Positive Pregnancy Test Now Bleeding?

So, you had a positive pregnancy test but now are bleeding? Such scenarios pop up quite often.

Many women who are planning to be a mom soon think that the pregnancy test dilemma finishes as soon as you see the pink line or the plus sign.

Ladies, it begins after that! Most of the cases are such that the woman had no trouble conceiving. They get a positive pregnancy test result and then become a little careless, and it leads to a miscarriage. It can be the biggest shock for a couple.

So it is highly recommended that you see a doctor as soon as you take a pregnancy test to discuss the pregnancy test results with him or her.

Doctors will do prenatal pregnancy tests and tell you necessary precautions. Also, a proper examination of your pregnancy will tell you about any possible complications and genetic problems.

PregnantEve.com recommends a pedigree analysis, as soon as a couple decides to conceive. Pedigree analysis is for knowing the risks associated with pregnancy for you and your baby.

Positive Pregnancy Test Now Bleeding?
Positive Pregnancy Test Now Bleeding?

What is a positive pregnancy test?

A positive pregnancy test is a result that tells you that you are pregnant.

It may be a false positive pregnancy test result too. It happens if you are suffering from diseases like PCOD, ovarian cancer, etc.

What to do after getting a positive pregnancy test?

As mentioned earlier after getting a positive pregnancy test one should get a doctor’s appointment and get herself tested.

Top 10 Reasons for positive pregnancy test now bleeding

Let’s investigate the reasons for bleeding after positive pregnancy test:

  1. Bleeding after getting positive pregnancy test may be the brown discharge of pregnancy: During early pregnancy, the vagina discharge has a brown color, and it may have some blood clots. The vaginal lining is too soft and fragile and may break even with mild brushing. You might mistake the brown discharge as bleeding because it looks like that. If you experience bleeding after a positive test, then make sure that the blood is fresh. Otherwise, it is old blood coming out as brown discharge during pregnancy.
  2. If bleeding after getting pregnant happens in the first three months of pregnancy, then it could be normal: Some women have reported that they got regular menses for the first three months even after they were pregnant. For this reason, some women who only rely on the absence of periods as a symptom of pregnancy are unable to detect pregnancy at an early stage. So it could be nothing to worked-up about that you are getting menses even after conceiving. Positive pregnancy test now bleeding and cramps could be menses. You must inform your doctor about it.
  3. Bleeding after getting positive could be spotting: Yes, you will experience spotting after pregnancy in the first few months. So a mild and light spotting is nothing to worry. It is normal and occurs during early pregnancy frequently because a lot of things going inside your body. Processes like the formation of new blood vessels, compressing of tissues and breaking of blood vessels happening rapidly. All this can lead to bleeding. Positive pregnancy test now bleeding may be spotting during pregnancy.
  4. Bleeding after positive pregnancy test may be due to a miscarriage: This is terrible, but it is true. Bleeding could be due to miscarriages. First trimester miscarriages mostly happen because of chromosomal aberrations. Most women mistake miscarriages for periods and never come to know that they were pregnant. It may be good for those who did not want to be pregnant. This can mislead a woman who wants to be a mom to believe that she is infertile. Hence a healthy reproductive life includes visiting your gynecologist every six months. 
  5. Bleeding after positive pregnancy test may be because your belly received a jolt: If you have a toddler already who jumped on your belly or you unknowingly had something hard hit you. Positive pregnancy test now bleeding and cramps can be a sign of impending miscarriage. It can result in hemorrhoids or other problems and will lead to bleeding after getting a positive pregnancy test.
  6. Bleeding after getting pregnant can be due to having sex: Having sex wears and tears your vaginal pathway. So if you have rough sex after getting pregnant, you can bleed abnormally. Sex during pregnancy requires certain precautions. You must read about sex during pregnancy before it is too late. Sex can cause bleeding after getting pregnant. Many women experience depression during pregnancy since they don’t get to have intercourse. 
  7. Bleeding after positive pregnancy test also happens if your body produces the pregnancy hormones too slowly: Pregnancy hormones sustain the pregnancy. If not produced sufficiently then it can lead to bleeding after conceiving. Low levels of hormones cause bleeding after getting a positive pregnancy test. You should see your doctor who might give you supplements to support your natural hormone production. Some dietary supplements may improve your body’s capacity to produce pregnancy hormones. If bleeding after conceiving happens after three months of pregnancy have passed then you need to rush to the doctor.
  8. Positive pregnancy test now bleeding could be because you did not take the pregnancy test correctly: If you did not do the pregnancy test properly, then it is positive pregnancy test now bleeding. It is a miscalculation! You might have made a mistake while taking a pregnancy test and so you thought it is positive pregnancy test!
  9. Twin pregnancy can cause positive pregnancy test now bleeding: If you have a twin pregnancy then there is a chance that during implantation of the second baby you bleed. Positive pregnancy test now bleeding can be because now your second baby is here!
  10. Superfetation causes positive pregnancy test now bleeding: Similarly superfetation is getting pregnant second time while you are already pregnant. In this case, you will get positive pregnancy test now bleeding and cramps. It is very rare but does happen. Chances of positive pregnancy test now bleeding due to another pregnancy are very slim.

