12 Days Late Negative Pregnancy Test?

So you’re trying to conceive. You’re noticing early signs of pregnancy like cramps and no periods. You take a pregnancy test hoping for a positive result. But you get a negative pregnancy test after 12 days. Why is it so? Read further to know about the reasons for 12 days late negative pregnancy test

12 days late negative pregnancy test and no symptoms of pregnancy?

The first pregnancy test is not the pregnancy test kit but early pregnancy symptoms.

Early pregnancy symptoms include vaginal discharge, breast tenderness, vomiting, nausea, headache, and morning sickness. Only after you see a majority of these symptoms are you can doubt negative pregnancy test result.

If the early pregnancy symptoms are not present, then there is no point that you confuse yourself.

12 days late negative pregnancy test?
12 days late negative pregnancy test?

What are the reasons for 12 days late and a negative pregnancy test?

There may be many reasons for getting a negative pregnancy test after twelve days late periods:

  1. Your pregnancy is slowly but surely progressing, and the hCG hormone is taking the time to build up.
  2. If you have used a diluted urine sample for the pregnancy test, the hCG level in urine will be less. It can lead to the wrong result.
  3. You might be using some birth control pills that may affect pregnancy. While birth control pills don’t interfere with a pregnancy test, but they do affect your pregnancy.
  4. You are not correctly following the pregnancy test instructions.
  5. If you used an expired pregnancy test, then you will get twelve days late and a negative pregnancy test.
  6. You read the results of a pregnancy test too early or too late, then you can get a negative pregnancy test.

What to do after getting twelve days late, but a negative pregnancy test?

If you get twelve days late but negative pregnancy test result, and yet you feel that you are pregnant, then you should repeat the test the next morning.

After two-three trials, you should visit a doctor to know the reasons for getting 12 days late and a negative pregnancy test.

You can even try some home remedies like soaking yourself in a mustard powder bath to restore your regular menstrual cycle.

When will a positive pregnancy test show after twelve days late and a negative pregnancy test?

A positive pregnancy test result will come up only after you have your embryo implanted in your womb.

Even after that, it takes about a week to reach sufficient hCG levels to come in the detectable range of home pregnancy tests.

You can get a positive pregnancy test even after a week from missed periods and up to after three weeks from implantation.

Thus it is recommended that you see a doctor soon after you notice symptoms of pregnancy in you.

If you’re twelve days late, have spotting and a negative pregnancy test?

What happens up till 12 days from the day you have conceived?

A woman may also notice implantation spotting by the week after missed periods and yet get a negative pregnancy test.

It is because your body needs time after implantation to produce hCG. After implantation, the body produces placenta precursors. The placenta is a tissue for transporting nutrients from your body to the baby and all the waste matter from your baby to you.

Your baby cannot do anything by herself and so is dependent on you connected by the placenta.

The hCG hormone is like the master pregnancy hormone that regulates all the functions essential for maintaining the pregnancy.

This hormone doubles every 48-72 hours from the time it begins to form.

A pregnancy test kit detects the hCG hormone. Every pregnancy test is sensitive for a particular minimum level of hCG and above it.

So if you get twelve days late but negative pregnancy test, it means two things. Either your pregnancy test kit is less sensitive, or your body has not produced enough hCG yet.

A negative pregnancy test after 12 days late periods is not something to worry. Generally, the menstrual cycle may vary due to change in hormone levels due to diet, workout, birth control, sleep, and stress. So you can wait for some time and repeat the pregnancy test after a day or two even if you get 12 days late but negative pregnancy test.


  1. Thank you. I had implantation bleeding a few days before af was due. I am currently 15 days late for AF. I have had some leukorrhea and my cervix feels high and soft. I think closed as well. It has been high for at least a week or more. I just started checking at that time. I have off and on tingling breasts that happen at different times of the day. I been pregnant twice before so my breasts have not enlarged but my aerolas seem tad darker but I am light skin. I have had montgomery tubercoles show for the last couple weeks. Some state that I should have had a positive by now I am 28 dpo and 15 days late. I tested on May 10th and it was still negative. I have done research where some females have been two months along and no positive hpt. One lady stated her sister took one at her baby shower and still showed negative.

