immediately.

What does a faint positive test by Dollar Store Pregnancy Test mean?

Answer: A positive result no matter how faint the line is, tells you that you are pregnant. For your satisfaction, you can wait for another day or two-three days and repeat the test. But after getting a real positive test, own the fact that you are pregnant.

How accurate is a Dollar Store Pregnancy Test?

Answer: A Dollar Store Pregnancy Test is accurate parallel to any other expensive high end pregnancy test. You need to have patience and time. Often women are anxiety struck, when it comes to testing if they are pregnant.

Dollar Pregnancy tests, just like any other test in the market can take longer to give a positive test. Sensitive pregnancy tests are able to detect pregnancy earlier. When you need to detect pregnancy at early stage, hoping for Dollar pregnancy test accuracy is tough. Albeit they are accurate, their sensitivity is less than a quick pregnancy test or digital test.

A Dollar Store Pregnancy Test is 98% accurate after the day of missed period. Until the day of due period from 4 days before it, the accuracy ranges from 87-94%. The accuracy of a positive dollar pregnancy test and negative result will vary. A positive test is more likely to be true and negative can be a false test.

Dollar store tests are best when you want to test multiple times. For single or early tests, go for the best you can get without shaking your monthly budget.

Can you get a Dollar Store Pregnancy Test online?

Yes, you can buy these kits online. Either you can get the same brand from any pharmaceutical site. You will have to pay a higher price that 1$. Maybe some discount coupons for dollar pregnancy test help.

There are many links to online dollar store which you can browse to suit your need.

Do Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests expire?

Answer: Those of you who are planning to bring a new member in your family might think of stocking some cheap Dollar Pregnancy Test. Dollar Store Tests are no exception.

The brands available there are the same that are usually available at chemist shops. They have an expiry date and are not fit for use after that.


Things to know while using Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

  • The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test is small in size so make sure you have a good light source to enable you to read the results.
  • Duplicating the test is affordable and recommended.
  • Keep the instruction manual that comes along with the Dollar Store Pregnancy Test handy. You won’t have the time to get it during the test. The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test gives you result within three minutes.
  • Make sure you use a concentrated urine sample. 

Nothing can substitute a medical verification by a certified doctor. Try the Dollar Store  Test as a simple pregnancy test. And whatever the result comes, get an appointment with your doctor and confirm the findings.

How does the Dollar Store Pregnancy Test work?

A Dollar Store Pregnancy Test brand no matter whether a midstream, cassette, case or a dip strip has an hCG strip. hCG is a pregnancy hormone that starts coming in urine once you are pregnant.

It may be present otherwise due to specific disorders too but in an undetectable concentration. hCG antibodies are present on the strip that attaches to hCG particles coming in your urine. Once they fit in there is a color development to indicate the successful reaction.

While if you are not pregnant, then there won’t be any hCG particles available to attach to hCG antibodies. The control line develops color on its own when comes in contact with the urine sample. It validates the proper functioning of the pregnancy test product.

Factors to consider while buying a Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

  • Sensitivity and Accuracy: The prime aim of a pregnancy test is that it detects the minimal rise in normal hCG levels. The more sensitive a Dollar Store Test, the lower level is detectable. A woman can find out her pregnancy at an earlier stage.
  • Look for the right type of pregnancy test: Chose the proper Dollar Store Test depending on whether you like the dip strip or the midstream. The cassette and dropper kit is another option available.
  • Wait for discount: Dollar Store announces sales with up to 20% flat discounts. But waiting won’t be possible in some cases. If you are planning a baby, then you can stock up some. But remember they do have an expiry.

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Reviews

We recommend the Dollar Store Pregnancy Test for all women who want to take a test frequently and have decided to bear a child.

The Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests have good enough sensitivity and accuracy. So there should be no doubt in your mind regarding dollar tree pregnancy test sensitivity.

The price being just one Dollar or even less is the reason that will persuade you to give this one a try. 



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