Can bleeding after positive pregnancy test be implantation bleeding?

It is important for us to mention that the bleeding after positive pregnancy test cannot be implantation bleeding.

A pregnancy test detects hCG hormone that is available in sufficient quantities after implantation. The placenta secretes hCG as a temporary endocrine gland. It takes about a week for hCG levels to pick up after implantation.

So first you will experience implantation bleeding, and then you’ll get a positive pregnancy test. Bleeding after positive pregnancy test can never be implantation spotting.

Be very vigilant of everything that comes out of your cervix even your urine when you are pregnant. The first few months of pregnancy are most critical and maximum miscarriages happen at this time.

Once you have got a baby, you are a mother and have to shoulder the safety of two lives. We are proud of you!!


  1. Hi there I took my pregnance test it showed up positive I’m only 2 weeks but I was feel sick first day but then I went to the Drcot
    Thy checked and it came up negative

    but then thy took my blood test it came back negative so now I’m bleeding not to much I’m still wondering if I’m pregnant
    Or not so how do I find out?

    • When your blood reports show a negative result then you can’t be pregnant. Period onset delayed perhaps causing the symptoms of pregnancy.

  2. I did 2 home pregnancy test one took forever to show two lines and then the 2nd one showed both lines immediately only thing is that on both test one of the lines were thin and the other one was darker so I went to the doctor and they took a pregnancy test also where one was positive again with two lines but one was thinner than the other and other test was negative. HELP

    • One was positive again with two lines, one was thinner and one was negative, 3 tests done by doctor. Blood pregnancy test results arrived? Doctors diagnosis is most reliable so follow that. Home pregnancy test line can be dark or thin depending on brand. If you took the second test late then it could be because of rising hCG levels.

      • Hi guys I just wanna find out about this because it’s happening to me, I took a test yesterday it came out positive and went to the doctor he tested me and it came out negative, did the scan and it shows nothing

        Now I’m bleeding since I came back from the doctor, and runny stomach

        What is that?

  3. I didn’t get a blood test the doctor just told me to wait on my period because she said most likely I was just late

    • Your data is not coherent. Earlier you said doctor took tests and results. Now, contradiction of the point makes it difficult to understand. Moreover, we don’t prescribe or diagnose anything. A doctor or professional is more reliable in terms of personal diagnosis.

  4. Hi..i did pregnancy test twice and it shows positive but after 1 week, i had bleeding with dark red to brown blood for the whole day. Then after next, bleeding was stopped and again i had spotting on 3rd day. After bleeding was completely stopped, most likely on 4th day, i did pregnancy test early in the morning and it became negative..please help..i dont know if i am really pregnant or not..

    • There are such situations when you get positive then negative pregnancy test. You were able to notice and get a positive test, others simply wait for period. They never come to know that they were pregnant chemically. Wait for a week and take a pregnancy test. Duration of bleeding mentioned suggests period and symptoms will distinguish it from any other possibility.

  5. Took two pregnancy tests in one week days apart both came positive without a doubt… Now I’m cramping and bleeding could this be a miscarriage?

    • Bleeding and spotting are different. Check for the amount, color and duration of bleeding. If the cramps are really painful consult a doctor. Else gas distress and spotting are common normal occurrences in pregnancy.

  6. Hi.. I took a pregnancy test because i was 5 days late because normally im on time with my period test came with two lines pregnant one day later light brown discharge and now the second day still discharge but red brown ish and more than yesterday and with “period cramps”, but with my first child i had allot of “period cramps” too. Could this be a miscarriage?