    • Yes there are cases when the hCG levels are not enough and you continue to get negative pregnancy test for two months. Pregnancy blood test can solve your problem. Get a blood serum test. 15 days late is still not far off to worry much. Because you’ve had two pregnancies you can judge how your body shows. The symptoms you’ve mentioned of actually are occurring then you’re probably expecting. Negative pregnancy test results can continue for 55 days. Take a blood pregnancy test.

  2. I had spotting the day roughly my cycle was due. But just once. Now I am currently 14 days past my af due date. No cycle. But period like pains. These normally only happen during af week. Not before or after. Having twinge like feelings on both fallopian tube sides. Did one test +- 6days after spotting. Negative. Now waitung to test tomorrow again. This is very strange for me. I have a regular cycle. One pregnsncy 20 yrs ago. Could it be a positive or possible problematic pregnancy that I feel like this?

    • Take a pregnancy test if you are sexually active. If on contraceptives then consult your doctor about it. And if it isn’t either then speak with your gynecologist about the problem with period.

  3. I missed period by 12 days late I was checked pregnancy tester it’s showing negative,can you explain what is the problem?

    • Missing period is not necessarily pregnancy. It could be some other reason you are not getting ur menses. Take a test after few weeks. Your body maybe takin longer to build up hCG.

  4. I am currently 13 days late. My period is on cycle since i have my medication for pcos. But this month is so weird. I cried a lot, my breast hurts on and off i have cramps on and off. I took the test but it is negative.

    • Hormones affect mental health too. Crying happens with many women near their due date or when they get pregnant. It’s ok to have some mental fluctuations. Don’t panic. Take a pregnancy blood test.

  5. I am almost two weeks late and have taken four test throughout it. Only one of them I took later in the day. They were all negative. This month however I started a job where I’m walking around A LOT and even had a week of midnight shifts and stress from this job. I have felt sick and had some discharge, so I am very confused. Should I just take a blood test and if so how accurate are they?

  6. The last period began on June 4th, 2018. I often keep track of the day my period begins and the day it ends; as they last 6 days and are 30-31 days. I had light pink spotting (July 4 the day my period should have began) when I whiped, and nothing until I spotted again (July 9 the day my period should have ended). Today is July 15. I’ve taken many tests that have all resulted in a negative. Often feeling nauseated, fatigued, tired, headaches, dull cramping below and slightly sore breasts. Can it still take some time for hCG to appear in my urine? I’m beginning to feel frustrated – researching way too much about “implantation bleeding/spotting”…

    • Relax. Give Googling a pause. At times too much Google is also a reason for the problem!! Get a blood test if you’re not able to get a positive pregnancy test with kit. Three weeks late period negative pregnancy test isn’t thing to panic about. Body takes time to build up hCG.

  7. I’m on cycle day 41, 9 to 12 days late. Sinuses been acting up, stinging burning breast pain rather than soreness I get from ovulation to my period. Insomnia here and there typically I get one night of it and my period begins. Neg test so far 🙁 gonna test in a week. Very disappointed

  8. Hi I had light pink blood when I wiped on and off for 4 day’s no need for a pad it was not every time and it was ten days after ovulation I tested but negative now I’m 12 days late for my AF last did a test just under a week ago and it was negative please help as I have sore nipple and a funny taste in my mouth and a sick feeling

  9. Okay thank you going to test again to day fingers crossed if not I will wait and see if AF arrives on the 4th Aug if not will go doctors

  10. Hi!! I am currently 12 days late and keep getting negative pregnancy test. I am never late and have always had normal periods. The week I was suppose to have my period I had cramping almost like PMS but not as bad but no bleeding not even light bleeding or spotting. Could I be pregnant???

