14 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

It is official! At 14 weeks pregnant, you have crossed a mark and entered the second trimester of pregnancy!! There are going to be many exciting developments in this supposedly “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy. So stay tuned for all the updates as we go through this very exciting journey. In the meanwhile, let us look at the fetal developments of the week.

How Much Are 14 Weeks Pregnant In Months?

A 14 weeks pregnant woman is 3 months 2 weeks pregnant. The first trimester is over and the second-trimester changes are replacing the earlier signs. Braxton Hicks, baby movements, and sciatica pain are second-trimester symptoms. In this week you might be lucky to not go through the same. Twin pregnancy will take longer to come out of the morning sickness coma. 

14 weeks pregnant: How Big Is The Baby At 14 Weeks
14 weeks pregnant: How Big Is The Baby At 14 Weeks

How Big Is The Baby At 14 Weeks?

The baby is like avocado in size. Length of the baby is 3.3 inches and she weighs 1.4-1.6 oz twice of last week. The human form is evident with limbs and body proportions fit. The upper body is capable of moving and the baby too can tumble and roll. Brain size is increasing and impulses are conducting. The baby is able to make expressions and suck his thumb.

Your Baby At 14 Weeks Pregnant

The upper body is developing faster than the lower body. The brain now allows a way for other features to develop and grow. Hands increase their length but legs are still stunted. Expressions such as grins and squints are your baby’s new skills. The brain keeps sending impulses to the facial muscles to contract and relax.

1) Your baby’s digestive system is functioning trying to ape adults. Inside the gut, a black poop is forming. In animal, its called meconium and is the first poop of the baby. Don’t think that it’s going to go away all in one go. The first few dirty diapers will have it.

2) The neck of the baby grows longer giving the head height above the body. Nuchal translucency scan that happens in these weeks measures the volume of fluid under the neck. More or less than normal volume of fluid indicate abnormality. Body straightens but legs are still out of proportion.

3) Hair other than lanugo starts coming this week. Eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair on the head are growing. They are fine and insufficient but present. Feeble eye movements are starting in week 14.

4) Inside the mouth 20 milk teeth, roots are ready. The upper roof and tongue are also forming now. Suckling of thumb has given your baby the instincts of opening mouth as something comes close.

5) Rest all organs are complete and are growing in size or gaining function. The voice box is completely formed. Baby drinks, pees, and breathes inside the womb but cannot speak. The first sound will be the shrieking cry after birth.

Fetal Development

Size1) The CRL by this week is around 3.4 inches or 8.7 cm.
WeightThe baby weighs around 1.5 ounces or 43 grams.
Organs1) The fetus is swallowing amniotic fluid which is then processed by the kidneys and urine is formed. The urine is released back in the amniotic sac.
2) The liver continues doing its job which is secreting bile and producing red blood cells.
3) Spleen also begins functioning. Its main function now is to produce red blood cells.
4) The brain has developed enough to give signals for working of facial muscles. This makes the baby work out those muscles by grimacing, frowning, and squinting.
Limbs1) Until now, the body was not growing in proportion to the head. This will change from this week.
2) The body of the fetus is stretching out. The limbs and rest of the body are growing much faster than the head in terms of size so soon the fetus’s entire body would be in proportion.
HairThere is a fuzzy growth all over the body called lanugo which is required for maintaining the body temperature inside the womb.
Other1) The neck has become slightly more distinct as an organ.
2) The mouth has a roof now developed completely.
3) The fetus may be moving their hands and feet now though you cannot feel them yet.

14 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Normally a pregnant woman in her 14 week needs 270-300 calories extra a day. Depending on the body fat reserves the calories needed can vary. Just like twins are double so is the calorie need for a twin mom. She will need to reach an extra 500-650 calories.

For the early weeks of pregnancy even though twins are two yet their size is small enough. In that situation, you don’t need extra calories. As they grow the difference from a singleton pregnancy gets stark. Now the twins are considerable in size so you will have to put in a little extra.

14 Weeks Pregnant First Baby

Being pregnant for the first time without any experience is a challenge enough. Practically too, the first pregnancy differs from subsequent ones. Your labor duration gets shorter in consecutive pregnancies. Similarly, movements are felt earlier when a woman is pregnant for the second time. Morning sickness may occur in the evening or be more intense or vice versa.

By week 14 with the first baby, you might still not be able to feel the baby’s movements. Braxton Hicks are mild contractions that occur in the womb in the second trimester. Bloating and borborygmus also feels like the same. With the first baby, you can easily mistake the later for contractions or movements.

Changes In Mother’s Body at 14 weeks pregnant

There will be a decrease in breast tenderness but that doesn’t mean the growth will stop. So if you have not invested in new innerwear, now would be a good time to do so.

The uterus has grown out of the pelvic cavity and top of the uterus is now slightly above the pubic bone. This means that either you have started to show or will soon.

The fundal height, the distance between pubic bone and top of the uterus can be measured now. It usually approximately corresponds to the week of pregnancy so this week it should be around 14 cm.

