10 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

At 10 weeks pregnant, the baby is officially a fetus now and will remain so till birth. This means that all the major organs have been formed though they will continue to grow and develop in the coming months.

Also, you will be getting the results of the genetic tests done the previous week. If not done already, you should discuss them with your doctor this week and get to know about them as much as possible. It would be better if you also consult a genetic counselor.

The window for conducting most of these tests is between weeks 10 and 13 of pregnancy. Before going into that, let us have a look at the development of the fetus.

How much are 10 weeks in months?

When you are 10 weeks pregnant, it’s 2 months 2 weeks pregnant. Consider yourself 3 months down the pregnancy timeline. By 10 week stage of pregnancy, most women stop counting in weeks. Crossing 1/3rd of the journey you might expect to get used to stuff. But you actually are just entering new stages of pregnancy. You see clear signs of pregnancy by this time. In fact, the early signs come and start to fade away.

10 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?
10 Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect?

How big is the baby at 10 Weeks pregnant?

At 10 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is of the size of a prune. Your baby measures nearly 1 inch from the head to toe. As the human form of the baby becomes clearer, ultrasound pictures get more exciting. A healthy baby at 10 weeks will weigh in the range of 0.2 – 0.3 oz.

Your baby at 10 Weeks Pregnant

The baby is taking human form. Ears of the baby come down and facial muscles start taking form. Now your baby can grin in his own way. Jaws have tiny buds of milk teeth. Although these are to fall off, your breasts will definitely get a lovebite!

A brief overlook of the main changes in baby at 10 Weeks Pregnant:

1) The eyes have lids tight shut. Inside the development is about to complete with the color of iris being selected. In your next ultrasound appointment, you might be able to see her squints.

2) Kidneys are producing more urine. The gall bladder is making bile needed for digestion. Your baby drinks amniotic fluid. New taste buds also form while thyroid gland starts controlling metabolism.

3) The bones are hardening too. Feeling kicks of a baby at 10 weeks is slightly impractical thought. Your baby is still at the borderline of a ducky ? stage. Digits are gradually popping out from the webbed hands and feet.

4) Fingerprints of the baby are also forming clear. Along with this natural identity proof, your baby is shedding cells. You can get a NIPT test this week to check for any genetic diseases.

5) The nostrils will also be more clear. Gills are totally fused. Breathing will mainly happen once the baby is out in the world.

6) The yolk sac is also degenerating and nutrient exchange will continue through the placenta. Preserving the placenta or encapsulation are gaining popularity among new moms. The nutrients that remain are thought to be taken back by eating it once the baby is delivered.

7) By the end of week 10 of pregnancy, your baby is at a lower risk for miscarriage.

8) Neuronal development in week 10 is the most remarkable beauty of nature. A bulge forms in the head region of the fetus. That’s because of the enormous rate of new brain cells forming now. Interneuronal connections develop during this time. How far does the mother’s brain activity affect the development is debatable. Yet you must always remember that your state affects baby’s state.

9) Embryo to fetus transition also occurs in the week. Your baby’s sex is yet to finalize as testosterone is being produced in full swing and genitalia is forming.

10) The heart is totally functional and beats at a massive speed of 180 beats a minute. That’s more than twice of an adult heart.

Fetal  Development

SizeThe CRL by this week is around 1.2 inches or 3.1 cm
WeightThe baby weighs around 0.14 ounces or 4 grams.
Organs1) Organs like stomach, kidneys and liver have started functioning
2) Stomach is producing digestive juices.
3) Kidneys are processing blood and contributing to urine formation.
4) Liver has started production of red blood cells.
5) The skin is completely translucent.
6) The size of head becomes half the size of body. The forehead becomes bulged to allow space for brain development.
Heart1) Heart has developed completely; hence this week onwards the risk of congenital heart conditions decreases significantly.
2) Heart beat rate is around 180 beats per minute.
Yolk SacYolk sac has begun to diminish
Limbs1) The limb joints can function now.
2) So, the baby can bend hands and knees
Spine1) Through the translucent skin, the outline of spine is visible.
2) Along with that is also visible the spinal nerves that are being formed and are spread out from the spinal cord.
Facial features1) Tooth buds are being formed under the gums.
2) Jawbone is also being formed.
3) Miniscule nostrils have been formed along with a distinct upper lip.
4) Though external ears have been formed, internal ears are in the stage of development.
Other1) Fingernails and hair are sprouting.
2) Cartilage and bones are being formed.
3) The fetus has begun to swallow amniotic fluid as food source. This fluid is processed by the developing digestive system and kidneys.

