New Choice Pregnancy Test

The New Choice Pregnancy Test is the favorite of buyers at the Dollar Tree store. It has a decent level of accuracy and sensitivity and a fast pace of giving these results. Also, it has been approved by the FDA.

A positive result by the New Choice PT comes within 60 seconds. This feature is unsurpassed by any other cassette pregnancy test.

Now, let’s review the New Choice Pregnancy Test in a detailed manner. 

Description of New Choice Pregnancy Test

The New Choice Pregnancy Test is a cassette pregnancy test. It means that it has a plastic case with an hCG strip inside it.

You can use the dropper for applying the sample of your urine or even directly take the kit midstream in your urine.

The midstream procedure being a little messy process is not advisable. But it is easier, and this pregnancy test gives you the option to take your test that way.

New Choice Pregnancy Test review
New Choice Pregnancy Test review

Symptoms and signs for taking the New Choice Pregnancy Test

These are the signals given to you by your body when something other than usual goes inside. Also, this answers how soon you can take the New Choice test?

  1. Having unprotected sex near your ovulation day
  2. Feeling an unexplainable restlessness and anxiety and perspiration
  3. Feeling lethargic and switching between hyperactive and reactive moods
  4. Breast tenderness and enlargement more than the usual premenstrual state
  5. Vagina feeling wider and softening of the pubic region
  6. Increased or decreased appetite
  7. Vomiting and nausea
  8. Missed due date of your periods

Components of the New Choice Pregnancy Test

You get only one test inside the New Choice Pregnancy Test. The general Dollar Store or Dollar Tree stores sell it for only 1$. Hence it is cheaper than most other tests which might come as sets of three or five.

The one New Choice Pregnancy Test pack has

  1. A plastic cassette – This has the hCG strip which is the site of performing the test. There are slots for dropping the sample on the strip. The result zone is the area where you see the control and test lines appearing telling you the results of the test.
  2. A dropper – It is for the people who don’t want to mess up things and are cleanliness lovers. You get a dropper to be able to drop the sample (urine) in without touching it with your hands.

Things you need while using New Choice Pregnancy Test

  1. New Choice Pregnancy Test
  2. Timer
  3. A clean cup
  4. Magnifying glass
  5. Instructions manual

How to use New Choice Pregnancy Test?

Follow these simple steps. However, read the instructions given on the pack.

The instructions given on the flip side of the pack or in the instructions manual of the pregnancy test are essential.

  1. Get up early in the morning and without drinking water head straight to take the test.
  2. Take a clean cup along. Preferably keep everything ready the night before but not inside the washroom, as there are a lot of germs in there. Keep it in a closet.
  3. Collect your sample of urine and place the cup aside on a clean surface where no moisture can reach the sample.
  4. Using the dropper that comes along with the kit take a small amount of the sample and add it dropwise in the sample well.
  5. Wait for entire three minutes before confirming pregnancy test result.
  6. Discard the used kit.

Precautions while using New Choice Pregnancy Test

  1. Please do remember that you don’t have to drink water or any other liquids that may interfere with the results.
  2. Collect the first sample of urine and not the latter one. It means that place the cup before you start and remove it once filled.
  3. Place the kit facing up during the entire procedure and don’t shake it.
  4. Read the results within the instructed time span.
  5. Don’t touch the strip with your hands. The capillary action (movement of a fluid on a solid surface) will break. Then urine hCG might not reach the test strip then.
  6. Read the instructions before you perform the test.

Color codes of New Choice Pregnancy Test

  • A red color line for control line: This confirms the perfect working condition of the kit.
  • The second line in a range of red shades: This is the test line which is present confirms the positive test

 Pros of New Choice Pregnancy Test

  • Affordable and available in general Dollar Store and Dollar Tree store
  • Accurate pregnancy test that can detect pregnancy five days before missed periods
  • Positive result develops in a minute
  • Least rate of false negative and false positive results

Cons of New Choice Pregnancy Test

  • Comes as a single test in a kit

Interpreting the results of New Choice Pregnancy Test

New Choice Pregnancy Test results

  1. New Choice Pregnancy Test Negative results: A Single Red Line confirms that the kit is in a good working condition. The inference is that the test has negative results and you are not pregnant. It can also be that you’ve taken the test too early. Repeat after a day or two when you get a negative result.
  2. New Choice Pregnancy Test Positive results: Two Red Lines – First Control Line followed by the Test Line. The inference is that the test is Positive. New Choice Pregnancy Test Positive shows that you are pregnant.
  3. No lines or lines of other colors: The kit is defective or not functioning correctly. The inference is that the test is invalid. False Positive may show in case the evaporation gets a color
  4. Colorless lines: These are the infamous evaporation lines formed from your urine contents which could not evaporate. False negative results say nothing about your pregnancy. Very faint positive Test is a positive result. Faint positive results occur when you take the pregnancy test too early.

Most important caution while using New Choice Pregnancy Test

No matter how accurate or sensitive a pregnancy test is, it won’t be able to surpass a professional medical examination. You can take over the counter pregnancy tests but only to have a rough idea before getting a doctor’s appointment.

Never rely on false negative or false positive irrespective of the number of times the result appears the same way.

How does the New Choice Pregnancy Test work?

The hCG strip in the pregnancy test has a patch of hCG antibodies attached to it. These are small particles that can attach to the hCG molecules present in your urine. This hormone comes in your urine only when you are pregnant and have got the embryo (a bunch of your baby’s cells) implanted in your womb.

When these antibodies attach to the hCG particles, a chemical reaction takes place which leads to color development. It is the color you see in the form of lines.

Control line doesn’t need hCG to show the color; it reacts with your urine contents to give the color. The function of the control line is to validate the working condition of the pregnancy test.

New Choice Pregnancy Test Accuracy

The New Choice is a sensitive and reliable pregnancy test.

There are endless testimonials given by many women support New Choice Pregnancy Test accuracy. The reviews by who have used this cheap pregnancy test swear by its sensitivity.

And basic math says that higher the number of times an experiment repeated the error percentage goes down by that factor.

So the affordability is a factor that helps you further minimize the possible errors.

It can detect hCG level as low as 10 – 20 mIU/ml. It is the level of hCG produced by the body within five days post-implantation (attachment of baby cells to the wall of the womb).

Thus it’s accuracy is better than the best pregnancy tests.

New Choice’s hCG levels sensitivity is one of highest recorded. The most popular pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy just one day earlier than New Choice Pregnancy Test. However, their cost is pretty high to make one overlook getting results a day in advance.

The incident of getting a false negative or a false positive result is very rare. The test gives a positive result within a minute. And the entire process completes in three minutes at most.

New Choice Pregnancy Test reviews

We recommend New Choice Pregnancy Test as a sensitive and reliable pregnancy test for preliminary testing.

The pregnancy test is easy to use and very cheap when bought from Dollar Store. The test will help you come to know about your pregnancy five days earlier. It is also ideal pregnancy test for women who have to take regular over the counter pregnancy tests.

It is the case after getting an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF – fertility treatment). Home pregnancy test after IVF is an expensive affair. This test saves a lot of money being cheap Dollar store pregnancy test.



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