One Step Pregnancy Test


Pregnancy is a journey which embarks by the two lines appearing on a pregnancy test. One step urine hCG pregnancy test have made the work easier. If it is difficult to detect pregnancy at home most women will have to go without testing! This is because not all can afford a hospital pregnancy test every time they feel queasy. Pregnancy tests seem complicated at first. Reviews talking about false pregnancy test make them more confusing. So some women wait until weeks after missed period hoping for detecting pregnancy from tell tale signs. One Step Pregnancy Test is a kind of pregnancy test. It is not a brand. Pregnancy tests are of different types like early pregnancy test, digital pregnancy test, and rapid response pregnancy test. These are also a type of home pregnancy test.

One Step Pregnancy Test
One Step Pregnancy Test

One Step Pregnancy Test instructions

This Pregnancy Test kit has a traditional pregnancy test. These tests generally are the non digital pregnancy tests. Some of these PT are as accurate as early pregnancy tests. They strips are cheap and cost-effective. Detection of pregnancy becomes even easier with One Step Pregnancy Test midstream.

How to use One Step Pregnancy Test 

Taking pregnancy test is very easy.

  • Collect you early morning urine in a clean cup. You can directly urinate on the Pregnancy Test if it is midstream.
  • You need to dip the hCG strip of pregnancy test in urine sample and wait for two minutes for results.
  • Don’t let the pregnancy test stand for more than 10 minutes.

How one step pregnancy test works?

One Step Pregnancy Test principle is just like any other home pregnancy test. It detects the hCG hormone present in urine. When a woman conceives the embryo implants in her womb. The placenta covers the baby to protect and provide nourishment. The placenta forms a pregnancy hormone called hCG. This hormone comes along the urine only in case of pregnant women. A pregnancy test detects this hormone in urine. This pregnancy test is qualitative and it only detects hCG.

When urine hCG is near the sensitivity of One Step Pregnancy Test then test line appears. This shows a positive result.

How one step pregnancy test detects pregnancy?

One step pregnancy test detects pregnancy on the basis of presence or absence of hCG hormone. If hCG is present in urine then you are pregnant. If hCG is not present in urine then you are not pregnant.

One Step Pregnancy – Test How early can you test?

One Step Pregnancy Test can detect pregnancy as early as five days before missed period. Walgreens PT can detect pregnancy five days earlier. How early can you use one step pregnancy test? You can take the test after you see symptoms of early pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test before period is not useful. If you are yet to get period that means you have not crossed two weeks from ovulation. It takes a lot more time to reach the stage of hCG production. So if you take test before missed period you need to be sure that your hCG levels are rising only because of pregnancy. How soon can you use a one step pregnancy test? This will also depend on which test you use. Every One Step Pregnancy Test has different sensitivity.

How do you read a one step pregnancy test?

Reading pregnancy test is not very difficult. Most pregnancy test have a symbolic representation of test results. You will not see ‘pregnant’ written on them.

One step pregnancy test results

One Step Pregnancy Test blue line is common. Blue dyes are becoming popular in these tests because of their better visibility. Test results don’t vary greatly. This is because most of them have plus sign for positive and minus sign for negative.

  1. One Step Pregnancy control line: When you dip the hCG strip of urine in PT, one line immediately turns blue. The control line of this test can either be vertical or horizontal. The single line is the control line. It only validates that the pregnancy test is in working condition. Faint control line is a sign that the pregnancy test is not effective in detecting pregnancy.
  1. One Step Pregnancy Test positive: Two lines indicate that the result is positive. Other way of positive result is by showing a plus sign. A blue colored plus sign means that you are pregnant.

    One Step Pregnancy Test very faint positive shows that you took the test too early. The hCG levels were not enough to give BFP (big fat positive). Any woman wanting to become pregnant wants to see the big fat positive result.

    One Step Pregnancy Test False positive is rare but true. If you take any fertility drugs your body will have hCG without being pregnant. You’ll get a false positive result in this case.

  2. One Step Pregnancy Test negative: If the pregnancy test shows a single horizontal line in second window then you are not pregnant. This is a minus sign. False negative is common when you take the pregnancy test too early. False negative means that you are actually pregnant but the test shows that you are not pregnant.
  1. One step pregnancy test faint line: One Step Pregnancy Test line faint is another result because you took the test too early. One Step Pregnancy Test faint negative line means that you could be using a very dilute sample of urine. Early morning urine has a high level of hCG and is suitable for pregnancy test. The test line not getting darker is the final stage of result. The test light line will not get darker by keeping it for long. A very faint line for positive results is also a positive result. After getting a thin line you must repeat the test after few days.

  2. One Step Pregnancy Test evaporation line: The Evap line is because the urine leaves a mark after evaporation. If you leave the test for more than 10 minutes then you will get an evaporation line.
  1. One Step Pregnancy Test indent line: The hCG antibodies present on strip form an indent line. The indent line of the test is made of the detector particles.
  1. One Step Pregnancy Test invalid: If you leave the test for more than 10 minutes then the results become invalid. One Step Pregnancy Test faint line after 10 minutes has no reliability. It can be simply an evap line. The test line disappeared after 10 minutes is because the test reading time is up. A negative turned positive is another invalid result. However, if this happens within 10 minutes then it could be because your body has low levels of hCG. In that case it is a positive result.

One step pregnancy test reviews

These kits are not only accurate but also cheap and easy to use. A vast majority of woman have given these PT a thumbs up because of their consistent performance and inexpensive nature.

Is One Step Pregnancy Test accurate?

Accuracy of these PTs depends on you. The sensitivity is fair enough to detect pregnancy using early morning urine. But if you use any random urine then hCG level will not be detected.

  1. Rexall One step pregnancy testIt is the best one step pregnancy test. The instructions are very easy to follow. This pregnancy test shows the results with a plus and minus sign. After the day of missed period this test is about 99% accurate.
  1. Equate one step pregnancy test It comes for only 3$. It is the best Walmart PT. It can detect pregnancy five days earlier. The results are symbolic as plus and minus. It takes only two minutes to detect pregnancy.
  1. Walgreens one step pregnancy test: Walgreens one step pregnancy price is a little pocket buster. It comes for 11$ or more. Its sensitivity makes it capable of detecting early pregnancy. This test detects pregnancy within 2 minutes and is the most accurate PT.
  1. CVS One Step Pregnancy TestThis is another in line. How to take CVS One Step Pregnancy Test? It only needs 7 seconds for exposing to urine sample. CVS One Step Pregnancy Tests come as a pair. It costs around 10$. So it is 5$ each. This is less than half of other barnds. It is also 99% accurate.

These pregnancy tests are just preliminary tests. One has to get an appointment with a doctor to confirm her results.


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