Beautiful Greek Names For Babies Inspired By Mythology

Thinking of naming your baby something historically exceptional but don’t want a boring old name. Greek mythology is one of the most intriguing and naming your baby inspired by it couldn’t get better. Check out the beautiful Greek names for babies inspired by Greek mythology that are trending in 2019.

Beautiful Greek Names For Babies Inspired By Mythology
Beautiful Greek Names For Babies Inspired By Mythology
AdonaiBoy Lord Like, Beautiful Man
AdonisBoy Handsome, Lord
Adrian Boy Rich, Wealthy
AellaGirl Whirlwind
AgaliaGirl Beauty, Brightness, Joy
AgapiosBoy Love
AgatheGirl Good, Kind
AgaueGirl Good, Nice
AglaiaGirl Shining, Brilliant, Splendor, Beauty
AiolosGirl Quick Moving, Nimble Change
AksuBoy Defender Of Man
AlessandroBoy Protector Of Mankind, To Defend, Defender
AlitheaGirl Truthful, Mythological Goddesses Of Truth
AltheaGirl Pure, Wholesome, Healer
AlyssaGirl Rational
AmaltheaGirl Tender Goddesses, To Soothe, To Soften
Angela Girl Heavenly Messenger
AntheaGirl Flower, Lady Of Flower, Blossom
AoideGirl To Sing, Song
ArianaGirl Very Holy One
ArtemisiaGirl Perfect, Perfection
AthenaGirl Goddesses Of Wisdom, Skill, Warfare
BasilBoy Royal, Kingly
BerdineGirl Intelligent Maid
Caesar Boy One Who Has Long Hair, From Julius Caesar
CalanthaGirl Lovely Blossom, Lovely Flower
CalixBoy Very Handsome
CallaGirl Beautiful, Most Beautiful
CalliaGirl Beautiful Voice, Very Beautiful
CassBoyMan's Defender
CharisGirl Goddesses Of Charm, Beauty, Grace
ChrysesBoy Golden, Something Dear Or Precious
ClausBoy People's Victory
ClioGirl Glory, Fame
ColeBoy People's Victory
CorbanBoy Gifted To God
CostaBoy Steady, Steadfast
CymaGirl Flourish, Blossoming
DamarisGirl Gentle
DariusBoy Rich, Wealthy, Prosperous, Kingly
DeaconBoy Servant, Messenger
DeoBoy Godlike
DikeBoy/GirlOne Who Is Just, True Ruler, Justice
DionaGirl From The Sacred Spring, Divine
DioneGirl Goddesses Of The Bright Sky
DoraGirl God's Gift, Gift
DortheaGirl Gift Of God
DruBoy /Girl Strong
Egan Boy Little Fire
ElectraGirl Bright, Shining, Incandescent
ElenaGirl Shining Light, Bright One
ElenaGirl Bright, Shining Light
ElpidaGirl Hope
EosGirl Dawn
EratoGirl Desired, Lovable, Lovely
EriantheGirl Lover of Flowers, Sweet Flower
Eros Boy Love, Lovable
EstevanBoy Garland, Crown
EugeneBoy Well Born, Noble, Born Lucky
EvanBoy Young Warrior
EvanderBoy Good Man, Strong Man
EvantheGirl Good Flower, Fair Flower
FaustusBoy Lucky, Auspicious
FelipeBoy Friend Of Horses, Lover Of Horses
GalateaGirl White As Milk, Goddesses Of Calm Seas
GeneBoy Born Lucky
GenesisGirl Birth, Be Born, Origin
GregoryBoy Watchful, Alert
HarmoniaGirl Harmony, Agreement, Harmony
HebeGirl Goddesses Of Youth, Prime Of Life
HectorBoy Check, Restrain, Holding Fast
HelenaGirl Light, Torch, Bright
HeliosBoy Sun
HeraGirl Protector (female), Queen
Hercules BoyGlorious Gift
HesperGirl Evening Star
HestiaGirl Goddesses, Hearth, Fireside
HomerBoy Security, Pledge, Promise
IoneGirl Violet Flower
IoneaGirl Violet Flower
IreneGirl Goddesses, Peace, Peacemaking
Iris Girl Goddesses, Rainbow
IsadoraGirl Gift Of The Moon
IsidoreBoy Strong Gift, Gift Of Isis
IsmeneGirl Knowledgeable
IzzyGirl / Boy Gift
JaceBoy/Girl Healer, To Heal
Jason Boy Healer, Cure, Physician
Jerry Boy Holy
Jorge Boy Earth Worker, Farmer, Tiller Of The Soil
JulianBoy Soft Haired, Youthful
KalBoy/Girl Beauty, Most Beautiful
KalikaGirl Flower Bud
KallistoGirl Most Beautiful, Fairest
