Middle Names for Baby Girl: Popular & Trendy

Phew! It took a long time to compile middle names for baby girl but I hope it’s worth it! 🙂

It’s trendy to choose more than one or two middle names for baby girl. The first name is usually chosen with great focus and effort. First name is typically the most important but middle name cannot be neglected as it is a part of the complete name.

1) History

Giving middle name dates back to Roman times. People with bigger names or more than two names were highly respected in society. The first name is called personal name and the last name represents family name or surname.

2) What do middle names represent?

Middle name can be your family’s surname or it can be a name that is important for you and your family.  It can also be a name that is used to express virtues like truth, trust, or justice.  Some parents choose traditional names that might be old-fashioned as a middle name.

Parents nowadays prefer names with beautiful meanings. Some parents use a middle name to honor family and cultural heritage. In the United States, traditional names have usually three names.  Some families may have a tradition of two middle names or they may prefer keeping only one name.

3) New way of giving unique middle names

In some parts of the country depending on cultural traditions, the mother’s name is given to a child as a middle name. Some parents blend the sounds of both parent’s names or use names with the same meaning as parent’s names for their kids.

Middle names can sometimes be a name of the famous inspirational figures or celebrities parents adore. In the 1990s baby names were gender-specific. Today we find gender-neutral names. Both boys and girls can be named with the same name that represents the family culture of equality.

People usually end up neglecting the middle and give importance to the first name as it is used to refer to an individual all the time. Here are some of the strong, unique, and beautiful names that may fit your baby’s middle name.

Unique Middle Names for Baby Girls

1) Ann: Gracious. This is an English word.

2) Bree: Strong and full virtue. This is an English word.

3) Dawn: The one who was born at the time of the daybreak.  It also refers to the one who is as beautiful, serene, and pure as the first rays of the morning sun. This is an English word.
4) Fawn: sweet and innocent like a young deer. It originated from the French language.

5) Aryn: the messenger or the enlightened one. It has a Hebrew origin.

6) Fern: a plant name. This is an English name.

7) Jacklyn: one who is supplanter. The name is Native American.

8) Jae: sweet, beautiful, and melodious. It is a Latin name.

9) Jaidyn: precious as a gemstone.

10) Kathryn: Puerto. It is an English word

11) Krystan: follower of Christian faith. It is a geek name.

12) Lee: sweet as plum. It originates from China.

13) Lynn: a pool that is situated below a waterfall. It is an English word.

14) Martyrs: discerning and a great person. It is an English word.

15) Sue: sweet, beautiful, and pure a Lily or rose flower. It originates from the Hebrew

16) Blair: the one who dwells in the plain. It is a Scottish word.

17) Blaise: one who stammers and it is a French word.

18) Blake: dark in color. It is an English word.

19) Blanche: French word, one who is fair in color.

20) Blayne: Irish word, the one who is thin.

21) Taylor: brave, strong, and valiant. It is an Irish word.

22) Adele: serene and noble. It is an English word.

23) Anise: pure soul. It is an English word.

24) Arden: one who lives in the valley of eagles. It is an English word.

25) Bernice: the bringer of Victory. It is a Greek word.

26) Rate: tailor or seamstress. It is an English word.

27) Caren: dear one, a friend. It has an Italian origin.

28) Caylen: pure, it is a native American word.

29) Dustin: strong, brave as a valiant fighter. It is a German word.

30) Jolee: pretty, is a French word.

31) Kyorin: sweet and pure. It is a Greek word.

32) Meaghan: pure and precious as a pearl. It is a Welsh word.

33) Nadeen: full of hope. It is a native American word.

34) Naveen: a new being, it has Hindi origin.

35) Payten: like a Nobel woman. It is an Irish name.

36) Rene: peaceful. It is a Greek word.

37) Selene: beautiful, peaceful, pure, and serene. It is a Greek word.

38) Sharleen: loved by all. It has a French origin.

39) Zoe: vibrant and full of life. It is a Greek word.

40) Elian: bright torch and it is a native American word.

41) Mele: refers to blackbird. It has a Latin origin.

42) Raine: fresh as the first raindrops it is a native American word.

43) Bianca: fair in color. It has an Italian origin.

44) Lillian: beautiful and pure as a lily flower. It has a Latin origin.

45) Rebeca: servant of God. It originates from the Hebrew language.

46) Leonie: fearless and powerful as a lion. It has a Latin origin.

47) Marguerite: pretty and pure as pearl or daisy flower. It is a variation of the French
name Margaret.

48) Irene: peace and love. It is a Greek word.

49) Verene: it is a Latin word. Refers to the one full of integrity.

50) Miriam: who is a much wished-for child. It is a Hebrew word.

