Expired Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy tests are not as simple as they show in advertisements. It’s not simply a pink line appearing by magic and telling you that you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests are like small laboratory tests made user friendly. Expired pregnancy test is an old HPTs that cannot test pregnancy any longer. The over the counter pregnancy tests have a complicated reaction of hormones and dyes to detect pregnancy. Any small mistake made while taking pregnancy test can give a false pregnancy test. A false pregnancy test really brings a lot of stress and anxiety. Getting a wrong pregnancy test result can even create health issues. Pregnancy tests can go wrong because of human error.

When does a pregnancy test work?

A pregnancy test works when you have enough hCG hormone in your urine. This is a pregnancy hormone that comes along urine in pregnant women.

But more importantly you should know when does a pregnancy test not work?

An expired pregnancy test or broken pregnancy test doesn’t work. Expired pregnancy tests! That is why we say that pregnancy test is just like a medicine and has a shelf life.

Expired pregnancy test
Expired pregnancy test

Can pregnancy tests expire?

A pregnancy test certainly gets expired after a span of one to two years. This is because a pregnancy test has a dye and hCG antibodies. These organic particles have a life span and after that they become useless. Do pregnancy tests expire? All pregnancy tests expire irrespective of the fact how good they are. In the end the detector particle of a pregnancy test is the same hCG antibody! The antibody is like the fighter cells we have in our body. They can detect and bind to any foreign particle. The hCG antibodies detects the hormone hCG in urine and bind to them. And antibody has a structure that has two handles and tail. If these handles are no longer functional then pregnancy test will not work. Pregnancy test expiration is mainly the breaking of these handles of hCG antibodies.

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When does a pregnancy test expire?

A pregnancy test expires when it completes about a period of one to two years from manufacture. The expiry date of pregnancy tests is specific for each pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests from the same brand may have different expiry dates. Standard pregnancy tests may have a shorter life span compared to a digital pregnancy test expiry. Standard pregnancy tests have hCG strips with or without a plastic cover. Digital pregnancy tests have hCG strips encased inside a plastic body. When do pregnancy tests expire? The pregnancy test expiration has nothing to do with the plastic. A pregnancy test expires mainly because of hCG strip.

How long do pregnancy tests last before expiry?

A pregnancy test lasts in its best state from the manufacture until expiry. How long does a pregnancy test lasts will depend on how good it is. Pregnancy tests have a longer lifetime. The pregnancy test expiry date might not be written directly. The expiry date of pregnancy tests is on the flipside of the pack. It will not be a particular date. Instead the year and month of expiry are stated. Now another question that you may ask is what is the expiry date of pregnancy test? Abiding by the medical council rules these expiry dates of pregnancy test are six months in advance. Nevertheless, you’ll take it as the last date of given month. Say if the expiry is 2017 – 09 then you’ll consider it as 31st of September of the year 2017. Pregnancy tests will work until last date before expiry. Most pregnancy tests might work even after a day or two from expiry. But you cannot rely on accuracy of expired pregnancy test.

Expired pregnancy test accuracy

A pregnancy test doesn’t expire on the day immediately. It is not a spontaneous reaction that takes place with a poof! The pregnancy test starts losing its ability to work since the day of manufacture. As time passes it becomes less and less accurate. An expired pregnancy test may give right results in some case. Nonetheless the accuracy of expired pregnancy test isn’t reliable. Is an expired pregnancy test accurate? Saying either that expired pregnancy test is accurate or not isn’t technically correct.

Can I use an expired pregnancy test?

A tip about expired pregnancy tests, never buy a pregnancy test very close to its expiry. If you get an expired pregnancy test very close to expiry it’s like you get a very old watchman. He won’t be able to guard and catch thieves, in this case hCG particles in your urine.

If you already have an expired pregnancy test then you can use it! What is the point of throwing it away unused? Use the expired pregnancy test but do not rely on its results. But if you are buying pregnancy tests then never get an expired pregnancy test.

Do expired pregnancy tests work?

Some women tell us that expired pregnancy test worked for them and they saved few dollars! The story could end here but we also get an equal number of women asking us that albeit they took the test cautiously yet got false results. This is the case when the pregnancy test is broken or expired. A pregnancy test may be left placed on the shelf in a shop. If the shopkeeper isn’t vigilant an expired pregnancy test might go behind unnoticed. Unlike the time to differentiate between two MAC lipstick shades we avoid standing with a pregnancy test in hand.

  1. Women forget the very important step of checking the expiry date of pregnancy tests. Expired pregnancy tests may be present on the stand and if you don’t look carefully you might get one home.
  2. Expiry date given on the box may be different from the expiry date mentioned on the kit. This could be because of packaging flaws during manufacture or if the shop stocks up in the old box. You should always consider the date of expiry on pregnancy test.
  3. Another vital point is the pregnancy tests expire after ‘two to three years from manufacture’. Some women think that once they get a pregnancy test it will be functional for two years from that time. No, a pregnancy test could already be old enough or expired while at the store. Remember the last time you got week old bread from bakery? It tastes different. Pregnancy test is no exception to the law of ageing.

Do early pregnancy tests expire?

Early pregnancy tests are more sensitive and can detect pregnancy six days before missed period. But no one can escape death and early pregnancy tests expire too. Early pregnancy tests also have the chemical which cannot function till the end of time. A new early pregnancy test will work better than an old one. Early pregnancy tests may take long but they too will expire.

Is my pregnancy test still good? Do pregnancy tests really expire?

Pregnancy Test expiration is something so unheard of that women may not even think of it. Pregnancy tests really expire and have a lifetime. An expired pregnancy test can still be good but it is shooting an arrow in the dark. There is no guarantee about accuracy of an expired pregnancy test.


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