350+ Nature Names for Babies

Looking for Nature Names for Babies? We have the most comprehensive list of baby names inspired by Nature.

Nature owns peace, truth, strength. It never fails to amaze the viewer’s eye. Nature is mysterious, beautiful and inspiring. Nature is always referred as mother as it takes care of us, protects, teaches and gives us love just as our mother.

If you are a nature lover and want to stay always connected with nature than the beat idea would be giving a name to your boy or girl which is inspired by nature. These names may be simple elements of nature. The nature inspired names have powerful yet they are easy to explain meanings. They are universal as they can be used regardless of gender, race and creed.

Baby names may be derived from natural elements like trees, flowers, fruits, stones, mountains, rivers and more. 

Nature names for babies
Nature names for babies

Baby Boy Names Inspired from Nature

Nature-inspired name gives your baby strong, focused, calm and yet beautiful personality. Choosing a baby name which satisfied everyone including your unborn baby or just born baby is a difficult job. But who doesn’t love nature, giving your baby nature inspired name would win everyone’s heart. So, here is a list of nature inspired names for your baby.

  1. Adair: It is a Gaelic word which means “from the oak tree ford”
  2. Afon: It is a Welsh name. It means “a river”
  3. Ainsley : It is a Scottish word which means Hermitage wood or clearing
  4. Alder: It is a German word which means Alder tree
  5. Ash: Ash tree. It is also associated with fire.
  6. Aspen: A poplar tree with heart-shaped leaves.
  7. Aster: It is a Greek word which means “star”
  8. Birk: It is a  Scottish for birch tree
  9. Bryce: Name of the National Park in Utah
  10. Bryn: It is a Welsh word for hill
  11. Briar: It is a name of  the sweetbriar flower
  12. Canyon: it is a Spanish name. It means “rocky hill”
  13. Colm:  It is a Gaelic word for dove
  14. Conall: It is a Irish or Scottish word for  wolf
  15. Drake: It is a middle English word for dragon
  16. Dillon: It is a Hebrew name. It means “the great sea”
  17. Dale: It is an English name. it means :valley
  18. Elm: It means Elm tree
  19. Eben: It is a Hebrew name for “stone”
  20. Flint: It is an English word for “a stream”
  21. Glyn: It is a Welsh word for “valley”
  22. Heath: It is an Old English word for a moor
  23. Hyacinth: It is used for  Bulbous, fragrant flower
  24. Hyperion: It is a Greek word. It means “he who goes before the Sun”
  25. Indigo: It is name of a  Dark blue tropical plant
  26. Jasper:  It is an English word used for a semiprecious stone
  27. Jonquil: It is name of a Small fragrant yellow flowers of the narcissus family
  28. Juniper: An evergreen plant
  29. Lake: Can be used to name a  girl or boy
  30. Lark: It is a name of the small songbird
  31. Lee: It has English origin. It is another name for meadow.
  32. Marin: It is a French word. It means “the one who loves the ocean”.
  33. Oliver: It is a Latin word. It means “nature loving”.Inspired by the olive tree or olive plant
  34. Opal: It is the name of a  gemstone of varying colors on a dark background
  35. Oriel: It is a Latin word used for oriole (bird)
  36. Orion: It is a Greek name. It means “rising in the sky”.
  37. Pierce: It is a Welsh word it means  rock
  38. Reed: A tall plant that grows in marshy waters
  39. River: It is a water body inspired name
  40. Risco: It stands for a waterfall.
  41. Rowan: It is an English word. Used for a type of a tree.
  42. Sky: Can also be a lovely girl’s name too
  43. Sterling: It is an English name. It means pure silver.
  44. Spruce: Spruce tree; also means “neat” or “daper”
  45. Terran: It means Earth
  46. Vernon: It is name of  Alder tree, means springlike or filled with life
  47. Wren: It is name of a small songbird
  48. Wolfe: It is an English, Irish and German name. It stands for loyal and committed breed of animal.
  49. Yael: It is a Hebrew word. It is name of a mountain goat
  50. Zion: It stands for a promised land and it has a Biblical reference.

