Strong Boy Names For Babies

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Strong boy names have always been popular. Dotting fathers love to give their sons a name which signifies strength and valor.

Coming from the gender scan or even guessing your baby to be a boy brings a lot of adrenaline rush in dads for making him a tough guy like him. At least like what he thinks he is! Right mommas? 😉 

Strong Boy Names For Babies
Strong Boy Names For Babies

The arduous journey of making your wriggly baby into a soldier of life begins with selecting the name! An influential name signifying strength and valor is the first ingredient in this master mix. 

So, moving straight to the main thing you’re here for…

We have an authoritative list of strong baby boy names. We’re sure you’ll find a gem for your LO!

Strong Boy Names For Babies

Baby Boy NameOriginMeaning
AaronHebrew Exalted, Enlightened, Lofty
Abraham Hebrew Father Of Many Nations
AdolfDanish Noble Wolf, Majestic Wolf
AgustinSpanish Majestic Dignity, Grandeur, Great
AidenIrish Little Fire, Fiery
AlaricGerman Noble Ruler, All Powerful Ruler
AlbertGerman Noble, Bright, Famous
Alexander Greek Defender Of Mankind, Helper
AlistairGreek Man's Defender, Defender Of Mankind
AmauryGerman Bravery And Power, Work Ruler
AmellGerman Power Of An Eagle
AmellGerman Power Of An Eagle
AmoryEnglish Brave, Powerful, Leader
AndersScandinavian Manly, Strong, Warrior
AndreasGreek Strong, Manly
AndrewEnglish Manly, Masculine
AngusEnglish One, Choice, One Strength
Anthony Latin Highly Praiseworthy, Priceless
AntonRoman Priceless, Inestimable Worth
AristotleGreek The Best Of All, Superior
ArmstrongEnglish One With A Strong Arm
ArnoldEnglish Eagle Power, The Eagle Rule
ArsenioGreek Manly, Strong, Virile
ArsenioGreek Masculine, Strong, Virile
AsherHebrew Happy, Blessed, Fortunate
AviHebrew Father Of Multitudes
AzaArabicPowerful, Strong
AzaiHebrew Strength, Strong
AzielHebrew The Lord Is My Strength
BarackArabic Blessing, Lighting
BarinTeutonic Noble Fighter
BarrettGerman Bear Strength
BeauFrench Handsome, Dandy
BenjaminHebrew Son Of My Old Age
BernardGerman Bold, Brave, Hardy
Bishop English High Ranking Member Of The Clergy
BjornScandinavian Bear
BorisRussian Fighter, Fight
BrendenWelsh Prince
CadmanEnglish Warrior, Fighter
CadmarGreek Brave Warrior
CaelanIrish Powerful Warrior, People Of Victory
CalebHebrew Faithful, Trustworthy
CamiloLatin Helper To The Priest
CarterEnglish One Who Transports Goods
CaydenGaelic Battler, Fighter
ChadWelsh Battle
Channing Irish Young Wolf
Christopher Greek Carrie Of Christ
CoenDutch Bold Advisor
ConalIrish High And Mighty
DangeloItalian Devine Messenger, Messenger Of God
DanielHebrew God Is My Judge
DenzelCornishOne Who Is From The High Stronghold
DirkDanish People Ruler
Dominique Latin Belonging To A Lord, A Master
DonovanIrish Little Dark Prince
DuetrichGerman Ruler Of The People,
DukeEnglish Leader Of Men,
DustinEnglish Brave Fighter, Valiant Fighter
Dwayne Irish Dark, Black, Little Dark One
DylanWelshSon Of The Wave, Born Near The Sea, Influence
EasonIrish Protector
EdricEnglishWealthy Ruler
EdwardEnglish Wealthy Or Fortunate Guardian
EgonGerman Strong With A Sword
EkonAfrican Strong
EliHebrew High, Elevated
EmericTeutonicRuler, Leader
EmmetHebrew Universal, Truth, Entire, Whole
EmoryEnglish Home Strength, Industrious Leader, Head Of The Household
Ernest German Serious, Battle To The Death
EthanHebrew Firm, Strong And Long Lived
EvanderScottish Bow Warrior, Strong Man
EverettEnglish Wild Boar, Strong, Brave, Hearty
EzekielHebrew God Strengthens
FabioItalian Bean Farmer
FidelLatin Faithful
Forest French Dweller Or Worker In The Forest, Woodsman, Woods
FortFrench Strong
Foster English Forester, Woodman, A Forest Worker
FrancisLatin French Man Or Free Man
Franklin English Free Landowner, Landholder
FrederickGerman Peaceful Ruler, Ruler Of Peace
GabrielHebrew Devoted To God, God Is My Strength, Hero Of God
Garrett Irish Spear Strength, Brave, Rule With A Spear
George Greek Farmer
Giancarlo Italian Free Man
GianlucaItalian God Is Gracious
GodricEnglish God's Power
GriffinLatin Strong Lord, Fierce Person
GuyFrench Guide, Leader
