Top 241 Mexican Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Como Estas?  Thinking of giving your baby a cool and elegant Spanish name is a great idea. Mexican baby names have a girl and boy pair for almost every other name. One can take a name for a girl and it is nearly the same alternative Mexican baby boy name. 

Mexican Baby Names For Boys And Girls
Mexican Baby Boys And Girls Names

Popular Mexican Baby Boy Names

Dive into the long list of the popular Mexican boy names or Hispanic boy names first.

1)Diego Supplanter: Who That Replaces

2)Abril: To Open

3)Alejandro: Defender, Protector Of Mankind, Warrior, Guardian, Helper

4)Eli: The Offering, Lifting Up

5)Emiliano: Rival

6)Jordan: One Who Descends

7)Kimberly: From The Wood Of The Royal Forest

8)Nevada: Snowy, Snow-Covered

9)Rio: River, Place Of The Cherry Blossoms

10)Simon: One Who Has Heard

11)Abelardo: Noble And Strong

12)Adonis: Extremely Good Looking, Handsome

13)Alan: Handsome, Noble

14)Alexander: Defender Of Mankind

15)Angel: Messenger Of God

16)Anthony: Priceless, Inestimable, Praiseworthy

17)Antonio: Highly Praise Worthy, Beyond Praise

18)Arturo: Strong As A Bear, Bear Man

19)Augustin: Deserving Of Respect, Venerable

20)Benjamin: Son Of The Right Hand, Son Of My Old Age

21)Bruno: Shield, Armor, Protection

22)Camilo:Temple Servant, Noble, Free Born Child

23)Carlos: Manly, Full Grown

24)Christopher: One Who Bears Christ

25)Cruz: The Cross Of The Christ

26)Dacio: From Dacia

27)Damario: Gentle

28)Damian: To Tame

29)Dan: God Is My Judge

30)Daniel: God Is My Judge

31)Dario: Rich, Possessor Of Good

32)David: Beloved, Friend

33)Demetrio: Earth Lover

34)Desi: Sorrow, Yearning, Desired

35)Dylan: Son Of The Sea, Son Of The Waves, Born From The Ocean

36)Edgardo: Protector Of Prosperity

37)Edmundo: Wealthy Protector, Fortunate Protector

38)Eduardo: Wealthy Or Fortunate Guardian, Protector

39)Efrain: Doubly Fruitful, Productive

40)Eleuterio: Free

41)Eloy: Selection, Chosen One

42)Emilio: Rival

43)Enrique: Home Ruler, Powerful Ruler Of The Home

44)Esteban: Garland Crown, Crown Of Victory

45)Everardo: Brave, Hardy, Strong

46)Fabiano: Bean Grower

47)Facundo: Significant

48)Fausto: Lucky, Fortunate One

49)Federico: Peaceful Ruler

50)Felipe: Horse Lover

51)Felix: Happy, Fortunate

52)Fernando: Courageous, Adventurer, Conqueror, Leader, Bold Journey

53)Fidel: Faithful

54)Fortunato: Fortunate, Blessed, Happy

55)Francisco: Free Man

56)Gabriel: Hero Of God

57)Gaspar: Treasure

58)Gaston: The Foreigner, The Guest

59)Geraldo: Super Ruler

60)Gerardo: Hardy, Brave

61)Geronimo: Holy Name, Sacred Name

62)Gervasio: Warrior

63)Gilberto: Pledge, Hostage, Bright, Famous

64)Godofredo: Friend Of God

65)Gonzalo: Saved From Combat, Fight

66)Gustavo: Staff Of The Gates

67)Gutierrez: One Who Rules

68)Hector: Holding Fast

69)Heliodoro: Gift Of The Sun

70)Heriberto: Shining Warrior

71)Hernando: Adventurous, Courageous Traveler

72)Hilario: Happy, Cheerful

73)Horatio: Time Keeper

74)Hugo: Mind, Spirit

75)Ignacio: Fiery

76)Ildefonso: Battle Ready

77)Inigo: Fierce

78)Isaac: He Who Laughs, One Who Is Happy

79)Isaias: God Is Salvation, Salvation Of The Lord

80)Isidro: Gifted With Many Ideas

81)Jacobo: Supplanter

82)Jairo: Jehovah Enlightens

83)Javier: Bright

84)Javier: New House, Bright

85)Jeronimo: Sacred Name

86)Joaquin: Established By God

87)Jonathan: God Has Given, God’s Gift

88)Jorge: Farmer, Earth Worker

89)Jose: May God Add, May God Give Increase

90)Juan: God Is Gracious, God Is Giving

91)Julian: Youthful

92)Julio: Soft Haired, Youthful

93)Kevin: Handsome By Birth

94)Lalo: Rich Guardian

95)Lazaro: God’s Help

96)Lucas: Light

97)Manuel: God With Us