10 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Pregnant with twins just brings double the joy and quadruples the challenges. You don’t have to live in doubt because in the next ultrasound both babies will show. With twins, your pregnancy weight gain will be more rapid. One can expect to gain a pound in two weeks if you have twins.

Staying hydrated with twins and taking the right diet is what it takes to enjoy the ride.

In 10 weeks ultrasound, the twins will show as two gestational sacs. Medical professionals might even be able to answer your questions related to identical or non-identical twins.

Women who have a familial history of giving birth to twins are more likely to have twins. So do women taking infertility therapies.

Most pregnant women by this week get back their sleep and start gaining weight. But in the case of twins pregnancy, you might take longer to get rid of nausea. However, the pregnancy glow from hCG and progesterone levels will occur earlier for you.

Changes in Mother’s Body 10 Weeks Pregnant

Your bump starts showing and its time to get ready for pregnancy announcement party. You will gain a few pounds by the end of the first trimester. Most doctors suggest gaining nearly 2-3 pounds a month in the first few weeks.

Going really fast to gain weight or dieting for maintaining weight will affect your baby’s growth. The first few months lay the foundation of the growth later. These are more crucial than later trimesters.

Hormones in 10 Weeks Pregnant

You hCG peak occurs in this week and will stay high for coming two weeks before taking a dip. Progesterone will also keep increasing in levels. The pregnancy glow that every mom waits for is due to progesterone. Skin texture improves due to the hormone and even sensitivity. Rashes and itching are common during the last weeks of the first trimester.

Relaxin will start picking up as your round ligament stretches. The hormone will loosen your joints along with pubis symphysis.

10 Weeks Pregnant Belly

The first time you see your belly taking a round arc is the 10 weeks pregnant bump. You will gain weight from this week and it will all be near your waist. Getting invasive tests like amniocentesis requires piercing needle into the belly.

These weeks are still early for the test. You can first opt for getting noninvasive genetic tests. DNA tests using blood sample have also been developed. They can even establish the paternity of your baby at an early stage.

Feelings at 10 Weeks pregnant

Irritated and tired is every pregnant woman’s answer to how are you feeling anytime. Mood swings are common throughout pregnancy. Cramps in your 10 weeks pregnant belly will numb you at times. But it’s common to have mild pain in your abdomen when you’re pregnant.

Call a doctor if your cramps are persistent and there is rectal pain. You can get cold and flu easily this week. Feeling congested and sick is the worst agony. Keep trying to stay busy in new things.

10 weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The symptoms typical of the first trimester may begin to subside from this week; though other symptoms will remain and some of them remain throughout the pregnancy. However, rather than worrying, we can find different ways to deal with them.

The symptoms in this week just show that you’re doing fine. They don’t really tell you anything about the baby. In this week you need to get a prenatal appointment to see your baby. Counting kicks or feeling sleep-wake cycles of the baby are not seen in this week.

Let us first go through the symptoms of the week.

1) Morning sickness skips days

By now you’re pro at dealing with morning sickness. Just as you think that you can deal with it, you seem normal. How did that happen? Morning sickness occurs due to pregnancy toxicosis. And by the last third week of the first trimester, the toxicosis subsides. Your baby is now even losing the yolk sac. The body has adapted to the changes.

2) Swelling and puffiness

Once the morning sickness goes the fluids start accumulating everywhere. You will feel like Sponge Bob Square Pants or round belly! Edema is the term for swelling due to fluids. Puffiness can be because of weakness from nausea and recovery. The increase in blood volume also causes dizziness.

3) Pregnancy Glow

Yes, finally it’s here. Pregnancy glow or softening of skin and hair occurs due to rising levels of hormones. You might think of getting a tan to stop looking pale. Just then you start getting a pinkish peachy glow to prevent you from exposure to tan aerosols or tan beds. Avoid getting hair dye as your hair and skin is extremely sensitive right now.

4) Appetite returns

Vice versa could happen too where the appetite tips down and you have strong aversions. In any case, you must take your prenatal vitamins and eat right. Check with your dietician about the amount of micronutrients you need this week. Eating fish, drinking wine and other such dietary information must always be consulted about.

5) Acne Breakouts

With pregnancy glow, you also see acne and breakouts. To counter your disappointment your sex drive will also peak up like a teenager. The new oil glands and perspiration are the reasons behind it. Most pimple healing medications are unsafe for pregnant women. And the acne breakout won’t last long. Staying hydrated and using the right cosmetics will help you sail through.

6) Blue prominent veins

Your skin stretches and you will be able to see prominent clear veins on your belly and breasts. By the end of pregnancy, most superficial veins will be even more clear. A clear vein will run down to your pubic region. With passing weeks more veins will show on your belly. Some women start panicking about stretch marks seeing these veins. Stretch marks are pale or dark in color. Exercise and essential oils massage will soothe your skin and prevent stretch marks. 

