Positive Pregnancy Test Then Negative?

Positive pregnancy test instantly makes an expecting mom euphoric. After that, she may decide to take another test to confirm. If a positive pregnancy test then negative result comes, the bubble of happiness goes pop.

But how does one decide which pregnancy test is real and which is false? It could be that the earlier positive pregnancy test was wrong or this new negative pregnancy test is invalid.

Woman with the positive pregnancy test then negative worries that she has miscarried. It is too early for miscarriage as hCG levels cannot vanish from your body within 24 hours.

After a miscarriage, it takes few weeks for hCG levels to flush out from your body. So miscarriage is not a possibility at all.

But yes, you can have an Ectopic pregnancy. The hCG levels produced in that case will be erratic, and you may get a positive pregnancy test then negative.

A positive then the negative test can also be because you repeated the test immediately and your urine sample (the second time around) had had a low concentration of hCG. As you know with not enough hCG to detect, the test will be negative.

A positive pregnancy test followed by negative pregnancy test is also the case when you duplicate using two different brands.

It is never recommended that you use two different kinds or brands of pregnancy test while duplicating.

Using two different pregnancy tests doesn’t serve the purpose of duplicating the pregnancy test as the error percentage of different pregnancy tests are different.

Positive Pregnancy Test Then Negative?
Positive Pregnancy Test Then Negative?

Positive pregnancy test then negative: What happened?

1) Not taking test correctly

If you make a mistake even in one step of pregnancy test, you can get a false negative pregnancy test. Positive followed by negative pregnancy test doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant. In most cases, you will be pregnant. Negative pregnancy test when you are pregnant is a false negative pregnancy test.

2) Diluted urine sample

If you immediately duplicate the pregnancy test, then you might not have enough hCG. It is because only early morning urine during early pregnancy has enough hCG. A dilute urine sample will never give a positive pregnancy test at early stages. Using most sensitive pregnancy test may avoid this, but you have no guarantee of accuracy.

3) Different brand pregnancy test

Using a different kind of pregnancy test requires you to go through the instructions. You need to read the instructions carefully before taking a pregnancy test. Similarly, if you first took a dip strip pregnancy test then duplicating by midstream testing is risky. Getting a positive pregnancy test then negative is common if you use two different tests.

4) Defective pregnancy test or Expired pregnancy test

If you repeat your pregnancy test with another kit make sure it is not defective. A defective pregnancy test will not be able to detect pregnancy hormone in your urine. If you see the control line, then you know that the test is working. Expired pregnancy tests also have lost the ability to detect pregnancy because pregnancy tests have a maximum allowed life. It is around 2 years, after this, they must expire.

5) Taking tests after fertility treatments

Pregnancy Test after IVF gives you a false positive pregnancy test because during infertility therapies doctor gives you ovulation drugs. These drugs can elevate the hCG levels in your blood. It may, therefore, cause positive pregnancy test then negative result scenario. Later on, as the hCG levels fall you get a negative pregnancy test.

6) Pregnancy Test after a miscarriage

If you are taking a pregnancy test after a miscarriage, make sure that the residual hCG has left your body. Taking pregnancy test after miscarriage can give positive then negative pregnancy test. You need to talk to your doctor before trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage.

7) Misinterpreting the earlier test

You may get evaporation lines after a test. If you consider them as positive, then you will get negative pregnancy test later. Similarly, if you get a positive pregnancy test after result reading time, then it is invalid. Next pregnancy test if read within time span will be correct.

8) Less sensitive pregnancy test

If the second pregnancy test you are using is less sensitive, then you will get a negative pregnancy test. The first pregnancy test with higher sensitivity could detect low hCG levels. In this case, you should take a third pregnancy test with the same kit as the first time.

9) Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is uncertain. It can give a positive pregnancy test then negative because the hCG hormone is not doubling constantly and thus can be erratic. Molar pregnancy also has a similar case when the developing egg doesn’t form the embryo. You may get a positive pregnancy test and then negative. But it should be positive pregnancy test then negative a week later or around that.

10) Cysts or other Ovarian diseases

Cysts in ovaries can produce hCG hormone. This hormone changes the color of test line in the pregnancy test. Cysts are mass of undifferentiated cells. They can elevate the hCG production in your body.

11) digital pregnancy Positive test then negative

Digital pregnancy tests don’t require you to read the results. But they are very quick. This means that you need to read the result quickly before they disappear. 