Middle Names for Baby Girl: Popular & Trendy
Middle Names for Baby Girl: Popular & Trendy

Cute Middle Names for Girl Baby

1) Adain

2) Alice

3) Alexia

4) Alane

5) Amina

6) Amira

7) Amity

8) Anne

9) Aubrey

10) Audrey

11) Bee

12) Bria

13) Bridget

14) Belle

15) Chelle

16) Cire

17) Corinne

18) Claire

19) Cerise

20) Clare

21) Dariene

22) Diana

23) Elle

24) Maeve

25) Hannah

26) Mercy

27) Malia

28) Nora

29) Paloma

30) Quinn

31) Ruby

32) Rione

33) Sage

34) Sarai

35) Shay

36) Stelle

37) Talia

38) Wren

39) Zorah

40) Tess

Traditional Middle Names for Girls

1) Charlotte: free man or petite. It is a French word.

2) Kathrine: our. It is a Greek word.

3) Dorothy: the gift of God. It is an English word.

4) Elizabeth: my God is an Oath. It is an English word.

5) Scarlett: bright red.

6) Kate: pure and clean.

7) Sophia: wisdom or skill.

8) Jean: the lord is gracious. It is a French name.

9) Clementine: mild and gentle. It is associated with cute citrus fruit.

10) Sue: it is associated with the Lily flower.

Feminine Middle Names For Girl Baby

1) Zaylee: Flower, has Australian origin.

2) Anais: Persian goddess of healing and fertility.

3) Regan: a little ruler, it is an Irish word.

4) Reese: enthusiasm. It is a Welsh word.

5) Isla: island. It is a Scottish word.

6) Vera: Latin word. It stands for truth.

7) Cia: “of the moon”. It is a Greek word.

8) Arya: it is an Indian word that means goddess.

9) Thea: Greek word which means light.

Beautiful Middle Names for Girls

1) Amelia

2) Winter

3) Suzanne

4) Pax

5) Mirabel

6) Matilde

7) Kylie

8) Jules

9) Ivy

10) Holly

11) Gween

12) Eloise

13) Eden

14) Dahlia

15) Caylen

16) Caleen

17) Bay

18) Willow

19) Sofia

20) Nova

21) Juliet

22) Maddie

23) Joy

24) Iris

25) Hazel

26) Francis

27) Elodie

28) Ebony

29) Bailee

30) Ellen

31) Erin

32) Harper

33) Jolie

34) Naomi

35) Aster

36) Beth

37) Ruth

38) Denise

39) Claudia

Strong Middle Names for Baby Girls

1) Zion: earth or heaven.

2) Michelle: like God.

3) Serene: champion.

4) Audrey: noble strength.

5) Phoenix: strong mythical bind.

6) Billie: resolute protector.

7) Leona: it refers to a lion.

8) Brienne: Strength.

9) Louise: renewed warier.

10) Marcelle: war-like.

11) Raine: queen

Unisex Middle Names For Girl Baby

1) Alex
2) Blake
3) Taylor
4) Skylar
5) Sam
6) Rory
7) Quinn
8) London
9) Justice
10) Jazz
11) Devon
12) Ashton
13) Blue
14) Dylan
15) Jess
16) Kennedy
17) Morgan
18) Rilay
19) Royal
20) Scout
21) August
22) Bailey
23) Dakota
24) Elliot
25) Storm
26) Teagan
27) Blaise
28) Denver
29) Harley
30) Jordan
31) Jake
32) Parker
33) Robin
34) Sage
35) Sydney
36) Jaylen
37) Mason
38) Jordan

Names Inspired by Nature for Girls 

1) Abalone
2) Aspen
3) Autumn
4) Blossom
5) Cascade
6) Fleur
7) Misty
8) Peach
9) Soleil
10) Terra
11) Wolfe
12) Bay
13) Doe
14) Elm
15) Jade
16) Lake
17) Moon
18) Neve
19) Oak
20) Pine
21) Rayne
22) Rue
23) Sea
24) Snow
25) Spring
26) Star

Some of the Famous Celebrity Middle Names

1) Shrader: this retro-cool name belongs to Jennifer Lawrence.
2) Names: it belongs to Kristen Stewart.
3) Devonne: it belongs to the superstar Demi Lovato.
4) Stamatina: it is a Greek name, it belongs to Tina Fey.
5) Piaget: it belongs to Solange Knowles.
6) Noel: it belongs to Kim Kardashian.
7) Yadira: it belongs to Zoe Saldana it has Arabic roots.
8) Noura: it belongs to Gigi Hadid. It means light in the Arabic language.
9) Houston: it belongs to Nikki Reed.
10) Princess: it belongs to Ciara.

Trending Middle names for girls

1) Bliss
2) Brave
3) Peace
4) Praise
5) Psalm
6) Soul
7) Truth
8) Zen
9) Glow
10) Wose
11) Honor
12) Courage
13) Mercy
14) Justice
15) Hope
16) Love
17) Grace

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