Nature Inspired Names for Baby Girls

  1. Amaranth: It is a Greek word used for a family of colorful plants and flowers
  2. Amber: It is a Fossilized tree resin with a golden color
  3. Amethyst: It is a Greek name which means “against intoxication.”
  4. Auburn: It is a Color of reddish-brown
  5. Autumn: It is a lovely season with cool weather
  6. Ava: It is a Latin word for bird
  7. Azure: The blue color of clear sky
  8. Beech: It is used to refer a  large shaded tree
  9. Bianca: It is Italian word which is used for white
  10. Brook(e): It is used to refer a Tiny stream
  11. Clementine: A small citrus fruit similar to the tangerine
  12. Calla: It is name of an Elegant flowers. It is a Greek word which means “most beautiful”
  13. Camellia: Gorgeous red, pink, or white flowers
  14. Celeste: It is a Latin word which means celestial
  15. Cerise: It is a French word which means cherry
  16. Citron: It is a French word which is used to refer  lemon
  17. Daphne: It is a Greek word which is used for  a laurel or bay tree
  18. Ebony: It is  Egyptian word which means “black”
  19. Ember: Smoldering remains of a fire
  20. Eira: It is a Welsh word used to refer snow
  21. Emerald: A prized green gemstone
  22. Estelle: It is a Latin word which means star
  23. Hazel: A shrub with edible nuts. It is also used for the reddish-brown or greenish-brown color.
  24. Heather: An evergreen shrub.
  25. Hollis or Holly: It is an Old English word used for a  holly tree
  26. Ilana: It is a Hebrew word for tree
  27. Isla: It is a Scottish word used for  island
  28. Ivy: It is used to refer Climbing woody vines
  29. Jade: A milky green gemstone
  30. June: Associated with summertime and is known as the bridal month
  31. Luna: It is a Latin word used for  moon
  32. Marina: It is a Latin word which means sea
  33. Montana: It is a Spanish word which means “mountain”. It signifies strength.
  34. Meadow: it means Field of grass
  35. Neva: It is a Spanish word used for  snow
  36. Olive: Olive tree
  37. Pearl: It means Rare and beautiful
  38. Plum:  sweet fruit
  39. Raine: Inspired by rain
  40. Ruby: A red gemstone that is the birthstone of July.
  41. Sapphire: A precious blue gemstone
  42. Savannah: It is a Native America word used for open plain
  43. Sierra:  It is a Spanish word used for mountain
  44. Stella/Stellan: It is a Latin word used for  star
  45. Talia: It is a Hebrew word which means morning dew
  46. Terra: Earth
  47. Viola: Name after the violet flower
  48. Vana: It is a Polynesian word used for  sea urchin
  49. Varsha:  It is a Hindi word used for  a shower of rain
  50. Yaelle: It is a Hebrew word used to refer a mountain goat

Baby Names Inspired from Herbs

  1. Anise
  2. Basil
  3. Bay
  4. Calendula
  5. Caraway
  6. Cicely
  7. Coriander (Cory)
  8. Curry
  9. Dill
  10. Fennel
  11. Lavender
  12. Marjoram
  13. Myristica (Latin for nutmeg)
  14. Piperita (peppermint)
  15. Rosemary
  16. Saffron
  17. Basil 
  18. Lavender
  19. Marjoram
  20. Rosemary
  21. Sage

