Beautiful Greek Names For Babies Inspired By Mythology

Thinking of naming your baby something historically exceptional but don’t want a boring old name. Greek mythology is one of the most intriguing and naming your baby inspired by it couldn’t get better. Check out the beautiful Greek names for babies inspired by Greek mythology that are trending in 2019.

Beautiful Greek Names For Babies Inspired By Mythology
Beautiful Greek Names For Babies Inspired By Mythology

1) Adonai: (Boy) Lord Like, Beautiful Man

2) Adonis: (Boy) Handsome, Lord

3) Adrian: (Boy) Rich, Wealthy

4) Aella: (Girl) Whirlwind

5) Agalia: (Girl) Beauty, Brightness, Joy

6) Agapios: (Boy) Love

7) Agathe: (Girl) Good, Kind

8) Agaue: (Girl) Good, Nice

9) Aglaia: (Girl) Shining, Brilliant, Splendor, Beauty

10) Aiolos: (Girl) Quick Moving, Nimble Change

11) Aksu: (Boy) Defender Of Man

12) Alessandro: (Boy) Protector Of Mankind, To Defend, Defender

13) Alithea: (Girl) Truthful, Mythological Goddesses Of Truth

14) Althea: (Girl) Pure, Wholesome, Healer

15) Alyssa: (Girl) Rational

16) Amalthea: (Girl) Tender Goddesses, To Soothe, To Soften

17) Angela: (Girl) Heavenly Messenger

18) Anthea: (Girl) Flower, Lady Of Flower, Blossom

19) Aoide: (Girl) To Sing, Song

20) Ariana: (Girl) Very Holy One

21) Artemisia: (Girl) Perfect, Perfection

22) Athena: (Girl) Goddesses Of Wisdom, Skill, Warfare

23) Basil: (Boy) Royal, Kingly

24) Berdine: (Girl) Intelligent Maid

25) Caesar: (Boy) One Who Has Long Hair, From Julius Caesar

26) Calantha: (Girl) Lovely Blossom, Lovely Flower

27) Calix: (Boy) Very Handsome

28) Calla: (Girl) Beautiful, Most Beautiful

29) Callia: (Girl) Beautiful Voice, Very Beautiful

30) Cass: (Boy) Man’s Defender

31) Charis: (Girl) Goddesses Of Charm, Beauty, Grace

32) Chryses: (Boy) Golden, Something Dear Or Precious

33) Claus: (Boy) People’s Victory

34) Clio: (Girl) Glory, Fame

35) Cole: (Boy) People’s Victory

36) Corban: (Boy) Gifted To God

37) Costa: (Boy) Steady, Steadfast

38) Cyma: (Girl) Flourish, Blossoming

39) Damaris: (Girl) Gentle

40) Darius: (Boy) Rich, Wealthy, Prosperous, Kingly

41) Deacon: (Boy) Servant, Messenger

42) Deo: (Boy) Godlike

43) Dike: (Boy/Girl) One Who Is Just, True Ruler, Justice

44) Diona: (Girl) From The Sacred Spring, Divine

45) Dione: (Girl) Goddesses Of The Bright Sky

46) Dora: (Girl) God’s Gift, Gift

47) Dorthea: (Girl) Gift Of God

48) Dru: (Boy /Girl) Strong

49) Egan: (Boy) Little Fire

50) Electra: (Girl) Bright, Shining, Incandescent

51) Elena: (Girl) Shining Light, Bright One

52) Elena: (Girl) Bright, Shining Light

53) Elpida: (Girl) Hope

54) Eos: (Girl) Dawn

55) Erato: (Girl) Desired, Lovable, Lovely

56) Erianthe: (Girl) Lover of Flowers, Sweet Flower

57) Eros: (Boy) Love, Lovable

58) Estevan: (Boy) Garland, Crown

59) Eugene: (Boy) Well Born, Noble, Born Lucky

60) Evan: (Boy) Young Warrior

61) Evander: (Boy) Good Man, Strong Man

