250+ French names for Girls: Famous & Traditional

Looking for french names for girls for your baby? Many parents do..because French names are always in fashion and uber-cool!

The French language in itself is a beauty. We adore French culture so much that we try to give French touch to everything which surrounds us. France is filled with culture, history, and beauty. France and its culture are well-known all over the world.

Choosing a name for your baby could be both, exciting and tiring, did to endless possibilities. There are abundant resources to get the best name for your little one. Specific interests like you being more traditional may help you get a traditional name for your baby.

Some parents may also have a special attraction towards inspiring great personalities and celebrities this eases their task of getting their baby a beautiful and satisfying name. Your interest in a specific language may also make your task easier.

One of the languages which evoke elegance is the French language. Parents belonging to different cultures search for French names. There is something different about French pronunciation, it has a unique flow.

One can refer to inspirational icon names to name their baby girl. There are many string French female icons, many passionate and committed women with strong confidence and style who still continue to inspire us.

One of the most common things about old French names for girls is they are hyphenated compound names. Nowadays it is very hard to find people with hyphenated names.

French names are usually hyphenated and the two words of these names are considered as a unit.  You should call out the whole name while addressing individuals with hyphenated compound names.

Popular French Girl Names

Here are some of the French names that will melt the hearts of everyone. These names sound elegant and powerful. These names might seem a little vintage but still are stylish, beautiful, and classic.

1. Audrey: it means Noble strength.
Famous person: Tatou (French model and actress)

2. Brigitte: it means Magnificent and great.
Famous person: Brigitte Bardot (French actress), Brigitte Macron (first lady of France)

3. Coraline: it means coral.
Famous person: Title character in the novel and movie “Coraline”

4. Charlotte: it means Diminutive of Charles.
Famous person: Charlotte Gainsbourg (French actress and singer), Charlotte Le Bon (Canadian T.V. presenter), Charlotte Church (opera singer)

5. Chloé: it means Young green shoot.
Famous person: Chloë Sevigny (actress), Chloé (French fashion house)

6. Élise: it means Oath of God or God is satisfaction. The subject of Beethoven’s song “Fur Elise”

7. Gabrielle: God is my strength; one of the archangels
Famous person: Gabrielle Union (actress).

8. Jeanne: its a Feminine version of John
Famous person: Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc).

9. Juliette: it means youthful, beautiful, and vivacious
The heroine from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” Juliette Adam (French author and feminist)

10. Madeleine/Madeline: it means Elevated and magnificent.
Famous person: Madeleine L’Engle (author of A Wrinkle in Time), Madeleine Albright (politician), Madeline (title character from the book “Madeline”)

11. Marie: Lady of the sea; inspired by the Biblical Mary, mother of Jesus
Famous person: Marie Curie(French scientist), Marie Antoinette (Queen of France).

12. Mélanie: Little dark-haired girl; dark
Famous person : Mélanie Laurent (actress from Inglorious Bastards)

13. Noémie: it means Winsome, pleasant, lovely
Famous person: Noémie Lenoir (French model and actress).

14. Slyvie: the one from the forest.
Famous person: Sylvie Vartan (French singer).

15. Stéphane: it means the crown of glory.
Famous person: Stéphane Audran (actress).

250+ French names for Girls: Famous & Traditional
250+ French names for Girls: Famous & Traditional

