Japanese Girl Names

UNIQUE Japanese Girl Names! 

Traditional Japanese girl names always are a great choice as they have a reflective significant meaning and yet are inimitable for people from different background. When it comes to Japanese baby girl names, the charm lies in their petite spellings and soft sounds. Isn’t that what you were exactly looking for deciding name for your baby girl? 

Make sure that you always look for the meaning of the name before selecting any random sound! Thus we have researched the actual meanings of these baby girls names from the land of peace – Japan.

Unique Japanese Girl Names
Unique Japanese Girl Names

Without further holdup dig in the latest trending Japanese girls names for your little Aiko! ?

1) Ai: Love, Affection, Indigo Blue

2) Aika: Love Song

3) Aiko: Love Child, Child Who Will Be Loved

4) Aimi: Beautiful Love, Affection

5) Aina: View, Sight

6) Airi: Love, Affection

7) Aiya: Beautiful Silk, Colorful, Design

8) Akahana: Red Bright Flower

9) Akane: Deep Red, Dark Red

10) Akari: Light, Brightness

11) Akiko: Sparkle, Bright, Autumn

12) Akira: Bright, Wisdom, Clear, Intelligent, Light Coming From The Sun

13) Amaya: Night Rain

14) Andrea: Womanly, Daring

15) Annaisha: Helpful Guide To Others

16) Asa: Born In The Morning, Child Of Light

17) Atsuko: Warm, Kind, Honest Child, Pure, Sincere Child

18) Ayaka: Fragrant, Colorful Flower

19) Ayumi: Step, Walk, Peaceful, Progress

20) Azami: Word Of Heart, Thistle

21) Bashira: Joyful, Joyous Child

22) Botan: Long Life

23) Chaisa: One Thousand Mornings

24) Chiaki: A Thousand Autumns, Sparkling Light

25) Chieko: Child Blessed With Wisdom, Wise Child

26) Chihiro: Love, Seeker, Thousand Questions

27) Chika: Thousand, Wisdom Intellect, Excellent

28) Chinami: Wisdom, Knowledge

29) Chiyoko: Thousand Generations, Child Of Forever

30) Chizue: Durability, Long Life

31) Cho: Butterfly

32) Dai: Large, Generation

33) Danuja: Ruler, Knight

34) Emiko: Blessing, Prosperous Child, Beauty, Smiling Child

35) Ena: Gift From God

36) Eri: Blessed With Reason,

37) Etsuko: Joy Child

38) Fuji: Wealthy, Abundant, Man Of Status,

39) Fumiko: Wealthy, Strong Beautiful Child

40) Gen: Spring, Blossom

41) Gina: Silvery

42) Hanako: Flower Girl, Shine, Splendor, Fair Blossom

43) Haru: Spring, Clear Weather, Sunlight, Born In The Spring

44) Haruka: Distant, Remote, Spring

45) Haruki: Radiant Spring, Clear Weather, Light, Sun, Brightness

46) Hatsu: First Born, Beginning

47) Hayami: Rare Unusual Beauty

48) Hibiki: Sound, Echo

49) Hikaru: Shining Brilliance, To Shine, Radiance

50) Hina: Light, Sunlight, Sunday, Greens

51) Hiroko: Generous, Tolerant Child, Abundant, Prosperous Child

52) Hoshi: Star

53) Humiya: History, Healthy

54) Iku: Nourishing

55) Ima: Present, Now

56) Isamu: Courage, Bravery, Vigorous

57) Ito: Thread

58) Iwa: Strong, Rock

59) Izumi: Fountain, Spring

60) Jin: Tender, Benevolence, Deep

61) Jun: Moisture, Pure, Clean

62) Kaede: Maple Leaf

63) Kaiya: Forgiveness, Forgiving

64) Kaiyo: Forgiveness

65) Kameyo: Generation Of The Tortoise, Long Lived

66) Kano: Skill

67) Kaori: Scent, Aroma, Fragrance

68) Kasumi: Mist, Pure, Clear, Blossom

69) Katsumi: Victorious Beauty, Win Over Oneself

70) Kazashi: Hair Ornament

71) Kazue: Harmony, Peace, One Blessing

72) Keioko: Lucky, Blessed Child, Respectful Child

73) Kichi: One Who Is Lucky, Fortunate

74) Kiko: Be Glad, Hope

75) kimi: Beautiful, Beauty Of The Century

