Why Do You Fast Before Cesarean? [Fasting Before C-Section Facts]

Pregnant women need to fast before an elective C-section for 7-8 hours to enable the abdomen incision. Not having a full stomach prevents vomiting reflex and also makes it easier to operate. You can imagine the gut popping up from the side. Water doesn’t stay in the stomach but fasting prior to Cesarean section relaxes the excretory system.

A C-section is an abdominal surgery that required an empty gut. The night before elective C-section instructions includes fasting. When there are 8 hours before c-section you can’t eat anything. Before that a meal preferably light is permissible.

Performing an emergency C-section requires considering when you ate last. In a certain high-risk pregnancy, cesarean fasting before c-section includes water. Fasting before a c-section is real and compulsory.

No matter you didn’t ever diet or try intermittent fasting, now you’ve to. If your doctor has suggested that you may need a cesarean considering your health parameters, eat bare minimum.

Why do you fast before Caeseran?
Why do you fast before Cesarean?

Why do you have to fast before the C-section?

The main reason for fasting before a c-section is to make it easier for operating. Reducing the pressure on the uterus keeping the gut back.

After you eat the blood flow moves to the digestive tract and other processes slow down. There is a constant involuntary movement in the gut called peristalsis. For pushing the food ahead in the abdomen into the intestines, peristalsis keeps going on.

Only fasting for an extended period can stop the movement and render the tract passive. That’s essential for a successful operation of the uterus, lying next to it.

  • A cesarean incision is a roughly 10 cm long cut on the abdomen and uterus. After the operation, the uterus needs to go back to its original size. Doctors give an injection for reducing the size. When there would be a nearly empty gut, the uterus would be able to recover quickly. Otherwise, the gut would exert additional pressure.
  • Fasting before c-section also prevents the build-up of rectal gas. You will get spinal block anesthesia that will impair sensations below your chest. Passing gas won’t be possible when you’re being operated. Eating a lot can increase the discomfort that would continue after a c-section too.
  • Anesthetics have side effects such as nausea. Having food can worsen the situation making you puke. What can be worse than puking, bleeding down and peeing through a catheter? Not taking any fluids is mainly for this reason to prevent reflux.
  • First postpartum poop is extremely difficult. Retention of fecal matter or getting constipated will affect your already jolted health. Not eating and drinking ensures that you’re not having much needed to be expelled out.
  • Eating food takes blood sugar on a graphical pattern. There are other changes such as body heating that occur after you eat. Blood pressure can fluctuate after a spicy meal. While operating all blood metrics have to be in normal ranges. Serious bleeding can occur if blood pressure rises.

What is the best last meal to eat before the c-section?

We presume you’re talking about the last “allowed” meal and not a meal during fasting for c-section. We’ve been bad with tolerating hunger, feeling crazy when we need carbs. But it’s all about perspective. Every night you fast for 6-7 hours. So imagine sleeping 3 hours longer!

Carbs are the solution but not the starchy ones. The best meal before a c-section is fruit salad or boiled veggies. Heavy meals like meat, eggs or starchy carbs are not good before the operation. Lighter you’re now easier will be your first postpartum poop – second labor! Constipation and fright while going to the loo after C-Section are equally scary as labor. If you have opted for cesarean trying to avoid the pandemonium of labor, eating light will serve the purpose.

Here is the list of foods you can have before the c-section

Safe Last Meal Before C-Section

You must eat something that perks your energy without forming a bulk. Carbs that are not starchy will help you but not for long. Add a source of protein such as cheese or yogurt.

  1. Salads
  2. Sprouts with lemon juice
  3. Clear Soup
  4. Avocados toast

Drinks 4 hours before C-section

You are not allowed to have dairy products such as milk or butter. No pulpy juices once you’re just 4 hours to operation. Avoid gums or candies totally. Carbonated or fizzy drinks can be the worst thing you had before the surgery. Dare not touch them. Don’t have your tea with the whitener, sugar or milk.

  1. Clear fluids such as juice without pulp
  2. Tea without sugar preferably decaffeinated
  3. Ginger mint extracts

Is there something that I can eat just before c-section?

You might be wanting to eat something either because of hunger or pacifying anxiety. Just a few minutes in the OT and you’d be given an anesthetic that you will not feel anything at all. Dozing off with a slight consciousness of random sounds is all that you will feel. Gradually as the anesthesia will leave your system, the pain will accentuate. Meaning? Eating won’t really make a difference.