98)Marco: God Of War, Virile

99)Maximo: The Greatest

100)Michelle: Like God

101)Miguel: One Who Resembles God, Responsible For Carrying Out God’s Judgment

102)Nicolas: Victorious People, Victory Of The People

103)Oscar: Little Dear, God’s Spear, Beloved Of Dear

104)Pablo: Small, Humble, Little

105)Pedro: Stone, Rock

106)Raphael: God Is Healer, God Has Healed

107)Raul: Counsel Of Wolf

108)Ricardo: Hardy, Powerful Leader

109)Roberto: Famed, Bright, Shining

110)Salome: Peace

111)Samuel: Name Of God, God Heard

112)Santino: Little Saint, Sacred Saint

113)Sergio: Servant, Soldier, Attendant

114)Teodora: Gift From God

115)Thiago: Supplanter

116)Tomas: Twin

117)Vicente: Conquering, Winning

1) Diego

Diego Maradona - Football Legend
Diego Maradona – Football Legend

Some believe that Diego has been derived from Santiago, while other research suggests that it originated from the Latin word Didacus which in turn may have been derived from Greek word Didache which means teaching. Diego means supplanter has been famous by the football legend – Diego Maradona. Other famous personalities with the same name are Diego Forlán (Soccer/Football), Diego Costa (Soccer/Football), Diego Rivera (Famous Mexican artist). This name is quite famous among football players. 

2) Alejandro

Alejandro is the Spanish version of the name Alexander. It is pronounced as aa-lai-hAAn-d r oh. Alexander was a famous King of Macedon who conquered Greece, Persia, and Egypt. The name is derived from the Greek word Alexandros meaning defending men. Alexandros is a combination of two words Alex which means “to defend” and aner which means “man”.

3) Jordan

The name is one of the biggest gem in history of sports being the second name of Michael Jordan. Deriving its roots from Hebrew the name is symbolic of strength and diligence. Jordan Belfort has been another major personality who did have a shady career life but is a man of wealth and tact. Now an American author and motivational speaker is considered the pioneer in his field. Jordan Peterson is a renowned psychologist and philosopher. His books and theory about neo-Marxism has been widely recognised.

4) Simon

The Guardian and The Mentalist lead actor Simon Baker whose an Australian has got popularity for the name again. British talent shows desirable jury member, Simon Cowell who has judged The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent series is no less famous. Star Trek and Shaun of The Dead actor, Simon Pegg is also a screenwriter and producer. Simon Bolivar was a strategic militant who was the President of Second Republic of Venezuela. Another famous person with the name Simon is the Welsh cricketer Simon Philip Jones. 

5) Augustin

Augustin Louis Cauchy was a French mathematician best known for his theories continuum mechanics. Pioneer physicist who gave a counter to Newton by his wave theory of light was Augustin Fresnel. Actors such as Augustin Galiana and Augustin Gonzalez have made the name trending amongst their fan base. Saint Augustin of Hippo, was the biggest Roman African philosopher, shaping the Western Christianity and theory.

6) Benjamin

You might not even need an introduction to famous men who share the name Benjamin. The list inevitably begins with Benjamin Franklin who investigated electricity, the most essential component of our lives. However, less people know about his role in the political context of United States of America. He drafted the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Mendy the French footballer of Manchester United team gets the name a sporty spirit too. If you want your child to become a Diplomat of political dignitarie, Benjamin Netanyahu the Prime Minister of Israel can be your source of inspiration.