7) Vaginal discharge changes

This week you’re extremely susceptible to UTI. Maintain vaginal hygiene. Use dental dab while having oral sex at 10 weeks pregnant. As your vagina becomes lubricated with white mucus, sex will be pleasurable too.

Indulging in will serve you the much-needed bonding with your partner. Past few weeks have gone like you were sick. It’s time when you both will get to feel the ‘we’re pregnant’ feeling.

8) Recovery from insomnia

As morning sickness takes a backseat to let you experience other things, Sleep returns. You will feel more sleepy than when you started in week 1. It’s your body’s way to give you the rest and pump for providing your baby with everything. Just like a baby grows the most when she is asleep, you must also sleep peacefully. Avoid taking naps. That way you will feel more confused and restless about your fatigue. Do divide your time to give a long slot for sleeping at a stretch.

9) Constipation

As your organs descend and bump grows bigger your belly is going to trouble you. More sleep and less movement around do play a role too. But with the right diet and a workout routine, you can avoid reaching out for meds. Eat fibrous prunes because that’s exactly the size of your baby right now ?. Once your babe is out you literally will feel like eating the cuteness, but won’t be able to!

10) Bleeding gums

As your body is still adapting to the increase in fluid volume you will have sensitive gums. Brushing using the right toothbrush is all the more important now.

Constipation too affects dental and oral health. You may see bleeding gums when you brush or satiate your ice cravings. Make sure you keep a check on your ice cravings if your gums are not firm.

11) Round ligament pain

Another new addition to the bad parts of pregnancy is the round ligament pain. As your middle region broadens the side muscles will start to pain. To avoid Diastasis recti consider exercises to strengthen the floor muscles along the abdominis. Wearing a supportive bra and lowers is important to relieve the stress from the region.

How To Relieve 10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms?

  • To relieve the headache, you may use a warm or cold compress. Consult your doctor first before taking pain relief medication.
  • Invest in new bras but do not buy too many as you may need to invest in newer ones again later in pregnancy.
  • Sleep whenever you feel extremely exhausted and do not feel guilty about sleeping longer hours. Take naps if you like.
  • Avoid processed foodstuffs, refined flour, pasta, etc. Try to include more of fibrous foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables and water in your diet.
  • Try to avoid including food that generally is considered gassy, in your diet.
  • These dietary changes will help you with constipation, bloating and gas problems.
  • To deal with the mood swings, try to slow down a little or take a break. You can also go for options like napping, meditation, etc.
  • To avoid feeling dizzy/faint, always keep hydrated and carry snacks with you wherever you go. This will help you maintain the sugar levels in the blood. Also, if and when you feel dizzy, immediately find a place to sit down or lie down. You can get up after you feel a little better and are steady on your feet.

Weight Gain

  • Now that you are close to the end of the first trimester, you should know that the recommended weight gain in this trimester is around 3-5 pounds.
  • Even if you have not managed to gain any weight due to symptoms like morning sickness it is okay. These symptoms of the first trimester are going to subside after this week and you will see the beginning of essential weight gain.
  • On the other hand, if you have started gaining weight, you might not yet look pregnant to other people but you may very well start feeling discomfort in those jeans and tight pants. It would be better or you may feel more comfortable if you switch to looser fitting clothes.

Week 10 Diet: Dos and Don’ts

  • Fish is good for neural development of the baby. Studies have shown that eating fish helps the baby have a better development phase. Week 10 is pivotal for the brain. Eating low mercury fish will only benefit you and baby.
  • Coffee or other caffeine-containing edibles are safe in the permitted amounts. Every day you must not exceed 200 mg of caffeine. That includes your chocolates, cookies, and coffee.
  • Alcoholic drinks and wine must be avoided ideally. But some women have much severe withdrawal than the primary side effects of alcohol. In that case, consult a doctor. Smoking in any dose is unfit for baby and pregnancy. There are alternatives to cure the dependence on nicotine. Every TTC woman must consult about such addictions or prescriptions of antidepressants with a counselor. 

10 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

  • If you have already gone through the first prenatal appointment the previous week then this week there won’t be an ultrasound appointment.
  • However, if you have chosen to go for any of the genetic testings which are scheduled to be conducted in this week or another week; ultrasound guidance is required for conducting the tests.

Tests in 10 Weeks Pregnant Stage

At your first appointment, you would have been (or will be) guided about the various genetic tests available that you may be interested in.

A genetic counselor is usually appointed to guide prospective parents through the details of the tests.