And if you’re reading this beforehand then chances are, food won’t even cross your mind. You will be so busy and caught up with the things going around that hunger and thirst will be unnoticeable.

Instead, you might not even want to eat after you have your baby. Sleep is what you will want and get. Thirst indeed will be a difficult thing to control after a c-section. But that’s OK, you can bear it, after bearing a baby, you momma bear!

If all your attention is only on eating then chew a mint leaf. Just a mint leaf and not a gummy. Your doctor might allow you to drink or eat if you continuously ask. The main aim of not eating is to help you than helping them. For them, an extra stitch won’t pain or take longer to heal.

When to stop eating before the c-section?

You have to stop eating about 8 hours before scheduled c-section. Clear fluids are still allowed until there are only 4-3 hours. Later you have to stop eating or drinking anything. Even for taking any med just a sip of water is the maximum you’re allowed.

Same will follow after C-section stitches are done. You will first get a clear fluid probably water with added glucose for energy.

Can I eat a Little before my c-section? [Feeling hungry before elective C-section]

No. If you’re four hours to c-section then you can drink an energy drink. Once the clock passes the mark there is no way you could take anything. If you’re particularly feeling dizzy then ask for a drip. Doctors will be able to address hypoglycemia and help you. Do not let anything deter you from fasting.

Can you drink a sip of water before my c-section?

As a pregnant woman, you know how breathing and water are your anxiety wading off tools. A sip of water is ok if you have a dry mouth. Just like water moisten it.

Ask your doctor before doing so. Try controlling as much as possible.

Forgot Fasting Before Scheduled C-Section Now What?

You accidentally ate something early morning forgetting that you had to fast and now are queasy calling your gynae. Or maybe you wanna know what if you eat something before a c-section. That’s a possibility when you’re having tremendous stress or a c-section frequently. Because with the nervousness women feel, it’s hard to forget any precautions their doctor told them. They might stop eating before the c-section is a week far.

Tell your doctor that you accidentally ate. Don’t try to cover up. If possible, they would postpone the c-section for a few hours.

Labor Started Before C-Section, Can I Eat?

Don’t do anything without asking your doctor. That’s the first precaution doctors give pregnant women about such a case. Even if your labor begins before you reach for c-section, the doctor can still perform the surgery. Especially if you have a c-section due to complications like Placenta Previa, labor isn’t safe.

Don’t eat or drink if you go in labor before elective c-section delivery.

What to do the night before c-section?

Follow the things you’ve read until now. Other than fasting precautions you have few other things to do. Along with them make sure your hospital bag is ready.

Take off body jewelry, all those piercing stuff. Remove nail paint. Any other accessories that are on your body. Lenses also need to be removed.

Your doctors will shave your lady parts if you don’t get it done. Removal of vaginal hair can be embarrassing for you. If you’re used to parlor waxing, then get it done.

Sleeeep. Energy and mental control are the most important things. If you’re easily dehydrated and have an early appointment set the alarm for drinking water.

Keep your bath essentials ready for the last shower before you leave for the hospital. Don’t lift anything but do get things uncluttered from your room. If you don’t have someone to prepare items before you come back, do it now. Doing anything after the operation would be way tough.

Coach your male partner about the location of everything. Nappies, mattresses, baby’s clothes, and your needful stuff should be known to him. He’s going to help you with the things while you’re recovering.

Take a picture of your baby bump as tomorrow you are not going to have it. Make sure to spend quality time with your family. Feeling happy and loved is essential before the big day.

Is it compulsory to fast before c-section?

I wished you didn’t ask that. Yes, it is. For all the reasons mentioned above, it is necessary to fast. For the safety of you and your baby do not hold doubts about the necessity.

Not fasting won’t make things difficult simply for you but also for your baby. Let your baby have a better bigger space. Don’t have to bother about fainting or anything that will happen if you don’t eat. Your body has stored enough fats over there nine months to support you without any food intake. Look at that belly and boobs, they have uninterrupted calories in store for you ?.

What will happen if I eat before c-section?

Nothing can be predicted as to what will go wrong. Will it be you vomiting or bleeding or nothing at all. It’s a precaution against many things. But in the end, just caution with no guarantee of either side.