Your immune system has been naturally suppressed so that it doesn’t cause any harm to the growing fetus; which will be considered as foreign by it. This increases your susceptibility to cold, flu and other infections.

14 Weeks Pregnant Bump

14 weeks pregnant belly is big enough for a mum to feel. You and your close one will be able to touch the bump. A caressing touch can send a tickling feeling as the veins and nerves are prominent and active. Cold hands don’t feel good to some women. As a partner, you must try to keep these little things in mind.

The size of the uterus is increasing and can trigger frequent peeing again. You may even have bladder pain which must go away in a few hours. Baby now moves inside your belly and soon you will even feel those movements.

Weight Gain

As your appetite increases, weight gain will speed up now. Your doctor will very likely discuss weight goals with you. If you feel you are overweight or so is indicated by your BMI, DO NOT go for any weight loss regimes. If you have concerns regarding your weight, ALWAYS first consult with your doctor before taking any steps.

Weight gain range by week 14 of pregnancy based on BMI
Weight gain range by week 14 of pregnancy based on BMI

The suggested weight gain range by week 14 of pregnancy based on BMI is given in the above table.

If the weight is deviating too much from the normal weight gain range, you should first consult your doctor before taking any measures. Eating excess is also harmful as obesity poses threats such as Preeclampsia.

Emotional Changes At 14 Weeks Pregnant

A 14 weeks pregnant wife or girlfriend is chirpy and less of the irritating honeybee who stings. She will cuddle and laugh off things – just like you want!

The pregnancy glow and beauty of your hair are keeping you happy. You like to show off your cute little bump to your girl gang and the awes and wows!

It is a happy time and you’re getting a break from pregnancy blues. Indeed you must enjoy the period before it passes away.

On the other hand, if you’re still not feeling secure and happy about pregnancy then you need support. Ask help from your family or friends who have been pregnant.

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms 

Symptoms of the first trimester must be fading gradually (this might not be true for all) with the onset of some new symptoms.

1) Sciatica Pain

There is a nerve that can get compressed under your lower spine vertebrae. Sciatica vein compression due to growing baby occurs late in the second trimester. In obese or extremely sedentary women sciatica pain may occur this week too. You need professional help from a medical expert. Pregnancy complications can arise if you don’t get proper chiropractic care. Often sciatica pain requires a surgery that is not safe during pregnancy. Options such as physiotherapy, exercise, and precautions in day-to-day tasks are the resort.

2) Dry Mouth

You need more calories more water and more care. How much water should you drink while pregnant? The answer actually varies with the stage, climate, and hydration of your body. Best is to keep a lemonade bottle handy. Salivary glands produce thicker sticky saliva as a protective measure. That can cause a dry mouth. Drinking ample water will prevent dehydration and other consequences like confusion and migraines.

3) Hot flashes

Is it too hot outside or you’re a hot momma ?. Hot flashes are because of the changes in blood circulation. More blood needs to reach the uterus. But the circulation overall gets more fluid volume and raises body temperature too. There can be other underlying problems such as hyperthyroidism. Hot flashes aggravate in summer pregnancies. Eat cold salads and wear light clothing. There is nothing much you can do and to worry about.

4) Lowered Immunity

Your baby’s organs are now functioning like a real human. No longer the tiny squishy fish your body makes hormones, secretions and what not. Just like an organ transplant receives an immune response to your baby too is a new transplant growing fast. How does your body not react to it? By lowering your immunity and making you susceptible to allergies, flu, and cold. You might catch a cold or start coughing suddenly. Benadryl is safe to use and chicken soup is always there.

5) Diarrhea

After weeks of constipation, your intestines have gone limp and stiff at different places. Diarrhea while pregnant leads to acute dehydration. Keep a check on your electrolyte balance. If you are going to loo over 5 times in 24 hours let your doctor know. There is nothing to bother if diarrhea settles in a day or two. Your gut just tries to regain its form lest it knew that progesterone is still there. 

6) Anemia

Your baby needs more iron for a lot of processes. As you’re the only diet source the iron is going to be taken up by her. If you don’t increase your intake of iron then hemoglobin levels can fall. Other forms of anemia due to deficiency of vitamin B12 also occur in pregnancy. Vitamin B12 supplements are most important amongst all your prenatal supportive prescription. Get a blood test at intervals to ensure your hemoglobin level is within the normal range. As the test is optional some women tend to skip it. Feeling of weakness in week 14 is due to anemia. And it’s very common!

7) Ovary Pain

Until last week your ovaries were still producing hormones and could be ovulating too. But now they are going to become inactive for a few months. Not only until birth but a little after that too. As they adjust to their vacation you can experience some pain. The pain is lateral and extremely localized. Putting a hot compress for long can be slightly risking. Try a cold and hot compress alternate pattern for a short interval.

8) High BP

With the increase in blood volume your pulse, blood pressure and heart rate can go up. Avoid taking in much of salt in your diet. Don’t go running if you have high BP. Let your OB know about high BP. Controlling it is mandatory else you will have complications later during labor. C section risk rises when a woman has swelling and high BP. Profuse bleeding occurs in case of high BP via incision making even a c section complicated risking lives.

