Unique Baby Boy Names And Meanings

Just returned from your gender reveal party, and now you know that you have a baby boy. What do you name him? You must have already thought of the best names but now is the final decision making. There are many names for boys that are trending in the new year. We have prepared a list of unique baby boy names and meanings. Top 204 Nice Beautiful Baby Boys Names for 2019.

Unique Baby Boy Names And Meanings
Unique Baby Boy Names And Meanings

Here you go:

Unique Baby Boy Names And Meanings

Baby Boy NameOriginMeaning
AaricEnglishGraceful ruler
AaronHebrewLofty, the exalted one
AbbottEnglishPriest, father
AbelHebrewBreathing spirit
AbrahamHebrewHigh father, father of many
AdamHebrewSon of the red earth
AddisonEnglishSon of Adam
AdolfEnglishStrong wolf
AlanIrishCheerful, handsome
AldinEnglishOld friend
AleksRussianDefender of men, man warrior
AlfredEnglishSage, wise counselor
AllanEnglishRock, harmony
AlstonEnglishNoble stone, shrine stone
AndrewGreekStrong, manly , courageous
AnthonyRomanOf inestimable worth, priceless
ArchEnglishDaring, precious, bold
ArdellHebrewBlooming meadow
ArsenGreekManly, masculine
AsherHebrewFortunate, happy one
AubreyEnglishFair ruler of the little people
AustinEnglishMagic dignity, venerable
AxelDanishFather of peace
BaileyFrenchPublic official
BalduinoEnglishBold Friend, brave companion
BartekHebrewRiches, rich in land
BasilGreekFearless, kingly, brave
BavolEnglishBreeze, wind
BenjaminHebrewSon of my right hand
BertGermanBright, shinning
BlazeEnglishFierce, strong
BrioItalyPlay with vigor, high spirit
BryceEnglishSomeone who has strength, force
CarlosSpanishStrong man, full grown man
ConnorIrishHigh will, desire, wisdom, counsel, strength
CuthbertEnglishBright , famous
CyrilGreekLord like, masterful
DaceyHebrewOne who is adored, adorable
DaleEnglishSomeone who lives in the valley, small valley
DanielHebrewGod is my judge, God is my strength
DanteSpanishLasting, enduring
DavidHebrewBeloved, friend
DeanEnglishFrom the valley
DeclanIrishFull of goodness, man of prayer
DelioItalianHeavenly, from heaven
DelvanIrishStrong, determined, stubborn
DenizTurkishSea, waves
DevinIrishPoet, fawn, Devin
DocEnglishWise person, intelligent one
DonteLatinEnduring, steadfast
DovHebrewBear, mighty, strong
DruFrenchMasculine, strong
DukeLatinLeader, royalty title
DustinEnglishValient fighter, brave fighter
DwayneIrishMelodious song, dark, black
EadricEnglishWealthy ruler
EamonIrishWealthy protector, rich guardian
EarlEnglishWarrior, noble man
EbenezerHebrewRock of help
EdricEnglishProsperous, wealthy, fortunate
EdvinEnglishRich friend, wealthy and friendly
EdwardEnglishFortunate guardian, wealthy , protector
ElijahHebrewThe Lord is my God
EmmanuelHebrewGod is with us
EmmettGermanPowerful, strong, exalted
EthanHebrewStrong, long living, firmness
EuonScottishBorn of the fire, red faced
EverettEnglishBrave as a wild boar
EzraHebrewHelp, one who helps
FaddeyRussianGod's gift, gift given by God
FalconEnglishSymbol of power
FinnIrishClear, white, fair
FrankGermanFree man
FrederickEnglishPeaceful ruler, peacemaker
GabrielHebrewGod is my judge, God is my strength
GaidarLatinTo be joyful, joyous
GalantFrenchDashing, cheerful, courageous
GaviHebrewGod is my strength
GeorgeGreekFarmer, tiller of the earth
GrahamEnglishHamlet, small settlement
GusLatinWorthy of respect , great
HammondEnglishHigh protection
HaniniHawaiiTo pour down like rain
HarperEnglishHarp player
HiramHebrewBrother of the exalted one
HubertGermanBright heart, shining spirit
HughGermanSoul, mind, intellect
IanHebrewGift from God,
IbanSpanishGod is gracious
IgnaceLatinFiery one