Positive digital pregnancy test then negative depending on the time lapsed may be a sign of something is wrong. 

It could also be that any of the above reasons for positive pregnancy test then negative apply in that case too. Positive pregnancy test turned negative can be because you left the pregnancy test unattended for long. 

A positive pregnancy test changing or vice versa has no meaning because after passing of reading time, the result ceases to be reliable.

Am I pregnant if my positive pregnancy test turned negative?  

Yes, it is most likely that you are pregnant provided your first pregnancy test was not an evaporation line

The cases of getting false positive pregnancy test are rare. There is only a minor possibility that you took the test after IVF or miscarriage to get a false positive pregnancy test.

No matter how faint positive pregnancy test, you are most likely to be pregnant. You must either repeat a pregnancy test next morning or get a pregnancy blood test.

Can a positive pregnancy test be wrong?

Pregnancy Test positive then turned negative might make you doubt the accuracy of the positive pregnancy test. 

A positive pregnancy test can be wrong because it has only 99% accuracy. Pregnancy test positive then turned negative is not, however, the case that you need to worry about. 

Positive pregnancy test after IVF can be wrong. Faint positive then a negative pregnancy test is also a sign that you did a mistake while taking the earlier pregnancy test. 

You might have read an evaporation line as positive during the first test. Positive pregnancy test then negative next day is either because you are using a defective or less sensitive pregnancy test.

Positive pregnancy test then negative no bleeding

Is it possible that I’m still pregnant after positive pregnancy test turned negative? 

If you have no bleeding after positive pregnancy test followed by negative, then you need not worry at all. 

It only means that the second pregnancy test is false. But positive pregnancy test then negative a week later needs medical attention.

It could be that you took the pregnancy test after taking fertility drugs. 

In that case, you got a false positive pregnancy test the first time around. Later the hCG levels fell, and you got a negative pregnancy test.

Can a pregnancy test be negative and positive the next day?

This is a more frequent case. Within a day such a change might surprise but hCG levels rise double. 

This is why it is possible that you get a negative pregnancy test and positive the next day.


  1. Hi I’m due on in 5 days. I done a pregnancy test last night and it said positive but a faint line! Done another test today and it was negative done another one still negative?any advise please

    • Repeating two tests a day isn’t ideal because your urine gets diluted. And before 5 days from due period is way to early. Wait for a week when your period is due. Probably the previous pregnancy test wasn’t positive or maybe the new one is false negative. Either way the tests right now at this stage aren’t so reliable. Two weeks wait before taking pregnancy test leaves no room for doubt.

  2. My ovulation day was 27th April, We did on 26th.

    My cycle is of 27-28 days and so we did test on 12th May and it shown Faint Positive Line.

    Now, on 13th May in evening little brown discharge frequently I noticed. And today 14th May morning it started bleeding. It’s not like menstrual but need to use pad. The flow is kind of low like 3rd end day or 4th starting day. So, we went to Dr. in afternoon (Who was not knowing about ovulation kit’s availabity in our city or its price at all) and he took pregnancy test again in i-know same kit and result came negative. He did sonography from inside also. (I have doubt is it 100% correct? Sonography is ultimate or what? Also, is it possible on first month? Coz when I had my first child that Dr said not to do sonography on first month as its useless)

    Kindly guide me asap What should I do? Should I go for one more morning test after 2-3 days? Or go for blood test or consider as this is negative?

    • See its possible that you have brown discharge or spotting or even bleeding during pregnancy. You took the pregnancy test on the right time. But as you went to the doctor in afternoon your urine might not be concentrate. The result could be a false negative. Because even if you expect that the blood flow was some mishap hCG levels don’t go that fast. You’d still get a positive test provided you test in the morning. Indeed 4 week ultrasound won’t show much not even 4 week transvaginal ultrasound. But an experienced doc can manage to figure things out. The best decision would be to wait for two weeks, taking all precautions of diet and rest. Then take a pregnancy test early morning using concentrate urine. Or head to the doctor for a pregnancy blood test after a week from now. Waiting for two more weeks will bring the hCG if you’re pregnant to the detectable range.

