7 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

At 7 weeks pregnant, you can still conceal the fact that you are pregnant from friends. The feeling of having a baby will not be evident as you will mostly feel sick. The first trimester has a high risk of miscarriage, and so you need to be cautious. Extra calories are more for yourself dealing with the nasty pregnancy symptoms.

Cravings, nasal congestion, and excessive salivation make you feel crazy. Physical activity and sex might require a pause depending on your health for this brief period.

Implantation bleeding or cramps if did not occur, will probably not happen. That means you will not be pregnant, and it is only a biochemical pregnancy. Biochemical pregnancy can be an ectopic pregnancy or a chemical pregnancy. In that condition, your body will show symptoms of pregnancy, but there will be no fetus. A mass of cells or cyst is the reason for the signs you see.

Your first prenatal appointment either already happened or will be done now.

What is 7 weeks pregnant in months?

You are now 1 month 3 weeks pregnant. It means you are in the 2nd month of pregnancy.

How confusing does it seem for first time mums, right? You just took the test 3 weeks ago or maybe even later and now you are in the 2nd month!

Well, doctors consider the last period as the start of pregnancy. And that is logical. After LMP your uterus made the lining and then ovulation occurred. Just like any other month. This time the lining didn’t go off as period, and that ovum along with sperm is now a 1000  times big baby!

How big is your baby at 7 weeks pregnant?

The baby is still the size of a blueberry and 1/2 inch approximately. Your baby does not weigh significantly but is developing super quickly. The changes that occur during the initial weeks are exponential.

What changes take place in the baby at 7 weeks?

7 Weeks Pregnant
7 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby now has initial structures of what will become the nose and eyes in the future. The retina and lens of eyes are developing inside the shut eyes. The alimentary canal has a distinct small and large intestine.

As the embryo grows the placenta thickens and has mucus covering it. The additional layer of mucus will protect the baby from external force or irritants. Final stages of development of umbilical cord take place during 7-week pregnancy.

Later the baby’s nutrition shifts entirely from the cord instead or yolk sac. Right vein of the umbilical cord is no longer there while the left vein persists.

The legs and hands are developing at different pace, and digits are still webbed. As the baby becomes straighter, you can distinguish the body and head. Both the body and head are still out of proportion. Mouth and nostrils are present, and the jaw takes form.

The heart and brain are rapidly maturing and gaining activity. The fetus has a tail and gill slits disappear. The genital tubercules are there, but organs are yet to form. You cannot expect to get 7-week ultrasound gender prediction.

Size and ShapeFish form gone, ear slits form
Organ SystemsRetina development
Limbs and FeaturesJaw forms, head and body clear
Movements and Change You FeelMucus covers your baby
OtherUmbilical cord development complete

A quick list of changes in baby at seven weeks of pregnancy:

  1. A tail is present on the back of your baby. The last vertebra or spinal disc is also present that will fuse and disappear soon.
  2. The liver is still producing red blood cells. The other organs, such as the brain and cartilage are still developing. Limbs are lengthening but digits are not separated yet, and your baby is still a duck.
  3. Nostrils are forming, and the gills are disappearing. But your baby will continue to take your oxygen. You will be surprised to know that evolution studies show that all organisms form a similar embryo. Thus the tail, gills and paddle-like limbs!
  4. Eyelids are still transparent, and the ears are developing the inner canal. Within 1cm, that is a lot happening.

Changes Occurring Inside Your Body At 7 Weeks

Hormonal changes by this week are not relevant as you’re engrossed and grossed by your morning sickness. The hCG and progesterone levels are still rising. Their levels continue to increase at a slower pace now until the first trimester ends.

Physical Changes

Your mucus plug is developing so you might feel wet in your lady bits. The wetness can confuse you that your period is back. Don’t wear a tampon tho. Mucus plug seal will protect your baby from the external agents. Sex is permissible for pregnant women because of the seal.

7 Week pregnant belly

It’s too early to expect to look cute with the baby bump that is not as big as watermelon or pumpkin. Even if you stand for hours and notice any bulge, to your dismay, it is merely bloating.

A mother seven weeks pregnant with twins might imagine seeing a slight bump but that not right. Scrolling through 7 weeks pregnant belly pictures can just be befooling yourself.