7) Christopher

Christopher Nolan is the second name that strikes immediately after Christopher Columbus when you read this name. Nolan is the critically acclaimed director and film producer of this century who gave movies like Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Tech savy modern day parents know the Marshmallow DJ. His real name is Christopher Comstock. Marvel Endgame mania hasn’t end and Christopher Evans – Captain America is the favorite celeb to share your baby’s name with.

8) Daniel

Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffe, the less you say about him the better it’d sound. The first name is enough to prove that this name has been an evergreen vogue. But if you’re not a Harry Potter fan then the edgy Daniel Craig – James Bond must get you excited. Korean show or rock concerts fans heart Daniel Padilla!

9) David

Beckham is the word you say next with David. Love cricket more than football? We’ve got the Aussie cricketer David Warner the first to be a part of national team from his continent. Fan of GOT? David Benioff is the producer and writer as we all know. Want your babe to become a business tycoon take some inspo from David Koch the co-owner of the second largest private US Company and the world’s 12th richest man!

10) Eloy

Soccer player Eloy salgado, American Boxer Eloy Perez, and footballer Eloy room share the Mexican name. Eloy Casagrande from Brazil is a pop drummer known for his various heavy metal performances.

11) Felix

PewDiePie the biggest YouTube sensational star has the birth name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. With over 95.5 million subscribers he has been the most followed YouTube celeb. If you want your baby boy to be a risk bearer and adventure enthusiast read about Felix Baumgartner. He jumped to earth from a helium balloon and came down landing in Mexico. Adrenaline racing already? He also broke the skydiving records and served in Austrian military.

12) Gabriel

Suits star Gabriel Macht was also the producer of the 3 early seasons of the television series starring the Duchess of Sussex – Meghan Markle. Love stand-up comedians for their sass? Gabriel Jesus Iglesias also known as Fluffy, the American comedian always has houseful shows.

13) Hugo

French poets are the best of literary men. Hugo Victor the French poet who wrote The Hunchback Of Noterdam is a classic name and personality to look up to. The retired Colombian General, Hugo Martinez headed critical missions cracking down drug mafias. Hugo Sanchez Marquez is the greatest Mexican footballer ever. 

Common Mexican Baby Girl Names

Now, some of the cutest Mexican girl names or Hispanic girl names.