      • Thank you so much for the guidence. I just read your message and before this I just did one more test at home with different kit. (Previously used i-know and now preganews) and the result is negative. Secondly when I write to you blood flow was like that.
        Its morning here. 8.45am. And yesterday(15th date) I got much bleeding. From morning to evening in 12 hours almost 1 pad filled and in night when I changed the pad I saw sticky clotes in the pad. Took pics of it. I have a doubt of miscarraige but I am not sure. Now considering as I am not pregnant. The first positive result (faint line) might be sign of miscarriage. What you say/suggest? I am saying everything from net searching only. No any personal experience.

        Also, is it possible that on 12 date morning low hCG can disappear/low down by 14th afternoon or 16th morning?

        I will be thankful for your guidence.

        • No, hCG takes weeks to fall back to normal in your blood after miscarriage. You must consult a doctor. It is not safe to solely rely on net search because that is a general information not considering a particular individual needs.

  3. My last cycle was April 23rd-27th, and then my clear blue advanced OPK detected that I was at peak ovulation May 12th. On May 15th I noticed some very light pink spotting that only lasted about an hour and a half, so I decided to test the next day. On May 16th, I got a POSITIVE!! I decided to test immediately after and got two negatives, and another negative for the urine test at the doctors. I tested again, this morning, May 17th and got 3 consecutive negatives… could I still be pregnant?? I want this so bad!

    • First of all you’re testing too early. Secondly taking many tests in a row isn’t right. Your urine gets diluted. Doctor’s pregnancy blood test will be most reliable. Wait for two weeks and then get a blood serum hCG test. Until then don’t stress out. Take a test a day if you want to know early not more than that.

  4. I have a question I ovulated may 6 and I tested on May 15 in the afternoon and got a faint positive within the two minute mark. Then I retested on the next day in the morning and got another faint positive same thing for the evening. My question is it is May 19 and I retested again and I got a negative? Can you please tell me me what’s going on? I’m devastated and stressed plus AF hasn’t shown either!

  5. My LMP was on 18th April. I took a HPT on 21st of May which was positive and a blood test at the doctors confirmed the same. I haven’t had any symptoms and had minimal spotting for a day or two. Today on 28 I took another HPT which was negtive. How is this possible?

    • Sometimes test are false negative. If your doctors confirmed pregnancy then you must repeat a test. Spotting during pregnancy without any painful symptoms is common. Just get another pregnancy test.

  6. Hi. I am very confused. My menstrual cycles are not regular. I think my last one was back in March. They have never been regular. So i do not know when i ovulated. But i had some pinkish spotting for like 2 days but never heavy. I didnt even wear a pad. I thought it was my period coming but i never bled again. So i went and bought a early detection first response test. I timed 5 mins on my phone to look at it. It had a faded line. But i couldnt tell if it was pink or not. So the next morning i took another one. It was a line again that looked like the same the day before. Both of the lines came in a 5 minute time limit. Then i went to get a dollar tree test. It was negaitive. So i was thinking ok mabey its just too early for that one. So then i called my ob drs office. They said they take walkins for pregnancy tests. The test was negative. So that was a little over a week ago. So i take anpther firat reaponse early detection and it was a faded line again. But this one i could till it had the color pink in it. It alsp came up within like 3 mins time frame. So then i went back to my ob drs office and their test was negaitive again. So the next day i took another first response early detection again and it was negative. No fainted line or nothing. So later that night i did ot again. It was also negative. I am soo confused.

    • All your tests at doctors office are more reliable than any kit. Faint line of early detection kit is confusing you. So take any other brand test. Majority of the test results are negative and doctor’s pregnancy test is accurate.

  7. Im not sure when was my last period exaclty(January 2018)

    Jan.22 unprotected sex(withdrawal)

    Feb. not get period ,march i tought im just delay March 24 unprotected sex same as jan. 22
    April 21 hpt negative- april -28 very faint line couldnt identify if + May 01- digital clear blue -neg May 29 -neg

    i experience cramping so much..but until now period not come


    • All your pregnancy tests are negative. Apart from cramps by now there should have been more pregnancy symptoms. Your period is late by 4 months according to your comment, Kindly consult a doctor, there are options of confidential diagnosis.

  8. Hi im actually from the Philippines, so im sorry about My English and grammar .. My last period was april 16 .then I took pregnancy test 2 Times last week and it came both positive .. then MAY,30 I was bleeding, like first day of My period, but not hurt I dont feel anything. Then MAY 31 its like spotting then June 1 today , its like 1 spot of blood .. then i tried to take pregnancy again then it negatives .. i dont know what happening im so stress and hurt emotionally😭 then My OB do HCG and I got the result .. 17.5 it was equivocal.. i dont know what it means .. please Help me ..