62) Evanthe: (Girl) Good Flower, Fair Flower

63) Faustus: (Boy) Lucky, Auspicious

64) Felipe: (Boy) Friend Of Horses, Lover Of Horses

65) Galatea: (Girl) White As Milk, Goddesses Of Calm Seas

66) Gene: (Boy) Born Lucky

67) Genesis: (Girl) Birth, Be Born, Origin

68) Gregory: (Boy) Watchful, Alert

69) Harmonia: (Girl) Harmony, Agreement, Harmony

70) Hebe: (Girl) Goddesses Of Youth, Prime Of Life

71) Hector: (Boy) Check, Restrain, Holding Fast

72) Helena: (Girl) Light, Torch, Bright

73) Helios: (Boy) Sun

74) Hera: (Girl) Protector (female), Queen

75) Hercules: (Boy) Glorious Gift

76) Hesper: (Girl) Evening Star

77) Hestia: (Girl) Goddesses, Hearth, Fireside

78) Homer: (Boy) Security, Pledge, Promise

79) Ione: (Girl) Violet Flower

80) Ionea: (Girl) Violet Flower

81) Irene: (Girl) Goddesses, Peace, Peacemaking

82) Iris: (Girl) Goddesses, Rainbow

83) Isadora: (Girl) Gift Of The Moon

84) Isidore: (Boy) Strong Gift, Gift Of Isis

85) Ismene: (Girl) Knowledgeable

86) Izzy: (Girl / Boy) Gift

87) Jace: (Boy/Girl) Healer, To Heal

88) Jason: (Boy) Healer, Cure, Physician

89) Jerry: (Boy) Holy

90) Jorge: (Boy) Earth Worker, Farmer, Tiller Of The Soil

91) Julian: (Boy) Soft Haired, Youthful

92) Kal: (Boy/Girl) Beauty, Most Beautiful

93) Kalika: (Girl) Flower Bud

94) Kallisto: (Girl) Most Beautiful, Fairest

95) kaly: (Girl) Beautiful, Darling, Beloved

96) Kay: (Boy) Pure

97) Kleio: (Girl) Glory

98) Kore: (Girl) Maiden, Greek Goddesses

99) Kosmos: (Boy) Universe, Order

100) Kynthia: (Girl) Moon

101) Kyril: (Boy) Lordly, Lord Like

102) Lalage: (Girl) To Chatter, Talkative

103) Lander: (Boy) Lion Man

104) Layand: (Boy) Protector Of Mankind

105) Leda: (Girl) Mother Of Helen, Happy

106) Lena: (Girl) Alluring, Temptress, Light

107) Leni: (Girl) Light, Torch

108) Leo: (Boy/Girl) Lion

109) Leto: (Girl) Wife, Hidden, Forgotten, Mot3of Apollo

110) Lia: (Girl) Bringer Of Good News

111) Ligeia: (Girl) Clear Voice, Whistling ,Shrill

112) Magus: (Boy) Magician

113) Malantha: (Girl) Dark Flower

114) Mariah: (Girl) Beloved, Lovable, Adorable

115) Marion: (Girl) Beloved, Lovable

116) Mateo: (Boy) Devoted To God, Gift Of God

117) Maximus: (Boy) Greatest

118) Medea: (Girl) To Plan, Think, Cunning

119) Meghan: (Girl) A Pearl

120) Melody: (Girl) Song Like

121) Melpomene: (Girl) Melodious One, To Sing With And Dance

122) Mentor: (Boy) Wise Advisor, Mind, Strength, Force

123) Metis: (Girl) Wisdom, Skill, Cunning

124) Miles: (Boy) Soldier, Merciful

125) Minos: (Boy) King, Son Of Zeus

126) Moe: (Boy) Saved, Delivered

127) Mya: (Girl) Great One, Mother

128) Naia: (Girl) Flowing, Stream

129) Nani: (Girl) Beautiful, Charming, Graceful

130) Neo: (Boy) New, Gift

131) Nereus: (Boy) God Of The Sea, Water

132) Nestor: (Boy) Homecoming, One Who Returns From Travel, Voyager, Traveler

133) Nike: (Girl) Goddesses Of Victory

134) Nikolai: (Boy) Victorious People,

135) Nikoleta: (Girl) Victory Of The People