    • Miscarriage bleeding is heavy and spotting changing from brown to red is period. Repeat the pregnancy test after 2-3 weeks when the bleeding stops. Miscarriage symptoms include intense pain in abdomen and discomfort.

  7. Yesterday I took a blood pregnancy test and it came positive but during the night I went to the bathroom I found out I was bleeding very light what could that mean?

    • Spotting during pregnancy occurs in many cases. Don’t worry too much if it was light spotting. A blood pregnancy test is best pregnancy test. You must consult a doctor if the pregnancy spotting continues for long period, and is heavy. Look for other symptoms such as cramps, discomfort and shortness of breath or chest pain.

  8. I had two positive test went to doc and theirs was negative so they did a blood test.. called me back the next day said my hcg levels were up and they were referring me to a obgyn.. now I’m bleeding.. is this a miscarriage?

    • Not necessary that bleeding after positive pregnancy test is miscarriage. There are symptoms such heartburn, chest pain, excruciating cramps, discomfort in cervical region. The time of bleeding also tells a lot. It is possible that you get period during first few months of pregnancy. Consult with the ob about it.

  9. Hi. My period was 3 days late so I did a test there was a faint positive line. I did one the next morning and still just as faint. Few hours later I started bleeding. Lasted 4 days and I’m usually 6 days. It was also only red blood and a bit lighter than my normal bleed. I know this not to be implantation bleed as it was too heavy. My previous period was very much like implantation bleed but was 5-6 days lots of pink and brown clearish discharge but last 2 days were darker blood. Its been 5 days since i bled. Would it be worth doing another test? I’m so confused. Thankyou

    • If you’ve got a faint positive pregnancy test then surely you must repeat. It is possible that what you had was breakout bleeding. Such bleeding or spotting occurs at the time of due period in pregnancy. Getting two faint positive lines earlier makes it more probable. Repeating a test will clear your doubts. If you’re unsure wait for a week before repeating a test so that you get most accurate information from pt.

      • I am about two weeks behind my period. I’m regular but this time I haven’t got it. I’ve been with cramps low and high sometimes and backaches. I took a pregnancy day yesterday and came out positive so I took another one today and also came out positive, but I started spotting brown pinkish. What should I do?

  10. Hi….I did a pregnancy test 1 week ago…it was +ve …2 days later I started bleeding which at first was dark with clots then turned fresh red the 3rd day…..I went to se the doctor …repeated the test it still had a faint positive line….did a scan showed nothing everything was normal and non gravid….after 5 days of bleeding I did another test and was still positive…..what cud it be?…..

    • When you get pregnant it is possible that you’re still ovulating. And a part of your vaginal lining or old period blood comes off. Breakout bleeding is more common in women who used to take contraceptive pills. But such bleeding can happen during the first three months. A woman who ovulates even when pregnant has a risk of superfetation ‘second pregnancy while pregnant’. Thus, sex is not safe in this case. Other case of getting a positive pregnancy test despite bleeding is when there is an early miscarriage of abnormal pregnancy. The woman must wait for at least 3 weeks before testing after bleeding to allow hCG levels to fall. Since your scan was normal and your pregnancy test was also positive, things seem to be fine.

  11. 3 positive test woke up bleeding and small cramping. I am only 5 weeks. Should I wait a couple of days before going to the hospital. Very nervous. Bright red blood. More than spotting. I have 2 other children never bled after positive results.

    • Please visit the doctor, red blood more than spotting with cramps isn’t normal. May it turn out to be nothing serious, but don’t wait more for consulting your doctor.

  12. Hi! I took 4 pregnancy tests yesterday and all were positive. I was having some brownish colored discharge (even the day I took the test) but today I’m feeling a little crampy and bleeding (on and off) very lightly but pinkish/light red. Cramps don’t feel like period cramps but maybe more like gas cramps. I’m scared I may be miscarrying. This will be my first so any help is appreciated!

    • Why did you take four pregnancy tests together? If all were positive then it means you’re hCG levels are quite high. Brown discharge occurs at time of due period. If the cramps are not painful wait for two days for the spotting to stop. Best step rn would be to talk to your OB about it.