    • Stressing will worsen the situation. Relax and accept the things that are beyond your control. Consult your doctor if you still see pregnancy symptoms.

  9. Hi I have very strong positive test yesterday and is morning is negative and so do afternoon . Does it mean I am not pregnant ? I am bit confuse

  10. I have been on the pill for 4 years but recently i forgot to take my pill for a few days because i working double shifts and then had sex which i don’t usually do often but on june 5th it will be a month since and i have had no periods but i have felt pregnancy symptoms nausea,cramps,headaches, dizziness, food cravings, clear jelly like discharge, constipation, lots of bumps on my nipples and getting larger,feeling bloated and exhausted. I have taken a few tests and only one was positive the rest were negative results, it will be a month since i believe i became pregnant may 5th to june 5th …how many more weeks should i wait to go to my gynecologist?

    • The first prenatal visit happens at the 7 week. You can go to your gynecologist earlier too. If its a month from your last period and you think you are pregnant then you are already 8 weeks pregnant. Don’t be surprised pregnancy is calculated from first day of last menstrual period. All except one tests were negative is a thing you must thin over.

  11. 8 days late
    Took a test with first morning pee looked like a slight positive, other two were negative.. how much longer should I wait??

    • Don’t take more than one test a day. Two weeks wait is conventional for getting a positive pregnancy test. You are most likely to get accurate test in the third week after missed period.

  12. Hi. My last period started on May 16th. I had my second IUI on May 27th with a trigger shot May 25th. I was told to test June 12th but had not been feeling well and the urge to test a few days early. On Thursday afternoon (June 7th) I got a faint line. I waited to use a morning urine sample on Saturday (June 9th). Used a digital HPT from the same brand and box and got a positive. Then today (June 11th) I woke up and tested and got two negative results. I’m very confused. I am taking supplements but none of which say can lead to false positives. And this time my trigger was one that leaves the system faster than the ovidrel I used last time. What does his mean?

    • The previous test may have been false positive. Even if the drug leaves faster, it will take time. And if the drug was leaving fast even then hCG levels take time to come to detectable range. Your IUI was on 25 May, it will take at least two weeks plus time for hCG to rise least. You’re only 15 days past it. Don’t worry, take a test after few days. Sometimes the body takes longer for hCG to double and later increases it quicker.

  13. Hi
    I ovulated on the 17th June. I took a pregnancy test on the 24th and it came up positive and now 2 days on I got 2 negatives
    Could the positive pregnancy on the 17th be the implantation day hence the higher hcg levels and there is a possibility I could be pregnant I’m due on the 21st of this month
    I’m getting cramps on both side and in my uterus

    • A pregnancy test after a week from ovulation is pretty early. You must always try waiting for a week after missed period.

  14. My periods have never been regular so I can’t tell you when my last period was but I took a random
    Pregnancy test and it was a quick positive. Took one the next morning and it was a quick positive. I made an appt at gyno and they took me to come in a month.. when I went in the said my pregnancy test was a faint line positive. We did a scan and they saw a sac. Yet he asked like I wasn’t pregnant and told me to take a test in two weeks and come back if it’s positive. I didn’t wait but I didn’t one the next day and it was a negative on a digital test. Now what???

    • See it is difficult to figure out what exactly you see on a ultrasound screen. Your doctor knows what is best. Take a second opinion from some other one if you have doubts.

  15. I have taken pregnancy test on CD 27..it shows faint positive and visible as well…And taken another test on next day morning with first urine,the result was negative..On CD 29 also the result was negative…Am so confused..Am i pregnant??

      • I took a pregnancy test being 2 days late && it became positive.. I took a blood test and urine and they were negative, but I am now 4 days late.. Doctor told me to come back in a week if still no bleeding which is 5 more days away and to follow up with the OBGYN then. Is there anything you can tell me to ease my mind?

        • Must have been a false positive or just a wrong pregnancy test, the first one. One week late period is not something you need to worry about.

  16. Hi
    I done a pregnancy test after being 3 days late. Got a faint positive so done one the next day the line was slightly darker. All weekend I’ve felt a little cramp not to severe but because I have anxiety and we have been trying for a very long time I decided to do another pregnancy test which came back negative ( different brand from the first two) I am so scared I’m going to MC now because this has came back negative. I’ve had no bleeding?