Elegant and Pretty French Names for Baby Girls

1. Adélaïde: it means noble.

2. Amelie: the one who is hardworking

3. Aurelie: golden

4. Aveline: it means little hazelnut tree

5. Celeste: Heavenly

6. Clementine: it means mild, merciful

7. Coralie: it means coral

8. Cosette: it means something small and tiny

9. Delphine: dolphin

10. Élodie: it means foreign riches

11. Éloise: healthy

12. Esmée: the beloved one

13. Fayette: a little fairy

14. Fleur: flower

15. Fosette: dimpled

16. Geneviève: woman

17. Giselle: a pledge

18. Inés: it means chaste and pure

19. Lilou: it means a lily flower

20. Manette: sea of bitterness

21. Manon: it is a derivative of Madeline, which means “elevated” or “magnificent”

22. Margot or Margaux: pearl

23. Meline: little honey

24. Mirabelle: plum

25. Nicollete: the victorious

26. Noelle: born on Christmas

27. Noémie: the pleasant and lovely

28. Pipi: rosy-cheeked

29. Risette: pleasant little laugh

Classic French Girl Names for Babies

1. Adrienne: from the city of Hadria

2. Agnès: the pure or holy

3. Alice: Truth

4. Aline: the noble

5. Amélie: the hardworking

6. Anastasie: resurrection

7. Andrée: feminine version of Andrew; it means brave

8. Anne: the gracious

9. Antoinette: the highly praiseworthy

10. Bernadette: Brave as a bear; name of the girl saint who saw an apparition of Mother Mary in Lourdes

11. Carole: A strong woman

12. Caroline: strong

13. Catherine: pure and clear

14. Charlotte: feminine version of Charles, meaning manly

15. Christine: follower of Christ

16. Claire: clear and bright

17. Colette: the one who is victorious

18. Dominique: the one belonging to the Lord

19. Denise: Greek origin for Dionysius, the god of wine

20. Édith: the one blessed with riches

21. Émilie: excelling in all things

22. Françoise: France or free one

23. Geneviève: a race of women

24. Isabelle: God is my oath

25. Joséphine: God will add

26. Juliette: youthful

27. Madeleine: an elevated tower, magnificent

28. Mathilde: strength in battle

29. Michelle: one who is like God

30. Monique: the wise

31. Nathalie: born on Christmas day

32. Pauline: humble and small

33. Renée: reborn or born again

34. Simone: one who hears

35. Sophie: having wisdom and is skillful

36. Sylvie: from the forest

37. Thérèse: to reap or to gather

Unique French Names for Baby Girls

1. Adélaïde

2. Aimee

3. Agathe

4. Albertine

5. Alexandrine

6. Alida

7. Alphosine

8. Anaïs

9. Anastasie

10. Angeline

11. Angélique

12. Annette

13. Antonine

14. Armande

15. Aurélie

16. Adolphine

17. Armadine

18. Augustine

19. Barbe

20. Berthe

21. Blanche

22. Baptistine

23. Benoite

24. Clarisse

25. Claudine

26. Clotilde

27. Clémence

28. Constance

29. Cécile

30. Céleste

31. Celina

32. Célestine

33. Delphine

34. Édith

35. Eglantine

36. Eléonore

37. Ernestine

38. Étiennette

39. Estelle

40. Esther

41. Eugénie

42. Eulalie

43. Euphraise

44. Fernande

45. Florentine

46. Félice

47. Fanny

48. Flore

49. Fréderique

50. Georgette

51. Germaine

52. Gertrude

53. Gisele

54. Gilberte

55. Henriette

56. Honorine

57. Héloïse

58. Hortense

59. Héloïse

60. Hélène

61. Ida

62. Irma

63. Justine

64. Josephine

65. Laurence

66. Lucienne

67. Lucile

68. Lydie

69. Léonie

70. Marceline

71. Marguerite

72. Martine

73. Melina

74. Marie-Antoinette

75. Mirielle

76. Noelie

77. Nelly

78. Olga

79. Octavie

80. Odette

81. Philomène

82. Pierrette

83. Raymonde

84. Reine`

85. Rolande

86. Rosalie

87. Rachel

88. Sidonie

89. Suzanne

90. Sara

91. Suzanne

92. Valentine

93. Véronique

94. Virginie

95. Violette

96. Yvette

97. Yvonne

98. Zoe

99. Zelia

100. Zelie

Hyphenated Compound French Names for Baby Girls

1. Marie-Joelle

2. Marie-Louise

3. Marie-Rose

4. Marie-Claire

5. Marie-Claude

6. Marie-Thérèse

7. Marie-Jeanne

8. Anne-Belle

9. Anne-Marie

10. Marie-Élise

11. Anne-Laure

12. Marie-Jacques

13. Jean-Marie

14. Marie-Eloise

250+ French names for Girls: Famous & Traditional
250+ French names for Girls: Famous & Traditional

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