1) Abril: To Open

2) Adelita: Kind, Winged, Nobility, Noble

3) Adonia: Lord Is My God

4) Aitana: Strong As A Mountain

5) Alexa: Defender Of Men, To Defend

6) Alma: Kind, Nourishing, Fostering

7) Alvera: Truth Speaking

8) Andres: Strong, Brave, Hardy

9) Araceli: Altar Of Heaven

10) Belicia: Dedicated To God

11) Blanca: White, Shining, Fair

12) Candela: Candle

13) Carolina: Free Man, Strong

14) Catalina: Pure

15) Consejo: Advisor, Counselor

16) Dalia: National Flower Or Mexico

17) Damita: Baby Princess

18) Deborah: Bee

19) Delfina: Dolphin, A Native Of Delphi

20) Desideria: Desired

21) Diana: Devine

22) Edelmira: Woman Of Nobility

23) Elba: Dawn

24) Elena: Bright Shining Light, Light Bearer

25) Eli: The Offering, Lifting Up

26) Eliana: God Has Answered, Daughter Of The Sun

27) Eligia: To Choose, Chosen One

28) Elisa: Consecrated To God

29) Elizabeth: God Is My Oath, Pledge To God

30) Elvira: Truth, White, Beautiful

31) Ema: Beloved, Lovable

32) Esmeralda: Emerald, Deep Green Color , Beautiful Gem Stone

33) Estella: Star

34) Evita: Living One, Life, Lively

35) Fanny: Free

36) Felicia: Happy, Happy Times, Lucky, Good Fortune

37) Felicidad: Happiness

38) Felisa: Happy

39) Fernanda: (Female Of Fernando) Adventurous, Bold Journey

40) Filomena: Friend Of Strength, Friend, Lover

41) Fiona: Fair, White, Clear

42) Fiorella: Little Flower

43) Flavia: Golden, Blond

44) Flora: Flower, Goddess Of Flower Or Spring

45) Florencia: Blooming, Flourishing, Prosperous

46) Florina: Little Flower

47) Floro: Lioness Of God

48) Fortunata: Luck, Faith, Wealth

49) Francisca: Free One

50) Gemma: Gem, Jewel, Precious Stone

51) Genoveva: White Phantom

52) Georgina: Tiller Of The Soil, Farmer

53) Gertrudis: Spear

54) Giselle: Pledge, To Owe

55) Gloria: Glory

56) Gracia: Grace, Kindness, Mercy

57) Guadalupe: Valley Of Wolf, River Of Black Stone

58) Herminia: Lady Of The Earth

59) Hilda: Battle Woman

60) Hortensia: Gardner

61) Ida: Hardworking, Prosperous, Happy

62) Idoya: Pond

63) Iliana: Ray Of Light, Personification Of Beauty

64) Imelda: Warrior Woman, Universal Battle, Powerful Fighter

65) Ines: Pure, Holy

66) Inma: God Is With Us

67) Irene: Peace, Greek Goddesses Of Peace

68) Iris: Iris Flower

69) Irma: Universal

70) Isabel: Pledge To God, God Is My Oath

71) Isaura: Gentle Breeze

72) Isidora: Gift Of The Goddess

73) Itzel: Rainbow Lady

74) Ivanna: God’s Gift, God Is Gracious

75) Jazmin: Climbing Flower

76) Jennifer: White Wave, Fair Lady

77) Jenny: White Wave

78) Jessica: God Beholds, Rich

79) Jimena: One Who Hears

80) Jimena: Listener, Heard

81) Jordan: One Who Descends

82) Josefa: God Shall Add, He Will Enlarge

83) Josephine: God Shall Grow

84) Jovita: Jovial, Happy

85) Juana: God Is Gracious, God Is Giving

86) Juanita: God Is Gracious, God’s Gift

87) Judith: She Will Be Praised

88) Julia: Youthful, Young

89) Kimberly: From The Wood Of The Royal Forest

90) Lara: Protection, Cheerful

91) Laura: Favorable

92) Laurita: Honor And Victory

93) Leticia: Gladness, Happiness, Full Of Happiness And Joy

94) Lola: Lady Of Sorrows

95) Loretta: Praise Of Worthy, Bay Laurel Symbolic Of Honor And Victory, Saints Name,

