250+ Cool And Traditional Names for Baby Boy With Meanings

Looking for cool yet traditional names for baby boy? You’re in for luck as we have the best collection of baby boy names which are old-world yet ever-popular!

Why Choose Traditional Names for Baby Boy?

Old fashioned names have remained popular for years. They represent tradition, wisdom, and rich heritage. They keep the family’s history alive. These names have timeless charm and beauty. Most of these names are derived from the history, religion, and culture of the family or society.

Old names have deep meaning in them. These names often represent brave, famous personalities of ancient times. They exude beauty, affection, humanity, wisdom, and love.

Names go in and out of fashion. Some names that are fresh and new go out of style in no time. Just as barn dances, homemade maple ice cream, vintage dresses old fashioned names of that golden old period have a long-lasting appeal. Old names eventually come back in style.

Parents with traditional families can choose a retro name for their baby. These names are centuries old and have Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Celtic, or german roots with deep meanings.

Some parents choose old-fashioned names to carry on families culture of naming a baby boy after a grandfather, great grandfather, or beloved relative.

Vintage names are in trend now. Searching for a name for your soon to arrive baby is not easy. Especially, when you have tons of names around you it makes your situation more confusing. 

We usually end up going back to basics which is the best choice. All the old names are classic and sturdy that never fail to amaze us with their deep meaning.

250+ Cool And Traditional Names for Baby Boy With Meanings
250+ Cool And Traditional Names for Baby Boy With Meanings

Cool And Traditional Names for Baby Boy

Here is a list of traditional, trendy, retro American names to choose from.


It is a Hebrew name. it means “rest” and “comfort”. It has been ranked at second position in the popularity list of 2021. It has deep religious significance also. In the Egyptian language, it also means Wet Moon.


It is an English name. It has a German origin. It means “resolute protection”. According to our survey, it was ranked the third most popular name in 2021. Some of the musicians, politicians, comedians, and actors were named William.


It has a Hebrew origin. It was the sixth most popular name in 2021. It means “son of the right hand”. It is a simple, classic name used for decades. It has religious significance.


It has a Latin origin. It means an “olive tree”. It was the ninth most popular name in the year 2021. It represents earthy nature. It is popular in countries like England, Australia, and New Zealand.


It has a Hebrew origin. The name means “told by God”. Religious parents usually prefer this name. this name can be used to name both boys and girls. It was the 21st most popular name in 2021.


It has a German origin. It means “estate ruler”. It was the 18th most famous name in 2021. Young parents or parents with royal lineage use this name.


It is of Hebrew origin. It means “who is like God”. It is the 20th most popular name in 2021. It is used for its simple and easy pronunciation.


It has a Hebrew origin. It is an English variant of Jacob which has Hebrew origin. It was the fourth most popular name in 2021.

It has historical, religious, and cultural significance.


It is a popular Celtic name. it was the 28th most popular name in the year 2021. It means “young warrior”. It has deep historical roots.

10) JOHN

This is a Christian name. it means “God is gracious”. It was the 27th most popular name in the year 2021. It has been the most common name for the last 400 years.

11) JACK

This is another variant of John which means “God is gracious”. It was the 35th most popular word in the year 2021. This name is also famous in England.


This name has French and German roots. It means a “free man”. This was the 49th most popular word in the year 2021. Kings of France, Spain, England, Portugal, and Hungary have been named Charles.

13) LEO

It is a Latin name. It means “Lion”. It is a common name among Romans. It is a powerful name. it was the 61st most popular name in the year 2021.


It has a German origin. It means “bright fame”. It was the 25th most popular name in the year 2021.


It is an Irish name. it means “descendants of Conn, chief leader”.  It is a popular choice for young parents. It has been a unique, strong, and royal choice of parents.


It is a greek name. It means “Gift of God”. It was the 62nd most popular name in the year 2021. Parents from all over the world choose this name for their baby.


It has a Hebrew origin. It means “Gift of God”. It has been highly popular for decades. It is a unique and classy name. It was the 112th most popular name in the year 2021.


It is a Latin name. it means “conquering”. It has been making a comeback now. It was very famous in France in the Middle Ages.


It has German roots. It is an English name. It means “brave as a wild boar”. It was the 104th most popular name in the year 2021.

20) MAX

It is an English name. the meaning of this name in “greatest”. It is derived from the german name  Maxwell. It is the 126th most popular name in 2021.

    21) OSCAR

    It is an English-Irish name. it means “God spear or deer love”. In Irish culture, Oscar was a strong warrior. It was the 192nd most popular name in 2021.

    22) JASPER

    It has a Persian origin. It means “bringer of treasure”.  It is one of the popular names in England. It was the 185th most popular name in 2021.

    23) PAUL

    It is a Latin name. Paul means “small”. It was the 225th most popular name of 2021.

    24) KENNETH

    It is a Scottish-Irish name. Kenneth means “born of fire”. It was the 218th most popular name in 2021.

    25) ARTHUR

    Arthur is a Celtic name that means “bear”. It is a royal name. it has historical connections and is simple to pronounce.

