Can Pregnant Women Drink Wine?

Can pregnant women drink wine? The biggest risk of drinking alcohol while pregnant is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). So alcohol is not advisable during pregnancy. But pregnant women can drink wine in moderation up to two glasses a week. However, the risks and countering studies still advocate avoiding wine during pregnancy. The risks of alcohol to baby and pregnancy outweigh the euphoria. Suggestions about the benefits of drinking wine during pregnancy are counterintuitive. 

There is a lot of confusion regarding drinking while pregnant. While some doctors leave it for the mother to decide about wine while pregnant or light drinking. Few experts totally prohibit drinking wine while pregnant.

Amongst all the confusion, how do you decide? Can you drink wine during pregnancy?

Can Pregnant Women Drink Wine?
Can Pregnant Women Drink Wine?

Drinking Wine While Pregnant: Red, White or any Type

We always bring to you unbiased and scientifically proven answers. Alcohol or wine while pregnant is a sensitive subject. Before we get ahead learning, whether is wine safe for pregnant women, read what our experts say. After extensive research, we conclude that while light drinking while pregnant is not harmful, it is totally unessential.

Unless you have addiction or depression related drinking habit, you too won’t feel the need to drink wine. For solely 9 months, you can easily stay away from drinking while pregnant for the sake of the baby.

Theoretical benefits of wine during pregnancy do not outweigh the risks. Moreover, alcohol in any dose is habit forming, and one glass can lead to another.

Pregnancy is a sensitive time when your body reacts unexpectedly. Advised limit of alcohol for pregnant women may not be apt for you. Every individual has different thresholding capacities. It is best to go dry for the period and avoid drinking during pregnancy.

What are the risks of drinking wine while pregnant?

The wine has a very low percentage of alcohol compared to other beverages. Nevertheless, medical authorities like the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists both condemn the use of alcohol during pregnancy – not even traces.

The biggest risk of drinking alcohol while pregnant is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Unlike other changes in the fetus from maternal habits, FAS doesn’t go away and has severe symptoms. The syndrome results when women consume alcohol during pregnancy. In spite of the risk, many women indulge in alcoholism even when they are pregnant.

Symptoms of the FAS include growth retardation, hyperactivity, social seclusion, inability to focus and flattened upper lip groove.

However, heavy alcohol consumption is the risk factor for the occurrence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. If you accidently had alcohol before getting a positive pregnancy test, there’s no harm. Stress can harm your baby more than the glass of wine you had in early pregnancy.

Addiction leaves no room for understanding the financial situation or the needs of the baby. After gaining tolerance for 7 weeks of continuous drinking, you will want more. Indirectly you may ignore your health. Even if alcohol directly won’t affect your baby, the ill-effects will transfer.

Studies published on the subject don’t state the exact limit of alcohol consumption for pregnancy. There is living evidence from 50% pregnant women who did not stop drinking had healthy babies. Albeit they didn’t experience any issues you must not take that as a green flag. Not all bodies and babies are the same and their genetic, age, race and environmental factors were different. It’s a combination of things that happen and cause a disorder. Better safe than sorry.

Drinking wine while pregnant first trimester

Many researches have shown that there is negligible effect of drinking during early pregnancy. Women who had binge drinking episode in first trimester also did not have any birth complications. The study did not elucidate the effects of pregnant women drinking wine in general. Narrowed specific studies can overlook a lot of diversions from their conclusions.

A glass of wine while pregnant is most likely to be safe. Zero tolerance protocol of drinking wine while pregnant is hype. But you never come to know when then one glass graduates to seven glasses a day. Binge drinking can be due to any random trigger.

Is wine safe during pregnancy?

Wine during pregnancy second trimester may have a slightly different result. By the time a woman is more than 15 weeks pregnant her body responds differently to alcohol.

Taking a glass of wine while pregnant can have absolutely no affect too. Binge drinking wine during pregnancy (more than 4 glass within 2 hours) has side effects. Over a period of time, the exposure of fetus to alcohol obstructs the development. Binge drinking during pregnancy increases the blood alcohol beyond threshold.

Mothers consuming alcohol while pregnant persistently in second trimester, magnify defects. Inactive mothers have higher risk to n number of pregnancy complications.

Alcohol in any form depresses the body. Your liver will have to do overtime and it hates it too, result inefficient toxin removal. Whatever circulates in your body reaches the baby too.

What kind of wine can I drink while pregnant?

After discussing about the dangers of wine in pregnancy, let’s give you a good news. Red wine has many benefits to offer pregnant women. But all these benefits are obtainable without drinking too and we yet don’t profess alcohol in any form.

Still we would discuss this relatively new concept of wines safe for pregnancy.

Red wine aids in weight loss, prevention of cancer, reducing risk of stroke and even Alzheimer’s Disease.

Does it offer the same benefits for pregnancy? Studies on red wine and pregnancy have not been conclusive as the optimum dose is yet to be discovered. Aged red wines are the best red wine during pregnancy but all can cause addiction.

Wine and pregnancy are best when not together!

Can you benefit from drinking red wine while pregnant?

None of the benefits of red wine are for pregnancy. They are the general anti-oxidant properties of the alcoholic drink that have those effects. Any fruit or veggie can give you that which is organic, raw and fresh. Doctors don’t recommend wine during pregnancy for those benefits like Floradix.

See, you could either be dealing with addiction or are thinking of an occasional light drink. If you’re in the latter group we won’t push you to give in your temptations. For the prior ones the cases of healthy pregnancies even with wine consumption can help reduce their drink size.

There are no studied and medically approved direct benefits for pregnancy from drinking red wine. Rather red wine during third trimester is contraindicated.

Can you drink white wine while pregnant?

You must once ask yourself, why do I want to drink wine during pregnancy. If there is some other reason than temptation, address it immediately. It can make you more than searching Google and experimenting even if one line assures you no harm.

White whine is less beneficial than red wine. Similar properties and anti oxidant action doesn’t serve as an invitation to use it as a prenatal supplement. You can drink white wine, red wine, and every drink according to some from the pregnancy fraternity.

US Centre Of Disease Control too advises you to abstain from alcohol. There are studies published in medical journals talking of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. All children having a category of disorders have a common thing and that is maternal prenatal alcoholism.

Homemade wine during pregnancy

You can pamper yourself with pregnancy safe mocktails and enjoy the placebo. Mixing ingredients like soda, lime, ginger, mint, and syrup will give you similar taste like your favourite Hurricane. Yeah, you thought of using the trick to feed your baby but ‘mommas first’.

Unless you live in a vineyard with wine barrels in your wineries, real homemade wine will be too much for your pregnant self.

Some of these drinks will even help you deal with nausea and the seeping monotony without clubbing and partying. Try mixing mild flavors and don’t add everything. You could make a fake champagne with apple juice and pineapple juice and ginger shreds. Wine tasting while pregnant is fun when you do all the experiments on, guess who?

From cocktails to mocktails pregnancy rocks!