  13. I took a pregnancy test it came out positive with a faint line, today I experienced abdominal pains and later started bleeding, my pantyliner was full of bleeding, could I be pregnant, haven’t taken second tedt. Please help

  14. Hi, did blood (serum pregnancy test yesterday. Doctor said faint positive line after 10 mins. She’s asked me to repeat the test in 5 days. But cramping and bleeding for 4 hours. Brownish pink to red now. But cramping has reduced completely now. What does this mean?? TTC for 4 months

    • If cramping is gone then also consult your OB. Bleeding at early stage for four hours straight is not normal. Spotting during pregnancy occurs but bleeding and cramping symptoms need medical attention.

  15. By bleeding I meant just two drops of brownish pink and then a bigger drop of red blood.. I just don’t know what to do

    • Then it’s not much to worry about. Spotting during pregnancy occurs at many stages. Reduce the stress and consult a doctor for reassuring yourself. Eat well and stay happy.

  16. Hi iv taken 3 pregnancy tests while bleeding brown redish color all came out with a faint positivr still bleeding same dis is after 8days.am I pregnant or did I misscarry???

    • The symptoms you’ve mentioned are that of pregnancy spotting due to hormonal changes or old period blood. Pregnancy tests don’t detect miscarriage because the levels of hCG remain up even after the pregnancy terminates. Consult a doctor as the spotting duration is strikingly long.

  17. It was very light not like my normal period no cramps just little dull abdomen n lower back pain that went away after lying down..

  18. Today I was one week late so i decided to take two home pregnancy tests, both came out positive with a faint line and I started getting cramps and bleeding like my regular period. I took another test and it was still positive, what is going on?

    • Period or spotting can happen even if you’re pregnant. Try changing the brand of pregnancy test and introduce gap between the tests. Don’t take two tests a day. Wait for the bleeding to stop and repeat the test after a week.

  19. I took 3 pregnancy test last week and they were all positive but the line was faint. Now today I went to the bathroom and wiped and it was a brownish red color. Should I be worried?

    • Brown discharge occurs during pregnancy. If the bleeding isn’t heavy and there are no cramps then you can wait. In other case it needs medical advice.

  20. I took 3 pregnancy yes last week and they were all positive but the lines were faint. Now today I went to the bathroom and wiped and it was a brownish red color. Should I be worried? Help

    • Brown discharge and spotting seems scary but is not a reason to worry. Unless you have cramps and pain, just ask your OB about it

  21. I was on day 40 and still no period. I was about 2 weeks late on my period and to finish a faint positive pregancy test results (First Response brand – the early test) which I took at about a week and half past my periods due date. I started bleeding heavily today on day 41. IS this a miscarriage? Is there any possibility of saving the pregnancy? I’ve changed my pad three times already today and it’s been very heavy with some clots, red in color.

    • Consult a doctor immediately. This is not something that we can comment about. Don’t panic though it’s natural. Try to drink water as much as you can. And talk to yourdoctor.

  22. I took a plan b May 4th-May5th at around 12:40am. My period was due May13th. Around that time noticed my sense of smell being heightened. May 16th I began experiencing dizziness, extreme gas, twinges, sore nipples, blue veins, dull cramping, shortness of breath, stiff neck, waves of nausea even after/during eating, and only 3-4 hours of sleep no signs of AF. May 19th I did a hpt with fmu and got a faint positive result and then began to bleed dark brown/red and pass small clots and the bleeding has gotten lighter only when I use the restroom it comes. Should I test again or are these just side effects of the plan b? I really am hoping the plan b was ineffective.

  23. Hi, I took a plan b May 4th-May5th at around 12:40am. My period was due May13th. Around that time noticed my sense of smell being heightened. May 16th I began experiencing dizziness, extreme gas, twinges, sore nipples, blue veins, dull cramping, shortness of breath, stiff neck, waves of nausea even after/during eating, and only 3-4 hours of sleep no signs of AF. May 19th I did a hpt with fmu and got a faint positive result and then began to bleed dark brown/red and pass small clots and the bleeding has gotten lighter only when I use the restroom it comes. Should I test again or are these just side effects of the plan b? I really am hoping the plan b was ineffective.

    • Undoubtedly you must test again. Nobody can comments for sure about effects of plan b, perhaps your doc will give you the answr you’re looking for.