IrvineGaelicWhite, fresh water
JackEnglishGod is gracious
JamesEnglishOne who follows, supplanted
JashaRussianSuplanter, benevolent
JasperEnglishTreasure bringer, treasurer
JaxonEnglishGod has been gracious, God has shown favour
JayLatinJoyful, to rejoice
JeremyEnglishThe Lord exalts
JesseHebrewGod's gift
JettAmericanBlack semi precious stone, free
JoelHebrewLord is my God
JosephSpanishGod shall add
JuanSpanishGod is gracious
KeeganIrishSmall flame
LaelHebrewBelonging to God
LajosHungaryFamous warrior, well known fighter
LandonEnglishLong hill, ridge
LeoLatinBrave people, lion
LiamIrishHelmet of Will, resolute protector
LukeGreekLight giving
MagnusLatinGreat , large
MasonEnglishOne who works with stone
MatthewHebrewGift from God
MaynardGermanBrave, strong, power, strength
MiguelHebrewOne who is very close to God, like God
MoeJapaneseSprouted, delivered
NatanHebrewGod has given
NeoGreekGift, new, fresh
NevinLatinHoly, sacred,
NikGreekVictory of the people, the Devine
NoahHebrewPeace lovers, comfort, rest
NolanIrishFamous, noble
NuhroEnglishHoly light
OliverFrenchPeace bearer, peaceful, olive tree
OrvilleFrenchGolden town
OscarEnglishFriend of the deer, deer lover
OswaldEnglishDevine power, Ruler
OzzyGermanGod's power spear of the God
PatrickLatinPractitioner, noble man
PattonEnglishFighters town
PedroSpanishRock, strong, loyal
PhilbertEnglishDear, beloved
PhilipGreekFriend of horses, horse lover
PhoenixGreekHope inspiration
PolluxGreekVery sweet, crown
PontusGreekSea, ocean
QuinnIrishWisdom, intelligence, the wise man
RabbieGermanShining fame
RafaHebrewGod has healed
RastusGreekLove, beloved, passionate
RehorGreekAwake, watchful
RenfredEnglishPeaceful raven, peacemaker
RhettEnglishAdvice, counsel
RicoSpanishStrong ruler
RioSpanishThe one like river
RobertGermanBright, shining
RobtGermanFamed, one who is famous
RonenGermanWell advised ruler
RoryIrishRed king
RyanIrishLittle king
SachihiroJapaneseBroad happiness, extremely happy
SageLatinWise one
SaladinArabicReligious righteousness, true
SalomaoHebrewMan of peace
SeanIrishGod is gracious
ShawnIrishGod is gracious, gift from God
SimuRomanIntently listening
SionHebrewGod is gracious
StephaGreekOne who wears a crown, a garland
StevenGreek Crown , garland
TaaviHebrewBeloved, lovable
TadeasGreekGod gifted, courageous friend
TasherEnglishOn who is born on Christmas, full of energy
TrishLatinNoble, patrician
UdoGermanOne with a great fortune
UdolfEnglishWealthy, social, caring
UgoSpanishIntellect, mind, intelligent
UtaGermanProspers, riches, Man who prospers in battle
ValentinFrenchStrength, health
VedranCroatianClear, cheerful
VelimirRussianMasculine, great peace
VilisGermanHelmet of determination
VovaGermanOne who rules the world
WaruiAfricanOne who comes from the river
WesleyEnglishDweller near the western wood
WilliamEnglishResolute protector
WinfredEnglishPeace lover, lover of peace
WyshawnHebrewGod is merciful
XavierSpanishBright, splendid, new house
YaalonHebrewHe will rise
YaelIsraelGod's strength, social, family loving
YavinHebrewStrong, understanding
YerielHebrewGod has stabilised
YeshayaHebrewLove, god
ZackHebrewThe lord has remembered, memory
ZamarHebrewMusic maker, making music to God
ZeusGreekOwner of the heavens, shine
Unique Boy Names
Unique Boy Names
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Popular Boy Names

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All expecting parents want to give a unique name as a gift to their newborn. But guess what, most parents complain about a lack of proper names for their babies. So we have collected and compiled a list of unique baby boy names and meanings to make it easy for the parents.