5 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

It has already been a month!! You are one month pregnant with a few of you still unaware about it. So this is the most common time (5 weeks pregnant) to find out about the pregnancy as most of you will notice your missed period and also the rising hormone levels are going to have some effect on your body.

Let us look at what the symptoms are and the embryonic development for the week.

How much is ‘5 Weeks Pregnant’ In Months?

Being 5 weeks pregnant means that you’re one week ahead of the first month of pregnancy. You may assume that you’re just two weeks pregnant.

The miscalculation occurs because doctors time pregnancy from the last day of LMP. Albeit you just saw the positive test, you’re still five weeks pregnant and 35 weeks to go.

Even some digital tests with countdown might not be able to calculate precisely. Your first dating scan and prenatal visit are soon to happen.

5 Weeks Pregnant
5 Weeks Pregnant

How Big Is My Baby At 5 Weeks Pregnant?

Your baby has not grown much in size. The organ systems have started forming and hCG is rising. Placental nutrition of baby will kick-start shortly.

A 5-week pregnant baby is 8.5 mm which is the size of a poppy seed or apple seed.

Embryonic Development At 5 Weeks Pregnancy

Size1) The size is measured from the crown region to rump, called as Crown Rump Length or CRL

2) The size is measured from the crown region to rump, called as Crown Rump Length or CRL
Nervous SystemThe neural tube continues to develop
OrgansThe development of all the major organs like kidneys, heart, liver and stomach has begun.

Organs systems like digestive system, nervous system and circulatory system have started developing
Heart1) Heart becomes functional very early on in the embryonic life.
2) The heart has already started its irregular thumping which will become stronger and more regular in the coming months.
3) For now, the heart has 2 tube-like channels which when fuse together, a fully functional heart is formed.
4) With this, the circulatory system becomes the first system to be operational in the embryonic life.
Other1) The yolk sac keeps providing nutrition to the embryo.
2) The embryo has the look of an extremely small tadpole.

Your baby at 5 Weeks Pregnant

Now your baby is shifting from the embryo to the fetus stage. The organs are taking form, and it’s a growth spurt.

At 5 weeks pregnant stage your baby has a hollow spine tube and brain. The tube will seal by the next week. There is a skull bone too fused with the spine.

Ears, eyes, and nose are just buds. The circulation system is also developing. The lungs are not going to function until birth but have started to form.

Some babies show a heartbeat at this early stage. Others can take up to the 7-week stage for showing up the pulse.

Thyroid glands that will make thyroid hormone have begun forming. Liver and pancreas also start developing.

5 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Signs that you see with twins at 5 weeks are slightly exacerbated version of early symptoms. Your morning sickness lasts all day and a heaviness persists all the time.

The other commonly experienced symptom is breathlessness and perspiration. Getting drained within a few minutes of work could be because of two babies!

A big fat positive pregnancy test at this stage or earlier is another clue. The hCG levels are picking up faster. Always remember that at this early stage twins don’t mean double of everything.

Changes Inside Mother’s Body At 5 weeks Pregnant

The changes taking place in your body are because of pregnancy hormones. Compared to the previous week you will notice drastic changes.

Hormone Levels During Week 5

By this week, the pregnancy hormone production is in full swing in your body. The hormone human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) ensures the functioning of corpus luteum while the placenta is being developed. This is the hormone that is considered to be possibly the cause of morning sickness.

Progesterone is also rising, and both the corpus luteum and placenta are producing it. The pregnancy glow (because of high Progesterone) will not be visible yet. The cons of high levels of progesterone are constipation and bloating.

Physical Changes – 5 Weeks Pregnant Belly

The hormone Progesterone is required for the development of the placenta. It also stimulates the growth of breast tissue and prevents the contraction of uterine smooth muscles. The hormone Estrogen maintains the levels of both progesterone and hCG.

The size of your belly will still be the same. Your mind will convince you that you need a maternity wardrobe hall. A reality check is that you have gained nothing. What can an apple seed do to your belly that pizza couldn’t??

Don’t bother about gaining or shedding weight as of now. By the end of the first trimester, you just have put on 1-5 pounds. If you’re underweight as per BMI you may need few extra calories to reach the weight milestone.

How do you feel when 5 weeks pregnant?

With all the changes happening coping up can drive you lunatic. The emotional feeling during the 5-week pregnancy has been rough. From the waiting of positive test anxiety to stepping in maternity centers, it gets overwhelming.

Generally, most women don’t feel pregnant at this stage. Being excited about pregnancy can make things easier or disappoint your expectations.

Running to the loo all the time can make you irritable. Not being on your workaholic routine and taking rest is not a bad idea.

5 weeks pregnant symptoms

The hCG levels in your body would be high enough to have a positive pregnancy test. It also means that the level of other hormones is also surging in the body; meaning the appearance of the typical pregnancy symptoms is not far away, or it may have already started for some.

The symptoms appearing in this week are just the beginning, and your body is about to go through a list of changes in the duration of pregnancy.

However, you need not be scared or worried as there are positives to look forward to like the baby. Usually, the first trimester is supposed to be the toughest but know that every pregnancy is different.

