False Negative Pregnancy Test With Mirena?

Every woman prefers a particular type of birth control method for her. It depends on her desire to space her babies or her body’s condition. Your caretaker might recommend you a particular contraception. One should always get it checked whether the selected over-the-counter contraceptive is safe for her or not. Other contraceptive devices are professionally inserted into your body or given as injection shots. One of such contraceptive method is the Intrauterine Device (IUD). They are small loops or T-shaped contraceptive devices implanted into the uterus. They block the reproductive pathways or make the uterus hostile to pregnancy. One such intrauterine device IUD is Mirena. Many women ask us if there is a possibility of a false negative pregnancy test with Mirena?

What is Mirena?

Mirena is an intrauterine device in the shape of a T that has a life of 5 years. This means that it will not allow you to get pregnant until the next 5 years from implantation. The time span of effectiveness is a little less than what we calculate. Mirena takes time to start working. It may slightly lose the ability to prevent pregnancy a little before expiry. It has 99% accuracy in preventing pregnancy.

What does Mirena do?

Mirena works by combining all the mechanisms of an intrauterine device. Mirena blocks your reproductive pathway. The sperms can no longer reach the egg in the fallopian tubes. Mirena releases hormones or metal ions for making the uterus hostile for sperms and implantation.

But if Mirena fails, then you can get pregnant. If you are already pregnant, Mirena cannot stop any event of pregnancy. So till Mirena is in a good working state, you will not get pregnant. If you get pregnant with Mirena, then it will not affect pregnancy. In short pregnancy test and Mirena have no relation. In the presence of one, the other one takes a back seat. Mirena prevents pregnancy in the first place itself rather than hampering it later.

Can you get pregnant when you have Mirena?

No contraception method is 100% effective. Only sterilisation is the way of ensuring a 100% guarantee for not getting pregnant. Sterilization methods like tying tubes ensure complete contraception.

So yes, you can get pregnant even after you have got a Mirena IUD transplanted in you. This is especially the case when you’ve just got Mirena transplanted.

Your body needs time to make up the environment hostile to sperms. The rhythmic cycles of hormones cannot alter within minutes. The body needs time, and in this phase, you can get pregnant even with Mirena. But getting false negative pregnancy test with Mirena IUD doesn’t happen in any case.

When the Mirena IUD reaches last days of its lifespan, its effectiveness reduces. The ability to make uterus unsuitable for pregnancy or preventing sperms from fertilising the egg reduces.

When the time for getting a new Mirena nears, the chances of getting pregnancy also increase. However, even in this case, you will not get a false negative pregnancy test with Mirena IUD.

Another major reason for getting pregnant even after having Mirena is Mirena passing in urine. Such IUDs can pass out from the woman’s uterus due to sudden jerks even without letting her know about it.

So if such an incident occurs and Mirena no longer resides in your uterus then again you have a high probability of getting pregnant.

False Negative Pregnancy Test With Mirena
False Negative Pregnancy Test With Mirena?

False negative pregnancy test with Mirena

Now let’s talk about getting a false negative pregnancy test with Mirena. A woman with Mirena doesn’t expect pregnancy.

If she feels the symptoms of early pregnancy and gets a negative pregnancy test, she may consider Mirena responsible.

Symptoms like bloating, vomiting and headache, are common in early pregnancy before missed period.

But pregnancy tests detect hCG in urine. It takes time for the body to start hCG production. Only after the placenta begins growing, hCG production begins. It takes about one and a half week after conception.

At earliest if you can know whether you are pregnant, it is after 11 days from conception. Mirena doesn’t interfere with hCG production.

This might not be the case however, and instead, it could be just that some other reason is causing the symptoms similar to pregnancy.

Mirena cannot give a false pregnancy test. Mirena doesn’t interfere with the production of pregnancy hormones in the body.

A pregnancy test detects hCG pregnancy hormone in your urine. Mirena doesn’t give false negative pregnancy test.

If someone continues to get a negative pregnancy test with Mirena, it may be because she is not pregnant.

Similarly, as last days of Mirena lifetime approach, there are chances that the woman gets pregnant. Even in this case, false negative pregnancy test with Mirena isn’t possible.

Other case is when you are pregnant even after having Mirena. If you get a false negative pregnancy test when you are pregnant the most probable reason is that you took the test too early.

Reasons for getting a false negative test with Mirena

There are many reasons for getting a false negative pregnancy test such as:

  1. Your body is producing low levels of hCG
  2. Using a diluted urine sample like afternoon urine or evening urine
  3. Using an expired or defective pregnancy test
  4. Taking the test too early after getting pregnant
  5. Not following the instructions of the pregnancy test
  6. Not applying enough sample of urine to the pregnancy test kit
  7. Chemical pregnancy or tubal pregnancy

All these are the causes for getting a negative pregnancy test with Mirena.

False negative pregnancy test after removal of Mirena

When any woman removes a long-term contraceptive, there are many side effects associated with it. The after effects of removal of Mirena are together called ‘Mirena crash’. All this chaos happens because your body needs time to restore the normal reproductive cycles.

The symptoms are vomiting, nausea, headache, bloating, and abdominal cramps. They are very similar to early pregnancy symptoms.

A woman who has got Mirena crash might take it as if she is pregnant. Mirena crash symptoms may be similar to early pregnancy symptoms, but the conditions are different.

And also this may be a reason for her not conceiving soon after the removal of Mirena.

So what you take as a false negative pregnancy test after removal of Mirena is actually a true negative pregnancy test.

After removal of Mirena, your period cycle will resume. It may take a week or two depending on your body. Mirena is not a permanent sterilisation method. Hence it is reversible. As soon as you remove Mirena normal reproductive fertility restoration starts in you.