96) Luisa: Fame And War, Renowned Warrior

97) Magdalena: Woman From Mandala

98) Maite: Lovable, One Who Is Loved Dearly, Beloved

99) Margarita: Pearl, Pretty Blossom

100) Maria: Sea Of Bitterness, Rebellion, Mistress , Lady Of The Sea

101) Mercedes: Merciful, Compassionate

102) Micaela: Gift From God

103) Milagros: Our Lady Of Miracles, Wonder

104) Natalia: Christmas Day

105) Nevada: Snowy, Snow Covered

106) Olivia: Olive Tree

107) Paloma: Dove, Peaceful, Holy Spirit

108) Paula: Small

109) Piedad: Pious, Merciful, Compassionate

110) Ramona: Wise Defender

111) Rio: River, Place Of The Cherry Blossoms

112) Rocio: Dew Drops

113) Roja: Red, Bright

114) Romina: Christian Land

115) Rosamaria: Rose, Pink, Princess Name

116) Seneca: People Of The Standing Rock, People Of The Great Hill

117) Sesasi: Pretty

118) Sierra: Saw-Toothed

119) Silvia: Spirit Of The Wood, From The Woods

120) Simon: One Who Has Heard

121) Sofia: Wisdom, Intelligence

122) Soledad: Solitude

123) Soona: Moon

124) Teresa: Harvester, Reap, To Gather In

125) Valentina: Strong, Healthy, Strength

126) Valeria: To Be Strong, Brave

127) Veronica: She Who Brings To Victory, True Image

128) Violeta: Violet, Purple

129) Yesenia: Flora, Beautiful Flower, Resembling A Flower

130) Ynez: Pure

131) Yvette: God Is Merciful

AbrilTo Open
AdelitaKind, Winged, Nobility, Noble
AdoniaLord Is My God
AitanaStrong As A Mountain
AlexaDefender Of Men, To Defend
Alma Kind, Nourishing, Fostering
AlveraTruth Speaking
AndresStrong, Brave, Hardy
AraceliAltar Of Heaven
BeliciaDedicated To God
BlancaWhite, Shining, Fair
CarolinaFree Man, Strong
ConsejoAdvisor, Counselor
DaliaNational Flower Or Mexico
DamitaBaby Princess
DelfinaDolphin, A Native Of Delphi
EdelmiraWoman Of Nobility
ElenaBright Shining Light, Light Bearer
EliThe Offering, Lifting Up
ElianaGod Has Answered, Daughter Of The Sun
EligiaTo Choose, Chosen One
ElisaConsecrated To God
ElizabethGod Is My Oath, Pledge To God
ElviraTruth, White, Beautiful
EmaBeloved, Lovable
EsmeraldaEmerald, Deep Green Color , Beautiful Gem Stone
EvitaLiving One, Life, Lively
Felicia Happy, Happy Times, Lucky, Good Fortune
Fernanda(Female Of Fernando) Adventurous, Bold Journey
FilomenaFriend Of Strength, Friend, Lover
FionaFair, White, Clear
FiorellaLittle Flower
FlaviaGolden, Blond
FloraFlower, Goddess Of Flower Or Spring
FlorenciaBlooming, Flourishing, Prosperous
FlorinaLittle Flower
FloroLioness Of God
FortunataLuck, Faith, Wealth
FranciscaFree One
GemmaGem, Jewel, Precious Stone
GenovevaWhite Phantom
GeorginaTiller Of The Soil, Farmer
GisellePledge, To Owe
Gloria Glory
GraciaGrace, Kindness, Mercy
GuadalupeValley Of Wolf, River Of Black Stone
HerminiaLady Of The Earth
HildaBattle Woman
IdaHardworking, Prosperous, Happy
IlianaRay Of Light, Personification Of Beauty
ImeldaWarrior Woman, Universal Battle, Powerful Fighter
InesPure, Holy
InmaGod Is With Us
Irene Peace, Greek Goddesses Of Peace
IrisIris Flower
Irma Universal
IsabelPledge To God, God Is My Oath
IsauraGentle Breeze
IsidoraGift Of The Goddess
ItzelRainbow Lady
IvannaGod's Gift, God Is Gracious
JazminClimbing Flower
JenniferWhite Wave, Fair Lady
Jenny White Wave
JessicaGod Beholds, Rich
JimenaOne Who Hears
JimenaListener, Heard
JordanOne Who Descends
JosefaGod Shall Add, He Will Enlarge
JosephineGod Shall Grow
JovitaJovial, Happy
JuanaGod Is Gracious, God Is Giving
JuanitaGod Is Gracious, God's Gift
JudithShe Will Be Praised
JuliaYouthful, Young
Kimberly From The Wood Of The Royal Forest
LaraProtection, Cheerful
LauritaHonor And Victory
LeticiaGladness, Happiness, Full Of Happiness And Joy
LolaLady Of Sorrows
Loretta Praise Of Worthy, Bay Laurel Symbolic Of Honor And Victory, Saints Name,
LuisaFame And War, Renowned Warrior
Magdalena Woman From Mandala
MaiteLovable, One Who Is Loved Dearly, Beloved
MargaritaPearl, Pretty Blossom
