Strong Boy Names For Babies

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Strong boy names have always been popular. Dotting fathers love to give their sons a name which signifies strength and valor.

Coming from the gender scan or even guessing your baby to be a boy brings a lot of adrenaline rush in dads for making him a tough guy like him. At least like what he thinks he is! Right mommas? ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Strong Boy Names For Babies
Strong Boy Names For Babies

The arduous journey of making your wriggly baby into a soldier of life begins with selecting the name! An influential name signifying strength and valor is the first ingredient in this master mix. 

So, moving straight to the main thing youโ€™re here for…

We have an authoritative list of strong baby boy names. We’re sure you’ll find a gem for your LO!

Strong Boy Names For Babies

Baby Boy NameOriginMeaning
AaronHebrewExalted, Enlightened, Lofty
AbrahamHebrewFather Of Many Nations
AdolfDanishNoble Wolf, Majestic Wolf
AgustinSpanishMajestic Dignity, Grandeur, Great
AidenIrishLittle Fire, Fiery
AlaricGermanNoble Ruler, All Powerful Ruler
AlbertGermanNoble, Bright, Famous
AlexanderGreekDefender Of Mankind, Helper
AlistairGreekMan's Defender, Defender Of Mankind
AmauryGermanBravery And Power, Work Ruler
AmellGermanPower Of An Eagle
AmellGermanPower Of An Eagle
AmoryEnglishBrave, Powerful, Leader
AndersScandinavianManly, Strong, Warrior
AndreasGreekStrong, Manly
AndrewEnglishManly, Masculine
AngusEnglishOne, Choice, One Strength
AnthonyLatinHighly Praiseworthy, Priceless
AntonRomanPriceless, Inestimable Worth
AristotleGreekThe Best Of All, Superior
ArmstrongEnglishOne With A Strong Arm
ArnoldEnglishEagle Power, The Eagle Rule
ArsenioGreekManly, Strong, Virile
ArsenioGreekMasculine, Strong, Virile
AsherHebrewHappy, Blessed, Fortunate
AviHebrewFather Of Multitudes
AzaArabicPowerful, Strong
AzaiHebrewStrength, Strong
AzielHebrewThe Lord Is My Strength
BarackArabicBlessing, Lighting
BarinTeutonicNoble Fighter
BarrettGermanBear Strength
BeauFrenchHandsome, Dandy
BenjaminHebrewSon Of My Old Age
BernardGermanBold, Brave, Hardy
BishopEnglishHigh Ranking Member Of The Clergy
BorisRussianFighter, Fight
CadmanEnglishWarrior, Fighter
CadmarGreekBrave Warrior
CaelanIrishPowerful Warrior, People Of Victory
CalebHebrewFaithful, Trustworthy
CamiloLatinHelper To The Priest
CarterEnglishOne Who Transports Goods
CaydenGaelicBattler, Fighter
ChanningIrishYoung Wolf
ChristopherGreekCarrie Of Christ
CoenDutchBold Advisor
ConalIrishHigh And Mighty
DangeloItalianDevine Messenger, Messenger Of God
DanielHebrewGod Is My Judge
DenzelCornishOne Who Is From The High Stronghold
DirkDanishPeople Ruler
DominiqueLatinBelonging To A Lord, A Master
DonovanIrishLittle Dark Prince
DuetrichGermanRuler Of The People,
DukeEnglishLeader Of Men,
DustinEnglishBrave Fighter, Valiant Fighter
DwayneIrishDark, Black, Little Dark One
DylanWelshSon Of The Wave, Born Near The Sea, Influence
EdricEnglishWealthy Ruler
EdwardEnglishWealthy Or Fortunate Guardian
EgonGermanStrong With A Sword
EliHebrewHigh, Elevated
EmericTeutonicRuler, Leader
EmmetHebrewUniversal, Truth, Entire, Whole
EmoryEnglishHome Strength, Industrious Leader, Head Of The Household
ErnestGermanSerious, Battle To The Death
EthanHebrewFirm, Strong And Long Lived
EvanderScottishBow Warrior, Strong Man
EverettEnglishWild Boar, Strong, Brave, Hearty
EzekielHebrewGod Strengthens
FabioItalianBean Farmer
ForestFrenchDweller Or Worker In The Forest, Woodsman, Woods
FosterEnglishForester, Woodman, A Forest Worker
FrancisLatinFrench Man Or Free Man
FranklinEnglishFree Landowner, Landholder
FrederickGermanPeaceful Ruler, Ruler Of Peace
GabrielHebrewDevoted To God, God Is My Strength, Hero Of God
GarrettIrishSpear Strength, Brave, Rule With A Spear
GiancarloItalianFree Man
GianlucaItalianGod Is Gracious
GodricEnglishGod's Power