    • Cramping like PMS ideally must not happen in early pregnancy. 12 days late negative pregnancy test is not something to worry about. Just keep calm and eat healthy if you want to get pregnant. In other case, you can get a blood test done know your status and ponder over options.

  11. Hi. I just read some stories above and am one of them as well. I’m 12 days late now. I took a PT test during the 5th day of my missed period and it’s negative. I started vomiting and feel dizzy the 1st day of my missed period. I actually feel nausea, vomiting, dizziness but no sore of breast. On the 9th day, I tried again to take a PT but still negative. I was diagnosed with PCOS before but was cured last Feb of this year because of my diet (but not too much, just cutting off my carbs) . From there on, I am watchful of my diet so i’ll not encounter PCOS again. Yesterday (July 29), I panic because of the very light, just like stain on my panty liner and I thought my period will come out..but thanks God it doesn’t and the stain does not continue as well. Today, another stain (very light) came out but I don’t feel that it will continue again. I will schedule a blood pregnancy test later to confirm what’s happening on me. I really like to confirm it because am getting paranoid already.

  12. I am currently 12 days late and got a negative. I have been pregmant 3 times and i juat know i am. I am very inscyc with my body. I have vague headaches my boobs dont hurt but are fuller than normal having lost of cm that never atopped aftwr ovulation and i dry up before my period and my hips have widened..

    Is it a chance that hcg hasn’t built up yet?

  13. Ugghh my husband and I have been ttc for a while now.. This April I miscarried at 8 weeks which was such a heartbreak our doctor gave us the ok to start trying again… My last period was June 22,2018 my periods are always on time (even after the miscariage i missed Julys and we were so excited with the thought we were pregnant again and giving our 5 yr old a sibling .. I tested and tested and we got a positive about a week after my missed period i went to the doctor and tested negative which was confusing waited a couple days.. Tested again negative!!! Today which is day 16th i got my period im so heartbroken and dicouraged ….

    • We can understand your mental state and loss of hope. Try to read about other mothers who have gone through the same and how they dealt with the problems. Also, distract yourself a bit, you’re here first for yourself. More importantly stress and exhaustion lower your chances.

  14. My due date is 8 august I did my pregnancy test on 9 august it’s negative that time I have cramping on my feet . Today is 11 august still I have no periods. My period is always before the time so still can I have chances of pregnancy.

    • False negative pregnancy test at early stage easily happen. You must take a test until you have symptoms. Late period can happen for any reason, even if previous ones came early.

  15. On July 7 i had my period it takes 30-33 days for the next one but this time it came 29 of July. Now I’m 12 days late pregnancy test negative

  16. 12 Days late . My periods are all over the shop some bang on time others 30+ Days . Some I can have two periods in one month . I’m 43 . Had protected sex probably twice since my last period . Took a pregnancy test sat morning said negative (phew) then another this morning for curiosity and nothing at all on the window . Probably didn’t pee enough on it .

    • Protected sex itself has less chance of getting you pregnant. Your cycle is long enough and 12 days late isn’t too much. Being 43, you could be near menopausal stage.

  17. Hi I am 12 days late I have taken 4 tests in total over these 12 days all negative. My last cycle was 40 days and this month now I’m on day 44 without a period these are the longest cycles I’ve ever had they range between 28-35 days. I’m having all the signs of pregnancy frequent urination sore and fuller breasts my nipples have gone bigger and my areola has gone bigger, bloated feeling sick tiredness, I am racking my brain either waiting for my period to come or just to be pregnant last year I was diagnosed with pocs after having my second miscarriage in need of some advise me please

    • Get a blood test done, at times PCOS fluctuations interfere with pregnancy hormones production. Best would be to get a doctor’s opinion.

  18. Hi. I’m 12 days late with 3 negative test. I had unprotected sex with my partner on July 27th and Aug 12th. I’m not on birth control and I also have a fibroid that causes continuous and heavy bleeding during my cycles which can last from 30 to 40 days. I’m just wondering if I could be expecting or not.