HaganIrish Young, Little Fire
HardingEnglish N Of The Courageous One, Hardy, Brave, Strong
HarveyFrench Strong, Worthy, Eager To Battle
HelmerTeutonic The Wrath Of A Warrior
HenryGerman Home Ruler
HerbertGermanIllustrious Warrior
Howard English Noble Watchman, Chief Warden, High Guardian
IgnacioLatin Fire, Fiery One
ImreHungarian Strength, Warrior
IraHebrew Watchful One
Isaac Hebrew He Laughs
JackEnglish God Is Gracious
JacobHebrew Supplanter
Jacob Hebrew At The Heel, Supplanter
JamesHebrew Supplanter
JedrekPolishStrong Man, Warrior, Manly
JerryEnglish Gerald, Ruling Spear
JessieHebrew Gift, God Is Gracious
JohnLatin The Grace Or The Mercy Of The God
JoshuaHebrew God Is Salvation
JovanniLatin Father Of The Sky
Julian Latin Youthful, Young
KanoJapanese Ones Masculine Power
KellyIrish War, Lively, Bright Headed
KennyIrish The Handsome One, Masculine
kenzoJapanese Strong, Healthy
KhariAfrican Kingly
KoaHawaiian Brave, Bold, Fearless
KwanKorean Strong
KylenIrish A Wood, A Church
LeoLatinBrave People, Lion
LeonardFrench Lion, Brave, Hardy
Leroy French The King
LeviHebrew Attached, Joined
LiamIrish Helmet Of Will, Valiant Protector
LorcanIrish Silent, Fierce, Brave Warrior
LouieFrench Loud, Famous Warrior, Renowned Warrior
LowellFrench Young Wolf, Beloved
LucasHebrew Light Giving, Illumination
Luke Greek Light Giving
MagnusLatin Great, Greatest
MalinEnglish Strong, Little Warrior
MalinEnglish Strong, Little Warrior
MaltheDanish Rule, Power
MaoJapanese True Center, Genuine, Real
MaozHebrew Fortress, Stronghold
MarioLatin God Of War, Virile, Masculine
MarkusGerman Mars, God Of War, Manly, Virile
MarleyEnglish Pleasant Sea Side Meadow, Pleasant Wood
MartinLatin Warlike
Mateo Spanish Gift Of God
MaynardGerman Power, Strength, Might
MerrickWelshPowerful And Famous
MichaelHebrew One Who Is Like God, The One Closest To God
MilesLatin Soldier
MiloGerman Soldier, Merciful
MonteItalian Mountain, Man Power
MorganWelshSea Warrior, Sea Chief, Sea Defender
Muhammad Arabic Name Of A Prophet, Praiseworthy, Possessor Of Fine Qualities
NapoleonFrench Children Of The Mist
NealIrish Champion
NedEnglish Wealthy Guardian
NelsonEnglish Name Of Nelson Mandela, Son Of Neil, Champion
NeronSpanish Strong
NicholasGreek Victory Of The People
NoahHebrew Rest, Comfort
NolanIrishChampion, A Descendant Of Chariot Fighter, Famous, Noble
OliverEnglish Elf Army, Ancestral Relic, Oliv Tree
OscarEnglish God Spear, Champion Warrior
OsirisEgyptian The One With Strong Eyesight
OswaldEnglish Devine Power
OwenwelshYoung Warrior, Well Born, Noble
OzHebrew Strength, Powerful, Courageous
PatrickLatin Noble Born, Patrician
Phoenix Greek Dark Red
QuillonLatin Crossing Swords, Strong
QuinlanIrish Athletic, Fit, Shapely, Strong
RagnarNorse Warrior Or Judgment
RamiroPortuguese Great Judge
RandallGerman Shield Wolf
ReaganIrish Little King, Little Ruler
ReginaldEnglish Judgment, Counsel, Wise And Judicious Ruler
ReynardGerman Mighty, Brave, Strong, Powerful Advice
ReynoldFrench Mighty Counselor, Ruler, Advisor
RichmondGerman Powerful Protector
RinaldoItalian Wise Power
RobertGerman Bright Fame
RonaldEnglish Powerful, Mighty, Ruler
RyanIrish Little King, Descendant Of The King
RykerDanish Strong Power
SalvatorItalian Savior, Preserver
SantosLatin Saints, Holy
SeamusIrish Supplanter
SebastianLatinVenerable, Revered
SimeonHebrew God Is Listening
SwithunEnglish Quick, Strong
TakeoJapanese Strong As Bamboo
TakeshiJapanese Warrior, Fierce, Military
Terrell English Thunder Ruler
TheodoreLatin God's Gift
ThorNorse Thunder
TigerFrench Young Wolf, Bear Cub
UlricEnglish Wealthy, Powerful Ruler
UzziahHebrew The Lord Is My Strength And Power
ValdusGerman Powerful
Valentine LatinStrength, Health
ValerioSpanish Strength, Health, Strong
VladimirRussian Renowned Prince
WarrenFrench Dweller
WilliamGerman Resolute Protector, Strong Willed Warrior
WinstonEnglish Joyful Stone, Stone Of Joy
WyattEnglish Brave In War
WyattEnglish Wood, Wide, Hardy, Brave, Strong
XanderGreek To Defend, Defender Of Men
ZacharyHebrew The Lord Has Remembered
ZaleGreek Power Of The Sea, Sea Strength
ZaneEnglish God's Gift
ZekeHebrew God's Strength
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