Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Many women believe that the early signs of pregnancy show many days after the conception.

After all, you are creating a life, and it will take time. Right?

But there are early signs of pregnancy that start soon after sex. You can carefully observe these changes and find out that you are expecting.

The critical thing to keep in mind is that early pregnancy signs vary a lot amongst women. You should notice changes which are different than the normal after sex symptoms.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy
Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Here are ten early pregnancy signs:

1) Metal taste

Dysgeusia is the tasting of metal that occurs in early pregnancy. Even when you are not eating any rusted metal coins, you’ll feel their taste.

The changing set of hormones especially estrogen is responsible for this. You can try brushing your teeth and using mouthwashes to get rid of this symptom.

What does it mean? It only means that your pregnancy hormones are increasing in concentration.

The rise of estrogen is more rapid. Another point is the relationship between taste and smell. As you develop aversions for certain smells, you may start tasting different.

Try closing your nose while having food; you’ll understand what this means.

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2) Frequent urge to pee

The frequent urge to pee occurs before menses, during ovulation and at the time of implantation. As the egg divides, it starts producing pregnancy toxicosis.

It is the pre-morning sickness stage in pregnant women. As the pregnancy proceeds, you’ll have morning sickness.

The developing zygote produces certain factors that lead to the frequent urge to pee. As the cyst does not flow out as menses, it increases the amount of progesterone in your bloodstream.

This forms a mucus plug near the cervix. You will feel wet and might want to pee or use a liner. Later on, as the baby grows the pressure created on bladder will be responsible for frequent urge to pee.

3) Nasal congestion

The circulating levels of pregnancy hormones affect the nasal membrane too. Your nose becomes extra sensitive, and you seem to sense every smell from far.

But soon you have nasal congestion, and you feel that the particular smell causes it. The membrane has a lower supply of blood as it swells.

You can also catch a cold, and that causes an even worse nasal blockage.

4) Sore breasts

Your breasts during early pregnancy are tingly to the touch. The nipples appear lighter and are not erect.

Blue lines appear on breasts, or you start seeing the veins. Sore nipples is an early pregnancy sign that you can never miss.

It is because the breasts will not be able to bear even the loosest bra you have. Itching of breasts can also be a sign that you’re pregnant.

5) Headache

Due to the energy consuming processes, your brain finds it hard to adjust. There is an entirely new set of things that never happened or happened once in your lifetime.

The nasal congestion is bothering you further. And all this leads to a headache. Also, this is the time when the body needs rest. If you don’t take enough rest, then your headache will get worse.

During early pregnancy, the headache goes when you take rest. Do not take any painkiller at this time as it can affect the brain.

6) Mood swings

The PMS mood swings came two weeks earlier. You know that a day or two is typical but two weeks early cannot be period.

Mood swings getting worse and more to the side of low energy levels are early pregnancy signs.

During early pregnancy you will have the hardest time to adjust, the first trimester sees the maximum ups and downs.

This is also the time where the risk of miscarriage is highest. To avoid getting into any depression ridden habits like smoking or drinking.

Even for your antidepressants consult your doctor as soon as you confirm pregnancy. As you go through stages of pregnancy, you’ll feel better.

The second trimester is the best time of pregnancy in many aspects. 

7) Unexplained fatigue

The first trimester of pregnancy requires a lot of energy. You doze off more often and the afternoon nap becomes a habit.

After having sex the next day, you feel tired. The egg cleavage begins by this time, and your zygote is dividing.

Implantation has to occur, and so a 64 celled stage needs to develop. You feel lethargic and least active during the early pregnancy stages.

Later on, the energy levels pick up. A healthy diet and lifestyle are responsible for it. Running while pregnant is the best exercise and has the least risk.

8) Aversions

Though it may sound unlikely that you start feeling aversion at an early stage of pregnancy, it happens.

Aversions happen before craving starts. You may not like the most favorite food or smell that you loved throughout your life.

The pregnancy hormones and changes in the body is the reason. Pregnancy toxicosis is another reason for this.

The early pregnancy factor releases after 48 hours after fertilization. These chemicals cause changes as soon as two days after sex. You cannot feel them, but the consequential symptoms are evident.

9) Bloating

Is bloating considered an early sign of pregnancy? That is the first reaction when you read bloating. But once you go through the first week of pregnancy, you’ll be a witness.

Bloating is indeed an early pregnancy sign. It happens because of the changes in the digestive system. The high progesterone levels relax the body muscles. The digestive tract also relaxes making the digestive system inefficient. This results in gas during pregnancy.

This causes bloating, that is a mild swelling near the abdominal area.

10) Constipation

The pregnancy hormone – progesterone causes many good and bad things. It is responsible for the pregnancy glow and constipation too.

As the digestive system becomes less efficient, you have constipation. It is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy that many women go through.

Constipation, pregnancy toxicosis and nasal congestion make early pregnancy agonizing. 


  1. Thanks for helping me understand that a pregnant person would experience random bouts of headaches and mood swings. My friend is wondering why she’s craving a variety of food, specifically Japanese ones. Maybe we should look for an OB that can check if she’s pregnant and provide treatment to prevent complications.


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