Other than that it also depends on your body type. Nausea will not let you eat enough and might lead to weight loss. The skinnier you are, the longer it might take to get your pregnant belly with a bump. Surprisingly some women lose weight in the early few weeks of pregnancy.

Generally, at this time, getting a pregnant belly of 7 weeks is not happening. Enjoy your secret with the womb guest for a few more weeks. Before those belly touches and weird questions, cherish this time, where only you know ‘hush-hush.’

Emotional Changes

At 7 weeks pregnant most women feel terrible due to the aggravated morning sickness. The wait for the good signs of pregnancy has been too long now. All you are going through is vomiting and rushing to loo.

Feelings in 7 weeks of pregnancy can be like you’re suffocating or bearing a lot of anxiety. Either you’re yet to embrace your pregnancy, or any amount of reassuring isn’t enough.

Going out with friends or joining some hobby classes can be helpful. Frankly, you need to discover what suits you the best. If labor videos are scaring you, stop watching them. Your body will know what to do when it’s time. Let things take their natural course.

7 weeks pregnant symptoms

Weird pregnancy symptoms and mood swings can get worse at this stage. You are midway the first trimester, and it is not going to be easy. Breakthrough bleeding at the time of the expected period or spotting can scare you.

Ultrasound is essential for checking the growth of the baby and estimating the risk of miscarriage. Your doctor will advise you to be at bed rest and keep stress at bay. Sounds ironic?

Here are common ten symptoms during the 7th week of pregnancy 

1) Cravings for weird flavors and tasting metal

Some women may continue to have bizarre mouth taste in the morning. Changing your oral hygiene products can be a good idea. It is also the time when you can get your dental check-up and treatment. In the second trimester, it will be risky to get any such dental cavities treatment.

2) Cervical mucus changes

Mucus plug forms but a part of it continually renews. That’s the reason you don’t have to worry about breaking of it in early pregnancy. Never insert anything deep within your cervical canal even though the mucus plug can renew. The color and texture of the cervical mucus will change. You might have a watery discharge from your vagina. Get used to these new things your vag will keep throwing out.

3) Tingly breasts or sore nipples and darkening of the areola region

Your breasts call for all the pampering. Tingly, painful, or itching whatever you feel is because of progesterone. It’s too early to relate it to breastfeeding, but ultimately, the preparation is for the same. More fat will deposit in your chest and back to support your breasts. Until then, you can even expect a slight pain due to engorging.

4) Cramps and Bloating 

Constipation is a big problem for most women in the early weeks of pregnancy. The first trimester is mostly about your body getting used to effects of progesterone. The hormone slows digestion, and bloating is something you have every day. Cramps, until they’re severe, will also be a persistent symptom.

5) Mood swings and feeling low

After two weeks from knowing that you’re pregnant, you come face to face with the real deal. The fact that you’re going to be doing something for the next nine months can take a toll on you. However, just as this dilemma phase has come, it will wither away. Don’t let it drive your crazy and instead focus on a day at a time.

6) Acne breakout and pigmentation

Acne needs no reason to come in your life! Some women experience pigmentation during pregnancy. Chloasma is the dark patches of skin appearing on different parts of your body. Many women experience such a change in pigment production during pregnancy. Hyperpigmentation in pregnancy can worsen if you go out in the sun. Melanin is responsible for those patches. Once you give birth, these patches will disappear on their own.

7) Salivation during sleeping – Drooling

You wake up next to a wet pillow and have a trail on your chin. Before your baby comes, you’re up to baby habits! The hormonal changes and change in hydration of the oral cavity due to nausea causes the symptom.

8) Spotting after sex

Some doctors recommend women to avoid sex in the early few weeks of pregnancy. Your cervix becomes extra sensitive during 5-8 weeks pregnant stage. Spotting after sex or even randomly, is not a thing to worry.

9) Breathlessness Or Anxiety

During this week, mental discomfort and uneasiness are more prominent. You have to be mentally strong and take help from your loved ones. Don’t shy away admitting your blues.

10) Aversion for certain smells or nasal congestion

Your favorite flowers that you changed without fail now seem the worst allergen. Pregnancy can make your body react most unexpectedly. Avoid the things that trigger the queasy feeling.