GriffinLatinStrong Lord, Fierce Person
GuyFrenchGuide, Leader
HaganIrishYoung, Little Fire
HardingEnglishN Of The Courageous One, Hardy, Brave, Strong
HarveyFrenchStrong, Worthy, Eager To Battle
HelmerTeutonicThe Wrath Of A Warrior
HenryGermanHome Ruler
HerbertGermanIllustrious Warrior
HowardEnglishNoble Watchman, Chief Warden, High Guardian
IgnacioLatinFire, Fiery One
ImreHungarianStrength, Warrior
IraHebrewWatchful One
IsaacHebrewHe Laughs
JackEnglishGod Is Gracious
JacobHebrewAt The Heel, Supplanter
JedrekPolishStrong Man, Warrior, Manly
JerryEnglishGerald, Ruling Spear
JessieHebrewGift, God Is Gracious
JohnLatinThe Grace Or The Mercy Of The God
JoshuaHebrewGod Is Salvation
JovanniLatinFather Of The Sky
JulianLatinYouthful, Young
KanoJapaneseOnes Masculine Power
KellyIrishWar, Lively, Bright Headed
KennyIrishThe Handsome One, Masculine
kenzoJapaneseStrong, Healthy
KoaHawaiianBrave, Bold, Fearless
KylenIrishA Wood, A Church
LeoLatinBrave People, Lion
LeonardFrenchLion, Brave, Hardy
LeroyFrenchThe King
LeviHebrewAttached, Joined
LiamIrishHelmet Of Will, Valiant Protector
LorcanIrishSilent, Fierce, Brave Warrior
LouieFrenchLoud, Famous Warrior, Renowned Warrior
LowellFrenchYoung Wolf, Beloved
LucasHebrewLight Giving, Illumination
LukeGreekLight Giving
MagnusLatinGreat, Greatest
MalinEnglishStrong, Little Warrior
MalinEnglishStrong, Little Warrior
MaltheDanishRule, Power
MaoJapaneseTrue Center, Genuine, Real
MaozHebrewFortress, Stronghold
MarioLatinGod Of War, Virile, Masculine
MarkusGermanMars, God Of War, Manly, Virile
MarleyEnglishPleasant Sea Side Meadow, Pleasant Wood
MateoSpanishGift Of God
MaynardGermanPower, Strength, Might
MerrickWelshPowerful And Famous
MichaelHebrewOne Who Is Like God, The One Closest To God
MiloGermanSoldier, Merciful
MonteItalianMountain, Man Power
MorganWelshSea Warrior, Sea Chief, Sea Defender
MuhammadArabicName Of A Prophet, Praiseworthy, Possessor Of Fine Qualities
NapoleonFrenchChildren Of The Mist
NedEnglishWealthy Guardian
NelsonEnglishName Of Nelson Mandela, Son Of Neil, Champion
NicholasGreekVictory Of The People
NoahHebrewRest, Comfort
NolanIrishChampion, A Descendant Of Chariot Fighter, Famous, Noble
OliverEnglishElf Army, Ancestral Relic, Oliv Tree
OscarEnglishGod Spear, Champion Warrior
OsirisEgyptianThe One With Strong Eyesight
OswaldEnglishDevine Power
OwenwelshYoung Warrior, Well Born, Noble
OzHebrewStrength, Powerful, Courageous
PatrickLatinNoble Born, Patrician
PhoenixGreekDark Red
QuillonLatinCrossing Swords, Strong
QuinlanIrishAthletic, Fit, Shapely, Strong
RagnarNorseWarrior Or Judgment
RamiroPortugueseGreat Judge
RandallGermanShield Wolf
ReaganIrishLittle King, Little Ruler
ReginaldEnglishJudgment, Counsel, Wise And Judicious Ruler
ReynardGermanMighty, Brave, Strong, Powerful Advice
ReynoldFrenchMighty Counselor, Ruler, Advisor
RichmondGermanPowerful Protector
RinaldoItalianWise Power
RobertGermanBright Fame
RonaldEnglishPowerful, Mighty, Ruler
RyanIrishLittle King, Descendant Of The King
RykerDanishStrong Power
SalvatorItalianSavior, Preserver
SantosLatinSaints, Holy
SebastianLatinVenerable, Revered
SimeonHebrewGod Is Listening
SwithunEnglishQuick, Strong
TakeoJapaneseStrong As Bamboo
TakeshiJapaneseWarrior, Fierce, Military
TerrellEnglishThunder Ruler
TheodoreLatinGod's Gift
TigerFrenchYoung Wolf, Bear Cub
UlricEnglishWealthy, Powerful Ruler
UzziahHebrewThe Lord Is My Strength And Power
ValentineLatinStrength, Health
ValerioSpanishStrength, Health, Strong
VladimirRussianRenowned Prince
WilliamGermanResolute Protector, Strong Willed Warrior
WinstonEnglishJoyful Stone, Stone Of Joy
WyattEnglishBrave In War
WyattEnglishWood, Wide, Hardy, Brave, Strong
XanderGreekTo Defend, Defender Of Men
ZacharyHebrewThe Lord Has Remembered
ZaleGreekPower Of The Sea, Sea Strength
ZaneEnglishGod's Gift
ZekeHebrewGod's Strength
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