    Vintage Names For Boys

    1) Abe

    2) Albert

    3) Ambrose

    4) Archie

    5) Artie

    6) Abraham

    7) Alfred

    8) Barnaby

    9) Basil

    10) Caleb

    11) Calvin

    12) Carlisle

    13) Cecil

    14) Chester or ches

    15) Cleo

    16) Clifford

    17) Conrad

    18) Dale

    19) Denver

    20) Dashiell

    21) Dominic

    22) Edmund

    23) Edison

    24) Eli

    25) Edgar

    26) Edward

    27) Eddie

    28) Edwin

    29) Emmett

    30) Ephrem

    31) Ezra

    32) Felix

    33) Frederick

    34) Gabe

    35) Glenn

    36) George

    37) Gideon

    38) Gilbert

    39) Gordon

    40) Graham

    41) Gus

    42) Hank

    43) Hal

    44) Harry

    45) Harvey

    46) Herschel

    47) Homer

    48) Huh

    49) Hugo

    50) Hardy

    Retro Names For Boys

    1) Joe

    2) Jules

    3) James

    4) Jonah

    5) Jasper

    6) Kenneth

    7) Lem

    8) Leo

    9) Leon

    10) Linus

    11) Lionel

    12) Louie

    13) Luther

    14) Lyle

    15) Marvin

    16) Murray

    17) Ned

    18) Norman

    19) Ollie

    20) Orin

    21) Orson

    22) Otis

    23) Otto

    24) Phillip

    25) Phineas

    26) Pierce

    27) Quincy

    28) Ralph

    29) Randall

    30) Raymond

    31) Rex

    32) Reuben

    33) Roger

    34) Roy

    35) Rudy

    36) Saul

    37) Silas

    38) Simon

    39) Stanley

    40) Tad

    41) Ted

    42) Toby

    43) Thaddeus

    44) Vince

    45) Victor

    46) Wally

    47) Walter

    48) Walt

    49) Warner

    50) Zeke

    Classic Boys Names 

    1) Daniel

    2) Anthony

    3) David

    4) John

    5) Thomas

    6) Richard

    7) Wesley

    8) Percy

    9) Rufus

    10) Clarence

    11) Amos

    12) Ernest

    13) Stephen

    14) Mark

    15) Harry

    16) Beau

    17) Drew

    18) Gregory

    19) Lane

    20) Mathew

    21) Hank

    22) Trevor

    23) Alec

    24) Anton

    25) Benno

    26) Davis

    27) Esmond

    28) Hendrix

    29) Marco

    30) Maxim

    31) Josiah

    32) Kalman

    33) Niall

    34) Noam

    35) Sampson

    36) Vittorio

    37) Paolo

    38) Simeon

    39) Willen

    40) Micah

    All American Celebrity Boy Names : Traditional Names for Baby Boy

    1. Bingham Hawn – son of Kate Hudson and Matthew Bellamy

    2. Diesel Dean- son of Olympian Jennie Finch.

    3. Finn – son of actor Autumn Reeser.

    4. Kannon – son of actor Kevin James.

    5. Skyler – son of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.

    6. Forest Sage – son of actors Teresa Palmer and Mark Webber.

    7. Zeppelin Bram – son of actors Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris.

    8. Bronx Mowgli – son of Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and actor, singer Ashlee Simpson.

    Traditional Names For Boys

    1) Alvin

    2) Archibald

    3) Bertram

    4) Buford

    5) Clarence

    6) Claude

    7) Clyde

    8) Elmer

    9) Elbert

    10) Eugene

    11) Floyd

    12) Francis

    13) Gene

    14) Hannibal

    15) Harold

    16) Herbert

    17) Hobart

    18) Homer

    19) Horace

    20) Horatio

    21) Hubert

    22) Larry

    23) Lloyd

    24) Marvin

    25) Melvin

    26) Mervin

    27) Orville

    28) Oswald

    29) Percy

    30) Wilbur

    31) Wilmur

    32) Alexander

    33) Andrew

    34) Anthony

    35) Christopher

    36) Daniel

    37) Douglas

    38) Ethan

    39) Gabriel

    40) Geoffrey

    41) Henry

    42) Ian

    43) Jack

    44) Jonathan

    45) Lucas

    46) Liam

    47) Mark

    48) Matthew

    49) Richard

    50) Sebastian

    51) Thomas

    52) Timothy

    53) Wyatt

    54) Peter

    55) Nathan

    56) Nicholas

    Old English Names For Boys

    1) Axton

    2) Barton

    3) Bradley

    4) Brett

    5) Burke

    6) Chadwick

    7) Dalbert

    8) Earl

    9) Edbert

    10) Eldric

    11) Elwood

    12) Fenwick

    13) Firth

    14) Grantham

    15) Hadley

    16) Hamilton

    17) Hardwin

    18) Hayden

    19) Huntley

    20) Jamieson

    21) Kendrick

    22) Kenley

    23) Lancelot

    24) Merrill

    25) Mervyn

    26) Morton

    27) Prescott

    28) Presley

    29) Radcliff

    30) Ramsay

    31) Randolph

    32) Reginald

    33) Remington

    34) Sheldon

    35) Thormund

    36) Tripp

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