76) kioko: Happy Child, Meets World With Happiness

77) kiyoko: Clean, Pure, Holy Child

78) koemi: Little Laugh, Smiling

79) Koharu: Spring, Heart, Small

80) Koto: Beautiful Harp

81) kukiko: Child Of The Snow, Snow Girl

82) Kumi: Forever Beautiful, Long Time Beauty

83) Kura: Treasure House

84) Madoka: Circle,

85) Mai: Real, Genuine, Love, Affection

86) Maiko: Dance Child

87) Majime: Earnest One, Soberness

88) Mamiko: Real, Genuine, Beautiful, True Beauty

89) Manami: Love, Affection, Beauty

90) Mao: Real, True

91) Maru: Round, Circle

92) Masako: Elegant, Refined, Proper Child

93) Masumi: True Purity, Increasing Beauty

94) Matsuko: Pine Tree Child

95) Mayumi: True Beauty, Elegant Bow, True Bow, Spindle Tree

96) Mei: A Reliable Sprout, Reliant

97) Michiko: Beautiful Wise Child, Child Of Morals, Child Of Thousand Beauty

98) Midori: Green

99) Morina: Forest Town

100) Naoko: Sincere Child, Honest, Green Child

101) Nara: Happy, Flower From Heaven

102) Nariko: Gentle Child

103) Natsuko: Summer Child

104) Nisbett: Trustworthy, Dependable, Reliable

105) Nishi: From The West

106) Nobuko: Trust, Faithful Child, Belief In God,

107) Nori: Belief, Tradition, Doctrine

108) Noriko: Child Of The Ceremony, Law, Order

109) Nozomi: Hope, Wish

110) Nyoko: Gem, Treasure

111) Orino: Workers Field, Weaver’s Field

112) Rei: Lovely, The Tinkling Of Jade, Beautiful

113) Reiki: Spiritual Healing

114) Reiko: Pretty Child, Gratitude

115) Reina: Wise

116) Ren: Lotus, Love, Water Lily

117) Rika: Always Strong

118) Riko: Child Of Jasmine, White Jasmine

119) Rin: Dignified, Severe

120) Rina: Jasmine Village, Park

121) Rini: Little Bunny

122) Rio: Place Of The Cherry Blossom, White Jasmine

123) Risa: Sand Of Village, Smile, Laughter

124) Ruqa: Bright Blue Flower

125) Ruri: Gemstone, Emerald

126) Ryoko: Good Child, Understanding Child, Truth

127) Sachi: Blessed Child, Child Of Bliss, Happiness

128) Sada: Pure Woman, Chaste, Pure One

129) Sadashi: Ambitious One

130) Saiua: Ripe Fruit

131) Sakae: Prosperity, Saint

132) Saki: Hope, Blossom

133) Sakiko: Blossom Child

134) Saku: Remembrance Of Lord

135) Sakura: Cherry Blossom

136) Sango: Coral

137) Saory: Nicely Woven Cloth, Beautiful Fabric

138) Satchiko: Lucky Child

139) Satoko: Wise Child, Wisdom, Enlightened

140) Satomi: Wise, Beautiful, Holy Beauty

141) Sawako: Refreshing, Sweet Child, Brilliant Child, Graceful

142) Sayaka: Clear

143) Sayuri: Small Lily

144) Seijun: Pure

145) Seika: Pure Summer, Excellent

146) Seiko: Holy Child, Blue Child, Fine Child

147) Seina: Star, Nara, Happy

148) Sejun: Pure, Very Clever

149) Sen: Wood Fairy

150) Shaiwase: Happiness, Good Fortune,

151) Shiki: The Four Seasons

152) Shinju: Pearl

153) Shinobu: Endurance, Enduring

154) Shiori: Bookmark, Guide, Poem

155) Shizu: Quite, Clear

156) Shun: Talented, Fast, Speed

157) Sora: Chirping Song Bird, Sky

158) Sorano: Heavens, Sky, Of The Sky

159) Subaru: One Who Unites

160) Suki: To Like, To Love, Beloved

161) Suzue: Branch Of Little Bells

162) Suzume: Sparrow

163) Takara: Treasure, Jewel

164) Taki: A Plunging Waterfall

165) Tamaki: Jewel Tree, Gem

166) Tamane: Sound Of A Necklace

167) Tamashii: A Soul, A Spirit

168) Tami: Let People See Benefit, Blessed People

169) Tamiko: Beautiful Child, Child Of The People

170) Tani: Stand Of Glory

171) Taura: Many Lakes

172) Toki: Full Of Hope, Time Of Opportunity

173) Tokiwa: Steady, Eternally Constant

174) Tomiju: Wealthy And Longevity