  24. Hi I had my period April 27th and I was spotting the 2nd week of May and it was just 2dys off and on brownish and now I started bleeding may 26th and it was a little heavy but today is light I took a pregnancy test Friday May 25th it was positive and I’m scared please what should I do I have had 5 kids I never did this and I’m 32 thanks in advance

  25. Hi,my hpt is positive and beta hcg is negative.now I am bleeding along with cramps. Actually all this happened on same day. Am I pregnant still.

    • Beta hCG is more reliable as blood hCG levels pick up before urine. If your pregnancy blood test is negative rely on it.

  26. Uh, hi so I took a test and didn’t notice the faint line, so 2 days later took an electric one it said yes, I went back and checked the first and found the faint line. However now it’s been 4 days and my abdomen all the way up past my belly button is changing and feels like I’m getting stabbed with sowing needled and I’m bleeding even more then my normal period. I don’t have a lot of money, would it be safe to not get it checked out? My feonce and I want kids but, didn’t expect it yet, not to say I’m not upset. From the other comments I’ve realized that it has to be a miscarriage, I just wanna know if it’ll do anything to hinder us trying.

    • Serious medical issues cannot be commented without medical authority. Miscarriage without further supportive recovery therapy may affect fertility.

  27. Hi. I took birthcontrol pills and missed my period . I took 2 pregnancy tests after 17 days, but not blood test. The pregnancy tests came out to be positive with faint lines. Now I’m bleeding like period after a week of missed period. The doctor took an ultrasound which showed a pregnancy of 4 weeks but the baby is too weak to grow. She says that this is leading towards miscarriage as there is a rare chance of the baby to grow further. Can this be possible?

    • Doctor’s medical experience and diagnosis is reliable. Take a second opioid if you are not satisfied with his or her answer.

  28. I had an IUD. It was misplaced and fell out. I got another one put in on March 10, 2018. Earlier this week I noticed some signs of pregnancy. Tired. Nauseous and not really an appetite which is the same for my last two pregnancies. I took a test and it said positive but a very faint line. Later on that night I started spotting a little. Nothing even enough to wear a panty liner. Nothing for two days so this morning I took another test. Still positive and faint but brighter than it was a few days ago. But now I’ve started spotting again and cramping a little. I know it’s not very common to get pregnant with the mirena but are false positives even possible? Not sure whether to wait it out or call my doctor.

  29. I went to the doc for one thing and found out I was pregnant but wen I took an pregnancy test at home it was negative I waited two weeks to take another one it was then positive that was on Monday today I woke up cramping and bleeding an little could I be miscarring

    • Miscarriage symptoms include cramps, abdominal pain, and chest pain. If you’re experiencing such symptoms please tell your doctor. Getting a negative pregnancy test is not uncommon and it can be a false negative. Blood pregnancy test is most reliable.

  30. I took a test twice but both shows faint lines but yesterday morning I started bleeding like my normal but the color is very light could this be miscarriage

    • Miscarriage bleeding lasts longer than period. Cramps and abdominal pain are severe. If you’re experiencing such symptoms tell your doctor.

  31. Hi there,
    I had 3 faint positive pregnancy test before my period was due. And a day after I was supposed to get my period, I noticed very bright pink when I wiped for straight 2 days (Thursday and Friday).
    Then Friday night the cramp was much and I noticed d blood was bright red. Then Saturday and Sunday I bled not like my period but almost with little clots. It lasted for just those 2 days but my period stays 4 days. Monday, I noticed bright pink-red blood a very small amount.
    My husband and I are confused as to what’s going on. We’ve been really trying for a baby after a miscarriage in February.
    Please help.

    • Spotting During Pregnancy at time of expected period occurs. Some women do get their first three periods even when pregnant. You must avoid mental stress because it can be damaging at this stage of pregnancy. Try to take a pregnancy test after two weeks. Consult a doctor to get a blood hCG test. If you’re interested in knowing it early then get blood test.

  32. Hi I did 7 pregnancy test as they keep coming up very faint I went to the doctors because I am bleeding and the test come back negative but I’m getting a blood test done on Monday just wanted to no what someon thinks could be happening thankyou

  33. Hi Admin,
    I ovulated on the 27th of April and 8 days later I spotted brownish discharge for 3days. My period was due on the 10/11th June, it didn’t come on. I cramped badly on both days. Took a PT and it was negative. A day after my missed period I took a blood test and it was negative. Cramping stopped and nothing unusual. Then 2 days after missed period i started bleeding lightly, re brownish. No cramp, no unusual feeling just light bleeding. Could I be pregnant? I am afraid of going back to get blood tested immediately.

