191 Unique Baby Girl Names And Meanings

Unique baby girl names are a rage nowadays. That’s why we have brought a never-seen-before list of unique baby girl names and meanings for expecting parents.

Your baby’s name is something that will be totally your choice and will stay for the rest of your life with her. Studies have shown that a name’s meaning influences the character build-up of the child.

Unique Baby Girl Names And Meanings
Unique Baby Girl Names And Meanings

There are so many things to keep in mind while thinking of the best name for your baby girl. Some names have become associated with certain movie characters or cartoons and can be a reason for bullying.

You can study a lot about particular gems, traits, and other things that come along with the name you chose. Love portmanteau which is a combination of names of parents is a trend too. However, rarely do they make sense and have any meaning.

Find unique baby girl names and meanings from our exhaustive list here! ?

1) Abigail (Hebrew) Meaning: Father’s rejoiced

2) Ada (English) Meaning: Decency, generosity, nobility

3) Adara (Hebrew) Meaning: Beautiful pure noble

4) Adina (Hebrew) Meaning: Breathtakingly beautiful

5) Aida (Latin) Meaning: Helpful, wealthy

6) Alaina (Irish) Meaning: Beautiful, attractive

7) Alanis (German) Meaning: Handsome, Cheerful, precious

8) Alfrida (English) Meaning: Wise counselor

9) Alicia (English) Meaning: Truthful, noble one

10) Alwine (German) Meaning: Little elf friend

11) Alyse (English) Meaning: Truthful, noble kind

12) Amanda (English) Meaning: Love deserving, lovable, worthy to be loved

13) Amara (Latin) Meaning: Stylish and attractive

14) Amari (Latin) Meaning: Immortal, strength

15) Amia (French) Meaning: Dear one, beloved

16) Amity (Latin) Meaning: Friendly, friendship

17) Anabella (Irish) Meaning: Gracious beautiful

18) Aoife (Irish) Meaning: Beauty, radiance

19) Arabella (Latin) Bella Meaning: understatedly pretty

20) Ariel (Spanish) Meaning: Lion of god

More Unique Girl Baby Names Around The world

21) Astrid (Old Norse) Meaning: Goddess of beauty

22) Aubree (French) Meaning: Supernatural, power

23) Aurelia (Latin) Meaning: Golden one, precious

24) Ava (Latin) Meaning: Birds, living one

25) Bai (Chinese) Meaning: White, pure,

26) Bambi (Italian) Meaning: Little child, a young girl

27) Bella (Latin) Meaning: Beautiful, pretty

28) Bonita (Spanish) Meaning: Pretty little one

29) Bonnie (Scottish) Meaning: Attractive

30) Breena (Irish) Meaning: Fairytale related

31) Brielle (French) Meaning: God is my strength

32) Cailin (Irish) Meaning: Lass

33) Cairi (Japanese) Meaning: True hearted, loyal

34) Calista (Greek) Meaning: Most gorgeous, The one who is the most beautiful

35) Candace (Greek) Meaning: Purest of the pure, shining

36) Carla (English) Meaning: Peasant, little, womanly

37) Carrie (Latin) Meaning: Loved

38) Caryl (English) Meaning: Joyous melody, song of joy

39) Cassidy (Irish) Meaning: Clever

40) Cathi (Latin) Meaning: Pure, saintly

Girl Baby Names: Latin, Greek & English 

41) Charlotte (English) Meaning: Strong

42) Chole (Greek) Meaning: Blooming, Young green Shoot

43) Claire (Latin) Meaning: Bright, feminine

44) Claribel (English) Meaning: Bright and pretty

45) Clementine (Latin) Meaning: Merciful

46) Colette (Latin) Meaning: Victorious, Victory of the people

47) Cyndi (Greek) Meaning: Moon, goddess

48) Daanya (Arabic) Meaning: Beautiful girl, Vibrant, Gift of God

49) Dafina (Kenya) Meaning: Worthy

50) Daisy (English) Meaning: A kind of flower

51) Dakota (Siouan) Meaning: Friend

52) Daniela (Hebrew) Meaning: God is my judge