  19. I am 12 days late. I’ve taken 6 pregnancy tests, all neg. I’ve been taking an acne medication that can effect my period. I’ve been taking this certain medication for over 2 years and it has only happened once before where it made my period late. Other than that I am very regular with my cycles. I am not on birth control. I’ve had some occasional cramping and low back pains similar to period cramping but not as intense. Still no AF though. I’ve researched a lot online and keep reading about women who are actually pregnant but keep testing neg with the HPT. I’m planning on going to the doc in 2 days to get a blood pregnancy test performed. I am still nervous about the wait…… Do you think it’s possible that I might be pregnant or is it most likely fm my medication? Any thoughts would be great! Thanks

    • If the medication mentions the risk of affecting period then it can produce the side effects anytime. Once, twice doesn’t matter. You must seek medical advice as this involves a prescription side effect.

  20. Hi! Im 12 days late. My lmp was july 18. Thought I was pregnant. I had tried 3 urine test all results were negative. Just today,i had my blood test and the result was still negative. I experienced light red spotting for almost 5 days. I have irregular menstruation. What would be the best thing to do? Thank you.

    • Until you get the reliable test results take care of your diet and avoid intoxicants.
      Take enough sleep and do all that you’d normally do.
      If you want to get pregnant then be patient and wait. Unwanted pregnancy requires medical intervention in such a case.

  21. I started my last period on July 27,2018. I am now 12 days late. I have taken 10 PT. The first 2 were negative so I waited a few more days and the 3rd one came up a faint positive and the last 7 I have taken have all been negative so I’m very confused. I have 4 kids and can usually tell when I’m pregnant. My boobs feel tighter and hurt even when barely touched. I’m tired and have been peeing very often. I also have a constant dull pain in my lower left abdomen that started about 5 days ago. I haven’t had any bleeding since my period ended. They last 7 days and I usually have a 26-27 day cycle. So I didn’t have a period at all in August. I just don’t know what to think with one of the tests being positive and 9 being negative. Could I be pregnant or is it possible the positive result was the one that was inaccurate?

    • Ideally the probability is of one test being wrong while majority being right. As you’re sure of your symptoms and have had similar situations in the previous pregnancy, get a blood test.

  22. my cycles are usually 32-35 days never over 35. I’m now Day 39 so 4-7 days late and have taken 3 pregnancy tests (all first thing in the morning) and gotten all negatives. I’m usually a first response so should be pretty reliable. I have endometriosis and my husband and I have been trying for almost a year. Questioning if I’m just overthinking or if I should make a doctors appointment. This is consuming my thoughts! My husband thinks I’m crazy and is just telling me to wait but Uhg it’s so hard.

    • We understand the anxiety you’re being put to waiting for month after month. Yet taking too many tests is only going to waste them. Wait for two weeks more before taking a test. Meanwhile keep eating healthy stuff and taking care of yourself to avoid any mistake on your part. Being 7 days late isn’t too much to say anything for sure.

  23. HI i have always had regular cycles. I’m 12 days late for AF. My HPT was negative. My breasts feel very heavy, are extremely sore and nipples are painfully sensitive. I have some minor cramping but not spotting or discharge. I’m not feeling fatigued but am very thirsty, so I’ve been drinking more water than usual and therefore peeing more. I’m also feeling very itchy especially when I’m sleeping. No rash just itchy sensation on my thighs and feet. My appetite is slower, not hungry as I usually am. Some lower back pain as well. Should I wait longer to try again with HPT or should I go to a doctor?

    • If you can go to doctor please do. However, wait for some time maybe you’ll get your period. You can be late for 12 days without any actual problems.