136) Nitsa: (Girl) Peace, Light

137) Nysa: (Girl) A New Beginning

138) Nysa: (Girl) The Goal

139) Nyx: (Girl) Goddesses Of Night, Night

140) Odele: (Girl) Harmonious, Song

141) Orrin: (Boy) Mountain

142) Otis: (Boy) One Who Hears Well, Keen Listener

143) Owen: (Boy) Well Born, Noble

144) Pan: (Boy) Shepard, Protector

145) Pancras: (Boy) The One That Holds Everything, All Powerful

146) Pandora: (Girl) All Gift, Gifted

147) Parthenia: (Girl) Virgin

148) Pegasus: (Boy) Winged Horse

149) Penelope: (Girl) Weaver

150) Phaedra: (Girl) Bright, Attractive

151) Philander: (Boy) Friend Of Man, Friendly

152) Philander: (Boy) With Love For People, Loving Man

153) Philomela: (Girl) Lover Of Songs, Friend

154) Philothea: (Girl) Beloved, God Loving, Friendly

155) Phoenix: (Girl) A Mystical Bird

156) Pippa: (Girl) Lover Of Horses, Friend Of Horses

157) Pistis: (Girl) Trust, Faith

158) Pistis: (Boy) Trust, Faith, Reliability

159) Pluto: (Boy) Wealth, Rich

160) Proteus: (Boy) Changeable, A Sea God

161) Psyche: (Girl) To Breathe, Soul

162) Pyrrhus: (Boy) Flamed Colored, Red, Fire, Blaze

163) Rastus: (Boy) Beloved, Love

164) Rena: (Girl) Joyous Melody, Peace

165) Rhea: (Girl) To Flow, A Flowing Stream

166) Rhode: (Girl) Where The Roses Grow, Rose

167) Rida: (Girl) Pearl, Daisy

168) Ritsa: (Girl) Defender Of Mankind, Protector Of Man

169) Sacha: (Boy) Defender Of Mankind, Protector

170) Sander: (Boy) Defender Of Man, Helper

171) Santos: (Boy) Saint, Holy

172) Sasha: (Girl) Man’s Defender, Protector

173) Sebastian: (Boy) Venerable

174) Selena: (Girl) Moon, Goddess Of The Moon

175) Sibyl: (Girl) A Prophetess, A Fortuneteller

176) Sirius: (Boy) Dog star, Bright, Rising In The Sky

177) Sofronia: (Girl) Wise, Sensible, Prudent

178) Sonia: (Girl) Wise, Wisdom

179) Stavros: (Boy) Crowned

180) Steven: (Boy) A Crown, A Garland

181) Tadd: (Boy) Courageous

182) Tassos: (Boy) Reaper, Harvester

183) Tea: (Girl) Goddess

184) Ted: (Boy) Wealthy, Powerful, Fortunate

185) Thalia: (Girl) To Flourish, Blossom

186) Thea: (Girl) Goddess, Godly, God’s Gift

187) Thea: (Girl) Goddesses, Godly

188) Theia: (Girl) Wide Shining, Goddesses

189) Theo: (Boy/Girl) God’s Gift, God Given

190) Theophilia: (Girl) God’s Gift, Loved By God

191) Timon: (Boy) Worthy, To Honor, Esteem

192) Timothy: (Boy) In God’s Honor, Honoring God

193) Titan: (Boy) Powerful Big Man, Of The Giants

194) Tomaso: (Boy) Twin

195) Tyche: (Girl) Luck, Fortune, Chance

196) Tyrone: (Boy) King, Sovereign

197) Urania: (Girl) Heavenly

198) Varvara: (Girl) Foreign Woman, Stranger

199) Vassilious: (Boy) Kingdom, Royal, Kingly

200) Venessa: (Girl) Butterfly

201) Vitalis: (Boy) Life

202) Xenia: (Girl) Hospitable, Welcoming

203) Yuri: (Boy) God Is My Light

204) Zena: (Girl) Hospitable, Friendly

205) Zephyra: (Girl) Strong Wind

206) Zeus: (Boy) Shine, Sky

207) Zoe: (Girl) Life

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