53) Dawn (English) Meaning: Daybreak or sunrise

54) Delaney (Irish) Meaning: Dark challenger

55) Delight (English) Meaning: Happiness, one who gives pleasure

56) Diana (Indo European) Meaning: Divine, Goddess of Moon

57) Donatella (Latin) Meaning: Beautiful present

58) Eleta (Latin) Meaning: Unique, Chosen one

59) Ellen (Greek) Meaning: Beautiful lady

60) Elspeth (Scottish) Meaning: God is my oath

Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

61) Emma (German) Meaning: Qhole, Universal

62) Esperanza (Spanish) Meaning: Hope

63) Evelyn (English) Meaning: Related to Eve the first woman

64) Evie (Hebrew) Meaning: Life

65) Fable (English) Meaning: Enchanted tale-telling, Story

66) Florence (Latin) Meaning: Blossoming, flourishing, prosperous

67) Gardenia (English) Meaning: The flower, floworet, blossom

68) Gemma (Italian) Meaning: Gem, Jewel, precious stone

69) Genevieve (French) Meaning: White color wave

70) Grace (Latin) Meaning: God’s grace, goodness, and generosity

71) Graciela (Latin) Meaning: Grace of God

72) Guleen (Arabic) Meaning: One with a beautiful smile

73) Hadleigh (English) Meaning: Field of heathers

74) Hana (Hebrew), Meaning: (Japanese) Flower or blossom, hope, happiness

75) Harmony (English) Meaning: Concord

76) Harper (English) Meaning: Who plays harp

77) Hazel (English) Meaning: Name of a tree, commander

78) Heather (English) Meaning: Evergreen flowering plant

79) Heidi (American) Meaning: Nobility

80) Helen (Greek) Meaning: Most beautiful woman

81) Hilary (Latin) Meaning: Cheerful, merry, happy

82) Honey (English) Meaning: Sweet, sweetness

83) Ife (Egyptian) Meaning: Love, qide love, lovable

84) Ivanna (Russian) Meaning: Gift from God

85) Ivy (English) Meaning: Fidelity, an evergreen shrub

86) Izzy (Spanish) Meaning: Related to Elizabeth

87) Jade (Spanish) Meaning: Gem, Jewel

88) Jaina (Hebrew) Meaning: Gift of God, victory

89) Jane (English) Meaning: God is gracious

90) Janie (English) Meaning: Wellborn, God is gracious, noble

Baby Girl Names From Different Origins

91) Janine (Hebrew) Meaning: God’s gift

92) Jaylah (Sanskrit) Meaning: Victory

93) Jemma (Italian) Meaning: Gem

94) Jeneen (English) Meaning: Full of high inspirations, benevolent, white wave

95) Jessa (English) Meaning: God enlightens, God makes, beholding God and wealthy

96) Jillian (English) Meaning: Child of God

97) Jolie (French) Meaning: Pretty

98) Josephine (English) (French) Meaning: Give increase

99) Joyce (English) Meaning: Sparkling, cheerful, merry

100) Jurnee (English) Meaning: Adventure loving, leader

101) Kaipo (Hawaii) Meaning: Loved one, sweetheart

102) Kara (Italian) Meaning: Dearest friend, beloved one

103) Kayla (Greek) Meaning: Keeper of the keys, Pure of heart, honest

104) Kylie (English) Meaning: Beautiful spirit in Hawaiian

105) Lace (Latin) Meaning: Cheerful

106) Lagina (Latin) Meaning: Queen, sovereign

107) Lara (Russian) Meaning: Cheerful

108) Lara (English) Meaning: Famous, Cheerful, happy

109) Leila (Persian) Meaning: Dark beauty

110) Lily (Greek) Meaning: Innocence, delicate flower, purity, shyness

111) Linda (Spanish) Meaning: Pretty

112) Liz (Hebrew) Meaning: Talented, smart

113) London (British) Meaning: Wild or Bold

114) Lucinda (Spanish) Meaning: Light

115) Luna (Latin) Meaning: Moon goddess

116) Luna (Italian) Meaning: Moon

117) Mabel (English) (Latin) Meaning: Lovable

118) Mable (Latin) Meaning: Beautiful, Loving, lovable

119) Mackenzie (Scottish) Meaning: Born of fire, good looking, fair

120) Maeve (Latin), (Irish) Meaning: Cause of great joy, goddess, she who intoxicates