It is possible that a woman becomes pregnant after removal of Mirena. Birth control hormones remain in her bloodstream for some time. Thus it may take some time for her to get a positive pregnancy test after removal of Mirena.

What to do after a false negative pregnancy test with Mirena?

If you continue to experience symptoms of early pregnancy and still get a negative pregnancy test with Mirena, then it is time to see the doctor.

A doctor will discuss your entire medical history. Then she’ll tell you the most accurate interpretation of the present condition. Mirena never causes a false negative pregnancy test. There is no way it can hamper hCG formation by the placenta.

Contraceptive devices always have some side effects. Some of them have extreme side effects because after all, you are altering the innate mechanisms of your body.

There are several side effects of using contraceptive devices like weight gain, irritation of uterine lining, breakout bleeding, and acne. For this reason, it is extremely important that you consult a professional before taking any contraceptive device.


  1. False information here: “you will not get pregnant” – women are in danger of ectopic pregnancy; “if you get pregnant with mirena [thought you just said we couldnt] it will not affect pregnancy” – actually yeah the iud would need to be removed as it is impedimg uterus and development, and removal would cause risk of miscarriage due to punctured / weakened cervix. Come on.

    • A functional Mirena device prevents pregnancy. Once the IUD is out of the vagina, itself without you noticing it, pregnancy is possible. Even if inside the IUD, can stop functioning and you’re susceptible to getting pregnant with Mirena. The device can prevent pregnancy but not stop the later events normally, once you are pregnant. Thereby, meaning that if you get pregnant with Mirena, the contraceptive action of the IUD ends. Removal or intrauterine growth restriction are further consequences of the earlier complications.
      In any case Mirena will not interfere with the results of pregnancy test. A ‘false negative pregnancy test with Mirena’ is not because of the IUD.

  2. I got pregnant with my Mirena still in place and had a negative pregnancy test. The pregnancy test wasn’t expired, I didn’t take it too early, and I also had a normal period. I just had a feeling that I was pregnant. I had morningg sickness, peeing a lot, headaches. I had all the symptoms.

    • Sabrina did you just have the one negative test I’ve done 4 and all negative If I was pregnant I’d be around 18 weeks now but every test I’ve taken is negative I don’t know if I’m being paranoid I keep googling about it and everywhere says it’s not possible to get false negatives etc I feel so crappy tired moody the full works but am even being told by the nurse that it’s normal side effects from the coil x

    • Was the pregnancy successful or were there complications? I’m experiencing the same thing and I’m extremely worried something may go wrong if I am pregnant. I would also prefer peace of mind instead of thinking it’s all in my head!

    • I know the feeling. Ive had a negative urine and blood test but i still have pregnant. And things havent gotten any better. They actually been getting worse. And the spot bleeding is increasing. Drs said im not pregnant. But i know somethings not right. I dont. Know what to do

  3. Same here iud fell out 2 nights ago dont know how long it’s been out of place .. didnt hurt wasnt in pain and no bleeding ..but yet I feel like I’m pregnant also got a negative test.. please comment

  4. Im having symptoms of pregnancy like when i had my two boys exactly the same and ive had the mirena now for 2 years and its worked great untill now ive been almost 2 weeks with pregnancy symptoms and ive tooken 3 test alll say negative and i made a appointment with my ob but i dont see her till sep 11 and im just freaking out and everywhere i go and read it says different things i got my very last period april 8 and then i didnt see her till last month on the 6th of july and now nothing and getting these symptoms are concerning i think i will have the mirena removed if it makes me feel like thiss….. if anyone with the same experience and are actually pregnant let mee knowe i reallly wannna know if im over reacting lol

  5. After 2 years of having a Mirena would the side effects suddenly change? I feel like my symptoms are of pregnancy, not just having an IUD. But negative pregnancy test. I just don’t know how my side effects would suddenly have changed after two years of the same low level side effects and now all of a sudden I have nausea, bloating, fatigue?

    • Mirena can come out.
      You can get pregnant with any contraceptive apart from sterilisation. Trust your instinct and follow what doctors say. Don’t rush but do get another test if you’re still not sure about the previous results.

  6. I have had the I u d in for. 12 years. And. Never got my period. Though. Lately. I been feeling. Like there’s something. Moving. Like baby I done two test one was error other was not pregnant. Though two. Nights ago. I was like I was in labour. It was weird. Didn’t have this with twins 14 years ago nor my 13 year old. I don’t want to go to doctors. Until I know for sure. Way. Happing

    • In labor sounds strange. Moving baby is way ahead in pregnancy, being a momma you must be able to recall. By the time babies move moms are way past their doubts of being pregnant. Consult a doctor maybe your IUD is in some trouble.

  7. I am having severe pregnancy symptoms and i have had a son about 2 years ago. So all of the symptoms are fresh in my mind. I am having fatigue, night sweats, nausea, almost fainting on a few occasions, A heavy feeling in my stomach, and i did the math, if i am pregnant I am about 3 weeks. I went to the doctor a couple of times this week concerned because i have an IUD. I started having major cramping in my stomach and vaginal area. I havent had my period in 3 weeks. And I peed a faint positive on a home pregnancy test but the pee test and blood test came back negative from the doctors. I also had a ultrasound done, but they keep saying i am not pregnant. I am severely concerned because no matter what i do the symptoms are getting worse. Has anyone else had these issues where all those tests came Back negative, but ended up pregnant. They did more tests with my blood but everything came back normal, as well as the ultrasound. They wont help me anymore try to figure out what is wrong with me. I already have almost fell a few times due to how dizzy i get. and the last time i was like this was when i was pregnant with my son and not taking prenatals and folic acid pills. So i would like to have some reassurance i am not crazy especially since i feel firming in my stomach and all these other symptoms that is scaring the bejeezus out of me.


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