So in spite of changes occurring, you have to keep taking care of yourself by eating a healthy diet and taking rest.

Early 5 Week Pregnant Symptoms

1) Tingly Breasts

Throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding, you will have the most sensitive boobs. You may notice that your breasts have become extra sensitive.

2) Nausea

Morning sickness is one of the most common first trimester symptoms. In spite of the name, the condition can occur at any time of the day. It can happen anywhere at any time.

3) Lower Backache

As early development requires a lot of energy, quite an amount of energy is transferred to the embryo. Persistent pain in the lower back or towards sides is a manifestation of the tiredness. You may feel like napping/sleeping at any or all the time of a day.

4) Frequent Peeing

There will be a gradual increase in the frequency of urination (the urge to pee more than usual) with the processing of increased volume of blood.

5) Abdominal Stiffness

Again it will make you feel like there is something hard in your belly. Some women get an indication of their uterus expanding in the form of mild cramping. However, five weeks pregnant cramping is because of muscle stretching.

6) Vaginal Discharges and Light Spotting

There may be some spotting that is a result of implantation. Late implantation for women with the longer menstrual cycle can cause IB after 1 week of a missed menstrual period. Spotting after sex happens because the cervix is more sensitive than usual. At this stage, the mucus plug will seal the cervix.

7) Drooling

Your pillow will be wet after waking up. Increasing hormones affect saliva production resulting in increased production of saliva. In the case of Dehydration, you may not have too much saliva production. You can consider drooling a good sign of perfect hydration levels.

8) Tizzy Feeling

With the hormones wreaking havoc in your body, you would more likely have to deal with your mood swings. You may be excited at one moment and then miss your wine glasses. Quitting alcohol and smoking will have some severe withdrawal symptoms. Mentally prepare yourself to be the best mom for your baby.

9) Hunger Pangs

Many women have a craving from this stage. Some say that they begin eating a lot of things they ate as a child. Hormonal levels also cause food aversion. Your favorite food may now make you puke. Welcome to pregnancy – the blessing, the wrath.

Is 5 Weeks Pregnancy Cramping Normal?

You’re still scared about getting your period. Slight pain in the abdomen and vaginal discharge your heart thumps. Cramps at this stage are normal. Implantation and the accommodation changes for the new inhabitant cause cramps.

Gas distress can also cause sharp pain in early pregnancy. Ovary pain in pregnancy is also common. Overpowering hormones are responsible for such symptoms.

When do you need to call the doctor for five weeks pregnant cramping? Seeing bleeding along with cramping is a sign that something is wrong. It could be an early miscarriage or false pregnancy test previously.

How To Relieve 5 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms?

The symptoms of pregnancy may be more severe for some women, and some women may not experience most of the early signs. Let us look at some of the ways to get relief from some symptoms.

1) Different people find different ways to deal with morning sickness. One thing that can be done is to have frequent smaller meals rather than a few larger meals. After consulting your doctor, you may also try taking nausea-reducing lozenges.

2) In case you are unable to keep anything down no matter what you do, it may be the most severe type of morning sickness called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. You should get a checkup done sooner rather than later.

3) Go for regular exercise and take proper rest to ensure fine health. Also, eat light meals after every few hours, so that blood sugar level remains stable.

5) If you want to indulge in your cravings, make sure that they do not affect your health. Also, if you are feeling averse to some healthy food options, try to find their substitutes.

Weight Gain During 5 Weeks Pregnancy

1) By this week, you may have a slightly bloated belly or it is also possible that you have lost weight (due to vomiting).

2) So, the point is that everyone’s body type is different and the changes in the body occur differently.

3) There is no reason for you to worry about weight gain this early in the pregnancy. Each body mass index has a particular pregnancy weight gain target.

4) Normal weight in the BMI range 18-25 will have to gain 1-5 pounds when 13 weeks pregnant. Obese pregnant women with a BMI above 25 – 28 will have to gain 1-3 lbs.

5) This topic will be eventually discussed at the prenatal appointment. Don’t panic about BMI and pregnancy weight gain. You will get all the guidance that you need from the doctor.

5 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

1) This week you will not have an ultrasound unless there is a history of pregnancy complications or high-risk pregnancy.

2) Getting an early or 3D ultrasound at this stage would not be fruitful. You can opt for a transvaginal ultrasound.

How is 5 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Done?

You can still be curious about what happens during a 5-weeks pregnant ultrasound. A woman who has undergone IVF or has a history of miscarriage can have a scheduled 5-week scan.

The arduous task of ultrasound will begin with you drinking gallons of water, metaphorically. Your urinary bladder needs to expand to allow the organs behind to be visible.

Once you are uncomfortable holding your pee the scan will start.

Transvaginal ultrasound or pelvic ultrasound uses a thin tube that goes in via vagina. You may feel slight tingly discomfort. The device on the tube will show the changes inside on the screen.

What happens during 5 weeks pregnant ultrasound?

While performing a 5-week ultrasound your sonographer will apply some gel on your belly. With the building up pressure, the gel can feel uncomfortable. The gel helps in the movement of ultrasound equipment. You can use a tissue to remove it later.