kalyGirl Beautiful, Darling, Beloved
KayBoy Pure
KleioGirl Glory
KoreGirl Maiden, Greek Goddesses
KosmosBoy Universe, Order
KynthiaGirl Moon
KyrilBoy Lordly, Lord Like
LalageGirl To Chatter, Talkative
LanderBoy Lion Man
LayandBoy Protector Of Mankind
LedaGirl Mother Of Helen, Happy
Lena Girl Alluring, Temptress, Light
LeniGirl Light, Torch
LeoBoy/Girl Lion
LetoGirl Wife, Hidden, Forgotten, Mot3of Apollo
LiaGirl Bringer Of Good News
LigeiaGirl Clear Voice, Whistling ,Shrill
MagusBoy Magician
MalanthaGirl Dark Flower
MariahGirl Beloved, Lovable, Adorable
MarionGirl Beloved, Lovable
Mateo Boy Devoted To God, Gift Of God
MaximusBoy Greatest
MedeaGirl To Plan, Think, Cunning
MeghanGirl A Pearl
MelodyGirl Song Like
MelpomeneGirl Melodious One, To Sing With And Dance
MentorBoyWise Advisor, Mind, Strength, Force
MetisGirl Wisdom, Skill, Cunning
MilesBoy Soldier, Merciful
MinosBoy King, Son Of Zeus
MoeBoy Saved, Delivered
MyaGirl Great One, Mother
NaiaGirl Flowing, Stream
NaniGirl Beautiful, Charming, Graceful
NeoBoy New, Gift
NereusBoy God Of The Sea, Water
NestorBoy Homecoming, One Who Returns From Travel, Voyager, Traveler
NikeGirl Goddesses Of Victory
NikolaiBoy Victorious People,
NikoletaGirl Victory Of The People
NitsaGirl Peace, Light
NysaGirl A New Beginning
NysaGirl The Goal
NyxGirl Goddesses Of Night, Night
OdeleGirl Harmonious, Song
OrrinBoy Mountain
OtisBoy One Who Hears Well, Keen Listener
OwenBoy Well Born, Noble
PanBoy Shepard, Protector
Pancras Boy The One That Holds Everything, All Powerful
PandoraGirl All Gift, Gifted
Parthenia Girl Virgin
PegasusBoy Winged Horse
PenelopeGirl Weaver
PhaedraGirl Bright, Attractive
PhilanderBoy Friend Of Man, Friendly
Philander Boy With Love For People, Loving Man
PhilomelaGirl Lover Of Songs, Friend
PhilotheaGirl Beloved, God Loving, Friendly
Phoenix Girl A Mystical Bird
PippaGirl Lover Of Horses, Friend Of Horses
PistisGirl Trust, Faith
PistisBoy Trust, Faith, Reliability
PlutoBoy Wealth, Rich
ProteusBoy Changeable, A Sea God
PsycheGirl To Breathe, Soul
PyrrhusBoy Flamed Colored, Red, Fire, Blaze
RastusBoy Beloved, Love
RenaGirl Joyous Melody, Peace
RheaGirl To Flow, A Flowing Stream
RhodeGirl Where The Roses Grow, Rose
RidaGirl Pearl, Daisy
RitsaGirl Defender Of Mankind, Protector Of Man
SachaBoy Defender Of Mankind, Protector
SanderBoy Defender Of Man, Helper
SantosBoy Saint, Holy
SashaGirl Man's Defender, Protector
Sebastian Boy Venerable
SelenaGirl Moon, Goddess Of The Moon
SibylGirl A Prophetess, A Fortuneteller
SiriusBoy Dog star, Bright, Rising In The Sky
SofroniaGirl Wise, Sensible, Prudent
SoniaGirl Wise, Wisdom
StavrosBoy Crowned
StevenBoy A Crown, A Garland
TaddBoy Courageous
TassosBoy Reaper, Harvester
TeaGirl Goddess
TedBoy Wealthy, Powerful, Fortunate
ThaliaGirl To Flourish, Blossom
TheaGirl Goddess, Godly, God's Gift
TheaGirl Goddesses, Godly
TheiaGirl Wide Shining, Goddesses
TheoBoy/GirlGod's Gift, God Given
TheophiliaGirl God's Gift, Loved By God
TimonBoy Worthy, To Honor, Esteem
TimothyBoy In God's Honor, Honoring God
TitanBoy Powerful Big Man, Of The Giants
TomasoBoy Twin
TycheGirl Luck, Fortune, Chance
TyroneBoy King, Sovereign
UraniaGirl Heavenly
VarvaraGirl Foreign Woman, Stranger
VassiliousBoy Kingdom, Royal, Kingly
VenessaGirl Butterfly
VitalisBoy Life
XeniaGirl Hospitable, Welcoming
YuriBoy God Is My Light
ZenaGirl Hospitable, Friendly
ZephyraGirl Strong Wind
Zeus Boy Shine, Sky
ZoeGirl Life

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