Unique Girl Baby Names With Beautiful Meanings

121) Maeve (Irish) Meaning: She who intoxicates

122) Maire (Irish) Meaning: Version of Mary

123) Matilda (English) Meaning: Mighty

124) Meara (Irish) Meaning: Sea

125) Mia (Latin) Meaning: Mine

126) Micah (Hebrew) Meaning: Who is like God

127) Millie (German) Meaning: Determination

128) Molly (Hebrew) Meaning: Rebel

129) Monserrat (Catalan) Meaning: Edgy mountain

130) Nadine (French) Meaning: Aspiration, hope, desire

131) Nancey (English) Meaning: Favor, full of grace, gracious

132) Nedra (English) Meaning: Below the earth, prosperous guardian

133) Nereida (Spanish) Meaning: Goddess, mermaid, deity

134) Nevaeh American Meaning: Heaven spelled backward

135) Nia (Swahili) Meaning: Purpose

136) Nicolette (Greek) Meaning: Victory of the people

137) Oaklynn (American) Meaning: Strengthful beauty

138) Odelia (French) Meaning: Rich, wealthy, prosperous

139) Olivia (Latin) Meaning: Related to the olive tree, elf army

140) Orva (French) Meaning: Worth gold, expensive

141) Paige (Latin) Meaning: Young helper

142) Paloma (Latin) Meaning: Holy spirit dove, a symbol of peace, beautiful, pretty

143) Pamela (English) Meaning: Honey, all sweet

144) Payton (Irish) Meaning: Noble

145) Peach (Latin) and Old (French) Meaning: Exceptionally attractive person

146) Phoebe (Greek) Meaning: Bright sunshine

147) Pipere (English) Meaning: Piper, whistler

148) Poppy (English) Meaning: Name of a flower

149) Presley (English) Meaning: Priest’s meadow

150) Quiana (French) Meaning: Living with grace, heavenly. Soft, silky, smooth flowing

More Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

151) Quinn (Irish) Meaning: Intelligence

152) Robin (English) Meaning: Shining, bright fame

153) Romina (Arabic) Meaning: Land of Christian’s

154) Rose (Latin) Meaning: Fragrant flower, most delicate, delightful flowers to ever grow in enchanted gardens

155) Ruby (Latin) Meaning: A jewel

156) Sally (English) Meaning: Princess, tycoon, executive

157) Samantha (Aramaic), (Greek) Meaning: Listener, flower

158) Sara (Hebrew) Meaning: Noble lady, princess

159) Savannah (Spanish) Meaning: Flatland

160) Scarlett (English) Meaning: Bright Red, vibrant

161) Shayna (Yiddish) Meaning: Beautiful

162) Shea (Irish) Meaning: Fortunate, fairy place

163) Shirley (English) Meaning: Bright wood, shining meadow

164) Simon (Hebrew) Meaning: The listener, who hears

165) Sophia (Greek) Meaning: Holy wisdom, skill

166) Spring (English) Meaning: Springtime, to burst forth

167) Sue (Latin) Meaning: Spiritually intense, Lily

168) Summer (English) Meaning: Summer season, bright and cheerful

169) Sunny (English) Meaning: Bright, Cheerful, sunny

170) Suzzy (Hebrew) Meaning: Graceful Lilly

171) Tait (English) Meaning: Cheerful, pleasant, bright

172) Talia (Hebrew) Meaning: Dew of God

173) Tatum (English) Meaning: Bringer of joy, light-hearted

174) Tia (Latin) Meaning: Goddess, godly, happiness

175) Trinity (Latin) Meaning: Three in one (holy)

176) Ursula (Latin) Meaning: Little female bear

177) Valencia (Latin) Meaning: Healthy, brave, strong

178) Venus (English) Meaning: Goddess of beauty and love

179) Vida (French) Meaning: Victory and life

180) Violet (Latin) Meaning: Purple (Vibrant flowers that bloom in late winters and early spring)