Your doc will move the transducer pressing mildly while you lie down partially on the patient chair. For viewing the different parts inside your 5-week pregnant belly the ultrasound will take 15-20 minutes.

What Will You See In A 5 Week Ultrasound?

1) You will see a gestational sac and yolk sac. The dark spot is the gestational sac. Several gestational sacs show you whether you have a single baby or twins.

2) 5 weeks ultrasound twins will have two gestational sacs. Size of the gestational sac at 5 weeks is 0.2-0.3 cm.

3) The yolk sac is the lighter white spot you see that is the source of nutrition until the placenta takes over. The hCG levels in 5 weeks are around 1500 mIU/mL. It’s an indication of the growing placenta.

4) The thickness of your endometrial lining can tell your risk of miscarriage at 5 weeks. Most pregnancies terminate at this point if there are genetic abnormalities. Your OB will be able to measure the thickness during the ultrasound.

5) Pregnancy abnormalities like implantation inside tubes can also be detected.

Why Should You Get A 5 Week Ultrasound?

Following reasons for getting an early pregnancy ultrasound may interest you:

  • Dating of pregnancy and confirmation
  • To check abnormalities of pregnancy
  • Know whether you have multiples
  • Implantation site detection
  • Confirmation of IVF success
  • Miscarriage risk assessment

What does 5 Week Ultrasound No Sac No Heartbeat mean?

Most women return with a 5 weeks ultrasound and an empty sac. The size of the baby is just about your tiny fingernail. Though implantation is over and the baby is fixed, even doctors can miss detecting it.

The other case is when 5-weeks pregnant ultrasound with no heartbeat makes you anxious about being pregnant at all. For some women, scans can show heartbeat as early 3 weeks. But the other group needs not to worry as sometimes the fetal heartbeat is not detected until 8 weeks.

Reasons for No Gestational Sac At 5 Weeks

1) Your pregnancy could be an ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy. In an ectopic pregnancy, the implantation occurs inside tubes. Molar pregnancy is when there are defects in the ovum that fertilized.

2) Miscalculation of pregnancy date can be the other reason for no gestational sac. You are still early in pregnancy, and next week you will be able to see it.

3) Slower development pace also prevents anything showing up in the 5-week scan. Every pregnancy is unique, and so it can take longer to see cardiac embryo activity.

What to do after 5 Week Ultrasound?

  • Getting a 5-week ultrasound is a risk that may surprise you. The gestational sac and yolk sac along with embryonic pole are visible in the ultrasound.
  • If you could not see anything don’t be disheartened. The next few appointments are bound to surprise you and show you your cutie.
  • The first ultrasound of pregnancy is usually done at the first prenatal appointment which is scheduled around weeks 8 and 9 of pregnancy.

Week 5 Pregnancy Diet: Dos and Don’ts

1) You must switch to a healthy diet for the sake of the growing embryo as well as yourself.

2) One thing that must be included in the diet is folic acid. It is particularly essential for the development of the nervous system and lack of it may lead to spina bifida or defects in the neural tube.

3) The daily intake of folic acid should be around 400 µg.

4) Some food sources of folic acid are spinach, asparagus, spring greens, beetroot, broccoli, sprouts, kale, cashews, walnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, and peanuts.

5) The doctor may also suggest you take folic acid supplements.

6) Try to cut down the daily caffeine intake. A pregnant woman can take at most 200 mg caffeine a day without posing a threat to her pregnancy.

7) Avoid the consumption of unpasteurized food, undercooked eggs, meat, and fish. Vegan pregnancy is safe and a good option provided you do it correctly.

5 Weeks Pregnancy Tips: What To Do?

1) Now that your pregnancy is confirmed, you will have to decide while discussing with your partner about the how, when and whom you would like to tell about your pregnancy.

2) Know that this you and your partner have the liberty to make this decision on your own.

3) You must try to stay away from activities like cleaning pet litter that have the potential to cause infections.

4) If you do not have an exercise routine, it would be advisable to start one now. Daily exercise will tone you. Workout with exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor begins now.

5) An exercise is also a form of activity that helps in stress release. For other mental health issues like taking antidepressants while pregnant inform your doctor.

6) Prepare your list of questions that you want to ask your OB during the first visit such as having sex during pregnancy. Get your pap smear and prenatal tests sorted.

7) Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection are common during the early weeks. Maintain hygiene and change your wardrobe.

8) Hydration is going to be a severe issue in the coming weeks, peeing and throwing up. Make sure you have some juicy fruits and veggies in your pregnancy diet plan.

9) Counseling for other child and pedigree analysis before the amniocentesis late in pregnancy to detect genetic defects are optional. However, make wise decisions regarding them.

You have already entered the second month of your pregnancy. If this is an unplanned pregnancy, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed.

If you are feeling overly depressed or even if you have been feeling slightly sad for a few days now, make sure to receive help.

Help can come from anyone that you trust like your partner, your doctor, a parent or a relative. Try to devote some time to activities that help you deal with any negative emotions. Be healthy and safe.