How to relieve 7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms?

For frequent urination, try Kegels to strengthen your pelvic floor. Tho nothing can control the urge for long enough. Other steps, like not drinking water to avoid going to pee are not recommendable.

Dehydration during pregnancy can aggravate other symptoms. Walk around to sweat and cut carbonated or caffeinated drinks. Sitting the entire time also increases the need for the loo.

As the mucus plug is developing at seven weeks, it will feel uneasy and wet. Don’t use tampons at all. Wear the thin panty liners, and it’d be enough. Tampons can dehydrate and make the cervix stiff.

For your swollen breasts, wear a softer bra and sleep with a pillow underneath. You have got them and will have these for the next few dizzy crazy weeks.

Weight Gain During 7 Weeks Pregnant

Weight gain during this week will also not be significantly high. The wait for the baby belly to show will continue.

Main weight gain occurs by the end of the first trimester halfway through the second. Don’t indulge in junk or pregnancy cravings binge.

Make sure your diet has all the prenatal vitamins, and minerals requirements met. You can increase the fiber intake to get rid of constipation. Not all laxatives are safe during pregnancy. Diet alterations seem the best remedy for bloating and digestive troubles.

7 Week Ultrasound what to expect

The first OB visit is near, and you are dying to know all that is happening inside. For the first visit, you will have a long list of tests such as PAP smear, blood, and urine test.

Risk of gestational diabetes, hCG levels at 7 Week, and infections assessed through these tests will help your doctor guide you. You will also undergo your dating scan.

But it is common for doctors to do an ultrasound at a later stage. Unless you have not got your due date, your ultrasound will not match your expectations of revealing information.

You can see multiple sacs if you have twins and come to know that you are carrying more than one fetuses. Your baby’s brain is developing rapidly and dividing to get 100 cells every minute. Arms and legs too start forming and have joints developed. Liver and kidneys will take up their respective functions soon.

7 Week Ultrasound

During a six week ultrasound, quite several women don’t get to see what they anticipate.

How soon can you get an ultrasound? Your OB might not suggest or discourage your decision of getting a 7 Week Ultrasound. Primarily a 7-week ultrasound is a dating scan.

A dating scan is when your sonographer calculates your due date after checking your baby size at 7-8 week. Provided you are not at risk of pregnancy complications, your blood pressure and glucose are normal, you may not require it. Just like that, there is no harm either in getting an ultrasound done.

How much does 7-week ultrasound cost? A 7-week ultrasound costs around 150$ to 200$.

Can you see a baby at 7 weeks on ultrasound?

After crossing the mark of 4-week pregnancy you can see yolk sac in ultrasound. Pregnancy ultrasound scans will show baby at all stages with increasing details. At seven week sonograph, you can see your baby and hear the heartbeat. Hands and legs are also recognizable during your dating scan. However, 7 Week Ultrasound gender prediction is not possible as the genitalia is not properly formed.

How big is the baby at 7 weeks of ultrasound?

The length of the baby 7 weeks pregnant is around 8 mm or 0.51 inches. Your baby is the size of a blueberry. The baby weighs 0.8 grams at this stage of pregnancy. The size of the baby is double that of the previous week.

Why should I get a 7 Week Ultrasound?

There is no compulsion or necessity that you can’t skip to avoid 7-week ultrasound. But if you can afford and quickly get it, then you must go for it.

Reasons for 7 Week Ultrasound

1) Dating scan

You need to get a 7 Week dating scan to confirm your due date of pregnancy. In case you forgot your period date you will come to know it by the scan.

2) Multiple pregnancies

A 7-week twin pregnant woman can see two yolk sacs to confirm that she has multiples.

3) Ectopic pregnancy or Molar pregnancy

The levels of hCG can rise even if implantation occurs in the wrong place. Your tubes can burst if such a fatal pregnancy continues.

4) Baby’s growth

Even if you cannot see anything in 7-week ultrasound, your doctor will be able to. He can calculate then crown to rump length of the baby. 7-weeks pregnant ultrasound heartbeat is also a checkpoint of baby’s growth.

5) Cause of spotting or bleeding

When a woman has a risk of having a miscarriage, she has to undergo ultrasound if there is any bleeding. Your doctor monitors the health of ovaries during the ultrasound.