  24. I started my last period on 14 august 18. I had not done intercourse since before, i was trying to do it with my boyfriend on 20,21 august but he was unable to penetrate and was wearing condom all the time.I’m currently 35 days late . I had some white discharge in mid september. I tested on 4th afternoon and in the morning of 5 and 7 september and all test result was negative. What should i do now?Am i pregnant while he was not able to insert and was wearing condom whole time?

    • Every contraceptive can fail. Even condoms allow pregnancy to occur. If you’re sure that nothing went in you then consult a doctor about it. Get a blood test of hCG.

  25. Hi.my last period date was 28 august..on 10th october i had taken a pregnancy test bt it was negative ..then on 13th oct i had slight spoting for about 4 to 5 days..after that me and my husband have sex once and i had bleeding during intercourse….tell me what is this???my cycle was never regular its almost of 40 days..i feel diziness and sometimes swollen nipples..and a havey and tender abdomen….bt no cramps….what should i do…wait or use some medi to get peeiods????

    • At times period may not come in heavy flow. Spotting randomly and bedding intermittently can be the period. You should take a test before trying any medicine to get your period. Medicine to get period can cause abortive effects.

  26. I am currently 12 days late. I recently got my birth control taken out on Sept 17th and had two normal periods. However, this one hasn’t shown up yet. My husband and I are sexually active and used a calendar to determine my ovulation date and had sex then. All the pregnancy tests that I take though, are negative. Should I get a blood test or do you think me getting my birth control taken out has been a factor to this? I have had some cramping, but only a little.. and I don’t feel morning sickness, just tired all the time. My OB said I can get pregnant as soon as the first month. Should I get a blood test?

  27. My period is 12 days late. I got off of the implanon birth control in August. I got on the mini pill in November to help regulate my period. My last period was 12/7. I stopped taking the pill the last week which were also the days I was ovulating. Husband and I had sex on day I was ovulating and every other day in the days before and after ovulation.

    I have been experiencing fatigue, cramping – not as bad as AF crampinh, bloating, gassiness, heartburn and feel like something is putting pressure on my ribs (but it doesn’t hurt). I just feel different and like something is going on but not sure if I am over analyzing symptoms.

    Not sure if I should call the doctor to get a blood test or wait another week or two. I’ve taken 5 tests and they’ve all been negative. I took them with first morning pee. BFN was 2 day before missed period, 5 days after and 12 after.

    • If going to the doctor is not a problem then you can get a blood test. Waiting for positive pregnancy test while taking care of yourself is also not a bad option.

    • Get an ultrasound scan done to check the thickness of endometrial lining. That will be able to diagnose the cause of late period.

  28. Missed my period for 12 days as well took a pregnancy test positive a few days later went to the hospital urine pregnancy test negative and right now I got my period…

    • You always have the next month, new cycle round the corner. Take care of your diet and don’t let anxiety – stress affect your hormones.

  29. I’m 2 weeks missed period. No signs of pregnancy. I only feel a lot of gas in my stomach. I took the pregnancy test it came as negative but I never had this period late. What do u think?my last period is January 25, 2019

    • Periods can get late, come early in sexual phase. Birth control, sex, and other hormonal shifts are common normal reasons for late period.

  30. My cycle has been regular every 22 days for the last 15 years. My last cycle was April 22. My husband and I had intercourse on May 1st, and not again until May 18th (crazy work schedules). Period apps show my cycle was supposed to start on the week of May 13th. Still no period, but I have been having symptoms. For the last week my breasts have been really heavy, my appetite has increased, and I’ve been really sleepy. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. Should I wait another week or should I go ahead and schedule an appointment with a doctor?

  31. I am 14 days late. I have had sporadic nausea but no vomiting. I have had 1 blood test showing less than 1 HCG with 3 negative urine tests over the past week. I stopped the pill in Dec 22. I feel like my breasts are heavy and itchy, but I can’t tell if they are growing. My appetite is increased and decreased energy with short bursts. My headaches are worse than normal. I am very confused. I have discharge only when I urinate. Please let me know what possible options are because I am very confused.


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