Baby Names Inspired from Tree & Plant Names

  1. Abungu (F)
  2. Aspen (F)
  3. Cedar (U)
  4. Forest (M)
  5. Ilana (F)
  6. Hadassah (F)
  7. Juniper (U)
  8. Lesley (U)
  9. Linden (M)
  10. Oakley (M)
  11. Matsimela (U)
  12. Willow (F)
  13. Adonis
  14. Alberta
  15. Vera (Aloe Vera)
  16. Allysum
  17. Apple
  18. Arbor
  19. Avens
  20. Birch
  21. Briony
  22. Cedar
  23. Columbine
  24. Crimson
  25. Cypress
  26. Filbert
  27. Hickory
  28. Laurel
  29. Linden
  30. Vernal
  31. Vinca
  32. Yvette
  33. Zelkova
  34. Organic names
  35. Aquitaine
  36. Alaska
  37. Arwen
  38. Auberon
  39. Avery
  40. Coral
  41. Celeste
  42. Cyan
  43. Citrine
  44. Cliff
  45. Firth
  46. Flo
  47. Faerie
  48. Lyon
  49. Leaf/Leif
  50. Oceane
  51. Pacific
  52. Rain
  53. Rush
  54. Sandy
  55. Summer
  56. Sno
  57. Star
  58. Spring
  59. Shade
  60. Viridis
  61. Winter

Unisex Nature Names for Babies

  1. Ash
  2. Aspen
  3. Basil
  4. Bay
  5. Berry
  6. Blaze
  7. Cedar
  8. Cove
  9. Dale
  10. Dusty
  11. Ember
  12. Lark
  13. Lake
  14. Linden
  15. Lotus
  16. Ocean
  17. Reed
  18. Roan
  19. Sage
  20. Skye
  21. Storm
  22. Stone
  23. Tree
  24. West
  25. Winter

Baby Names Inspired by Fire

  1. Adara (F)
  2. Aidan (M)
  3. Amarkeeri (M)
  4. Azar (F)
  5. Joash (M)
  6. Langa (M)
  7. Lebone (U)
  8. Lesedi (F)
  9. Masana (U)
  10. Maletshatsi (F)
  11. Mishal (M)
  12. Mogotsi (M)
  13. Mmakganya (F)
  14. Naledi (F)
  15. Nomalanga (F)
  16. Nkanyezi (M)
  17. Nyeleti (U)
  18. Orion (M)
  19. Pele (F)
  20. Phoenix (U)
  21. Qaqamba (F)
  22. Soleil (F)

Baby Names Inspired by Water

  1. Assana (F)
  2. Darya (F)
  3. Flynt (M)
  4. Ghadir (M)
  5. Halcyon (F)
  6. Kai (U)
  7. Lake (U)
  8. Lwandle (M)
  9. Mesi (F)
  10. Motlalepule (F)
  11. Nomvula (F)
  12. Pule (M) / Puleng (F)
  13. Rain (F)
  14. Reva (F)
  15. River (M)
  16. Storm/Stormi (U)
  17. Talia (F)
  18. Tlali (U)
  19. Varsha; Varisha (F)

Baby Names inspired by Air

  1. Alizeh (F)
  2. Anani (M)
  3. Aria (F)
  4. Azure (F)
  5. Guthrie (M)
  6. Misty (F)
  7. Nimbus (M)
  8. Skye (U)
  9. Stella (F)
  10. Scirocco (U)

Baby Names Inspired by Earth

  1. Atlas (M)
  2. Ridge (M)
  3. Slate / Slater (M)
  4. Vale (M)
  5. Gaia (F)
  6. Ela (F)
  7. Terra (U)
  8. Wekesa (U)
  9. Sienna (F)
  10. Savannah (F)
  11. Nirvana (F)
  12. Eden (F)
  13. Isla (F)
  14. Clay
  15. Dawn
  16. Dusk
  17. Twilight
  18. Fern
  19. Aurora
  20. Aurelia
  21. Elowen
  22. Faye
  23. Fleur
  24. Atlas
  25. Cove
  26. Dylan
  27. Dylan
  28. Forrest
  29. Kai
  30. Parker
  31. Wilder
  32. Eden
  33. Sandy
  34. Rocky
  35. Dusty
  36. Moss
  37. Geo
Names inspired from Nature
Names inspired from Nature

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