155 Alternative Nicknames For Grandparents

If you came here looking for nicknames for grandparents, it means that they are very special. Grandparents hold a special place in everyone’s life.  They help in bringing up grandchildren in the best way. They adore children and cherish every second spent with them.

Grandparents instill wisdom, narrate tales and fill bellies with lots of sugars. They have an immense amount of love towards their grandchildren. Some grandparents may be the best cook while some may even be cooler than your mates. They are the ones who took us to parties, circus, and a trip to the theatre.

They do all of it to make kids feel special. Some of the most important people deserve your love one of the way of showing love is by giving nicknames.

Inventing new name is also a good idea. If you call your grandparents with unique self-invented names then share it in the comment section. However, it’s never a bad idea to leave the decision on your grandparents to choose what they would like to be called.

If you are a grandparent who is excited and restless to be called with uncommon and cute nicknames or if you are a curious grandchild to select a name that defines your love toward grandparents, here is the list of names from which you can choose the best name.

Alternative Nicknames For Grandparents - Cool, Classic or Trendy?
Alternative Nicknames For Grandparents – Cool, Classic or Trendy?

Traditional nicknames for grandma and grandpa

Traditional grandparents would appreciate these classic nicknames. These nicknames are all derived from the word – ‘grand’. 

1) Grand Ma and Granddad
2) Granny and Grandpa
3) Nana or Nanna and Gramps
4) Nanny and Grampy
5) Grammy and pops

These are quite popular all over the world. They are not unique but exude old-world charm which never goes out of fashion.

Classic Names For Grandparents
Classic Names For Grandparents

Alternative Nicknames for Grandparents from other languages

Other languages also have a rich treasure of nicknames for grandfathers and grandmothers. 

1) French – Grand-mere  and Grand-pere

2) Italian – Nonna and Nonno

3) German – Oma and Opa

4) Spanish – Abuela and Abuelo

5) Polish – Busia and Dziadek

6) Greek – Giagia and pappous

7) Portuguese – Avo and Vovo

8) Irish – Mhamo and Seanathair

9) Hungarian – Nagymame and Nagypapa

10) Swahili – bibi and baba

11) Danish – Mormor and Bedstefar

12) Japanese – O baachan and O jiichan

13) Russian – Babushke and Dedushke

14) Hawaiian – Kuku wahine or tutu and Kuku Kane or tutu

15) Korean – Halmeoni and Hal-abeoji

16) India – Dadi and Dada, Nani and Nana

17) African – Ouma and Oupa

18) USA – meme and pepaw

19) Filipino – Lolo and Lola

20) Ukraine – Gigi and baba

Some of the unique grandparents’ nicknames from different origins are

1) Bubbe and Zayde: It is a Jewish translation of grandpa and grandma.

2) Yaya and Pappous: These names come from Greek origin.

3) Glam-ma: Glam-ma is a unique name for grandma which can be used instead of traditional pet names if your grandma is fashionable.

4) Babcia and Dziadziu: These names come from polish origin.

5) Grams and gramps: These classic names originate from grandma and grandpa.

Here are some cute nicknames for grandparents

We know that you want your grandparent’s name to be cute as well. So, we researched more and got these funny and sweet nicknames for your grandma and grandpa.

1) Nana and Papa

2) Mawmaw and pawpaw

3) Savta and Saba

4) Geema and geepa

5) Bomma and bonpa

6) Nonna and Nonno

7) Mormor and morfar

8) Amma and afi

9) Grammy and gramps

10) Nai Nai and ye ye

11) Banma and banpe

12) Lolly and pop

13) Memere and pepere

14) Gpa and gma

15) Goma and gompa

Trendy Grandparents Names

If you feel too young to be a grandparent or if you have a young grandparent or  If you have modern or cool grandparents. Here are some of the coolest names to refer them

33 Cool & trendy nicknames for grandma

1) Coco

2) Mimi

3) Gaga

4) Nami

5) Granne

6) Nanoo

7) Glamme

8) Banma

9) Teeny

10) Poppy

11) Mega

12) Mawa

13) Mumzie

14) Oba-chan

15) Obaba

16) Nandy

17) Ammy

18) Babe

19) Popo

20) RooRoo

21) Sasha

22) Sobo

23) Yanya

24) Anya

25) Gaga

26) Zeidy

27) Jaja

28) Moma

29) Pilo

30) Granan

31) Grandi

32) Nanna

33) Papie

Cool names for grandpa
Cool names for grandpa

33 cool names for grandpa

1) Grandy

2) Pop-pop

3) Pappy

4) Grand pop

5) Poppa

6) Grandude

7) Grande

8) Drampe

9) Big bop

10) Big D

11) Biggie D

12) Bop

13) Coach

14) Dadsy

15) DeeDah

16) Dexdie

17) Doody

18) Grand

19) Grand D

20) Huggy

21) Napa

22) Papi

23) Baba

24) Dappy

25) Tee-pa

26) Umpa

27) Bud

28) Popsi

29) Dadoo

30) Fo-pa

31) Geez

32) Ace

33) Nemo

How to choose nicknames for grandparents

The best thing one can do is to leave it on parents and grandparents to choose nicknames with which they wish to be called. One can always suggest unique and cute names to choose from.

Things that should be considered before choosing a nickname for grandparents are listed below

1) Prefer parents choice

Some parents may have chosen grandparent’s nicknames or may have an attachment to a name with which they use to refer their grandparents in childhood. It is equally important to consider parents’ choice too.

2) Other grandparents nicknames

Paternal and maternal grandparents can be differentiated by giving different names. This makes things easier for children.

3) Personality

Considering grandparents’ personality is very important while choosing nicknames. Nicknames differ depending on whether they are traditional or fun-loving, outgoing and cool or they are serious and disciplined.

4) Family history

Some families prefer to keep names uniform in the family. Names that are used traditionally within your family should be given preference in such cases.

5) Ease of pronunciation

At an early age, some children may find it difficult to pronounce certain names. This would sometimes result in a new nickname. What they pronounce may sometimes end up sounding weird and rude but you will forget it once they hug and kiss you.

6) Other grandchildren

It is always good to stick with a single name with which all the grandchildren can refer you. This will avoid confusion among all children.

Small grandchildren are stubborn. We should never mess with them. We all know that in the end, they will win – whatever they say goes.

They also know how special you are to them in the family, so they will definitely give you the best name you deserve.