  17. Hi .. i have an ovarian cyst 2.4cm but my mens was regular .. this month of june I missed my period… my period last may was 10th of the month so i expected my mens on first week of june but it didnt come on the 16th of june i decided to do hpt then its positive the next day i test again and its positive also .. but on the 20th day of june blood comes out but just a little .. then the next day again but it comes and go .. then 22nd day of june im bleeding a lot but unlike my regular menstruation .. and im bleeding up to yesterday july 1 just a little bit start 23rd up to yesterday .. am i pregnant or all of this happening because i have ovarian cyst? Pls. Reply i really need some advise now before going to ob. Thank u ..

    • Don’t take and act upon any advice from anyone except your OB. Ovarian cysts mimic pregnancy affects. Women with cysts do get pregnant. There is no rule of the thumb that this is happening because of a particular thing.

  18. I have marriage before 14th period marriage 27.after onemonth not period I check hcg kit result positive but stil 2month I check hcg kit result negative why?pls reply I confused im pregnat not pregnant?

  19. april 14 period…then april 27 marriage 1month not period I check pregnancy kit positive but this month check negative why reply me

  20. I have a question I had light bleeding two days not clots before my period was due then no period I took three walmart test three different days positive then couple days later I tried frist response in afternoon it was negative then tried again few days later in morning negative thought I would try one more this week and got positive from again walmart cheap what does that means still no period.

    • You got a positive pregnancy test now. It means you’re pregnant. Take the same test early morning, afternoon pregnancy test is a complete no at early stages.

  21. I was suppose to get my period on June 26, 2018 and we are in July 5,2018 and i haven’t gotten my period on july 2nd i took 2 pregnancy test and they showed 2 faded lines and on july 3rd i took another 2 pregnancy test digital and they both were negative today july 5 i took 2 pregnancy test digital the first one stated negative and the second one positive
    i have been having alot of cramping period cramping since the days before i was suppose to start my period and till today i still have does cramp feeling of period and i have been pregnant before and i don’t have those symptoms what do you think am i pregnant?

    • Take the pregnancy test early morning, you will get your answer. You can collect the urine and take multiple tests on the same time.

  22. Hi, my last period started May 22nd. I completely missed my period for the month of June so on July 2nd, I took a first response digital pregnancy test in the afternoon. At that point I was about 10 days late. The result came out positive (My shower was on and I also take prescribed adderall xr 20mg. Not sure if the steam or prescription could affect the results.) The following day, July 3rd, I went to the doctor’s and had a sonogram and urine test done (I did not take my prescription that day). The results for both tests were negative. Then on July 4th, first thing in the morning, I took another first response digital pregnancy test. The result came out negative this time. Currently I am 14 days late and cramping but still no period. I am so confused and anxious. Am I or am I not pregnant?

    • Perhaps you want to know the answer of the next line. Does Adderall xr affect pregnancy test? Most likely it shouldn’t because the drug works on nervous system. Steam also does not affect the results of pregnancy test. Nevertheless you took the test in afternoon, and it was an earlier pregnancy stage, so the later result is more reliable. Further to add to it, the hospital pregnancy test also came out negative. You should have told them about being on Adderall XR. If possible consult your doctor for another test.

  23. Hi i’m 42 years old i’m 5 days due, i did first response on Sunday 07 came positive i repeat next day came Positive also i did blood test came positive same day , today i repeat a pee test with different brand (clear blue digital) came negative, i’m so confused and afraid for my age i have a ectopic pregnacy.

    thank you

    • Yes you must consult your gynecologist before the first scheduled prenatal visit. Age is not a limitation with advancing medical science. Taking precautions is a must.

  24. Hello.. I would like to know if I should go for a sonar scan.. I started having my period the 16th may… My cycle is 28days..so I was suppose to get my period on the 13th of June.. I missed it and 4 days later took a test that showed I’m pregnant.. 3 weeks later I started bleeding but not too heavy then a day passed I got a very severe period cramp like pain… And there was a clot that looked odd.. After I saw it I immediately went to the doctor bought a test on my way and showed I was 1 to 2 weeks pregnant which was odd because I was suppose to be around 5 or 6 weeks.. Anyways got to the doctor took pregnancy tests and only one showed positive. 7 days after no test shows positive. I’m not sure but I think I had a miscarriage. Now I’m wondering if I should still go to get a sonar scan to make 100% sure. Or will my body do the cleaning out itself.. My breasts also stopped being sore. I’m really confused. I don’t know what to do.

