Cramping In Early Pregnancy

Cramping in early pregnancy immediately trigger the fear of undergoing a miscarriage. Until you find out whether you are pregnant you might take them as premenstrual cramps.

But once you are pregnant then cramps and bleeding are not things you’d be able to ignore. The sight of blood during pregnancy is not uncommon and spotting happens all the while at random occasions.

Cramping in early pregnancy if they are mild. As the uterus moves up it causes accommodation pain and cramps. The uterus during the first trimester is in the lower abdomen and later it rises up.

Cramping In Early Pregnancy
Cramping In Early Pregnancy

How does Cramping In Early Pregnancy feel?

Cramping in early pregnancy feel like a downward tingling sensation. It is like as if someone is poking you inside your uterus. Later on, the cramps become a little intense as the membrane of egg fuses with endometrial lining. Gradually the embryo drills its path into the lining. After that, the cramping subsides.

Implantation cramps are not like menstrual cramping and last only for a day. During implantation, you’ll not feel the need for taking any painkillers.

It is important to keep stress away and stay calm during implantation. The embryo before implantation releases chemicals that are new for mother. This causes nausea and dizziness. It is better to avoid any strenuous work during implantation.

Are early pregnancy cramps normal?

Early pregnancy cramps are normal until there is no other symptom. If you have symptoms like bleeding or chest pain then it could be an early miscarriage.

Chemical pregnancy leads to such a state. If the cramps get severe and you are having repeated cramping in less than 7 seconds then you need to consult a doctor. In any case pain in tubes or ovary pain during pregnancy is not normal. The ovulation process stops during pregnancy and thus you have no pain.

Early pregnancy cramps vs period cramps

Early pregnancy cramps happen after a missed period. It takes around 2-3 weeks to reach that point in pregnancy when you have cramps.

PMS cramps are spasmodic and painful. You can’t simply ignore them. But early pregnancy cramps or implantation cramps go unnoticed. The timing and intensity of pain during early pregnancy cramps is very less compared to period cramps.

During early pregnancy cramping, you don’t have bleeding. But period cramps are signs that menses will begin.

What causes abnormal early pregnancy cramps?

1) Blighted ovum

In this condition, normal fertilization occurs. But after that, the egg doesn’t develop. The embryo doesn’t develop and instead becomes a sessile tumor growth. There is no cancerous expansion or metastasis. But the blighted ovum or defective egg causes early pregnancy cramps which are not normal.

2) Miscarriage

During a miscarriage, the uterus pushes out the embryo and lining. Parts of placenta also come along the bleeding. There are lots of clots and heavy bleeding during the miscarriage. The vagina contracts and the sharp cramps increase in severity.

3) Ectopic pregnancy

When the implantation doesn’t occur in the right place it is an ectopic pregnancy. This condition also leads to abnormal cramps during early pregnancy. One of the major symptoms of tubal pregnancy is severe cramps near ovaries.

4) Tumor

Any growth like polyps or tumors can cause complications in pregnancy and pain. Cramping may be because of the torsion or twisting of such outgrowth. If the tissue pinches off the wall then the pain is even more severe. Abnormal early pregnancy cramps can occur because of tumor blocking the path of the embryo.

5) Ovarian cysts

Cysts torsion and rupture causes immense pain. There may be ovarian cysts due to diseases like PCOD before pregnancy. During pregnancy due to fluctuations in hormones, these cysts can rupture and cause pain.

6) Fibroids

Degradation of fibroids during pregnancy causes cramping. The changes in uterus shape and size cause cramping. The cramps happen during different times in the day.

When to see a doctor for implantation cramping?

Symptoms with abnormal cramps like vomiting and queasiness need medical attention. It may be because of the above-mentioned reasons. Conditions like Ectopic pregnancy need immediate treatment or they can cause damage to fertility. Removal of any reproductive organ adversely affects the fertility.

There are abnormal early pregnancy symptoms with cramps like sweating and shivering. Chills along with cramps are not normal and hint an underlying condition. Drop in blood pressure is because of the abnormally fluctuating hormones.

Fever due to any infections which lead to cramps also calls for treatment. Loss of consciousness or lightheadedness is not normal if it occurs frequently for a long time during early pregnancy.


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