    • Wait for two to three weeks before getting a blood test done. Light bleeding after period date could be because of late implantation. You might have not calculated right and that also gives the reason why you’re not getting a positive pregnancy test. You’re still not at that stage where there is enough hCG.

  34. Hi, My last LMP was March 1 then on April 20 took a pregnancy test and it was negative, but still no menstration til June 10, so I took again pregnancy test and turn out to be positive. Last June 11, I had spotting and turn red blood but light til June 12. Took again pregnancy test early in the morning of june 14 but it turns out negative. I am confused now. I am scheduled to see my doctor on June 18.

    • That’s the right thing. Once you don’t get a conclusive answr from pregnancy test, or negative after positive pregnancy test, it’s best to ask your OB. At times it is medication that causes the irregularities, and other case is when the test is defective.

  35. Hello My last period was 5/15 to 5/18…. Realized on 6/24 o was 8 days late took 2 pregnancy test within 1 week that were positive instantly. Then friday 6/29 I Had some bleeding of & on that lasted about 4 hours & then passed some blood clots I called the Dr. office. Was told I can monitor it over the weekend or go to Er. They stated it does sounds like a early miscarriage my body is likey to push the contents out so im likely going to feel cramping. Was told to give them a follow up call on monday. I was bleeding more once I got home had some cramping. Passed more blood clots & this blueberry sized grayish tissue likely the yolk sac that came out whole after that very little spotting & as of today saturday still no bleeding….. My first ob appt was scheduled for 7/13 which would have put me 7.5 weeks from my lmp. I never had any spotting prior to the positive test so im assuming the embryo never implanted in the uterine wall….

    • A doctor’s discretion is a personalised diagnosis. Follow as they have said. Don’t try revisiting and calculating things that have passed.

  36. I m 2 weeks pregrant but I have done sex and travel in one day and then next day coming bleeding spot ……so I have miscarriage ….

  37. I got 3 clear blue test showing positive, I took it because of tenderness of my breast and nauceas, now on period week I have brown spotting along with some clear reddish spots whit my urine. I have been going to the bathroom quite often with bowels movement and experiencing cramps like period type. Would this be sign of miscarriage? I feel like I have Braxton Hicks type of cramps mixed with period cramping

    • Braxton hicks occur in second trimester. Miscarriage is difficult to guess. An ultrasound will be the most accurate way of finding it out.

  38. Opinion needed.. telling the whole story may be tmi

    Had sex May 28th – ovulation day may 29th, June 13th – normal period start date. I’m usually a very heavy bleeder and lasts 3-4 days, this time it lasted 2 days and very light.
    Since the last two weeks of June, I’ve been extra tired, extremely nauseous, aches(head and body), and just felt I might be pregnant(been through it before). July 5th I took a test which was a faint positive then on July 8th started bleeding – lighter than my normal period and darker and it only lasted two days. I still feel all the same symptoms, even more now.

    I know I should test again, but From someone else’s perspective, what is going on?

  39. I took a blood pregnancy test. And it came out positive. And the next day in the Afternoon I saw a drop of blood in my urine. And on the evening the blood became heavy. What is the cause
    Please help me.
    Have been expecting​ for years.

  40. It’s been a month that you’re sure about pregnancy. Don’t wait for the appointment and head to the doctor earliest. Spotting during pregnancy is normal but avoid taking risks as you’ve cramping too

  41. almost 3 weeks ago I had unprotected sex and we got a plan b pill 9-10 hours later. I started my birth control immediately the following morning and I had missed a lot of days before unprotected sex… I have felt a lot of symptoms such as sore breasts, nausea, sleeping a lot. Lastnight (July 15th) I took a pregnancy test that came back positive with a line that was a little faint.. my period is supposed to start on July 23 but before I took the test I had started bleeding lightly it was bright red which isn’t normally like my regular period. Please help

    • Repeat a test after missed period and consult your gynecologist about youth birth control pills. They affect pregnancy heath.