    • Ask your doctor for the most personal advice. Sonar scan is totally safe compared to CT scan, so if it gets you satisfaction, go for it.

  25. I’m so much confuse about my periods. My last menstrual was on 10 June. I’ve no periods still. My first pregnancy test(11/7) was faint positive but today(15/7) it is negative. What should I do? Pls suggest.

    • A faint positive pregnancy test at early stage can be evap line. Consider buying a more accurate pregnancy test and taking it early morning. It’d be best to get a blood test done.

  26. Hi I took a pregnancy test last Thursday and it came out positive it was clear and simple since then I’ve taken 4 clear blues and one strip test all negative I’m not due my period until the 21st of this month but I’ve had period like cramping back pain abdomen pain consapation tender breasts and emotional outbursts I’m looking for some help thankyou

    • Take an early pregnancy test early morning after a week from missed period. Before missed period most kits are not accurate.

  27. I knew I was pregnant right away, just as I knew with my son who is 7, had this weird feeling and all the symptoms at once. But now, at 9 weeks, the symptoms are fading but a select few. There’s no blood, no spotting. I’ve taken 8 test using 4 different brands, all have been instantly positive, but after 2 days, 2 of the more expensive ones would turn negative. Of course I panic and take the mates from the box, 2 more positive results, and the results stayed. So was it 2 faulty tests and no need to worry? Or maybe it is a chemical pregnancy? I want to tell our families the good news, but the last 4 times we had a positive result, we miscarried.

    • You’re 9 weeks pregnant according to your calculations. Have you verified from an OB? By now you should have had your first prenatal visit. If not that, considering your genuine anxiety, at least get a blood pregnancy test done. Whether the pregnancy test is cheap or expensive, doesn’t guarantee accuracy. A blood pregnancy test is conclusive. Without spotting and bleeding or any cramping symptoms, it is rare to have miscarriage.

  28. hi.i took my pregnant test yesterday and it was faded result and i took again this morning and it turns to negative.what should i do?im 2 months delay but no symptoms at all except champing and dizziness.Thank you for reply

    • Get a blood hCG test done. It’s pretty late to not get a positive pregnancy test if you’re truly pregnant. Otherwise consult gynecologist for the period delay. You maybe taking some contraceptives.

  29. I confirmed preg 3 June by 11 June I miscarried I since found out on 12 July I was pregnant by a digital test interested woth the weeks one on 17 July to be told I’m not pregnant what is goin on

  30. Hi
    I was diagnosed with PCOS. I am under pills for a month to three so I can be on my cycle and prevent to excessive bleeding. January to May 2018, my period was always on set every 8-9th of the month. Last May got spotting from May9-11, then regular flow from May12-14. My partner arrived the following day, I am on a continous pill. Then after a week we had contact. Comes June, I am expecting my period june 8-13. But had spotting from june8-15 then 16 heavy period then 17 by night totally stopped. Stopped taking pills. Had a contact with my partner by July5 (both contact were unprotected and no withdrawals). This July again I am expecting it. But no signs of spotting or what. So I decided to take a pregnancy test by July13 morning. The result was positive, 2 lines but it was a lil bit faint. The ff day took another test it was negative and so on the next day. And it resulted to negative. Total of 5 test, 1 positive 4 negative. I am confused, am I pregnant? I am experiencing something weird or unusual like cravings, difficulty in sleeping, breast tenderness, slight dizziness, tummy and bach aches. Accdg to my OB I am 5wks and 2 days delay (based on my June LMP), after a day or two, tummy aches was persistent. And experienced also spotting for 2 days. On the third got heavy flow then 4th it slows down. Also got a sonography, no remark of pregnancy. I am so confused, am i pregnant or what? Should i take a beta-hcg? Appreciate your comment and feedback. Thank you.

    • If the sonograph shows no sign of pregnancy most likely it is true. However, ultrasound before the 7 week or even 8 week ultrasound at times doesn’t show anything. At times it is miscalculation and other times just slow development. The first test to confirm pregnancy is beta hCG and you must get that done. Even home pregnancy tests are just preliminary. Faint positive very light line also means pregnant.


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