Some prospective parents are recommended to go for one of the tests based on family history, history of pregnancy and results of any genetic tests that the to-be-parents themselves have taken.

For others, the choice of going for genetic testing is left up to them after explaining them about any risks involved in the tests and what may the results mean.

There are two types of tests available – Non-invasive and Invasive tests. Both have their pros and cons.

  • The two non-invasive tests that are widely available are Nuchal Translucency Screening or NT Scan and Non-invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT), also known as cell-free fetal DNA test (cffDNA test).
  • The two invasive tests that are widely available are Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) and Amniocentesis.

NT Scan

  • This test can be done between weeks 10 and 14 of pregnancy. It is usually done to determine the risk of the fetus having a congenital heart condition, Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.
  • The main thing to consider is that from this test only whether there is a risk of the fetus developing a certain condition or not can be determined.
  • If from the results it is apparent that there is a risk then one has to make the decision to go or not go for diagnosis which can only be done by an invasive test.
  • The test is conducted with the help of ultrasound scanning. There is a gap or clear space at the back of fetus’s neck that is measured. If the gap is extremely large then there is a risk of the fetus having some abnormality.

NIPT or cffDNA test

  • cffDNA is the genetic material of the fetus released by the placenta in the mother’s blood circulation.
  • A blood sample of the mother is removed at 10 weeks of pregnancy or later. The fetal genetic material is isolated from this sample and is then screened for chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome (Trisomy 21), Patau syndrome (Trisomy 13), Edward syndrome (Trisomy 18) and other chromosomal abnormalities. Screening for Rh factor is also done.
  • This test is very sensitive. However, like the previous test, this is a screening test and if the risk is apparent then further confirmation is required.
  • This test will not be very useful if the mother-to-be is pregnant via a donor egg/ is obese/ is taking blood thinners/ has multiple pregnancies.

Invasive Tests

  • These tests are only recommended if the risk of the fetus having an abnormality is very high based on the results of non-invasive tests, family history, pregnancy history, etc.
  • CVS is done between weeks 10 and 13 of pregnancy whereas Amniocentesis is done between weeks 14 and 20 of pregnancy.
  • CVS is preferred of early diagnosis is required. It can be done for detection or diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities like Down syndrome and genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis.
  • The difference between CVS and Amniocentesis is that CVS cannot be done for detection of neural tube defects.
  • Both CVS and Amniocentesis have high accuracy levels (98-99%). The risk of miscarriage with CVS is 1 in 100 and with Amniocentesis it is in the range of 1 in 200 to 1 in 400.
  • Chorion is the membranous structure that contributes to the formation of the placenta. In CVS, the sample taken is chorionic villus cells. The sample is aspirated using a needle which is guided to the site of chorionic villi with the help of an ultrasound.
  • In Amniocentesis, the sample taken is amniotic fluid. The sample is aspirated using a needle which is guided to amniotic sac with the help of an ultrasound.
  • After the sample has been removed, it is sent for analysis. The results are discussed with the prospective parents and they are guided for further action.

Warning Signs In Week 10 Of Pregnancy

If you experience or observe any of the below signs then contact your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Extreme vomiting; blood in vomit.
  • Pain or burning sensation while urination may indicate an infection.
  • Fever and chills lasting more than a day.
  • Severe cramping in the abdomen and/or vaginal bleeding.
  • Colored and/or foul-smelling vaginal discharge is a sign of infection.

Tips For 10 Weeks Pregnant STage

  • Shop for new clothes that you feel comfortable in; though do not buy too many as you may need to buy some more after a few weeks.
  • Maintain your physical health by participating in activities like yoga, swimming, walking, etc. These activities may also help you prepare for the physical stress of pregnancy and labor.
  • If you are feeling more anxious lately, try doing deep breathing exercises to stay calm.
  • Make sure to include calcium and vitamin D in your diet as the fetus is going through the development of teeth and skeleton.
  • If you want to redecorate or renovate your house or you want to move, now would be the time to think about it along with budget and practicality.

Tips For The Partner During 10 Weeks Pregnancy

  • You should try to spend a little more time with your partner away from your busy lives.
  • Accompany her for exercising or other activities like swimming, playing badminton, etc.
  • You may discuss with her about your future ideas and plans.

It must have been quite a week; getting to know about all those tests and making certain decisions. Remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health if not more. So if you are lately feeling as if all these things are affecting your mental health then try not to let it build up in your head.

You should try to talk to someone; anyone from family, your partner or a friend or a colleague; anyone that you trust. You may even talk to your doctor about it and get some support. All in all, keep taking care of yourself and enjoy this phase of pregnancy.