175) Tomoko: Friendly Child, Wise Child, Knowing, Intellect, Wisdom

176) Tomomi: Wisdom And Beauty

177) Tora: Tiger, Thunder

178) Toshi: Bright, Intelligent, Mirror Image

179) Tsubame: Swallow, Bird

180) Tsubasa: Wing

181) Tsuru: Long Life, Crane

182) Ume: Apricot, Plum Blossom

183) Umeko: Plum Blossom Child, Patient

184) Umi: Ocean

185) Urara: Serene, Beautiful

186) Usagi: Rabbit Of The Moon

187) Ushio: Tide, Opportunity, Salt Water

188) Uta: Song

189) Utano: Field Of Songs

190) Wakaba: Young Leaf

191) Wakana: Sweet Music

192) Wakumi: Spring Of Water

193) Wattan: From The Homeland

194) Yasu: Peace, Quite, Peaceful

195) Yasuko: Peaceful Child

196) Yo: Positive, Bright

197) Yoahino: Good, Respectful, Fertile Field

198) Yoko: Child

199) Yori: Reliable, Trustworthy

200) Yoru: Dark Fire

201) Yoshi: The Best, Good Virtuous, Good Luck

202) Yoshiko: Good, Fragrant, Child Of Joy

203) Yua: Love , Bind, Affection

204) Yui: Excellence, Gentleness, Superiority

205) Yuina: Tie, Bind

206) Yuka: Excellence, Superiority, Fragrant, Flower, Blossom

207) Yume: Dream

208) Yumi: Tenderness, Beauty, Excellent Beauty

209) Yuna: Kindness, Gentle Heart

210) Yuri: The Light Of God, Lily Flower

Cutest Japanese Girl Names
Cutest Japanese Baby Girl Names
Name Meaning
AiLove, Affection, Indigo Blue
AikaLove Song
AikoLove Child, Child Who Will Be Loved
AimiBeautiful Love, Affection
AinaView, Sight
AiriLove, Affection
AiyaBeautiful Silk, Colorful, Design
AkahanaRed Bright Flower
AkaneDeep Red, Dark Red
AkariLight, Brightness
AkikoSparkle, Bright, Autumn
AkiraBright, Wisdom, Clear, Intelligent, Light Coming From The Sun
AmayaNight Rain
AndreaWomanly, Daring
AnnaishaHelpful Guide To Others
AsaBorn In The Morning, Child Of Light
AtsukoWarm, Kind, Honest Child, Pure, Sincere Child
AyakaFragrant, Colorful Flower
AyumiStep, Walk, Peaceful, Progress
AzamiWord Of Heart, Thistle
BashiraJoyful, Joyous Child
BotanLong Life
ChaisaOne Thousand Mornings
ChiakiA Thousand Autumns, Sparkling Light
ChiekoChild Blessed With Wisdom, Wise Child
ChihiroLove, Seeker, Thousand Questions
ChikaThousand, Wisdom Intellect, Excellent
ChinamiWisdom, Knowledge
ChiyokoThousand Generations, Child Of Forever
ChizueDurability, Long Life
DaiLarge, Generation
DanujaRuler, Knight
EmikoBlessing, Prosperous Child, Beauty, Smiling Child
EnaGift From God
EriBlessed With Reason,
EtsukoJoy Child
FujiWealthy, Abundant, Man Of Status,
FumikoWealthy, Strong Beautiful Child
GenSpring, Blossom
HanakoFlower Girl, Shine, Splendor, Fair Blossom
HaruSpring, Clear Weather, Sunlight, Born In The Spring
HarukaDistant, Remote, Spring
HarukiRadiant Spring, Clear Weather, Light, Sun, Brightness
HatsuFirst Born, Beginning
HayamiRare Unusual Beauty
HibikiSound, Echo
HikaruShining Brilliance, To Shine, Radiance
HinaLight, Sunlight, Sunday, Greens
HirokoGenerous, Tolerant Child, Abundant, Prosperous Child
HumiyaHistory, Healthy
ImaPresent, Now
IsamuCourage, Bravery, Vigorous
IwaStrong, Rock
IzumiFountain, Spring
JinTender, Benevolence, Deep
JunMoisture, Pure, Clean
KaedeMaple Leaf
KaiyaForgiveness, Forgiving
KameyoGeneration Of The Tortoise, Long Lived
KaoriScent, Aroma, Fragrance
KasumiMist, Pure, Clear, Blossom
KatsumiVictorious Beauty, Win Over Oneself
KazashiHair Ornament
KazueHarmony, Peace, One Blessing
KeiokoLucky, Blessed Child, Respectful Child
KichiOne Who Is Lucky, Fortunate
KikoBe Glad, Hope
kimiBeautiful, Beauty Of The Century
kiokoHappy Child, Meets World With Happiness
kiyokoClean, Pure, Holy Child