  42. Hi, so almost a month ago I took a pregnancy test and there was a faint line, but it was a positive result. Then later the same day I took a CB and it came back negative. The next morning I took another one and it came back negative. After that I was 51/2 days late and all the tests were still negative, then I had bleeding just like a period and period cramps too. I don’t know what it was, I don’t know if I am pregnant or not, and the tests just aren’t picking it up, or if the bleeding was actually my period, miscarriage, or what. I’ve had a miscarriage before and it didn’t feel like one. Please help

    • You should have gone for blood test after one month late period. All the while you’ve been trying to get a positive urine pregnancy test? There are other ways to find out the reason behind late period, like ultrasound.

  43. Brown discharge during pregnancy could be old period blood or implantation bleeding. Since you’re at a later stage, implantation might not be the case. As your doc has suspected a chemical pregnancy, you must immediately inform there. Any cramps, pain etc should also be reported.

  44. I discharged Brown for 9 days during the time of my expected period. (My cycle normally last 6 days) I toook a pregnancy test on the 9th day in the morning 7-20-18 came back positive. I see red blood now with tiny clots when I wipe and even a little in my panty liner. As I’m lying here in bed it seems very moist down there as if I’m bleeding a little more. Is this a sign of something bad

    • If you’re pregnant then certainly bleeding for 10+ days is not a good sign. You must first get a blood test done to confirm if it is pregnancy. Then consult your doctor about the entire thing.

  45. I took a pregnAncy test because i was a week late i took a clear blue digital test and it said i was Pregnant now few days later im bleeding, not heavy tho its light its not the same as my normal.periods fAr as the bleeding and cramping go so can i still be pregnant

  46. Hello Admin,

    I have had a strange few days. Any insight is most appreciated.

    Friday morning – faint positive line.
    Friday evening – brown discharge commenced. It was barely noticeable on toilet paper.
    Saturday – (period due date) faint positive line. Brown discharge continued, along with period-like abdominal cramps.
    Saturday evening – I passed a brown blood clot and the cramps somewhat subsided.
    Sunday morning – very faint, but marginally thicker positive line. Very mild cramps. Brown discharge continues, but is slightly heavier (not enough to fill a panty liner) occasional brown/dark-red blood (more than spotting, but not a continuous bleed). BBT remains high, averaging between 36.9c-37.3c. Breasts and heavy and tender.

    Is the clot and passing of blood normal? Are the mild cramps normal. My cramps also seem to be isolated to one area to the right, just above my underwear line. Typically I would have my period about now. It generally lasts three days. Any advice would be wonderful!

    Thank you!

    • As you’re saying that there are isolated cramps, we highly recommend that you see a doctor. Bleeding and discharge in early pregnancy happens for many reasons. Isolated pain is a thing to worry about.

  47. Missed my period this month for 3 days take a pregnancy test came out positive after 5 minutes. Take another one later on that day it was a faint positive but noticeable. 5 days past still don’t get my period I go to the doctor and take a urine test but it came back negative!? I was confused at this point and kind of sad thinking of a miscarriage again since I had one in 2016. Anywho later during the 5th day at work I notice I’m spotting a pinkish red then to a brownish red color so I’m like okay implantation. . But the next day I wake up and as soon as I get off my bed blood is coming down from my legs dark red color like a period lots of cramps and back pain like a period. But I was having cramps on the 3rd day as well I’m my lower stomach area. Today is the 3rd day I’m bleeding but on and off bleeding I will stop for about 30 minutes to an hour the most then bleed again. Did blood work Friday but can’t call until Monday (tomorrow). Is this a miscarriage? Why did my urine test come out negative at the doctors? Did I take it to early? Last menstrual cycle was June 27th was supposed to get my new one July 22nd

    • Forgot to mention but at work last night I was having lost of acid reflux, losing my balance, also sometimes even wanting to throw up or losing my appetite

    • It’s difficult to say why your urine test can play tantrums at times. Many factors beyond the scope of discussion are involved. All you need to know is blood test is most reliable. You can simply go to any authorized diagnostic labs and get the beta hCG test done. Regarding miscarriage, just like you can’t predict so can’t we. Very early miscarriage doesn’t have extreme symptoms of pain and cramps. Technically before implantation pregnancy isn’t confirm. Most women have early implantation miscarriage.