181) Violet (English) Meaning: A flower

182) Viveca (Latin) Meaning: Place of refuge, lively, full of life

183) Willow (English) Meaning: Graceful, free spirit, freedom

184) Xana Meaning: Astruian Divinity

185) Xenia (Greek) Meaning: Guest, welcoming, hospitality

186) Ximena Portuguese Meaning: Listener, female of Simon

187) Yarina (Greek) Meaning: Peace-loving

188) Yulia Russian Meaning: Young, youthful

189) Zaylee Australian Meaning: Heavenly woman

190) Zipporah (Hebrew), (French), (Greek) Meaning: The Beautiful wife of Moses

191) Zoe (Greek) Meaning: Eve

Unique Baby Girl Names And Meanings

Unique Baby Girl Names And Meanings
Cute Baby Girl Names
Cute Baby Girl Names
Popular Baby Girl Names
Popular Baby Girl Names

Baby Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

Name OriginMeaning
AbigailHebrewFather's rejoiced
Ada English Decency, generosity, nobility
AdaraHebrewBeautiful pure noble
AdinaIsrael Breathtakingly beautiful
AidaLatin Helpful, wealthy
AlainaIrish Beautiful, attractive
AlanisGerman Handsome, Cheerful, precious
AlfridaEnglish Wise counselor
Alicia English Truthful, noble one
AlwineGermanLittle elf friend
AlyseEnglish Truthful,noble kind
Amanda English Love deserving, lovable, worthy to be loved
AmaraLatinStylish and attractive
AmariLatin Immortal, strength
AmiaFrench Dear one, beloved
AmityLatin Friendly,friendship
AnabellaIrishGracious beautiful
AoifeIrishBeauty, radiance
ArabellaLatinBella means understatedly pretty
ArielSpanishLion of god
AstridOld NorseGoddess of beauty
AubreeFrenchSupernatural, power
Aurelia Latin Golden one, precious
AvaLatin Birds, living one
BaiChinese White, pure,
BambiItalian Little child, young girl
Bella Latin Beautiful, pretty
BonitaSpanishPretty little one
BreenaIrishFairytale related
BrielleFrenchGod is my strength
CairiJapanese True hearted, loyal
CalistaGreekMost gorgeous, The one who is the most beautiful
CandaceGreek Purest of the pure, shining
CarlaEnglish Peasant, little, womanly
CarylEnglish Joyous melody, song of joy
CathiLatin Pure, saintly
Chole GreekBlooming, Young green Shoot
ClaireLatinBright, feminine
ClaribelBritishBright and pretty
ColetteLatin Victorious, Victory of the people
Cyndi Greek Moon, goddess
DaanyaArabicBeautiful girl, Vibrant, Gift of God
DaisyEnglishA kind of flower
DanielaHebrewGod is my judge
Dawn English Daybreak or sunrise
DelaneyIrishDark challenger
DelightEnglish Happiness, one who gives pleasure
DianaIndo EuropeanDivine,Goddess of Moon
DonatellaLatinBeautiful present
EletaLatin Unique, Chosen one
EllenGreekBeautiful lady
ElspethScottishGod is my oath
EmmaGerman Qhole, Universal
EvelynEnglishRelated to Eve the first woman
Fable English Enchanted tale telling, Story
FlorenceLatin Blossoming , flourishing, prosperous
GardeniaEnglish The flower, floworet,blossom
GemmaItalianGem, Jewel, precious stone
GenevieveFrenchWhite color wave
Grace Latin God's grace,goodness and generosity
GracielaLatinGrace of God
GuleenArabic One whith a beautiful smile
HadleighEnglishField of heathers
HanaHebrew, Japanese Flower or blossom, hope, happiness
HarperEnglishWho plays harp
HazelEnglish Name of a tree, commander
HeatherEnglish Evergreen flowering plant
HelenGreekMost beautiful woman
HilaryLatin Cheerful, merry, happy
HoneyEnglish Sweet, sweetness
IfeEgyptian Love, qide love, lovable
IvannaRussianGift from God
IvyEnglishFidelity, an evergreen shrub