MariaSea Of Bitterness, Rebellion, Mistress , Lady Of The Sea
MercedesMerciful, Compassionate
MicaelaGift From God
MilagrosOur Lady Of Miracles, Wonder
NataliaChristmas Day
NevadaSnowy, Snow Covered
OliviaOlive Tree
PalomaDove, Peaceful, Holy Spirit
PiedadPious, Merciful, Compassionate
RamonaWise Defender
RioRiver, Place Of The Cherry Blossoms
RocioDew Drops
RojaRed, Bright
RominaChristian Land
RosamariaRose, Pink, Princess Name
Seneca People Of The Standing Rock, People Of The Great Hill
SilviaSpirit Of The Wood, From The Woods
SimonOne Who Has Heard
SofiaWisdom, Intelligence
Soledad Solitude
TeresaHarvester, Reap, To Gather In
ValentinaStrong, Healthy, Strength
ValeriaTo Be Strong, Brave
Veronica She Who Brings To Victory, True Image
VioletaViolet, Purple
YeseniaFlora, Beautiful Flower, Resembling A Flower
YvetteGod Is Merciful
DiegoSupplanter, Who That Replaces
AbrilTo Open
AlejandroDefender, Protector Of Mankind, Warrior, Guardian, Helper
EliThe Offering, Lifting Up
JordanOne Who Descends
Kimberly From The Wood Of The Royal Forest
NevadaSnowy, Snow Covered
RioRiver, Place Of The Cherry Blossoms
SimonOne Who Has Heard
AbelardoNoble And Strong
AdonisExtremely Good Looking, Handsome
AlanHandsome, Noble
AlexanderDefender Of Mankind
AngelMessenger Of God
AnthonyPriceless, Inestimable, Praiseworthy
AntonioHighly Praise Worthy, Beyond Praise
ArturoStrong As A Bear, Bear Man
AugustinDeserving Of Respect, Venerable
BenjaminSon Of The Right Hand, Son Of My Old Age
BrunoShield, Armor, Protection
CamiloTemple Servant, Noble, Free Born Child
CarlosManly, Full Grown
Christopher One Who Bears Christ
CruzThe Cross Of The Christ
DacioFrom Dacia
DamianTo Tame
DanGod Is My Judge
DanielGod Is My Judge
DarioRich, Possessor Of Good
DavidBeloved, Friend
DemetrioEarth Lover
DesiSorrow, Yearning, Desired
DylanSon Of The Sea, Son Of The Waves, Born From The Ocean
EdgardoProtector Of Prosperity
EdmundoWealthy Protector, Fortunate Protector
EduardoWealthy Or Fortunate Guardian, Protector
EfrainDoubly Fruitful, Productive
EloySelection, Chosen One
EnriqueHome Ruler, Powerful Ruler Of The Home
EstebanGarland Crown, Crown Of Victory
EverardoBrave, Hardy, Strong
FabianoBean Grower
FaustoLucky, Fortunate One
FedericoPeaceful Ruler
FelipeHorse Lover
Felix Happy, Fortunate
FernandoCourageous, Adventurer, Conqueror, Leader, Bold Journey
FortunatoFortunate, Blessed, Happy
FranciscoFree Man
GabrielHero Of God
GastonThe Foreigner, The Guest
GeraldoSuper Ruler
GerardoHardy, Brave
GeronimoHoly Name, Sacred Name
GilbertoPledge, Hostage, Bright, Famous
GodofredoFriend Of God
GonzaloSaved From Combat, Fight
Gustavo Staff Of The Gates
Gutierrez One Who Rules
HectorHolding Fast
HeliodoroGift Of The Sun
HeribertoShining Warrior
HernandoAdventurous, Courageous Traveler
HilarioHappy, Cheerful
HoratioTime Keeper
HugoMind, Spirit
IldefonsoBattle Ready
IsaacHe Who Laughs, One Who Is Happy
IsaiasGod Is Salvation, Salvation Of The Lord
IsidroGifted With Many Ideas
JairoJehovah Enlightens
Javier New House, Bright
JeronimoSacred Name
JoaquinEstablished By God
JonathanGod Has Given, God's Gift
JorgeFarmer, Earth Worker
JoseMay God Add, May God Give Increase
JuanGod Is Gracious, God Is Giving
JulioSoft Haired, Youthful
KevinHandsome By Birth
LaloRich Guardian
LazaroGod's Help
ManuelGod With Us
MarcoGod Of War, Virile
MaximoThe Greatest
MichelleLike God
MiguelOne Who Resembles God, Responsible For Carrying Out God's Judgment
NicolasVictorious People, Victory Of The People
OscarLittle Dear, God's Spear, Beloved Of Dear
PabloSmall, Humble, Little
PedroStone, Rock
Raphael God Is Healer, God Has Healed
RaulCounsel Of Wolf
RicardoHardy, Powerful Leader
RobertoFamed, Bright, Shining
Samuel Name Of God, God Heard
SantinoLittle Saint, Sacred Saint
SergioServant, Soldier, Attendant
TeodoraGift From God
VicenteConquering, Winning

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