koemiLittle Laugh, Smiling
KoharuSpring, Heart, Small
KotoBeautiful Harp
kukikoChild Of The Snow, Snow Girl
KumiForever Beautiful, Long Time Beauty
KuraTreasure House
MaiReal, Genuine, Love, Affection
MaikoDance Child
MajimeEarnest One, Soberness
MamikoReal, Genuine, Beautiful, True Beauty
ManamiLove, Affection, Beauty
MaoReal, True
MaruRound, Circle
MasakoElegant, Refined, Proper Child
MasumiTrue Purity, Increasing Beauty
MatsukoPine Tree Child
MayumiTrue Beauty, Elegant Bow, True Bow, Spindle Tree
MeiA Reliable Sprout, Reliant
MichikoBeautiful Wise Child, Child Of Morals, Child Of Thousand Beauty
MorinaForest Town
NaokoSincere Child, Honest, Green Child
NaraHappy, Flower From Heaven
NarikoGentle Child
NatsukoSummer Child
NisbettTrustworthy, Dependable, Reliable
NishiFrom The West
NobukoTrust, Faithful Child, Belief In God,
NoriBelief, Tradition, Doctrine
NorikoChild Of The Ceremony, Law, Order
NozomiHope, Wish
NyokoGem, Treasure
OrinoWorkers Field, Weaver's Field
ReiLovely, The Tinkling Of Jade, Beautiful
ReikiSpiritual Healing
ReikoPretty Child, Gratitude
RenLotus, Love, Water Lily
RikaAlways Strong
RikoChild Of Jasmine, White Jasmine
RinDignified, Severe
RinaJasmine Village, Park
RiniLittle Bunny
RioPlace Of The Cherry Blossom, White Jasmine
RisaSand Of Village, Smile, Laughter
RuqaBright Blue Flower
RuriGemstone, Emerald
RyokoGood Child, Understanding Child, Truth
SachiBlessed Child, Child Of Bliss, Happiness
SadaPure Woman, Chaste, Pure One
SadashiAmbitious One
SaiuaRipe Fruit
SakaeProsperity, Saint
SakiHope, Blossom
SakikoBlossom Child
SakuRemembrance Of Lord
SakuraCherry Blossom
SaoryNicely Woven Cloth, Beautiful Fabric
SatchikoLucky Child
SatokoWise Child, Wisdom, Enlightened
SatomiWise, Beautiful, Holy Beauty
SawakoRefreshing, Sweet Child, Brilliant Child, Graceful
SayuriSmall Lily
SeikaPure Summer, Excellent
SeikoHoly Child, Blue Child, Fine Child
SeinaStar, Nara, Happy
SejunPure, Very Clever
SenWood Fairy
ShaiwaseHappiness, Good Fortune,
ShikiThe Four Seasons
ShinobuEndurance, Enduring
ShioriBookmark, Guide, Poem
ShizuQuite, Clear
ShunTalented, Fast, Speed
SoraChirping Song Bird, Sky
SoranoHeavens, Sky, Of The Sky
SubaruOne Who Unites
SukiTo Like, To Love, Beloved
SuzueBranch Of Little Bells
TakaraTreasure, Jewel
TakiA Plunging Waterfall
TamakiJewel Tree, Gem
TamaneSound Of A Necklace
TamashiiA Soul, A Spirit
TamiLet People See Benefit, Blessed People
TamikoBeautiful Child, Child Of The People
TaniStand Of Glory
TauraMany Lakes
TokiFull Of Hope, Time Of Opportunity
TokiwaSteady, Eternally Constant
TomijuWealthy And Longevity
TomokoFriendly Child, Wise Child, Knowing, Intellect, Wisdom
TomomiWisdom And Beauty
ToraTiger, Thunder
ToshiBright, Intelligent, Mirror Image
TsubameSwallow, Bird
TsuruLong Life, Crane
UmeApricot, Plum Blossom
UmekoPlum Blossom Child, Patient
UraraSerene, Beautiful
UsagiRabbit Of The Moon
UshioTide, Opportunity, Salt Water
UtanoField Of Songs
WakabaYoung Leaf
WakanaSweet Music
WakumiSpring Of Water
WattanFrom The Homeland
YasuPeace, Quite, Peaceful
YasukoPeaceful Child
YoPositive, Bright
YoahinoGood, Respectful, Fertile Field
YoriReliable, Trustworthy
YoruDark Fire
YoshiThe Best, Good Virtuous, Good Luck
YoshikoGood, Fragrant, Child Of Joy
YuaLove , Bind, Affection
YuiExcellence, Gentleness, Superiority
YuinaTie, Bind
YukaExcellence, Superiority, Fragrant, Flower, Blossom
YumiTenderness, Beauty, Excellent Beauty
YunaKindness, Gentle Heart
YuriThe Light Of God, Lily Flower

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