  48. I took a pregnancy test the other night, and it turned out positive. The next day I went to the doctor, and they did two tests after collecting a urine sample, and both were negative, they said it could be diluted urine. This morning I took a new test and it turned out negative as well. Then this evening I started bleeding. I’m very confused as to what’s happening

    • Early pregnancy test have a high chance of being false positive or negative. At times you may have a very early miscarriage and it happens with most women at some point. They never come to know of the pregnancy and assume it to be heavy flow with severe cramps. Such an early miscarriage occurs mostly due to internal reasons or because of stress in some form.

  49. I was seen at the ER on July 18 because I was spotting and was told I was pregnant and I had a UTI. I was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage. On July 28 I was spotting brown blood, but July 29-30 I was spotting light to bright red blood and seen small clots a few times after going to bathroom. Based on LMP I am 4 weeks along. So July 31 I took another pregnancy test and it came back positive with a very faint line. In your opinion do you think I had a miscarriage?

    • Miscarriage symptoms include heavy bleeding and intense cramps. The person gets breathless and chest pain and suffocation. 4 weeks long pregnancy is too early and having a UTI causes bleeding and discharge too. You’ll have to ask doctor and only an ultrasound will reveal the real state.

  50. Hi, I am 11 days late, I’ve done 3 pregnancy test which have all come back with faint positive lines but now I’m bleeding, am I having a miscarriage

    • Faint positive could be an evap line. Don’t panic. Stress will do what bleeding isn’t. Just take it easy and consult a doctor. At times you can have breakout bleeding while pregnant. Keep calm and ask for help.

  51. Yesterday At 12dpo I suddenly started bleeding which is unusual for me. I took pregnancy test in the night and was pregnant. Today is 13 dpo and still bleeding not spotting with very mild cramps. No blood clots but has period colour. Please what do I do.

  52. The day my period was supposed to start i had bleeding i thought it was my peorid starting but then abt a hour later i checked and my tampon wasn’t even filled it looked like a little spotting had happen so then the following week i waited for my peorid and i found myself being very hungry in the morning and emotional crying about anything so 5 days later after i missed my peorid i took two test one digital and it came back pregant right away . A day later i took another one still positive later that day i had bleeding started out as spotting (Brown) and then turned into red bleeding like a peorid even some cramps felt just like my peorid too it didn’t even last a day but now I’m really confused am i still pregant , did i have a miscarriage …? I took another test today and it’s still positive . I haven’t been feeling the little pinches in my side like i was the following week and my boobs feel not so tender but it hasn’t even been a day so am i just overthinking it all

  53. Missed my period this last weekend (September 29) but waited to take a HPT until Monday and it came back positive immediately with a heavy dark line. Took another that night to show my BF (clear blue instant response) and that came back positive. Took a digital the following morning and it said i was pregnant. This morning (October 4) I woke up and went to the bathroom to find bleeding with two small clots along with it. The color was bright red. It’s been on and off today also. I’m just concerned and wondering if this could be okay or not.

    • Please tell your doctor if you’re having any pain. Spotting is normal but deciding whether the extent of bleeding is normal is only possible for docs.

  54. So confused here. Lmp is Oct 4, 2018 tested last nov. 14 came out positive 2 days after had discharged of brown blood until now, Nov 24 very light, can’t fill a liner in a day. Done transv but no gestational sac. Done a test again today, still possitive. Ff up with ob on Monday. Any insight on this?

  55. My expected date was dec 12 for my period but till dec 22 it didnt come so i try a home pregnancy test at 1st 1 and its possitive after 2 days i try 2 pregnancy test it still positive
    Now jan 16 i have a spotting and the next day afternoon im bleeding is it a miscarriage

    • Simply bleeding isn’t enough to comment upon. If you’ve clots and cramps along then it could be. Ask a doctor for personalised evaluation.

  56. Hello, The date for my LMP was 15th March, I had an IUI insemination on the 20th- 23rd, I did a Blood PT in the hospital on the 9th of April and got a faint line,I had brownish discharge on the 11th April,which turned into bleeding 12-14th , I did a urine test when I was still bleeding in the hospital and it was positive. I was asked to wait for a few days to repeat the test, I did another test on the 23rd April and it came out positive with a faint line. I did an Ultrasound on the 24th and the result shows Endometrial plate is thickened, corpus luteum cyst, closed cervix etc. Am I still pregnant?

  57. Hello, yesterday I took an pregnancy test and it came out positive with two lines!! but I’m spotting dark brown blood. what does that mean.


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