IzzySpanishRelated to elizabeth
JadeSpanish Gem, Jewel
JainaHebrew Gift of God, victory
Jane English God is gracious
Janie English Well born, God is gracious, noble
JanineHebrew God's gift
JeneenEnglish Full of high inspirations, benevolent, white wave
JessaEnglish God enlightens, God makes, beholding God and wealthy
JillianEnglishChild of God
JosephineEnglish FrenchGive increase
JoyceEnglish Sparkling, cheerful, merry
JurneeEnglishAdventure loving, leader
KaipoHawaii Loved one, sweetheart
KaraItalian Dearest friend, beloved one
Kayla Greek Keeper of the keys, Pure of heart, honest
KylieAustralianBeautiful spirit in Hawaiian
LaceLatin Cheerful
LaginaLatin Queen, sovereign
Lara English Famous, Cheerful, happy
LeilaPersianDark beauty
Lily Greek Innocence, delicate flower, purity, shyness
LizHebrewTalented, smart
LondonBritishWild or Bold
LunaLatin Moon goddess
MabelEnglish LatinLovable
MableLatin Beautiful, Loving, lovable
MackenzieScottish Born of fire, good looking, fair
MaeveLatin, Irish Cause of great joy, goddess, she who intoxicates
MaeveIrishShe who intoxicates
MaireIrishVersion of Mary
MicahHebrewWho is like God
MonserratCatalanEdgy mountain
NadineFrench Aspiration, hope, desire
NanceyEnglish Favor, full of grace, gracious
NedraEnglish Below the earth, prosperous guardian
NereidaSpanish Goddess, mermaid, deity
NevaehAmericanHeaven spelled backwards
NicoletteGreek Victory of the people
OaklynnAmericanStrengthful beauty
OdeliaFrench Rich, wealthy, prosperous
OliviaLatinRelated to olive tree, elf army
OrvaFrench Worth gold, expensive
PaigeLatinYoung helper
PalomaLatin Holy spirit Dove, symbol of peace, beautiful, pretty
PamelaEnglish Honey, all sweet
PeachLatin and Old FrenchExceptionally attractive person
PhoebeGreekBright sunshine
PipereEnglish Piper, whistler
PoppyEnglishName of a flower
PresleyEnglishPriest's meadow
QuianaFrench Living with grace, heavenly. Soft, silky, smooth flowing
RobinEnglish Shining, bright fame
RominaArabicLand of Christian's
Rose Latin Fragnant flower, most delicate , delightful flowers to ever grow in enchanted gardens
RubyLatinA jewel
Sally English Princess, tycoon, executive
SamanthaAramaic, GreekListener, flower
SaraHebrew Noble lady, princess
SavannahSpanishFlat land
ScarlettEnglish Bright Red, vibrant
SheaIrish Fortunate, fairy place
Shirley English Bright wood, shining meadow
SimonHebrew Thr listener, who hears
Sophia Greek Holy wisdom, skill
Spring English Spring time, to burst forth
SueLatinSpiritually intense, Lily
SummerEnglish Summer season, bright and cheerful
Sunny English Bright, Cheerful, sunny
SuzzyHebrewGraceful lilly
TaitEnglish Cheerful, pleasant, bright
TaliaHebrewDew of God
TatumEnglish Bringer of joy, light hearted
TiaLatin Goddess, godly, happiness
TrinityLatinThree in one (holy)
Ursula Latin Little female bear
ValenciaLatin Healthy, brave, strong
VenusOld EnglishGoddess of beauty and love
VidaFrench Victory and life
VioletLatinPurple (Vibrant flowers that bloom in late winters and early spring)
VioletEnglishA flower
VivecaLatin Plece of refuge, lively, full of life
WillowEnglish Graceful, free spirit, freedom
XeniaGreek Guest, welcoming, hospitality
XimenaPortugueseListener, female of Simon
YarinaGreekPeace loving
YuliaRussian Young, youthful
ZayleeAustralianHeavenly woman
ZipporahHebrew, French, GreekThe Beautiful wife of Moses

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