9) First Phase of Nesting

Just like birds you too feel like making your home comfortable for your baby. Until now you were a lifeless sloth momma. As you step in the second trimester you see a whole pile of tasks to be done. What comes next? The natural instinct of nesting due to anxiety. It’s normal and doesn’t need intervention. Exhaustion will drive you out of it. However, if nesting is making you delusional and taking you to cross your physical limits consult a counselor. And remember that once the baby is here, everyone and everything is going to messy. Let dad take up the baby welcoming task.

10) Round Ligament Pain

There is a supporting ligament present from the groin up to the side of the uterus called Round ligament. As the uterus grows in size for accommodating the growing fetus, this ligament gets stretched which might lead to pain at one or both sides of the abdomen. This is normal. However, if the pain becomes unbearable or you have some other concerns then you should contact your doctor.

11) Feeling energetic

There comes the energy surge which is the characteristic of the second trimester. With this, you can do things that you have been planning to do but just didn’t have the energy to do them.

12) Ravenous Appetite

As morning sickness takes its leave, your appetite may return with gusto. This is rather good as you need to put on some required weight. Also, you should eat something healthy and fulfilling. Remember, whatever you eat will have some effect on the fetus.

13) Better hair texture and volume

Hair fall? Well, not anymore (at least for the next few months). Many women observe that their hair become thicker and appear lustrous during pregnancy.

14) Varicose Veins

The veins have not only become visible, but they also stand out now. Such swollen veins are called varicose veins and are the result of all the extra blood flowing through the body.

15) Nasal Congestion

The increased level of hormone progesterone causes an increase in blood flow to mucus membranes (membranes that line certain organs). This causes the membranes to swell and become soft. The ones in the nose lead to stuffy feeling and might cause irritation at times.

Relieving The Symptoms

  • When you feel pain the pelvic area, a result of round ligament stretching, elevate your feet and sit comfortably or rest in a relaxed position. This will relieve the pain to quite an extent.
  • Always keep healthy snacks with you and eat smaller meals every 2-3 hours. You need to consume 300 extra calories than before. It is advisable to not indulge too much in greasy or spicy food. Though an occasional treat is alright.
  • Veins cannot be prevented from swelling up but the effect can be minimized by taking some steps. Do not sit or stand for too long. Take intermittent walks after sitting or standing for a while.
  • For your stuffy nose, avoid taking nasal sprays or over-the-counter medicines. You can rather use a humidifier.

Ultrasound In Week 14 Of Pregnancy

  • There will be no ultrasound appointment this week as you most likely had the first one at the first prenatal appointment.
  • The second ultrasound is done during the mid-pregnancy test which is scheduled between weeks 18 and 22 of pregnancy.
  • You may opt for a private scan to peek at the fetus. An expecting mother should know that even if the reproductive organs have been formed it would be difficult to determine the gender of the fetus. You are more likely to find out the gender at the next scheduled scan.
  • However, if you have chosen to have the amniocentesis procedure done then ultrasound scanning will be done for the same. This procedure is usually done between weeks 15 and 20 of pregnancy.

Warning Signs In Week 14 Of Pregnancy

The risk of spontaneous miscarriage has gone down much more significantly. Even then if you experience or observe any of the below signs then contact your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Severe nausea and vomiting may lead to dehydration which poses a risk to overall health.
  • Severe headache, blurry vision, nausea, and dizziness are signs of high blood pressure and can also indicate early pre-eclampsia.
  • Abdominal cramping or lower back pain with or without vaginal bleeding.
  • Pain and burning sensation while urinating are signs of an underlying infection.
  • The thin and clear vaginal discharge might indicate leaking amniotic fluid.
  • Colored and/or foul-smelling vaginal discharge is an indication of genital tract infection.

Tips For The Pregnant Mom

  • This is a great time to establish an exercise routine. For the same, you can join a prenatal exercise class in the vicinity which might give you some motivation if required.
  • Exercise options can be from yoga, pilates, dance for pregnant women, etc.
  • It is important to take some precautions against the suppressed immune system. You should wash hands often (than before). Also, avoid sharing toothbrushes, towels, napkins, etc.
  • Try to put some distance between yourself and a sick member.
  • If you have caught something, visit your doctor as soon as possible. They will definitely prescribe medications keeping your pregnancy in mind.

Tips For The Partner

  • You can help out your partner in small ways that might earn you a huge appreciation.
  • Even though the second trimester is marked with an increase in energy level, at the end of the day your partner is bound to feel tired after the day’s work.
  • You can help out by taking care of other child/children if there are any or you may help with dinner preparations.

The pregnancy has progressed in the second trimester and soon you will be halfway through the pregnancy!! This might make you have paradoxical feelings of excitement for seeing the baby in front of you and overwhelm for how will all these things change your life and how are you going to take care of everything.

Do not stress out yourself too much. Do deep breathing exercises or talk about your feelings with a trusted person or do both the things to feel a little better.

All in all, try to enjoy this phase of pregnancy and take care of yourself!