How is 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound done?

Just like a regular ultrasound, your doctor will place a transducer and view the images formed on a screen.

Transvaginal ultrasound is more common at this stage because it gives a clear picture. So your doctor will place the transducer in your vagina. You might feel slight discomfort, but there is no pain.

How long does 7-week ultrasound take? As your baby is small, the scan can take slightly longer than 15 minutes. Any crooked positions make it difficult to visualize the baby.

What can I expect to see at a 7 Week Ultrasound?

Your baby has hands held together, and legs are still small. Nostrils and mouth might be more evident in a 7 Week 3D ultrasound. Facial features are more human-like, but it is too early to expect to see any expressions.

The baby has thin skin that allows you to so see through it. Kidneys are developing, and the liver will start producing blood cells. The first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat is during the dating scan unless otherwise.

Your baby’s 7-week ultrasound heartbeat is around 160-140 beats per minute. Though the respiratory organs will develop later, the baby takes up oxygen from your blood supply. All other functions are for gaining the ability to work after birth.

The absence or presence of 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound heartbeat is not essential to check unless there is a risk of miscarriage.

7 Week Ultrasound no heartbeat

There is nothing to worry about unless you have unusual symptoms such as excruciating pain or bleeding. The very fundamental reason for no heartbeat 7-week ultrasound can be a miscalculation of pregnancy date. No heartbeat at seven weeks but still feel pregnant, you must wait to get another scan.

Reasons for 7 Week Ultrasound no heartbeat

  1. Miscalculation: Some women don’t come to know that they are pregnant for a month or even more. The weight gain is nearly negligible in the first weeks. 7 Week pregnant belly does not show clearly, so it is possible to make a mistake. Your doctor will take a blood sample to measure the hCG levels and confirm your pregnancy. After the right pregnancy due-date calculation, you can get another ultrasound at the right time.
  2. Slower growth: The expected milestones of growth for a fetus are that what most likely should occur. Even when your baby takes longer to reach them, there is nothing to worry if the difference is less. Encountering 7 Weeks pregnant no heartbeat on ultrasound is not very uncommon. You can hear your baby’s heartbeat in the next ultrasound sessions. One can get a Doppler device at home to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

7 Week Ultrasound no baby

Seeing anything like 7 Week Ultrasound no yolk sac or 7 weeks pregnant empty gestational sac is heart-wrenching. Do as your doctor says whether to wait or get any other pregnancy test. There are chances that you did a miscalculation or false pregnancy test. Seven weeks pregnant no sac on ultrasound indicates that you had a blighted ovum. An egg that does not develop into a fetus due to abnormalities is a blighted ovum.

7 Week Ultrasound twins

You can see twins ultrasound in the four weeks, but seven weeks pregnant ultrasound twins will show details. During the scan, the image of two gestational sacs will confirm that you are carrying twins.

7 Weeks Pregnant To Do List

1) Get an appointment with OB and discuss all issues like sex during pregnancy, diet for these nine months, tests, supplements, exercises.

2) You can get pedigree analysis for genetic disorders and tests such as Glucose Tolerance test for Gestational diabetes risk and iron deficiency test for anemia.

3) Pile up some hobbies or things to do, love dates, prayers, emotional support because the next few days are going to make you a split personality who needs love and ice cream.

4) Read about morning sickness remedies and choose for yourself. Not all of them work, and only a few will work for you. Once the severe morning sickness starts, you will not be able to think and read much.

5) Spotting or period like symptoms such as cramps is not an alarm. Do tell your OB if they get severe.

Tips for 7 Weeks Pregnant

1) Be positive about the changes that are coming your way. Once you are positive about pain, stretch marks, etc. and ups and downs in your relationship due to pregnancy, they will get easier.

2) Start a bedtime routine and get discipline back. The more cyclic you will be more tuned will be your body.

3) Start your pregnancy picture album, choose baby names, read parenting books, watch labor videos instead of horror movies 😀

Take it step-by-step. You have 40 weeks to learn and unlearn a lot. Remember that just like you are reading this, so are thousands of women. All of them will give birth, and so will you.

Giving birth is anyway not the real challenge; being an excellent momma is.